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There are different levels of meditation, and many different methods. For the beginner it is an effective way of stilling the mind and relaxing the body – this article , (author unknown), entitled ‘Nature’s Beauty Secrets’ lists ‘Eleven amazing things that happen inside your body when you relax’:-

If you had a stethoscope, you would hear your heart slow down by five beats per minute. Your rate of respiration slows and there is a slight decrease in your body temperature. It is almost incredible to realise that these changes occur within minutes of beginning relaxation, yet many hours of sleep are needed to achieve similar changes.

A journey within your circulatory system would reveal the levels of glucose and fatty acids starting to decline. You could also measure a reduction in the stress-producing chemicals adrenalin and arterial lactate. The blood itself gets thinner. You produce less carbon dioxide and in turn need less oxygen. Metabolic activity throughout your body will slow down as your cells rest and repair themselves.

Day by day the pressures of modern living wear you down. But when you relax, you notice wonderful improvements internally and externally. You look years younger and feel full of vitality. Your confidence increases. You look forward to new challenges and take control of your life.

So it’s got a lot going for it! I was amazed and delighted with my first experience of meditation – a guided one. I could follow it easily, the visions came effortlessly, and I felt refreshed and revitalised at the end of it. Over the years we have discovered that everyone experiences meditation differently, and there are no hard and fast rules. Some get ‘glorious Panavision’, others ‘stereophonic sound’, yet others experience swirling colours. There are many who say at the end of their first meditation, “I got nothing at all.” – and yet they experienced PEACE! THAT’S something! And in actual fact peace is what we are all aiming for.

In our early meditation classes I used guided meditations, but I had difficulty finding books on it to give me fresh material. Then the obvious happened – spirit told me to put the pen in the left hand, and receive them from them. Of course! So I am including a selection here that you may find useful.

I always use a White Light protection for everyone first – as advised by Spirit. Now this Light is not to protect us from ‘something awful out there’, it is to protect us from our OWN negative side – our logical mind is our biggest enemy!!

Although everyone experiences it so differently there are some common experiences:- the sensation of moving, lifting up and out, feelings of pressure , feeling as if the body is being ‘divided’ creating a very distinct awareness of the heavy physical body and the weightless Light Body. Seeing keys, doorways, windows, bridges, steps, paths. Encountering hooded figures whose faces are in shadow. Seeing a single eye. Creeping sensations across the scalp, feeling as if ‘needles’ are being inserted. Pain in the body at sites where there are, or have been, physical problems – a healing is taking place, ENJOY! Flickering images that, at first, are impossible to hold. And lastly, experiencing tears – when you are not even feeling sad! TASTE THEM - they have no salt. I feel that they are Tears of Joy because we are finally turning back to the Light.

I always stress to a new class – if you are uncomfortable with any of these sensations, simply open your eyes! You haven’t gone anywhere, this is all MIND stuff. You are safe in the Light and in a like-minded group. Focus on the candle instead. I always impress also, for people to have no expectations. Watch what happens on your inner screen just as you would watch your TV screen, just watch and listen. That’s all. Also, any thoughts that come to you – just let them drift in, observe them, then let them drift away again. DON’T TRY TO STOP THEM, they will eventually slow down as you do this on a regular basis – and sometimes Spirit are PUTTING those thoughts to you for you to ponder on – to constantly push them away would defeat Their purpose! The secret is DON’T TRY, JUST BE

In our learning groups now the meditation plays a different role – this is for people who are consciously working on finding their Spirituality. In all 36 lessons, there is only one guided meditation, and that is on self-forgiveness, which is an essential part of your progress. We were told that although the guided ones are very pleasant and relaxing, in actual fact you now need to go on ‘your own journey’, and that does not include mind-pictures from someone else. What you are attempting to find is ‘the still small place’ inside – that neutral zone in which contact with Spirit is made, IF THERE IS A NEED.

We use music in the first two levels, but in the third one they simply follow the breath, and the meditation is relatively short before the learning begins – and they are all amazed at the graphic images they get in that short time; ones which used to take sometimes half-an-hour to experience previously. That is because the energies of the group are very heightened now, and they work as One.

