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Gen 2:9 And out of the ground made the Lord God to give every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food, the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Gen 2:16-7 And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat; But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. (They ate the fruit).

Gen 3:22 And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever;  (he was cast out of the Garden of Eden).

As we have learned, the Garden of Eden is a state of mind, and our mind is influenced from two sources: the Dimensional God and the Omniscient God. To have the knowledge of good and evil means that we are under the influence of the Dimensional God and operating as unaware man.  Once we become aware of the presence of the Omniscient God – the Creator of all – we do die; to our old way of understanding - but awaken to Eternal Life. We are then out of the influence of the Dimensional God – whose sole purpose is to strengthen us in our struggles to remember Who we are.

THERE ARE THREE BIRTHS: (from Level 3 lessons)

The birth of Spirit into the 12th dimension of Earth.

The birth of the human body into this dimension of Earth – the human body is only ONE HALF of our totality.

The birth of the Light Body which the human body RELEASES by developing the mind and relinquishing the will; the TRUE immaculate conception, in order to become perfected/Divine/One/as above so below.

‘All we need to do is to learn to use what God has already created for us and this He Wills to have us do that we may be free from every limitation and thus be ABUNDANTLY FREE.’ (From ‘Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.’)

We were told that it was vital to look to Nature, observe, and learn what it was telling us about our Spirit Self. That led me to read about the human body, the birth process, the role of the cells, and the functions of the brain.  And then to plants, trees, the vine, to understand more fully the words of the Bible.

To assist in your comprehension, bold text is quotes from books; italic text is channelled information; and ordinary text is my comments. The information on plants was gleaned either from Colliers Encyclopaedia, or Mind Alive series, and the medical information from ‘Incredible Voyage’, National Geographic. The following was what came together:

The Tree of Knowledge has its roots in the base chakra so that man may work his way up from animal level to Divine level. And the Tree of Life has its roots in the brain to superimpose the whole system.

I had before me a picture of the whole tree: the branches and the root system – which really does give you the impression of ‘as above so below’ - only there are many more roots than branches!

Yes! Reverse the picture of the tree so that the roots are uppermost - for everything is reversed in Spirit. The roots in the crown chakra area now represent the Spiritual Mind, and the reversed branches in the root chakra area represent the human mind. The human mind is smaller in mass, but the connections are there.

Now begins the process of matching the two in working capacity. All will be brought into full use  - this is entirely possible in the human structure once all imperfections have been removed.

THE TREE OF LIFE IS UPSIDE DOWN – when its sap rises therefore, it runs DOWN the spinal cord - AFTER the kundalini rises up the spine; which is when man has become the fully energized instrument, and he has LEARNED the role of the Tree of Knowledge.

The two do not happen simultaneously, but in stages:

1. The rising of the kundalini to release the Spirit within, and to prepare the neutral rod: the hollow tube.

2. Then the filling of this tube with the sap of the Tree of Life.

3. To produce Divine Man – who stands eternally protected in that great spiral of energy, accompanied by thousands to assist him in his Earth task

As ‘proof’ the following article came to our notice: Computer terminology: ROOT DIRECTORY – The topmost directory from which all other directories branch. Confusingly, the root directory actually represents the top of the tree structure. As you move from the root directory to the side directories you are moving into branches.

And so I turned to Colliers to find information on The Stem. The sap, composed of water and dissolved substance, rises in the stem through conductive cells which constitute the wood, and are connected with the same type of cells in the veins of the leaves.

In a young stem, the wood typically forms a cylinder, often dissected or interrupted, which begins not far beneath the surface and provides a stiff column which displays the leaves, flowers and fruit. The food-conducting cells form a similar cylinder which surrounds the wood. The leaves and the stem with its branches are the shoot, which includes flowers and fruit.

ROOT: The shoot is usually anchored in a substratum by the root system. Into this, also, the conductive cells extend, the wood usually forming a central core with the food cells lying outside. The roots take water and dissolved substances from the soil, thus providing the sap which rises through the stem and replaces that which is lost.

(This is why the necessity of the forming of the ‘sap’ of the Tree of Life – to replace that which is lost; the memory of Who we are, why we are here, and our purpose for being here.)

FORMATIVE PHASE:  The cell divisions are exactly the same as in the formation of the human: after fertilization of the new cells resulting from a fertilized egg all have the same appearance until some regulating influence causes a certain region to be shaped into stem, root, leaves, etc.

Complete differentiation may take place with very little enlargement of cells. It is this fact which makes possible the formation of resting bodies, bulbs and seed which may lie dormant for days, months, years, and in some seeds, centuries.

(Just as the Divine Being lies dormant in each human body, waiting for the proper conditions to germinate. We have to CREATE those conditions with our Spiritual practices.)

During cell enlargement the living protoplasm changes from a solid granular appearance to a cavity-like condition, where the living matter is distended so that it is pressed against the expanding cell wall and the centre is filled with sap. As soon as the new cells are formed they begin to increase in volume. The rate of increase is relatively slow at first but it increases gradually until the maximum is reached, and then gradually slows and stops.

(In the Spiritual process our increased weight is due to cell growth to produce sap - the Fluid of Life. Hence the increase, then decrease, then reverting back to normal weight when the process has been completed.)

Rapid growth of aerial roots and vines is due to elongation of cells. Growth does not occur uniformly in the stem, as is indicated by the fact that vines swing around in a circular fashion ON OTHER OBJECTS

(The Divine Being grows inside another object – the human body, and uses spiral energy in the process!)

This took me back to a writing I got once for a photograph of a flowering vine:

God is our framework and we are like the little creeper – tentatively reaching out, wrapping ourselves around each situation that presents itself on our path. Each positive act that we perform produces a lovely flower; each wrong turn that we make produces dead wood.

All the while through all our endeavours the Christ is nurturing and feeding us with His Love – the greatest food of all.

And from the Bible: John 15:1 I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.

2. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away; and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.

3. Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.

4. Abide in me and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

5. I am the vine, ye are the branches. He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit; for without me ye can do nothing.

7. If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

8 Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.

16. Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain; that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it to you.

(We become Christed with the merging of the 5th Body into our energy field; the Christ Body.)

(Back to Colliers) Similarly, soil roots do not grow uniformly in a straight direction. They appear to worm their way through the soil. The elongating cells force the root into soil with great pressure.

(This represents our human earth-doings under gravity, then the eventual turning to the Light to begin our real Growth).

The root tip is covered with a mass of cells called the root cap. This cap protects the formative region where new cells are constantly being made. The root cap also has a formative region to replace cells that are lost as the root ploughs through the soil. THE CELLS OF THE ROOT CAP DO NOT ELONGATE AS THOSE IN THE ROOT PROPER, BUT REMAIN WIDE AND FLAT.

 I was reminded of a first level lesson where we talk about the pyramid of life: the energy field created by us as we bring the four lower bodies into alignment – creating the four corner stones. Then we bring in the three upper bodies to form the rest of the pyramid: but no pyramid is complete until the capstone has been put into place. This Spiritual cap plays the same role as the root cap, creating a formative region to create and replace special cells in the brain. Were the human cells to be tested as this takes place, they would show the same wide, flat qualities as the root cap.

As far as the body is concerned ‘all immune cells have their origin in the bone marrow, some move to the thymus, a 2” gland that lies behind the breastbone, to mature – which is the area of the energy plug-in point for the Fifth Body; the Christ Body in the average person.

The cells are transported in lymph, called leukocytes (from the Greek meaning white light, brilliant, or clear). They travel throughout the body in the lymphatic vessel permeating every organ EXCEPT THE BRAIN.

Seated in the chest, the thymus does most of its work in children producing the hormone thymosin used for nourishing parts of the immune system. The thymus grows until puberty, then gradually shuts down, its role is to give children extra protection against infection.

The thymus, vital to the production of T cells reaches its peak at puberty and steadily shrinks thereafter. This results in a decline in the number and activity of infection-fighting cells. Age-related immune decline is also blamed on changes in the types of T cells in the body. As we age, new T cells, freshly emigrated from the thymus, are replaced by memory T cells with experience – but also many defects.’

Remember Lesson 10 where we question why the body gets sick and ages; with the knowledge that the body constantly replaces itself that just should not be. The answer is that ‘our cells retain the memory of our illness, and reinfect the new tissues and bone. Deepak Chopra tells us that to change the printout of the body you must learn to change the software of the mind.’

As we develop the mind our body changes and the thymus is reactivated, for it plays a vital role in the development of the Divine Being; it protects the human body as the spiritual transformation occurs. And when we become Divine it then creates new cells, with no defects, to transform the physical body to eternal Life. Our brain capacity is also developed and increased. There is a stage of growth in the plant called maturation – of the cells, tissues, organs, which follows immediately after enlargement. Maturation involves INTERNAL DEVELOPMENT rather than increased size – precisely the same applies to us; the initial formation takes place as a DIRECT RESULT of internal development: WORK ON THE SELF.

