First Level Lessons
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Jim and I had both retired from the workforce by 1992 - Jim ten years earlier than originally planned, but by now we were both wanting to walk the Spiritual Path and see where it would lead us. We were both willing to 'put all our eggs in one basket' to do this, we were involved in Reiki healing at the time, and that was what we thought our future would be. But spirit had other plans!
We had always promised ourselves a round-the-world trip on Jim's retirement, and the guidance was to go ahead with that - it proved to be part of our personal transformation; finding out HOW Spirit works, and learning to put aside our logical minds - which only see the current picture. Following the high guidance you trust that They see the Big Picture - and then the most amazing things begin to happen as it opens up before you.
On our return to Perth we mentally rolled our sleeves up and said, "Right! Let's do this healing for the rest of our lives, and have a ball along the way." WRONG! For the next four months we never got one request for healing, yet we had been so busy with it before we left that we were working right up till the last night before departure. What had happened? Surely not everyone was cured!!
Then in the supermarket one day we met two ladies who had been to us for healing and talks in the past, and they both asked if we could teach them some more of 'this spiritual stuff.' We looked at each other and thought, "Why not! We're not doing anything else." Later, we remembered others who had made a similar request, and so the first class consisted of six people, and began in April 1994.
We had been on the learning path for some five years now, mainly being taught by a group of Teachers which we accessed using the table-tapping method, which - if used correctly - is a very useful tool in a group situation. But it is ONLY a tool, and we were eventually able to reach within without using tools - and all the answers lie there. AFTER we had been taught information by spirit, books would come our way to CONFIRM what we had received, never to INFLUENCE
It was amazing how the lessons unfolded; we were given each one 10 days before we were to present it to the class - just enough time for a friend to put it on the word processor, and then for our daughter to photocopy it, for we had to 'give out the seeds' to all who came. All we knew when we first began was that there were to be 12 lessons - we had no idea as to the content. We were also told "no charge for these lessons." - O.K! And we have maintained that, for as they unfolded and we worked with them, we found that if people APPLIED them to their lives, their lives would turn around, for they really work. You cannot put a price on them, - for they are priceless.
The first classes were held fortnightly, but we soon found that was unsatisfactory, for if anyone was off sick, it meant a whole month between lessons - too long. Before the first class was completed, they had recommended friends, and so another, weekly, class was started. The recommendations continued, and the size of our classes increased to 10 people. In the past we had held meditation classes for beginners, anything up to 40 people at a time, but that was not very satisfactory either, for the shy ones would not come forward - and they were the ones who needed the most help. So the guidance was, 'small classes, and lots of them.' At one stage we were holding 11 a week.
The second year we were given a second level of another 12 lessons. The third year, yet another 12 for a third level. I am currently putting together a series for a fourth level. We have no idea where this is going, nor do we NEED to know - for we very much live in the NOW, and just let it happen. We have maintained the 'no charge', and discovered that as we trusted Spirit to be our means that all our needs have been met - and this whole thing just takes care of ITSELF - it is a joyous journey.
It has been eight years now, (April 2003) and we have held over 2200 classes - we had no idea...............Every person that comes through our door teaches us too - for this is a two-way thing, and we have met some incredible people. We never advertised, the names just keep rolling in.
And so I present to you


Ideally, these should be read one at a time on a weekly basis, giving you the seven days to put into practice what you have learned. What you read is actually a correspondence course that we put together for people in country areas, or overseas, who just couldn't get here, and so it includes all the stories from our personal experiences that help to bring the lessons to life for everyone. 
I also include other people's works and words - for all literature is for the benefit of the whole; each author giving a piece of the puzzle. I don't know if there are copyright laws for internet - but the way I see it is that these authors inspired me and confirmed what I had been taught by Spirit. I do not claim their words as my own, nor do I charge for the lessons, but I DO recommend their books - and in this way EVERYONE is helped. Should I be infringing any law, do please let me know, and the words will be erased - but I do hope that is not the case, for with the erasure a piece of the puzzle will now be missing!