Be attentive to the type of music you use! Not all labelled ‘meditation music’ is suitable. Avoid anything with a strong beat, harsh sounds, or fluctuating volume – this is why it is important to hear the disc all the way through first. What starts off as pleasant sometimes has a real ‘hairy one’ chucked in the middle – ruining the whole effect!

For teachers – don’t get upset if someone falls asleep during the meditation – it’s a very fine line! And if they think that you are getting impatient or angry with them for snoring in class, they’re never going to get it together! Allow for the fact that these people are still LEARNING – and so are you! in how to handle a class in a relaxed, neutral way. Also very important – ALLOW LAUGHTER, this is a Joyful Journey, and nothing raises the vibrations faster than laughter. I impress each class with this; don’t get annoyed or short on patience because of distracting noises during meditation. If you sit quietly and ACCEPT, you are heightening your own self-control RAPIDLY. I also talk about body rumblings and gurglings – it’s amazing  how many get embarrassed at such a normal, natural function. It’s happening all the time, it’s just that we don’t normally slow down often enough to HEAR it. I explain it away with the words, “It’s just your wonderful machine working perfectly.” Any embarrassment just melts away.

So here is the White Light technique I use before each and every meditation . NOTE: it is not necessary to SEE the Light – many do not, just be aware that to THINK IT, makes it HAPPEN. (PACE yourself with the music as you read this):-

Sit or lie comfortably, feet uncrossed, hands loose. Take a nice, slow, deep breath, and we’re going to bring our 100% attention into the NOW, this is the only things that’s REAL.

So with the next slow, deep breath curl the toes and tense the foot muscles. Hold……. and let go.

With the next slow, deep breath, tense the leg muscles all the way up. Hold… and let go.

With the next slow, deep breath, pull the stomach muscles in. Hold everything tight – hold – and let go

With the next slow, deep breath, turn the hands into fists, tense the arm muscles all the way up, lift up the shoulders. Hold…and let go.

And with the last slow, deep breath, clench the teeth, tense all the muscles of the face, the forehead and the scalp. Hold…..AND LET GO.

Then move your head slowly from side to side, to make sure your head is comfortable.

Now imagine the area on the forehead, between the eyes – the third eye area. Imagine there a beautiful White Light. Sparkling and shimmering, this Light is comprised of Energy, Healing, Love and Protection Imagine it flowing out from the forehead, into the energy bubble that surrounds you; filling it above your head, flowing down the face and neck, across the shoulders, down the arms and the body .Flowing down the legs and over the feet – and filling up the rest of the bubble; creating your very OWN Bubble of Protection.

And now we’re going to breath in the qualities of this Light so that it flows in and out of the bodies, in and around the bubble. So with the next deep breath – as you breath in the Light, imagine it flowing up through the nostrils, into the head. Flowing all around the inside of the head ………………then flowing OUT through the nostrils…………..”I rid myself of all negativity.”

With the next deep breath, imagine the Light flowing down into the chest……….swirling around the upper torso……….. flowing down the arms………into the hands…….and OUT from the fingertips………”I rid myself of ALL negativity.,”

And with the last deep breath, imagine the Light flowing down into the stomach…...swirling around the lower half of the torso……then flowing down the legs………..into the feet…….and OUT from the toes…………..”I am completely FREE of all negativity. Perfectly protected. Perfectly safe.

AT THE END OF EACH SELF-EXPLORING MEDITATION we always send Light to the Earth. I asked if They wanted me to include the people of the earth. I was told, “No – they have their free will. It is the Earth that needs the Light.” So when it is time to bring the class out from the meditation I say……….
It’s time now to send our energies to the Earth. So see the earth  spinning in space before you, and imagine that a Golden shaft of Light is pouring in through the top of your head, flowing down through the body. Now imagine opening the doors of your heart so that the Light streams from your heart, to the Earth – to be taken where it will be used for the Highest Good. (a couple of minutes then…) And when you’re ready, come back to the room feeling refreshed and renewed. Open your eyes, and have a stretch.