Let’s compare the requirements of growth, and the elements used for the plant and the Divine Being:

1. Adequate supply of food materials with which to build protoplasm and cell walls which go to make new organs. Through photosynthesis the plant does that all-important work of storing energy from sunlight  - hence the need to use the Light. (Earth).

2.  Adequate water supply on which cell enlargement is dependent. When the water supply is inadequate plants will wilt – hence the extra fluid our bodies have to retain in the process. (Water).

3.  Air supply with required amount of oxygen to release energy – hence altered breathing pattern and lung restriction. (Air).

4.  A given temperature range – hence the periods of overheating in the human body. (Fire).

5.  Growth regulators, or hormones – hence the stimulation of the endocrine glands that occurs. (Spirit)

It is plant hormones that coordinate and integrate plant processes. This especially shows in plant tissue culture studies:

If living cells that have not lost their ability to divide are removed from a plant, they will resume active growth if they are provided with essential nutrients and plant growth hormones.

However, if the balance of the different hormones is not exactly right, the resulting growth will be tumour-like masses of plant cells, which appear to have completely lost control of their powers of organization and structure formation. (So we MUST maintain that BALANCE.)

On the other hand, by altering the balances and concentrations of the plant hormones in the growth medium, SCIENTISTS CAN DEVELOP FROM A SINGLE CELL a plant complete with roots and top and all its other typical features.

So God, the husbandman, creates the Divine Being from the ONE cell – the ORIGINAL CELL. And our body produces all the elements necessary for its growth – by our own personal growth and energizing.

It is interesting to read that if the balance is not exactly right in the plant, tumour-like masses are formed instead – we have been told that the releasing of the Divine Being from within creates altered cells, and that cancer is the negative version of this. We were also told that cancer is the most easily reversed illness if the person becomes Spiritually aware  - BOTH conditions come about through the desire to put others before the self, but whether the motive is positive or negative determines the outcome.

It was also interesting to see the various interpretations of the word Sap in the dictionary. As well as being any fluid or essence regarded as giving life and vigour, it also means a covered trench made by an attacking, or besieging force AS A MEANS OF APPROACH towards the enemy’s fortifications; usually constructed in ZIG-ZAG so as to prevent enfilade fire. An insidious secret attack or destructive agency. EVERYTHING IS REVERSED IN SPIRIT; the rising of the sap in the Tree of Knowledge – which occurs in a zigzag fashion - is the means to invade the human body to release the Divine One.  And the rising of the sap in the Tree of Life produces the Eternal Fountain of Youth that the Masters speak of.

As there is much talk in the Bible about the Vine and the branches I then looked up VINE: the rapidly growing stems lengthen up to 30 feet in a summer. Vineyards were among the earliest plantations made by civilized peoples, those of the Greek and Roman classics and of the Bible being familiar allusions.

Rather remarkably, of the many wild species (about 60) the single wild species, V. Vinifera of the ancients continues to furnish entire or partial parentage for most of the cultivated grapes -just as the Christ, being the original seed, continues to furnish itself through aware humans.

PROPAGATION is simple, since they may be easily grown from stem cuttings. When grafting or budding on resistant stocks, the point of union must be above ground to prevent development of scion (a child or descendant) roots.

Commercially, hardwood cuttings are taken in the dormant season, tied in bundles, and buried in damp sand in a cool place, to be planted out later.

We can look on those of the Omniscient God being the ones whose point of union must be ‘above ground’ – in our higher awareness. And the second class those of the Dimensional God – dormant, unaware beings, who are influenced by the group mind, and kept ‘in the dark’ as to their Spiritual potential.

PRUNING done during the winter is an essential item in good production for (1) Fruit is borne only on green shoots of the current year, which have, in turn, been produced from buds on stems of the previous year. (2) Yield of vines farthest from the roots is poorest; that nearest the roots, best. (3) Vines should not be permitted to bear more fruit than they can bring to normal maturity.

1. We only bear fruit in the third stage of achieving Divinity.

2. The best results for gathering of our Spiritual fruits has to be here on the Earth plane, rather than out on the planes.

3. We receive our Spiritual gifts only when they are required – not to store up. (And this will always apply to our finances too!)

XYLEM transports sap from the cells. It also gives a certain amount of structural support to the stem.

The two most common elements of xylem tissue are cells called the tracheid and the vessel, which have thick walls and no living protoplasm. Both elements are not necessarily present in all plants.

The mature vessels form a long, open pipeline. Intervening cross-walls have holes in them, and are referred to as perforation plates, which allow water to pass from one vessel to the next. The vessels are connected sideways by pits, which may be regarded as gaps in the cell walls where only a thin membrane remains. Pits nearly always occur in pairs, so that the pit of one cell wall is adjacent to the pit in the neighbouring cell wall. The pit membrane is also permeable (allowing passage) to water.

SIEVE CELLS occur individually and resemble the tracheids (elongated, taper-pointed, woody plant cells – serving for support) of the xylem, and the more complex sieve-tube elements join together lengthways to form a sieve tube.

From Lesson 11 – ‘in order to perfect the human body, the four lower bodies must be brought into alignment. Each body has a perforated pattern, similar to a sieve. The grid patterns of the bodies do not line up with each other, and they effectively break up the Light.

In order to align the bodies so that the energies can stream out freely, we have to learn to balance the negative and positive energies within ourselves in order to create the POWER to activate the Christ energy, which is within us waiting to be released.’

One month after the last negative chakra closes down and the four bodies are lined up two by two, (as in the perforation plates) the Fluid of Life begins to flow.

The cell wall between the sieve elements is thin and depressed; this is known as the sieve area. It contains a number of pores through which, according to one theory, run strands of cytoplasm (all the protoplasm of a cell except that in the nucleus).

PROTOPLASM – the physio chemical basis of living matter, a viscid, grayish, translucent, colloidal substance of granular structure and complex composition that forms the essential part of plant and animal cells. The cytoplasm of the cell, as distinguished from the nuclear material.

PLASMA – the liquid portion of nutritive animal fluids, as blood, lymph, or intercellular fluid. 2. The clear, fluid portion of blood freed from blood cells and used for transfusions. 3. In physics: that region in a gas-discharge tube which is rendered nearly neutral by the presence of approx equal numbers of ions and electrons.

PROTOPLAST – that which is FIRST FORMED, THE ORIGINAL OR PRIMORDIAL CELL. The parent pair of the first-formed individual of a species - A PERFECT DESCRIPTION OF THE CHRIST!

In this way, each sieve element is thought to be connected to the next. But there is some controversy regarding these plasmodesmata; many workers have claimed that they do not exist. (Just as in spirituality – all the signs are there, but still they are denied by some!).

The xylem is concerned with the transport of water and dissolved ions (cell sap) from the roots to the leaves. There is no transport in the opposite direction through the xylem.

It is the same with the two trees – the ‘sap’ runs only one way, and this is why one tree has to be reversed, so that the energy can also run down the body.

GRAPES are propagated (to reproduce itself) either by cuttings or by grafting onto a rootstock (graft – a shoot inserted into a tree or plant so as to become a living part of it.  2. Something amalgamated with a foreign stock).

It is the amalgamation of the human and the Holy Spirit that releases the Divine Body.

Provided care is taken, they can be planted straight into their permanent sites, with two buds above ground.

This explains why the unaware have at least two chakras fully activated – to keep them ABOVE the base self.

To be grafted onto a rootstock gives resistance to the most common pests.

So this provides protection for the Seed of the Divine being within.

In pruning – which is cutting hard back to attain the perfect shape and the most fruit, do not attempt to train the stem up to the wire without having first pruned hard. It takes four years to attain the ideal shape, and there will have been much cutting back and untwining to achieve this.

It is also a four-year process from the activation of the 8th chakra when you KNOWINGLY choose to tread the Path - to the emergence of the Light Being. This is why, in the early stages, we advance and stop, advance and stop – and have much emotional upheaval due to all the letting go and loosening our grip on the world - as we know it.

For best results all the fruiting wood of a grapevine should be at the same level, because buds at a higher level rid those at a lower level of vigour.

Hence the need for BALANCE.

Fruit bearing canes grow from the arms and are wrapped around or tied to the wire. The main arms are not extended as for spur pruning, but the fruit bearing canes are encouraged to grow from them, wrapped around the wire.

As in unaware man – his attention is not focused on God and the Christ; aware man is finally trained to keep very close – to produce the most fruit and become DIVINE MAN.

Excerpt from God Calling: Does the branch continually ask the Vine to supply it with sap, to show it in what direction to grow? No, that comes naturally from the very union with the Vine, and I said, “I am the true vine and you are the branches.”

