Second Level Lessons
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THE LESSONS – Part two


WELCOME BACK! Have you been working with what you learned in Level 1? If so you will have been bringing your Emotional Body into balance, and now it is time to work on the Mental Body – which also needs to be brought into balance in order for the Etheric Body to be worked on in the third level lessons.

Our logical mind needs to be satisfied before we can go on to trusting the information about the unseen etheric side of life and so in this section we will be bringing a lot of differing subjects together to achieve this. The first level was about you personally whereas this level shows you your connection to the BIGGER picture.

Albert Schweitzer wrote: Desire for wisdom! Explore everything around you, penetrate to the furthest limits of human knowledge, and always you will come up with something inexplicable in the end. It is called LIFE.

I point out to the class that in our lending library they will find books on all kinds of topics. There are biographies, and fiction with big spiritual messages. Then there are the varied types of healing - Aromatherapy, colour-therapy, crystal therapy, Reiki, spiritual healing, psychic surgery. The crop circle phenomenon, chakras, Feng Shui, numerology, astrology, dream interpretation. All the different religious teaching, Eastern philosophy, and Shamanism. Psychology, self-help books on how to deal with anger, the ex-wife, illness etc. Astral travel, channelling, automatic writing. Even a few books about witchcraft and Satanism – for there is a curiosity, and the safest way to satisfy it is to read about it! There are books on anatomy, science, physics, history, geography, and also books on folklore, nature spirits and Wicca – and ALL of these books have helped us in our search for the Truth, for they all hold part of the puzzle.

We were advised by Spirit right from the start that we should never turn anyone away that had found their way to our door – for they had been led. If we HAD done so; because they didn’t wear ‘the right clothes’, or because their problems were too big, or their state of mind was off balance, or because they disagreed with OUR way of thinking – then the whole class would have severely missed out, for those seemingly ‘way-out’ people had much to contribute. I have learned over the years to keep an open mind and an open heart and I think that has made my learning path much easier.

We had no idea in the first year that there was going to be a second level of lessons, but when the time was right they just rolled into being. Again I received each lesson ten days before it was due, just as I did for the first level – we just watched the whole thing unfold.

I also remind you that it is advisable to read just one lesson a week and then work on it. I will be recommending books for you to read that support these lessons, and quoting passages from them – hoping that the authors will not mind contributing in this way for their words came along as PROOF to us of what we were already being taught by Spirit. In this way we understand that there is not just ONE way, but that each author with their beliefs is giving us a PART of the Whole, giving us the clues which WE must then work on - for Spirit don’t give it to us on a plate!

In the second level classes there are no guided meditations, nor do we use verbal relaxation of the body, just a simple focus of bringing ourselves into the NOW, using three deep breaths while we surround ourselves with the Light and breathe it in. At each level the process becomes more and more SIMPLE.