Imagine yourself walking through a wood – an English wood in the Springtime………The sun is warm in the open glades – feel the warmth of it against your skin, the pleasantness of this warmth,-------------but as you pass into the shadow, feel the shiver as the temperature changes.--------You need that sunlight, for without it you would not survive for long. Compare this sunlight with God’s Light-----------the pleasure you receive from its warmth, the coldness you would feel without its influence in your life. Think about these comparisons for a while……………..

As you pass along the path look about you and appreciate this peaceful place---------------the different shades of green in  the sunlight and shadow------------the bird song--------listen carefully and distinguish which birds you can hear-------------the high sweet song of the lark,-----------------the full throaty blackbird-----------------and many others

You stop to admire a flowering honeysuckle------------breath in the sweet fragrance------------------isn’t it a wondrous thing that these simple white flowers should have such a heady perfume-------------As you stand and admire these flowers a bee settles on a bloom, study his plump little body --------------------see the brown and yellow strips---------------see the marvel of his perfect formation to enable him to carry out his task-----------------what a peaceful sound the humming of his wings make

You move along the path again and it widens into a clearing where you come upon a boating lake-----------An old boatshed is there and you walk along the old jetty, the wood turned grey with age and the bright green moss growing between the weathered boards--------------------

You reach the end of the jetty and stand looking into the still water------------------what can you see?-------A reflection of yourself looks back at you, study your face, see how the peacefulness has softened the lines------------------look into your own eyes and know that your soul looks back at you--------------Is it a happy soul-----or a troubled soul?--------------If it is happy, take time now to count your blessings, and give thanks--------------If it is sad, decide on one small action that could change and improve your life---------------Take some time now to sit at the water’s edge, drinking in the very peace and tranquillity of this lovely place, and contemplate on the state of your soul.

Before you return along the path, give thanks for this peaceful interlude---------------appreciate all the sights and sounds------------the smells that are there for your pleasure------

Then when you are ready, make your way back along the path, but promise yourself to return again whenever you feel the need.------------As you return, bring that sense of wellbeing back with you, and let it remain in your consciousness to improve your daily life.





Picture yourself in an attic. It is a large room filled with old furniture, boxes, cases and oddments.-------------a small dormer window lets in some light, but the rest of the room is dim and obscure.

You start to poke around the old things there, it is a long time since you last looked at them. As you look at each article a memory is stirred, deep within--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You move aside a couple of things and come across an old dusty box. You blow the dust off the lid and see the motes in the rays of light from the window-----You open the lid, and there inside are some favourite items from your childhood. What a lovely surprise! It is many years since you have seen them, and you had forgotten that they were here.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You sort amongst  the items and your very favourite toy comes into view. Pick it up and hold it in your hands-------------------

Who gave this to you?

What colour is it?

How does it feel?

Can you remember how this felt to you when you were small?

Now sit down for a while, hold your toy, and take yourself back to one happy time in your childhood that is associated with this toy---relive every moment------- (allow about fifteen minutes)

Now as you put the toy lovingly back in the box, remember that memories are never forgotten. They may be concealed over the years, but the emotions remain with you always – deep inside, and they affect your life and health-------------so tell yourself that you will only ever store happy memories in your attic from now on.  Would you keep something that would spoil and rot? Of course not, and that is what negative emotions do to your life and health.. No, you would throw away any item that would decay. So you must treat your negative memories They are past, they have gone, and there is no room for them in your mind.

Remember this visit to your attic when you are sorting through your memories, throw away the ones that will not give you pleasure – why hang on to them? Only keep those that bring a smile to your lips and a warmth to your heart.

Now, when you are ready, close the door on your attic and return to this room.





Tonight we go on a journey, a long journey, back through the distant past to the place of your origin on Earth.

You are all gathered here together because you have known each other many times before, and you all have a special mission in this lifetime. To understand your mission more clearly it is desirable for you to return to the time when you all began, so now let me take you there.

Sit quietly------visualise yourself rising up from your chair--------moving towards the ceiling---now find yourself outside on the roof .Look around and see the street lights, and the lights of the houses. You rise higher and can see clearly your locale spread out like a map beneath you------------higher still and you can take in the nearest city – what a beautiful sight; the blackness of the night turns the landscape into black velvet, and all the lights of the suburbs and the city, are so many diamonds shimmering upon it.