From the branches hang the choice grapes, giving joy and nourishment to all, but no branch could think that the fruit, the grapes, were of its shaping and making.

No! The grapes are the fruit of the Vine, the Parent-plant. The work of the branch is to provide a channel for the life-flow.

That is also the role of the human body – to become a channel for the Life-flow.

SEEDS – a plant structure which may be described as a miniature plant packed for transportation. A seed originates in the flower of a plant as an ovule, from the Latin word, meaning ‘little egg’. An ovule is not an egg in a biological sense, but it was given this name by early biologists who thought it WAS an egg, and ovule has been its official name ever since.

As soon as an ovule is fertilized by a male cell (pollen grain), it becomes a seed. In the transformation the frail wall of the ovary becomes tough, developing two layers. The inner layer is colourless and mucilaginous, and swells readily when it takes in water. This mechanism helps the seed to burst open later so that the embryo may escape and grow.

In the same way our body alters its normal role once it is fertilised by the God Force at the rising of the kundalini. We need the Fluid of Life to release the Divine Being. The body won’t develop BEYOND its normal role unless that happens.

A miniature plant within a seed is capable of being set free. It is not rooted to the ground like its parent. When conditions are right it can proceed to germinate.

FIRST LAND PLANTS: The first attempts of large green plants to live on land may have been made by seaweeds exposed on sun-warmed rocks at low tide. Their unit of reproduction was the spore. A spore is a single microscopic cell specialised to develop into a whole new plant after it has been expelled by the parent plant. It is contained in a delicate membrane, as it cannot stand exposure in dry air. Under water it is efficient.

Please note; an element of Nature is needed to release, e.g. -

Water for seaweed

Fire for gum seeds

Air for pine seeds

Earth for mushrooms

And the human earthly counterpart to release the Divine.

The spore is dispersed by currents (disperse – cause to go in many directions), and water temperatures do not vary so that sprouting need not be delayed.

(Spores are created from sexual reproduction.) SPORE: The reproductive body in flowering plants, but containing no embryo. They are free, usually single-celled and highly resistant bodies, produced externally or in some closed sac or cavity, and are capable of developing at once or after a time into an independent organism or individual. 2. A minute body that develops into a new individual).

Early in the history of life on earth, underwater plants evolved sexual reproduction for the creation of spores. This process united the characteristics of two separate individuals which led to larger, stronger and more elaborate plants – as in the combination of human and Spirit producing the Divine Being.

This method of reproduction, however, restricted them to swampy places where the air was moist and warm.

Seeds are involved in three kinds of trips - just as there are three stages in the release of our Divine Self:

1. Pollen from its stamen to the vicinity of an ovule.

2. The pollen grain or its sperm must make a little trip from the vicinity of the ovule to the ovule itself.

3. The ripe seed, ready to be released by its parent, is confronted with a trip which may be long or short, but which is always filled with danger and uncertainty. The greatest uncertainty is in finding a place to sprout and take root at the end of a trip. The chance of success in this respect is an infinitesimal fraction of 1% so that plants put the law of averages on their side by producing enormous numbers of seeds. It’s more difficult for the tiny seeds than the big ones, because they need such precise conditions to come into being.

E.g. Coconuts – 12 seeds.

Orchids – thousands in a single pod.

Nut trees and oaks – thousands per tree, a low number in proportion to their size.

A poplar – that relies on the wind to spread creates 28,000,000 seeds.

WEEDS are the fastest moving and most vigorous plants on earth:

Crab grass – 90,000.

Ragweed – 25,000.

Pigweed – 1,000,000 per plant!

So now think about the tiny seed of Christ - just one planted within us, and the absolutely PRECISE set of circumstances that must come about before it can be released:

First there must be the balancing of our male and female energies WITHIN, to attract the Christ Energy at the merging of the Fifth Body.

Then the balancing of the Divine male and female energies to produce the Light Being after the merging of the Seventh Body.

Then the balancing of the Light Being with the Holy Spirit to produce the Divine Being.

Just as the human baby goes through three stages in its development in the womb; conceptus, embryo and foetus, so too there are three stages towards Divinity; - the conceptus representing Aware Man; the embryo representing the Light Being, and the foetus the Divine Being.

 Also remember that in Peter Russell’s ‘Awakening Earth’ he claims that it will take only 1% of the population on Earth to find their Spirituality in order for it to happen for the rest of humanity to achieve the evolution of the global brain and the emergence of a super-organism.



Now we must take a look at the pineal gland, so named because it has the same shape as a pine cone. PINEAL: a small, conical, grayish organ which lies deep within the layers of the third ventricle. It is related, developmentally, to the ‘third’ or parietal eye of lower animals and may still be found as such in various species of lizards and fish. (PARIETAL – an area forming the walls of a cavity).

The ancient Greeks believed it to be a regulator of the flow of thought.

Because of pineal tumours occurring in young boys it has been associated with the combination of sexual development and very early body development. This has led to the hypothesis that one function of the normal pineal gland is to control gonad secretions and to regulate the onset of puberty. There could be a pineal/gonad relationship. (There definitely IS, Spiritually!).

Descartes calls the pineal the Seat of the Soul. He retained in his philosophy the essential duality of mind and body which the logical psychology had long held, the problem for him was one of understanding how the mind could influence the brain. His solution of this problem was ingenious. He knew that the principle parts of the brain occur symmetrically in pairs except for the pineal gland, which lies singly in the centre of the brain. Therefore, he reasoned, since the mind is unitary, it must influence the brain through this unitary organ.

It has since been discovered that the pineal is NOT a part of the brain and Science is only now beginning to understand some of its functions.

The Pine Tree characteristics show us the process of the Tree of Knowledge:

PINES: a complex seed called gymnosperms. The seeds of these plants are naked, not enclosed in a protective case - as is the Aware Man once he breaks free from his energy egg.

They contain a varied collection of trees and shrubs, some of them most unusual and ancient such are the many varieties of Spiritual people; Light Beings in a human form of any guise.

They are united chiefly by their common method of reproduction. This method represents a distinct break with the method of reproduction found in more primitive plants, from which the gymnosperms are thought to have developed - the ‘more primitive’ representing unaware, undeveloped man.

Unlike ferns, from which they are thought to originate, the gymnosperms no longer require a damp environment for success. This has enabled the gymnosperms to colonize areas of the Earth’s surface which the ferns cannot reach - so too the Divine Human can access areas of thought that undeveloped man cannot.

 They do not require atmospheric moisture in order to reproduce successfully - so in the next stage of development our body no longer needs to retain excess fluid.

They are the first plants to be fully emancipated from the consequences of their aquatic ancestry  - just as we become fully emancipated with the emergence of the Divine Self.

Pine trees do not begin to produce reproductive organs until after a number of years of normal growth -hence the long period of Spiritual Growth in which the pineal gland changes its role to that of a reproductive organ for the purpose of producing the Divine Being.

The reproductive organs are the cones. At the tip of the growing branches in the Spring are developed the bunches of male cones. These give rise to pollen. On the same branch as the males will generally be found female cones in various stages of development.

When mature each pollen grain contains 4 cells. When the pollen is ripe, the pollen sacs burst and release the pollen on the wind. Each tree produces a vast quantity of pollen in order to make sure that at least some of it falls in the right place. The right place is a young female cone.

THE WIND being used as distribution is very relevant. One morning a message came through: The human is like the fish in the Sea of Sorrow. In the Snake Initiation you have to rise above that and become as the Eagle – afraid of nothing . With that attainment you become regal with the strength of the Lion. These are the gifts I gave you.

 I was given the vision of a Griffin – and told to ‘seek’.

Greek mythology – a creature with the head, back and wings of an Eagle, the body and legs of a Lion, and occasionally, a serpent’s tail. The supposed guardian of hidden treasure.

The legend: There was a great store of gold in a country called Scythia far North of Greece, between the land of the Hyperboreans and the one-eyed Arimaspians. An ancient region of southern Europe, generally considered as being north of the Black Sea.  (I was once shown in meditation a vaporous black sea close to the Earth’s surface, and was told this was The Sea of Emotion in which we all struggle.)

The Griffins guarded the gold from the Arimaspians who were constantly trying to steal it.

 (Dic: Hyperborean – One of a people supposed by the ancient Greeks to dwell in a blessed land lying beyond the North Wind and inaccessible by land or sea.)

(Shaman – NORTH: Considered to be the direction of refreshment and renewal and the reception of knowledge and wisdom. In the seasonal cycle North is the direction of Winter when life appears to have withdrawn, but when there is activity in the seed beneath the surface.

The colour of North is White, which, like snow, represents purity and cleansing. This is not implied in a moralistic sense, but as purity of intent.