What can I expect of these lessons?
If you apply them to your life you will gain peace of mind, healing of the body and, ultimately, Spiritual enlightenment.

Why are there three levels?
Because they address three levels of YOURSELF:

Level 1 – brings the Emotional Body into balance.
Level 2 – brings the Mental Body into balance.
Level 3 – brings the Etheric Body into balance.

All these bodies, which are out of alignment in the spiritually unaware, must be brought into balance in order to generate spiritual power. This power is essential for the transformation of the physical self.

I’ve been involved in the metaphysical for years – surely I don’t need to start at Level 1?
I’m afraid so! Unless you are already receiving inner guidance that is 100% accurate and reliable – then you need to look again at some of your beliefs. The books hold truths, half-truths, and un-truths; we teach you how to discern the Truth. You can’t build firm foundations on misconception or other people’s belief systems; you need to awaken the Inner Teacher for yourself. Obviously, if you were receiving 100% accurate and reliable contact you wouldn’t feel the need to keep searching.

Why can’t I do all 36 lessons without a break between each level?
The break times are the PRACTICE times – APPLYING what you have learned in order to understand how this works. The Spiritual and human activities must be brought TOGETHER, not kept SEPARATE – so you have to LIVE this; it’s the only way.

  What kind of topics do we learn about?


Lesson 1 – Explanation of how these lessons came into being based on personal experience.

                   Physical demonstration of our Oneness.

                   Some of the wonders of the human body.

                    Use of the Light – why we should use it, and how to.

Lesson 2 – Taking responsibility

                   How we all came into being.

                   The role of our parents.

                   Does God exist?

Lesson 3 – The chakra system; 1 to 7 - basic explanation.

                   Psychic powers as opposed to Spiritual Power.

Lesson 4 – Guardians, guides and Teachers.


Lesson 5 – Awareness and attitude.

                   Living in the Now.


                   Connecting with Nature.

Lesson 6 – Brain versus Mind.

                   Mind Power.


                   The importance of forgiveness.

                   Mind in conjunction with the heart.

Lesson 7 – Accepting and understanding your past.

                   How to hand it all up.

Lesson 8 – Letting go of the past and old hurts, forgiving the self.

Lesson 9 – The higher chakra system 8 to 12.

                   Our relationship with the Earth’s chakras.

                   Discerning the truths and untruths in your inner messages.

                   Religion versus Spirituality – are they really in opposition?

                   The attraction to the dark side.

Lesson 10 -The body and health.

                    Transforming the body to immortality.

Lesson 11 –Introduction to Higher Learning.

                   Why do we have to suffer pain, sorrow, ill health?

                   What is the PURPOSE of this life?

Lesson 12 –The bigger picture – our roles in the Earth’s evolution, and the evolution  

                   of mankind.                    

                   Change your Focus.



Lesson 13 - Bringing several branches of learning into alignment.

                    Ancient Mysteries in the modern world.

                    The miracle of human birth.

Lesson 14 –The role of magnetism.

                    Ghosts, poltergeist activity and thought forms.

Lesson 15 –Use of the pendulum.

                    How to plot the activated chakras.

                    The Third Force.

                    The Middle Way.

Lesson 16 –The St. Germaine Flame.


Lesson 17 –Cycles

Lesson 18 –Understanding our connections to the planets/the Universe.

                    Crop Circles.

Lesson 19 –Relating the Mystical to the physical. Part 1.

Lesson 20   Relating the Mystical to the Physical. Part 2.

Lesson 21 –How God fits into all of this. Part 1.

Lesson 22 -                    ditto                 Part 2

Lesson 23 -                     ditto                 Part 3.

Lesson 24 -                    ditto                 Part 4 including the process of the Neutral Rod state.



Lessons 25 to 36 cover the hidden, mystical side of life. For class members only, not available on the web site.