Higher still, and now you can see the coastline clearly outlined. The landmass is dark, with occasional lights in the widely spread towns, and the sea glints like steel in the moonlight; dark grey to shades of silver.

As you rise still higher, not only is the whole of your country within your sight, but also the neighbouring countries. ---They get smaller and smaller, the higher you go, and soon you can see the whole globe below you---And now you are OUT into the vast blue of the Universe.

Take time to look around you now at all the trillions of stars and galaxies---------------what a wondrous sight! Colour, vivid colour, everywhere---------You glide effortlessly through this wonderland, and you begin to feel the effect of going back through time. ---Years become decades-------- then centuries—then thousands-----Let us go back 10,000---20,000----30,000--------40,000------50,000---------now 60,000  years, to the time when you first came to planet Earth.

Feel yourself beginning to descend---------down through all the galaxies down, till you see the earth re-appear-----look at the shapes of the countries on that globe, they are different from the modern day world----the continents are larger, much larger-----and the seas are consequently smaller.

You enter the Earth’s atmosphere, feel the gravitational pull. Then you are drawn down onto the earth and find yourself in a familiar place----yes, you are home in your beloved Atlantis

Your soul has yearned for this beautiful place for so long.

Let us set out now to find the home that you had there-----as you walk through the wide streets of this beautiful place your eyes feast on the palatial mansions set in spacious gardens. The walls of the houses are made from stone with red, black, or white tones. The gardens have great expanses of lawn, beautiful flowering trees and shrubs, fruit trees of every variety. And wandering around, in perfect harmony with each other, every type of animal – even those which are considered ‘wild’ by you.

You come to the ringed canals of the city, and you walk down the main promenade that leads to the temple of Poseidon in the centre-----------------------------------What a magnificent sight the main courtyard presents; marble pavements and steps, in rich shades of grey, pink, white and blues. Walls of copper, pillars of gold and silver—everything twinkling in the warm sunlight, and contrasting strongly with the clear blue sky. (leave for 5 minutes)

You enter now the temple, and there, dominating the vast chamber, is a huge statue of Poseidon in his chariot pulled by a pod of dolphins, and all around them sea nymphs  on the crests of the waves. This wonderful statue is pure gold, it reflects in the marble floor and walls. The huge pillars supporting the ceiling –  are all made of gold, and all are carved with the sea nymphs – hundreds of them, wherever you look. The opulence in this room is awesome, here is an example of the wealth of Atlantis, this great tribute to the Sea God, Poseidon, father of the Kings of Atlantis.

And now a figure appears, clad in dark blue robes, sandals on his feet. Go towards this person – he beckons you to sit beside him, and now you talk together.-Ask  - he will tell you what your name was then----- --------------Ask him to show you what you used to do in Atlantis-------------

And lastly, ask him to tell you what your role is in this lifetime – your life purpose (leave for 5 minutes)

It is time to go now, bid your teacher goodbye-Leave the chamber--------- retrace your steps across the courtyard of the palace----down the avenue-----------across the canals---------and back to the place you first found yourself when you arrived.

Now visualise yourself ascending to the skies again----------and hovering there, looking at the globe while the centuries reverse themselves------------See how the countries change shape on the globe as this happens-----some break apart, others are added on to---------always changing-------

Now you are aware of present time .You feel yourself descending-------------- the outline of your country comes into view----------the coastline----------the lights of the city-----------your suburb------the lights of your street—then in through the roof, down through the ceiling, and finally back to your chair.  Welcome back.

Note: I have found this to be a very interesting exercise – those who have had an Atlantean soul experience get vivid recall. Those who have not, often find themselves just staying out there in space, and didn’t even hear the rest of it!





Imagine yourself at the beach---------it is a lovely warm day, the sun is shining brightly and the beach is almost deserted----------You stand there on the warm sand feeling the slight grittiness beneath your feet---the warm breeze on your body---and smelling the saltiness in the air.