The element of the North is AIR, which may be likened to the Mind. So the North is considered to be the direction of mental activity, and of thoughts, ideas and creativity. It is where to obtain clarity of mind and become Spiritually awake.)

So if North is our next ‘destination’, lets look at the East, our present ‘location’Gen. 2:8. Then the Lord God planted a garden in Eden, in the East, and there he put the man he had formed - the BEGINNING of our Snake Initiation!

Shaman – EAST: Since the sun rises in the East to herald the start of a new day, this direction is associated with new beginnings. It is also related to the Spring, to new growth and blue skies, and to fortunate and pleasant happenings.

The sun also dictates the colour associated with the East – Yellow – and the element Fire. The sun is the centre and nucleus of the universe; it is our life-giver and our light-giver. The East is associated with the spiritual Sun – the Great Spirit – at the source of all that is, and with the Spirit Self that is at the source of our individual being. So the East is concerned with the spirit, and with spiritual principles and considerations. It is also involved with enlightenment and illumination  - of being able to comprehend what once was hidden in darkness or ignorance.

So we evolve from the darkness and ignorance of unaware man into the enlightenment and illumination of Divine Man by stimulating the pineal, our ‘pot of gold’. In the human baby the head and brain is the first to develop, but ‘Everything is Reversed in Spirit’, so with the Divine Being they are the LAST to develop.

How apt to give us the example of the Garden of Eden, because all the flora and fauna hold the clues about our totality!

Nearly all vigorously growing conifers are slender and spire-like in shape, the powerful terminal leader outgrowing the horizontal lateral branches to give this form. As the trees get older, specimens growing in the open may retain branches to the ground for many years. Those crowded in a dense forest will lose their lower branches early and form long, smooth trunks, a feature of considerable value in the production of knot-free timber.

Hence our early stages of being close to others and taking on their ‘stuff’. We are restricted in growth at that time for we are very much ‘contained’. But we stretch ever upwards developing that long, smooth energy shape – the neutral rod – which is a feature of considerable value – Spirit-wise.

The gymnosperms, as a group, have shown considerable adaptability and have maintained their position as an important part of the plant kingdom, despite their primitive make-up. They display a remarkable ability to SURVIVE - which is what the Divine Being does too.

It came to me that the seed of Christ lies in the heart area (the neutral part of the seven-chakra system), is moved to the crown area (which becomes a neutral system once the twelve-chakra system is activated), and then WE become neutral – the rod.

I turned back to the information on the human conception and growth to find a piece about the heart being moved down to the mid-chest, wondering if this was the reverse to the Spiritual process, and came across this: If one defines the embryo as the structure destined to become the body, its earliest rudiments do not form until about two weeks after the sperm meets the egg. Because FIRST the placenta has to be formed.

We discovered that the Light Being plays the role of placenta for the Divine Being!

Dic: PLACENTA: the vascular, spongy organ of interlocking foetal and maternal tissue by which the foetus is nourished. From ‘Creation’: placenta – a giant cell with many nuclei. Sprouts roots that penetrate deep into the uterine lining much as a plant sends out roots into the ground. CREATION BEGINS AT A KEY POINT (in a woman’s cycle).

And our key point for the creation of the Light Being egg is the completion of the Seventh Body. The Light Being whose role is as placenta for the Divine Being ACTIVATES the roots of the Tree of Life!

Once released the egg waits.

Just as WE have to for the carrying out of the process, step by step. NO SHORTCUTS!

THE HEART: forms in the front of the head. By the end of the fourth week the embryo begins to fold, head to tail curling towards each other in a C-shape until they almost touch. This manoeuvre tucks the heart into the chest.

FINAL STAGE – FOETUS: The embryo phase closes at the end of the 8th week, Day 56, when the foundations of all the major organs and structures have been laid down.

In our own progress the egg produced for the Light Being was on the 8.4.96.

Emergence of Light Body was on 29.5.96 -in the eighth week.

We were told to look to THE ACORN and THE OAK, also THE TAPROOT. The article I found, in MIND ALIVE is titled, ‘Between the acorn and the oak.’ It starts off; a seed is dropped into the ground and covered with earth. Soon a shoot pushes its way through the soil, reaching for the sun. A new plant is born and the process of growth is under way. Initially any complex plant, such as a grass or a tree, starts from a single cell – the fertilized egg. At this stage, growth resembles that of a single-celled plant; each cell enlarges, and then divides into two. But in the vascular plants (plants with many cells  - like humans!) the cells remain together rather than going to live as separate individuals and become altered to perform specialized functions, each contributing to the organization of the whole.

Some of the cells become concerned with the synthesis of food materials by photosynthesis (leaves). Others perform the function of absorbing water and minerals from the soil (roots). Since these cells, each providing what the other needs, are located at the opposite ends of the plant, A THIRD CELL IS NEEDED WHICH IS SPECIALIZED FOR TRANSPORTING THE FOOD MATERIALS from the leaves to the roots, and raw materials from the roots to the leaves. This is the role of the Christ Seed; to ENERGIZE the human form and unite it to its Spiritual counterpart.

In summary therefore, we can liken

The root to the unaware man - anchored into the illusion of the Earth life.

The vine to the branch of the aware man – needing to be cut back and shaped into the Perfect.

The seed to the Light Being - ‘a miniature plant packed for transportation (from heart to crown) originates as an ovule – Latin for ‘little egg’. Water releases the seed.

The spore to the Divine Being - containing no embryo; single-celled; highly resistant; produced in some closed sac or cavity and capable of developing into an independent organism or individual.

I remembered the words from the Life and Teachings of the Masters quoted in Lesson 33: Consider the faith represented by the mustard seed. It comes to us from the Universal through the Christ within, which has already been born within us all. As a minute speck it enters through the Christ, or superconscious mind, the place of receptivity within ourselves. Then it must be carried to the mount or highest, within ourselves, the very top of the head. It is held there. WE MUST THEN ALLOW THE HOLY SPIRIT TO DESCEND. We must accept and allow this Holy Spirit to come in and unite with the minute point of light or seed of knowing and revolve around it and adhere to it, and express that seed of knowing until you are able to say to the mountain of difficulties, “Be thou removed and cast into the sea.” And it will be gone. We call it God in expression through the Christ in us.


The role of the Tree of Knowledge is to send its tap root into the right-hand brain, which happens as we develop ourselves Spiritually, (Dic: TAP: 1. An arrangement for drawing out liquids. 2. A tool for cutting internal screw threads. 3. A point of connection for an electrical circuit. 4. To pierce or open so as to draw from. 5. To make connections with secrecy (as in wire tapping) - in order to release the Seed of Christ to begin its role in our becoming Divine. Likewise, the Tree of Life has its taproot in the left-hand brain.

Back to Mind Alive – The regions of dividing cells causing growth are called meristems and the cells are said to be meristematic. When a meristematic cell enlarges and divides, one of the new cells formed retains the ability to enlarge and divide again (the seed of Christ), while the other ultimately adapts itself to one of the plant’s specialized functions (us).

From Life and Teachings – The human body is built up from the individual cell, like the bodies of plants and animals. The individual cell is a minute, microscopic unit of the body. By a process of growth and division, repeated many times, this minute nucleus of a cell unit results at last in a complete human being, built up of almost countless millions of cells. These body cells specialize for certain different functions but they retain, in the main, the characteristics of the individual cell whence they arose. THIS INDIVIDUAL CELL MAY BE LOOKED UPON AS THE TORCH BEARER OF ANIMATE LIFE. THIS INDIVIDUAL CELL HAS THE PROPERTIES OF UNLIMITED YOUTH.

But what about the group cells called the body? The group cells arose from the individual cell repeated many times, retaining its individual characteristic, one of which is the latent fire of life, or Eternal Youth. THE GROUP CELLS, OR BODY, FUNCTION AS GUARDIAN OF THE INDIVIDUAL CELL only during the short span of life as you know it now.

While looking through my papers for clues I came across this piece in an email titled, ‘A Profound Truth: We are all One!’ Patricia Diane Cota-Robles:

As the Light of God flows into the physical plane, It pierces the Core of Purity in every particle of life and activates the Divine Blueprint. No matter how distorted or mutated a life-form is, it still has the original Spark of Divinity which contains the Immaculate Conception of its Divine Potential blazing in its Core of Purity, or it couldn’t survive.

The very last ‘seal of approval’ was a photocopied page tucked in the front of one of the Colliers books, it was a page from the ‘K’ section that the previous owner must have done for reference purposes and this piece caught my eye:

Kolbe, Adolph Wilhelm Hermann. German chemist who accomplished one of the first syntheses of an organic compound from inorganic materials. Kolbe believed that organic compounds could be derived from inorganic ones, directly or indirectly, by substitution processes. He validated his theory by converting carbon disulfide, in several steps, to acetic acid. Introducing a modified idea of structural radicals, he contributed to the establishment of structural theory.

And so WE ‘convert ourselves in several steps’ from the human to the Divine – NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Organic – Pertaining to the nature of animals and plants - human

Inorganic – NOT being animal or plant - Spirit

Synthesis – the assembling of separate or subordinate parts into a new form. The operation of reuniting broken or divided partsto create the Divine Human

Rev 22:14-17.

Blessed are they that do His commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life; and may enter in through the gates of the city.

I, Jesus, have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David and the bright and morning star.

And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that athirst, Come. And who soever will, let him take the water of life freely.

An article was handed in entitled, ‘Love – Coherent Energy for our Reality Engine’ by Glenn Krawczyk. (The underlining is mine).

We all know the major role the heart plays in keeping our body functioning, but few of us realise that the heart also secretes a powerful peptide hormone (ANF) which affects various regions of the brain including the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland, which plays a critical role in the release of growth hormones to the body and the control of metabolic function.

In esoteric traditions, the pituitary gland also enjoys special spiritual significance:

That which is termed the pituitary is the Seventh Seal, it is Holy and Divine.

(I was instantly on the alert, for just the evening before I had been listening to Enigma and the piece that says, ‘And when the Lamb opened the 7th Seal – silence covered the land’ and I had wondered what that meant.)

It passes within Itself that which is termed a hormone structure that, through desire, opens itself and lets the hormones flow through the brain and the mouth of the pineal, which is the Sixth Seal - the door to the Seventh. In the flowing of these hormones, it activates another part of that which is termed the divine receiver, the brain, to allocate itself to accept a higher thought frequency called unlimitedness. The higher thought emerges upon the brain and, in the specified area, through the door of that which is termed the divine Seventh, fills the entire brain cavity with a different, electrical frequency circuit.


So out came the anatomy book to read about the pituitary:

Anatomically linked to the hypothalamus, the pituitary and its function remained mysterious for many centuries. Since it sits just above the nasal sinuses, early anatomists thought it must have something to do with nasal secretions. ‘Pituitary’ is a variation of the Latin for phlegm, and in naming this gland, celebrated anatomist Andreas Vesalius assumed that it discharged mucous.

In actual fact, the Spiritual activation of the pituitary CAUSES great quantities of phlegm – which a lot of people are experiencing as they develop themselves; hence seeming post nasal drip, sinus and chest problems.

Structurally, the pituitary is connected to the hypothalamus by blood and nerve pathways. (The consciousness Cord and the Sutratma are connected to the nervous and blood systems). A message from the cortex or limbic system first activates the hypothalamus, resulting in the secretion of chemicals that in turn activate the pituitary. For example, hypothalamic activation can lead to increased production of oxytocin by the pituitary, which causes contraction of smooth muscle in the uterus and breast; and to production of vasopressin, which acts on the kidneys to increase water retention and raises blood pressure. Four different hormones derived from one part of the pituitary control general body growth, the activity of the adrenal glands atop the kidneys, the activity of the thyroid in the neck, and the activity of the sex organs. (All those areas of the body that I have underlined are all the areas that are affected as the pituitary and hypothalamus come into their Spiritual functions. As for the sex organs, their function is DECREASED as this Divining process takes place).

SITUATION. Under the brain is a saddle-shaped depression in the bone forming the base of the skull called the sella turcica. Here lies the pituitary gland, perhaps the most important endocrine organ in the body. It is suspended by a stalk attached to the hypothalamus at the base of the brain. The hypothalamus and pituitary are two small but crucial structures immediately beneath the thalamus. They are devoted to the maintenance and control of bodily processes such as temperature regulation, reproduction and hormone production.

Once called the ‘master gland’ it produces 10 hormones, including growth hormone. (10 is a derivative of God’s Number – 1) It also directs the production of hormones in other glands.

HORMONES circulate throughout the body in the bloodstream until they find the organs they are to influence. As a result, the glands that secrete hormones do not have to be near the organs they control.

One of the most crucial glands of the system, the pituitary, is the size of a pea; it dangles from a tiny stalk at the base of the brain.

The efficiency of the system almost defies belief. Almost every cell in the body is the target of at least one hormone. Each hormone works only on cells it recognizes, and then only at certain times. All cells bear specific recognition sites for hormones.

Some hormones actually enter the cell to trigger metabolic changes. A cell accepts certain hormones based on an exact molecular fit with the receptors, and will reject all others.

Once inside a cell, a hormone begins changing the cell’s metabolic processes. Some messages alter the rate of protein assembly, perhaps as a way of preparing the cell to divide. Other hormonal messages, scientists have recently discovered, simply tell a cell to drop dead.

While the pituitary was long considered the ‘master gland’ that directs all other endocrine glands, we now know that it gets its directions from the real dictator, the hypothalamus. Located just above the pituitary at the base of the brain, the hypothalamus regulates the quantities of each hormone that the pituitary produces. The pituitary, in turn, directs the actions of other glands.

The acorn-size pituitary, a two-lobed gland at the base of the brain, is also multitalented. It generates hormones that stimulate the activity of other endocrine glands.

It produces a growth hormone, somatotropin, which provokes the cells in the body to multiply. It also increases the rate at which we metabolise carbohydrates.

It makes the hormone that encourages production of melanin – the chemical that gives skin colour and produces the hormone that maintains milk in nursing mothers.

It produces oxytocin for uterine contractions.

It produces an antidiuretic hormone that influences fluids in the body, plus a few others for moderating blood.

ACORN was a clue to the workings of the Tree of Life! And so I turned to botany.

Acorn – fruit of the oak tree, a nut growing in a shallow cup.

Tree of Jupiter – which is about new beginnings


                                 Broad horizons


                                 Higher Education.

Live oaks begin life as a seed called an acorn. The acorn will germinate with the help of water, air, and sunshine. (Or Water, Air, Fire)

That led me to a writing I received on the 4th Dec 2000:

You have had to go through a very public cleansing in order to teach others how to work through the Fire and Water Initiations.

Learning from others was part of your development, but now you commence to work with Air while you are on the Earth – which does not involve learning from human experience. Rather, you tap in to your Source and filter the message through to the physical.

Just as the human baby goes through three stages of development: conceptus, embryo and foetus, and the Divine Being involves three stages: Christed Being, Light Being and Divine Being. So too the oak goes through three stages: Seedling, Sapling and Tree. The tree then continues to grow taller and wider each year until it reaches adult size.

The Oak was always respected and even venerated in biblical times for its large size and strength. Abraham’s oak was held in especially high regard, not only because it was the place where God and his angels spoke to Abraham, but because under the shade of a Holm Oak, after His resurrection, Jesus appeared to the Saints.

Oak wood is practically indestructible.

A live oak reproduces sexually (Two opposing energies – just as WE are created, and as the Divine Being is created). The seeds are made when pollen comes in contact with the female part. That then produces the acorn. The acorn will fall from the tree when mature. The seedling will sprout from where the acorn fell.

Just that week I had been reading to the third Level class, the following:

It is like the flower of one’s individuality growing into a fruit and filling itself with sweet juice out of its own inner essence, and then the final release from the tree. (Sai Baba)

And from Spalding’s,’ Life and Teachings’ – As the seed that falls into the ground must first give forth from self in order to grow, develop and multiply, so must we first give forth from self to unfold. As the seed must first burst its shell in order to grow, so must we burst our shell of limitation to begin our growth. When this inner perfection is complete we MUST come forth beautiful, the same as the flowers.

There are many varieties of oak, the most common being the red or the white: Close inspection of the end of white oak lumber shows that its large diameter vessels are filled with a crystal-like substance, tyloses, which plugs nearly every vessel and keeps liquids from pouring through – that’s why it is used for whisky and wine barrels. TYLOSES – a thickening of the cell wall that protrudes into the adjoining one.

(I feel this same process is what will happen to stop the excess flow of plasma in my body when the Divining process is complete!)

Seed: Prolific acorn crops are sporadic occurring every 3 to 10 years. (I underline the 10 because there is a 10-year process in coming into Divinity. There is also a 3-year period from when we consciously turn to the Light to when our 7th chakra is activated – the event that sets the whole process in motion).

Unlike red oak acorns that take 2 years to mature on the tree, white oak acorns grow from flower to maturity in one growing season. (I underline ‘white’ associating it with the Light, and the ‘one growing season’ because once the Divining process is set in motion, there is no stopping it).




The next stage of learning was prompted by the gift of a beautiful Swarovski crystal dolphin, the lady who bought it for us had rung and asked if she could come and see us to tell us how her life had changed since doing the courses. She said she would bring a cake to have with our cup of tea, but when she walked in she was bearing a lovely gold-wrapped gift instead. What was this? “I thought you were bringing a cake – this looks like a very elaborate cake to me!” Mary-Anne replied that while she was on her way to the bakers to get the cake suddenly Spirit said to her, “They don’t need that”, and she found herself walking into a jewellers shop!