Overhead the gulls are wheeling, and the sound of the waves lapping on the sand is soft and soothing------------

You walk down to the water’s edge and stand in the shallows, you feel the splash of the water against your legs as a wave pushes in----then the sinking sensation under your feet as the water ebbs back into the sea. What a soothing sound the ebb and flow of the ocean has.

You wade deeper into the water, and there is no fear in your mind – you feel at one with the water-------Deeper still, till your feet no longer touch the bottom, and you feel yourself lifted and buoyant.

Now take a deep breath and duck your head under the water, tell yourself that you can breathe easily here with no artificial aids-go on, breathe normally, have no fear of choking or drowning – you are quite safe. Now you can explore this new environment--------take your time. (about five minutes)

You are about three metres down now, all around you is clear blue water, and up above you see the sunlight slanting down from the surface, and disappearing into the shadows far beneath you.

Look around, you see schools of brilliantly coloured fish swimming around – all colours of the rainbow, all shapes and sizes. No sharks or predators here, these are safe, warm waters, and you are in no danger.

As you descend even deeper you see banks of coral, strangely shaped shells, and beds of seaweed waving in the currents, back and forth—back and forth.

Down through the deep blue waters till you come upon the entrance to a cave. You enter the opening quite unafraid, there is a soft light glowing which makes it easy to see---You swim along till you find the water becoming more shallow, then you find yourself surfacing in a cave.

Your head clears the water-your eyes take in the rock formations all around you—and then you notice there is someone sitting on a rock, beckoning you to join him. It is Neptune, just as you have always imagined him; flowing hair and beard-clear green eyes---broad torso----and his long fish tail curling into the water. He does not speak to you as such, but as your eyes meet you KNOW what he is communicating to you. I will leave you now for a while, you can either stay and talk with him – or swim on to explore these caverns (15 minutes)

It is time to leave now—you find your way back out of the cave--------out into the open sea----------you swim up to the surface and find yourself close to the beach. A short swim, then you are wading out onto the beach once again.----------Time to pack up your things and leave.





Imagine yourself in a desert-------look around you, sand – as far as the eye can see,---low scrub bushes---tall cactus plants---and only the rolling sand dunes all around.

Take note of the colours—soft beiges and browns----black shadows in the hollows of the dunes-------and the sharp contrast of the sky above. It is very late in the afternoon and the sun is going down rapidly, throwing long shadows across the desert floor. The dusk brings a light chilliness in the air, but you are warmed by a camp fire.

As you watch, sitting there by your fire, the sky darkens, and the stars begin to appear all around you. You lean back on your blanket and look up into the black velvety sky, and the stars are like diamonds – thousands of diamonds. Some twinkle brightly, changing colour as you watch, going from yellow, to blue, even to red.

Suddenly one of the stars appears to be moving-your eyes follow this brightness, and you realize that it is coming toward you, getting bigger and bigger by the minute.

As you watch you realise that this is no star – it is a spaceship! Rapidly its shape becomes obvious, it is a bright metallic saucer, with lights all around it, and a huge light on the underside.

Suddenly, it descends rapidly and lands just a few feet away from you on the sand--------the lights go out--------then a door slides open, and a light from the inside streams out.

A figure appears in the doorway, silhouetted in the light. A ladder folds down to the ground, and the figure descends. There is no fear whatsoever, and you observe this figure curiously. How tall is it?---------How does it walk as it comes toward you?------What colour is this being?

The space brother approaches and you see the face clearly, don’t be afraid – different doesn’t mean hostile Although no words are spoken, you understand that friendliness is the emotion here. Study that face, how does it compare to your own?

Communication is by telepathy, and you understand perfectly what this being is saying to you. You exchange greetings and you are invited to board the space ship and go for a ride. You accept with no thought of refusal, you are quite willing to experience this event.

You follow up the ladder—and enter the spaceship. You look around with great excitement and curiosity—What do you see?-----Look at the type of seating-----the instruments-----how big is the interior?-------How many other people are there?

You are ushered to a seat by the window as the door slides shut. As you buckle yourself in, the engines fire into life, and at the speed of light you are lifted from the desert floor, high into the sky-----------------

You look out of the window as you race through the sky----------stars and galaxies flashing by. You are completely surrounded by light and colour, all dramatically displayed on a deep midnight blue background-----------Then the Earth comes into view, and as you circle around it you recognise the various countries and oceans.