That took place on the 8th March 2001, 19 days later we were given the gift of a beautiful Swarovski crystal 6-pointed star from Brenda for our 40th Wedding Anniversary.

I knew this had something to do with that tyloses that forms in the White Oak, and this led to finding out about -

The Three Stages of ‘The Waters’

I was hospitalised in February 1994 because of excess fluid, which turned out to be healing plasma, forming in excess in my body. While in hospital I read the following from ‘Life and Teachings’:

1. When the body is filled with the Christ Energy it activates certain glands and cells in the right hand brain that activates a life-giving fluid, which rejuvenates the body and gives it eternal life.

Brenda, Jim and I were given the Fountain of Youth to ‘drink’ from when we were in Switzerland on the 25th July 1993.

On the 25th March 1995 John the Baptist came to our little group of Brenda, Andrea, Elsie, Jim and I, with the following message:

You have all been baptised with the Fluid of Life to cleanse your bodies and prepare you for God’s Pure Energies. Great works you will then be able to carry out in God’s Name.

I come this evening to tell you that I lay my hand upon you all, that I acknowledge you as the Chosen Ones.

On that same night we were told that there would be 144,000 people demonstrating the same abilities as Jesus had – and it had to be that way this time so that not just ONE person would be idolized – rather, these 144,000 would merely be demonstrating Natural Law, showing others that it was entirely achievable.

2. On the 24th December 1997 we were told that we had been filled with water in preparation for the Divine Birth and it was now sealed in – unlike HUMAN birth, which BREAKS the waters to release the baby. (Everything is reversed in Spirit!).

3.  We now discover that The Divine Waters CRYSTALLISE to create the Divine Being.

I knew that the 6-pointed star represents Perfected Man, but I had to look up the meaning of Dolphin – the information coming from the Sams and Carson Medicine Cards (which, Spirit have told us, are very accurate).

DOLPHIN: If dolphin has appeared to you today, you are to be a link to some solution for the Children of the Earth. You are put on notice to be mindful of your body rhythms and the patterns of energy being fed to you from the Creator.

The key word for Dolphin is MANNA. I looked this up in the dictionary for broader understanding:

Manna – Spiritual sustenance – OR – Sap of Ash tree – Ash is of the Olive tree family.

Then I saw: Olive fruit or Olivary. Anatomy. Relating to the Olivary body, an olive-shaped eminence containing a nucleus of grey matter, found at either side of the medulla oblongata – the INNER part of the lowermost portion of the brain stem, merges with the spinal cord and can be thought of as an extension of it. Within the medulla are nuclei – clusters of nerve cells responsible for hearing, balance, and head and neck movements. Also contributes to the control of fundamental life processes such as blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing.


Olive: An evergreen tree, native to the Mediterranean region. It bears a fruit that has been important as a delicacy and as a source of oil for food, and for many other uses throughout recorded history in that region.

The flowers are small, fragrant, white, four-lobed and tubular. (Isn’t that the perfection description of our unaware-man energy form with it’s rate of vibration - all out of kilter to begin with, but when worked upon Spiritually it produces the vibration of the White Light, and its four bodies - which must merge - to become the hollow, neutral rod.)

Its small, oval-shaped fruit is a drupe – a soft, fleshy fruit ENCLOSING a hard-shelled seed. (Again, the perfect description of unaware man, bearing the seed of Christ within himself).

The virgin olive oil has healing qualities.

The olive tree thrives in areas that are otherwise somewhat barren. It grows in poor and rocky soils – if they are of calcareous nature, and survives great heat and aridity. (Think of the Light Being, us, coming into this Spiritually barren Earth in order to pass the Fire Initiation).

Appreciation of the olive is reflected in the number of references to it in the Iliad and Odyssey, and throughout the Bible, beginning with Genesis.

The olive twig was given significance as the winner’s badge in the Greek Olympic Games. (You certainly are a winner when you achieve your Divinity here on Earth!).

The next reference in the book was to the Mount of Olives located on the Eastern (new beginnings) side of the city of Jerusalem on the Judean Plateau.

The Mount of Olives actually has four summit peaks, named Mt. Galilee, Mt. Ascension, Mount of Prophets and the Mount of Offence. The four peaks have different biblical histories.

Mt. Galilee is where the angels addressed the apostles.

Mt. Ascension is the disputed point of the Ascension for Jesus. The Garden of Gethsemane is at the foot of the peak.

Mount of Prophets contains ancient catacombs.

Mount of Offence contained Solomon’s temples.

I got that far with my searching, then in came a book for me to borrow called ‘Miracle Food Cures from the Bible’ by Rease Dubin. In it more information about the Olive:

The Olive is termed ‘the Methuselah Plant’, olive oil is the most important food in the Bible - where it is mentioned more than 200 times and is the symbol of goodness, purity, and – especially – long life. It is one of the few specific foods mentioned by Jesus as a healing food, as reported by Luke the physician in the third Gospel.

The olive tree grows slowly and attains a great age.

Some of the original trees at Gethsemane – which was an olive orchard at the foot of the Mount of Olives – have been there since the time of Christ, or at least spring from the original roots. For even though the Romans tried to destroy the orchard in AD 70, it is almost impossible to kill the roots, from which many new sprouts arise.

Today we know that olive oil – which can be absorbed by the skin – protects veins and arteries, guards against dangerous clots, lowers high blood pressure, normalizes low blood pressure, and helps ward off death from all causes, including cancer.

I knew that somehow this information about the Mount of Olives near Jerusalem had something to do with what I had been learning about the areas of the brain and the body processes involved in becoming Divine – and Earth becoming Divine too.

The Earth’s 11th and 12th chakras are both located in Jerusalem, which is why there has been so much turmoil there as they have come into activation. Jerusalem is featured in Revelations in great detail, and we discovered quite a while ago that the 12 stones described as being the foundations of the City – when you combine the vibrations of each of the stones, is what the rate of vibration has to be to enable the New Jerusalem to descend. This is symbolic of creating our Heaven here on Earth - as Above so below.

We are in the process of this Shift happening, both for the individual and the Earth; it is the same pattern – just repeated in larger context.

I had before me on the table a diagram of the brain, photocopied from the medical book, and I had highlighted the four areas involved in this process: the Pineal, the Hypothalamus, the Pituitary, and now the Medulla Oblongata.

Jim had a map of Jerusalem, which National Geographic had published a few years ago, and on this we were able to trace the four Mounts - but I couldn’t get them to match the brain chart. Then Jim noted that the head faced WEST, whereas this Mount was EAST of Jerusalem. Even though you were to turn the head the other way, it still wouldn’t match though. Then Jim suddenly said, “What about a MIRROR image?” When he put the mirror above the picture there it was! The four brain positions MATCHED the four sites on the map.

Here is how we worked it out, working from the top of the map and the top of the head:

Mount Ascension with the Garden of Gethsemane at its base, links with the Pineal. As the Tree of Knowledge is activated by your Spiritual development and the activation of the chakras, the energy runs UP the body to activate the Pineal, the 6th Seal, the process graphically portrayed by the life of the PINE TREE. We have to experience the depths (represented by Gethsemane) AND the heights (represented by ascension) in order to achieve that.

Mt. Galilee, where the disciples were instructed by the angels, links with the Hypothalamus – which gives instructions to the pituitary.

Mount of Prophets which contains ancient catacombs (Catacomb: long underground gallery,) is linked to the Pituitary, which activates the Tree of Life, sending the energies DOWN the body – this process demonstrated by the life of the OAK TREE.

Mount of Offence, which contained Solomon’s Temples (representing Wisdom), is linked to the Medulla Oblongata, the INNER part of the spinal column. The OLIVE TREE demonstrates this process.


When the Tree of Knowledge (Pine) is fully activated it awakens the Pineal, the 6th Seal.

The hypothalamus is then activated, which sends NEW instructions to the Pituitary (Oak), once the Tree of Life is fully activated.

That then releases, through the Medulla, an oil into the body for the rejuvenation process involved in Divinity  (Olive).

That took me back to a writing about the 23rd Psalm, which spiritually tells us that this Earth is the Valley of the Shadow of Death. I now understood the line: thou annointest my head with oil, my cup runneth over - that is exactly what happens when the Medulla Oblongata is activated at Ascension!

The writing ended with, Right under your nose is where I am – and when I traced this on the chart of the head the medulla oblongata, which is at the base of the brain stem, is on a direct line from under the nose!

There was one more clue in the information about the Oak that I had not put together:

Oak has a rapidly growing PRIMARY ROOT, which pushes into the mineral soil (Representing our physical body). The STEM (the Divine Being) does not emerge until Spring.