I leave you for a while to experience this wonderful journey through the heavens (leave 10 minutes)

Time to return now – you feel the descent of the ship---the Earth becomes larger and larger till it completely fills your view from the window. Then just below you is the desert once again, and your little fire with the blanket spread out beside it.

The ship lands lightly------- the door slides open------the ladder folds down to the sand. Your friendly alien says goodbye, and you thank him for the experience as you go down the steps.

As you watch, the ladder disappears up into the craft—the door slides shut------it lifts up into the night sky------and rapidly disappears. You return to your blanket.

And now it is time to return to the room.




Imagine yourself as you used to be, on your very first visit to Earth – in light form. Gone are all the shackles of the human frame, the cares and worries of your daily life, the aches and pains, the frustrations that you experience in simply living.

No – all that is gone, instead you are a vibration of light-form only; you are a pure Being-in complete oneness with God, your Creator, and this is your first visit to planet Earth to experience - first hand - the plant, animal and insect life here.

You hover by the rushing stream and decide to enter one droplet of the water as it gurgles and tumbles over the rocks, through the bulrushes, twisting and turning whichever way the stream bed takes you--------------(five minutes)

Now you leave the water and spy a butterfly, you enter the insect and become as one with this beautiful creature. Imagine yourself flitting from flower to flower---------settling on the leaves---your wings delicately poised-------------

Leaving the butterfly you now descend to the forest floor and enter a blade of grass. Experience the feeling there is-----------sense the rich denseness of your colour-------------feel the wind blowing you this way and that------------------------------------------

From the blade of grass to a flower in full bloom. Merge with the flower and experience the shape of your leaves--------the length of your stem-----the pollen laden in the centre of your scented petals.---Experience what it feels like when a bee settles upon you and drinks of your delicious nectar---------------------

Now from the flower to a tree. Imagine yourself as a giant redwood----branches outstretched to the sky--------------roots planted deeply into the ground---------Feel the huge strength you have------feel the age that you are------become aware of how many years you have flourished there, withstanding all kinds of weather and storms Always so strong------------

And now imagine yourself entering the bird that alights upon that tree branch. A tiny bird of multi-colours. You are fine boned – perfect in every detail. Imagine hopping along the branch----how light your movements are-----Now you leave the tree and lift up into the sky—freedom, complete freedom, to soar with the wind currents and glide in effortless grace.----------See the forest far below you and move without effort---------enjoy the feeling of flight----------------

Now from a bird you are transformed into a grasshopper. Different way of movement now! All those long legs to coordinate, and a tiny thin body which is all vibration----------

Finally you enter the body of a young deer, experience the grace of this beautiful animal as you graze on the leaves, all the while alert to the slightest noise, and ready to speed away at the slightest disturbance-------------------------------------------------------------------

It is time to come back to your body of light now, and you give thanks to God for the wonder of His Creations. Enjoy a little longer the freedom and happiness you experienced then, and know that you will return to that happiness and freedom again one day----------

Count out………..





I want you to create a fountain – this is a very special fountain, because instead of water, the emissions from the jets are streams of white Light.

Imagine creating the architecture of the fountain, design it in the forms that are the most pleasing to you. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you like---------------------------

Now that you have your fountain I want you to wade into the water and under the jets---now stand there and ask for a special quality that you need from the White Light that cascades down all over and around you. It might be healing –or happiness----some spiritual awareness---or forgiveness to someone you have found difficult to send this emotion to. Whatever quality you feel is lacking in your life--------------------

Now I leave you to absorb this quality from your fountain, really enjoy it---let it permeate your heart and soul-------let your entire body benefit from this special shower (Leave 15 minutes)

Now it is time to come out of the fountain------- Feel how refreshed and renewed you are, how your body and mind feels renewed and revived.

Pat yourself dry and know that these qualities will stay with you now, and you will never lose them.