EASTER TIME falls in Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere, and Spirit have told us that ‘all who are ready for their ascension are accepted at Easter time’ – just as the life of Jesus portrays.

We cannot ascend until we have become Christed, and I feel that the Christing begins at the completion of the 10th chakra as the Fifth Body - the Christ Body, comes into our energy field. That activates that primary root for the Tree of Life, thus preparing our body to receive the God Energy, which will transform us from the human to the Divine.

Perhaps we can understand more clearly now God’s Promises from the Bible:

I will bring you out.

I will deliver you.

I will redeem you.

I will take you to me for a people.


Exodus. 6:6.






While putting together a piece on Revelations it involved going back through my journals. In the reading I came across the first writing I got about the Two Trees in the Garden – and it totally confused me, for it was OPPOSITE to one I got a few years later! For example:

4.11.97. So the Tree of Knowledge is the brain, the root of your body, whose branches go down to the various parts of the body and the fruits of the tree bear your human achievements. The Tree of Life, on the other hand, is rooted in the base of the spine, whose energy reverses all nerve currents within the body and whose fruits are your Spiritual achievements.

Whereas on the 13.4.2000 The Tree of Knowledge has its roots in the base chakra so that man may work his way up from animal level to Divine Level, and the Tree of Life has its roots in the brain to superimpose the whole system.

Yes! Reverse the picture of the tree so that the roots are uppermost, for Everything-Is-Reversed-In Spirit, this now represents the Spiritual Mind. So now the branches represent the human mind – it is smaller in mass but the connections are there. Now begins the process of matching the two in working capacity. All will be brought into full use - this is entirely possible in the human structure, for now all imperfections have been removed.

THE TREE OF LIFE IS UPSIDE DOWN – when its sap rises it therefore runs DOWN the spinal cord, AFTER the kundalini rises up the spine – which is when man has become the fully energized instrument and he has learned the role of the Tree of Knowledge. The two do not happen simultaneously, but in stages. In fact, it is 3:

1.      The rising of the kundalini to release the Spirit within and to create the neutral rod – the hollow tube (negative energy to positive energy).

2.      Then the filling of this tube with the Sap of the Tree of Life (neutral energy to neutral energy).

3.      To produce Divine Man – who stands eternally protected in that great spiral of energy, accompanied by thousands to assist him in his Earth task.

These two messages completely contradicted! By this time it was 12.30 a.m. and I went to bed with the mind in turmoil. However, as I lay waiting for Jim to join me I just let it go and thanked Them for giving me the answers - and they started straightaway!

First of all – it was put to me that the Seed of Christ resides in the heart (which is situated in the head in the first formation of the foetus, and is only pushed down into place when the foetus curls into a C-shape). I remembered the words from the Masters books where they say the seed of the Christ Consciousness must rise to the top of the head, and suddenly I knew what the second stage of the kundalini rising was about! We have learned that there are three stages to the rising of the energy: the first takes place in the human body as the human orgasm – brief and ecstatic, but promising ‘better things to come’!

(The two other stages occur in the Etheric Body – which affects the human body physically.)

The second rising is of a psychic origin, in other words, using our OWN energy within our energy bubble. I understood now that the psychic second stage is when the heart chakra opens, RELEASING the Seed of Christ into the spinal cord, taking it to the brain – into what physicians call ‘the silent zone’: the part that affects our personality. When the Christ Seed is placed in the frontal lobe that then activates a chemical which virtually ‘clamps off’ the negative chakra system. The negative chakra system being the internal extension of the anchor ‘tail’ that connects our energy bubble into the Earth energy-web. This has the same effect as the doctor clamping off the umbilical cord of the baby – it allows independent life.

The third and final stage is the rising of the kundalini energy up the spinal cord to meet with the God-force, which penetrates our energy bubble to draw the energy all the way up to the 12th chakra. As it does, so the Seed of Divinity within us is released for fertilization – just as the release of the human egg from the ovary.  It is fertilized by God to create the Divine Being – which we become; this is the process of the TRUE Immaculate Conception.

Just as the female comes with all her unfertilized eggs within her body, so every person – male and female – also brings this Divine Seed. As with all conception, the fertilized egg does NOTHING – the host body does all work. SAME PROCESS, except, Everything Is Reversed In Spirit – instead of the fertilized egg becoming a separate being eventually, as in human birth, THIS process creates UNION – the host and the Divine Being merging into ONE.

Now what about this contradiction of the Trees and their roots – virtually BOTH writings were correct; during that night I had a very vivid dream featuring three stages, this was to impress on me that I needed to put the three Trees together!

I was taken back to an article I read on the web about Caduceus Wound Coil experiments by David Brennerman. A couple of things ‘jumped out’:

The caduceus coil basically consists of ordinary insulated copper wire wound in a double helix around a ferrite core. This core HAS REPEATEDLY BEEN FOUND TO VIOLATE ESTABLISHED LAWS OF ELECTROMAGNETICS AND HERTZIAN WAVE THEORY WHEN A HIGH FREQUENCY CURRENT IS INJECTED INTO IT (our energy and God’s!).

1. Unlike an ordinary coil, when fed electrical energy the wire in the Tensor coil does not get hot (‘the fire that does not burn’).

2. It has infinite resonance. The Tensor coil is capable of resonating strongly on any number of frequencies randomly spaced in the spectrum. The signal pumped into such a coil strangely enough cannot be detected by standard radio frequency detection apparatus (you and God only!).

One radio amateur found that with two such coils, one used as a transmitter and the other as a receiver, the second would not pick up the signal from the first unless they were precisely aligned (the Two Trees?). For the signal to be transmitted the alignment had to be as critical as that of a laser beam.


Looking at this coil configuration carefully we see that the oppositely wound wires of the double helix will cross each on the opposite sides of the core’s diameter with each complete turn. Hence, the coil will have two rows of bumps formed where the two wires crossed, the rows placed diametrically opposite one another on the core.

Researchers claim that it is important for these crossover bumps to lie in a straight line. Now, when the high frequency current flows in opposite directions through the two wires, the magnetic fields essentially cancel on the sides of the coil but on the top and bottom where the crossovers are, the fields overlap forming on the top magnetic vectors orientated in one direction parallel to the coil axis, and on the bottom vectors of the same magnitude orientated oppositely to those on top.

So how to sort this out? I had to go back to basic questions again:

Q. When I asked the question in 1997 about the Trees, did I get the correct answer? – Yes.

Q. In 2000? – Yes.

Q. So had the two trees reversed themselves by then? – YES!

Q. How can trees reverse?

Actually, we had been physically shown that very thing just a few months before: a creeper on our rainwater tank found its way into the tank and down to the water level; with that the branch then changed its role and became a root system.

I was told, however, that I had to think ENERGY here – energy that operated in tree-like fashion. 

Suddenly I was presented with the knowledge that the root system is always much denser than the branch system. As the writing for 2000 said – the two had to be matched.

We knew that the Tree of Knowledge had to be activated in order for the kundalini to rise up the spine. Before it could the magnetic fields had to be cancelled from either side of the spine, and from around the body too – removing the polarities and making us the neutral rod. Like the caduceus experiments the Two Trees have to be perfectly aligned also. We had thought that one superimposed over the other, but now – like the experiment – was one in front of the spine and the other behind it? The answer was No. Then it suddenly came rushing in: the Two Trees were either side of the body in the energy bubble: the Tree of Knowledge on our left, the Tree of Life on our right.

The taproot for the Tree of Knowledge being in the RH brain, the taproot for the Tree of Life being in the LH brain.  You would have thought it would be the opposite way round!

5.8.2001. The music distracts you – all of the ‘human’ is distraction as you try to fathom the mysteries – that is because the human is limited when they think only of what can be seen.

In working out the sequence of the trees you have to think of the WHOLE unit: physical and invisible - the unit of human, energy shell, luminous fibres, A.Point and electromagnetic field. The filaments are lines of communication and information. Unaware man stands with most of his lights out! He has a limited 5th dimensional awareness, a strong negative chakra system, and a very weak positive one. It is your task as aware man to activate the whole system. All is in place, the full information is there – it just needs to be activated. The first step is to consciously switch on the Light and use it on all things negative. As was previously taught, the two ‘trees’ are actually energy packages that work in tree-like fashion – just as the brain does.

The first pattern of the Tree of Knowledge is that of an upside down tree, working very much like the nervous system of the body – for all is interrelated.

Yes, the Tree of Knowledge reverses its position – when you reverse your thinking! As it does, so must the Tree of Life, for they are mirror images – as you are of your spiritual counterpart, energy-wise. All that you have learned about the Pine, the Oak, the Olive, the vine, the root systems, etc. apply to the process.

The Tree of Knowledge has to be fully activated in order for the energy to rise – which in turn activates the Tree of Life, and then the third Tree. All the while the dormant circuits in and around the body are activated – like a telephone switchboard lights up as the lines are activated.

Yes, the connections are in the left-hand and right-hand brains as you were told – the right-hand brain helping the other half to come into full potential to create the balanced human – in every aspect.

There must always be that third neutral quality – as you learned with electricity, magnetism, and the way you live the Middle Way.

Then into my head popped something I had read from my workbook the day before – while scanning for ‘I knew not what’. It is from Robert Munroe’s ‘Ultimate Journey”.

He listed the different thinking processes of the left and right-hand brains, and then went on to say:

More recent concepts hold that our human consciousness flickers back and forth between left and right brain as situations arise during our daily physical life. When we perform calculations our left-brain is dominant. When we listen to music our right brain takes over.

Peak performance comes when both left and right brain thinking are integrated, unified, synchronous. Our Prime and fundamental purpose, aside from learning from experience in being human, is to acquire and develop what we label INTELLECT; left brain consciousness. We do not need to act similarly with our right brain abilities because we already have them. We brought them with us; somehow they were inherent.

It is the left-brain capability that is of exquisite value when we visit beyond time-space (this relates to his out-of-body experiments). It is the left-brain that removes the limitations on our growth that were present prior to our sojourn here. Only left brain functions can make Unknowns into Knowns, dissolve fears, enhance experience, open new vistas, clean out false belief system refuse. It is the left-brain that takes any idea, information or inspiration emanating from or via the right brain and puts it into action. By any standards, something of value cannot become real unless and until the left-brain takes over. For millennia, the human right brain has not changed. It has not grown or evolved. It is the same as it always was. In contrast left-brain consciousness has been steadily evolving, either by design or necessity. In the past century, this growth has become an exponential curve. Not simply in one or two individuals but in literally millions of humans throughout the period. By its very nature, the left-brain cannot help becoming involved in constructive evaluation and application. THE RIGHT BRAIN IS FORCING IT TO DO SO – AND THE RIGHT BRAIN IS IN CHARGE.


As it is the boss, the right hand brain often forces the left-brain to perform in a way that tends to destroy thousands of years of evolution.

LEFT BRAIN = Human mind modified by the Earth Life Style.

RIGHT BRAIN = Expression of the Core Self, the timeless, non-physical part of us, untouched and unaffected by the Earth Life System.

The trick is to get both left and right brain into simultaneous and synchronous action, nudging the left brain more and more into taking part in There (Spiritual) activity.



Just as the LH brain is trying to match the RH brain, so the left hand side of our energy bubble, which contains the Tree of Knowledge, is trying to match the right hand side, which contains the Tree of Life.

So now the sequence is:

The Seed of Christ lies in the etheric heart  (all this energy work is done in the Etheric Body initially, eventually affecting the physical body).

The roots and branches of the two Trees superimpose the human head and torso regions - these tree-like energy lines being the filaments of light described in the Carlos Castaneda books.

Unaware man consists of a fully activated 10-negative chakra system with two or three positive chakras also activated. For this particular Earth-task there is the rest of a 15-positive chakra system to activate, which commences with the GROWTH (or full activation) of the Tree of Knowledge; the Pine Tree shows us the processes involved.

As the Christ Seed goes up into the frontal lobe with the activation of the heart chakra (which is the neutral area in unaware man) that then releases electrical and chemical reactions within the brain that will assist in severing the negative chakra system – the anchoring ROOT system.


The Tree of Knowledge continues to develop and grow as each chakra is activated to the 12th chakra level (at that point the 7th chakra now becomes the neutral rod).

In our own development, ten months after the activation of the 12th chakra the magnetic fields in and around us were negated – enabling US to become the neutral rod. That then releases the Divine Seed for fertilization, which takes place when the kundalini rises.

Now, all of this work is going on in our energy bubble – in the invisible – the only indication of this work to us physically is that our life seems to be undergoing much turmoil and change, and our body is experiencing all kinds of weird aches and pains. There is good reason for this for WE TAKE ON THE ROLE OF THE VINE that GROWS on the Trees – as portrayed by the man Jesus. The sap of the vine is the Christ energy within us.

John 15:1-4. I am the true vine and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away; and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.

Abide in me and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in me; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

So we take on the role of a branch of the vine – we have to endure being cut back three times, just as happens with the plant, in order to produce maximum fruit.


(John 15:1-17)

  Our Father is the gardener, Jesus is the vine,
We are the branches, bearing fruit in kind.
Surely this example speaks of faith in Christ,
The living vine is Jesus, the eternal source of life.
Through our obedience to His precious word,
He cleans the branches, by love to us preferred.

  Admonishing and disciplining as the pruning saw,
Increasing our potential, now and evermore.
Branches not producing are carefully removed,
And fruitful growth is pruned, its harvest to improve.
The faithful Gardener comes, with discipline and love,
The fruitful vine is evidence of His Spirit from above.

  By His hands of discipline we can trust in Him,
To deal with our waywardness, and His glory bring.
Acknowledging His purpose, abiding in the vine,
We can know His power and presence all the time.
Established in our hearts, His salvation has begun,
United in His body, functioning as one. 

Neil Johnson

However, what about the type of vine that is detrimental to a tree, which strangles it and causes it to die? That would be a person who develops not from the heart but from the spleen – the anti-Christ area of the negative chakra system.

Spleen: A highly vascular, flattened ductless organ found near the stomach of most vertebrates, which effects certain modifications in the blood. This organ regarded as the seat of various emotions: ill-temper, spitefulness: to vent one’s spleen. Lowness of spirits, melancholy, hypochondria - all feelings that are completely opposite to Christ-like qualities: OUR FREE WILL DETERMINES WHICH WAY WE GO – we either fully activate our Tree of Knowledge – or strangle it. If we do it dies, and so do we!

So what about the Third Tree?  (Represented by the Olive). This can only be activated when we have matched the energy trees in our bubble, and matched the two sides of the brain; for the Third Tree is situated in the midbrain WHERE OUR ORIGINAL CELL STILL LIES - the only part of the embryo that does not alter during formation and growth. The original cell is the seed of the Third Tree, which when activated, then develops throughout the human body recreating the blueprint of perfection to transform us from man to God-man, from human to Divine.

The original cell lies dormant waiting for the human to attain Divinity before the cell can be activated - to allow the physical to follow suit – for it first has to happen in the human awareness. So here then is our Sacred Quest!  Once the inner work is complete the physical MUST show what has been attained within: As Within So Without - As Above So Below.

With that information so many loose ends in our work began to be ‘tied up’:

The Higher Self is an energy package containing the upper 3 Bodies: Christ, Causal, I Am.

The physical self is a vehicle containing the lower 3 bodies: etheric, emotional, mental.

The Spirit has its seat in the original cell and directs the whole unit.

The 8th, 9th and 10th Bodies are within us – actually parts of the brain that become active as we reach certain levels of vibration. They are located in the silent zone - the frontal lobe. These inner bodies also take 7-year cycles to mature, just as the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies did. At one stage we are filled with the Holy Spirit – the essence, but we had noticed on our charts that twice later the reference was Holy Ghost, rather than Spirit.  Now we discovered that the Holy Ghost is a neutral body – the ‘close-fitting garment’ of the P’tah that replaces our energy bubble and is the ULTIMATE protection. It now works on maturing the 8th, 9th and 10th Bodies with the activation of their relative chakras – this is a PERFECTING process for the human body to bring it to Divine state.

The Tree of Life contains a higher chakra system starting with the 13th chakra. Just like the physical body with its Tree of Knowledge energy system, the first three chakras are active and fairly rapidly come into full activation. This causes a reversal of the energy within the energy bubble – which in turn affect the functions of the brain and body. The magnetite crystal behind the nose is then activated, accelerating our journey as more energy comes into our being and ‘the sap’ of the Tree of Life begins to rise.

Just as the Tree of Knowledge – right at the start of our physical journey has three positive chakras activated – so when the two are matched, the Tree of Life reaches that same point – enabling the activation of the Third Tree.

The Third Tree is our direct link to the Source, once activated all else follows in its wake. The patterns of the Trees in the bubble are a direct result of the activities within the brain as this comes about.

So – after all those WORDS, and all the READING, it really does come down to SIMPLE again. Man in his energy bubble with energy trees either side of him, all having to work in synchronicity in order to ACTIVATE the dormant Seed within. It puts a whole new slant on that phrase ‘We can’t see the wood (Third Tree) for the trees’!

It is highly dishonourable for a reasonable soul to live in so divinely built a mansion as the body she resides in altogether unacquainted with the exquisite structure of it.

(Robert Boyle)