Imagine yourself sitting in a chair. It is a big, comfortable chair, and one that is familiar from your childhood-----visualise the colour of the chair-----------feel yourself becoming small again, and experience the size and comfort of that chair----------who did it belong to?------------

Now, sit cosily back in your chair and look around at the room that it sits in--------------bring back to mind an occasion from your youth when you sat in that chair---------------

Now I want you to get up from the chair and walk into the bedroom where you used to sleep.--------Look around the room----notice the colours of the walls----the furnishings------and any pictures-------Now walk to the window-----look out at the view--------Remember times that  have you stood there and seen that same view in all the different weathers and seasons-------------

Do you remember a time when you were sick and had to stay in that bed for a few days?---------------or perhaps a time when you were naughty and sent to your room?----------------

Finally remember a time when you were really happy and comfortable in that room-----------------------------------------------This was your special place, a place where all emotions were experienced, good and bad, but this was your own space.

Everyone needs their own space and place in which to experience the many emotions that life brings to us. Now mentally clear your room of any sad or discordant memories that you have lingering there--------------------------------open the windows and let them out.-------completely clear the room of any negative thoughts, simply let them go…………….

Now your room is a perfect haven of happy memories and nice feelings. It’s time to leave, but you can return here whenever you feel the need for this peaceful seclusion.

Return to the big armchair-------settle down---relax completely (5 minutes)

Now at the count of five I’d like you to return to this room and open your eyes, completely relaxed and refreshed.





Imagine yourself in a garden. A beautiful, well cared for garden, with shady trees overlooking winding pathways---big stretches of rich green lawn---a small pond and fountain to add the delightful water sounds to this lovely place---------and a beautiful rose arbour.

As you approach the roses you smell their wonderful perfume----------the colours of the flowers are many and varied-----you step forward and gently cup a perfect bloom between your hands---------you feel the velvety softness of the petals----------you look deep into the heart of the flower, and there in the centre, lies a perfect droplet of water, crystal clear.

Concentrate on this droplet, this perfect teardrop----------feel yourself being drawn towards it---------look closely------this tiny crystal-like droplet has a message for you-I leave you for a while to discover what this message is--------(5 minutes)

Contemplate and appreciate the perfection of the rose, its beauty is appreciated by all.

Now turn your attention to the soil----rich and dark, damp and cool. Take up a handful, let it run through your fingers------feel the texture of this element, without which we could not experience this lovely garden.

Turn your attention now to one single leaf-------really study the shape of it---the texture---look closely at the tiny veins in perfect symmetry-it is a miniature work of art.

Now find a shady spot, sit down, and listen – truly listen, to the sounds of nature. They are always around you, but so few stop and listen. I leave you now to enjoy this peaceful time. (10 minutes)

It is time to return now, and on the count of 5 open your eyes:

1. Bring back with you the appreciation of all living things.

2. Bring back with you the appreciation of perfection in all God’s Creations.

3. Bring back with you the appreciation of the peace you felt, and leave it always in your                 


4. Bring back with you the appreciation of the perfect harmony of nature’s sounds.

5. Open your eyes, and feel completely refreshed and renewed.




Imagine yourself to be in an art gallery. The floors are tiled in marble-----, the ceilings are high—huge skylights let in lots of light.

There is no-one else in the gallery except yourself, and you are free to wander and study each picture. The first one features a child, happy and glowing, sitting by the mother and gazing up into her face while she looks lovingly back. The child is about four years of age. Now put YOURSELF in that picture, can you remember that same love between your mother and yourself?--------------------------------------

Now find yourself moving to the next picture. This one shows a child and father – fishing on the beach. The sea is calm, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, and there are just a few people around. You can see by the way they are sitting that they are very close. Now put yourself in that picture and see yourself enjoying a time like that with your father sometime in your childhood----------------------------------------

Now we come to the next picture, and here we have a young man with his first girlfriend. They are pictured walking along hand in hand down a city street, all is hustle and bustle around them, but they only have eyes for each other. Again put yourself in this picture, and recapture that feeling of warmth and love, when everything that the other person did filled you with joy, and there were no feelings of criticism and annoyance.------------------

The next picture is an abstract. I want you to stand in front of this picture and really study what you see. The colours are murky and dark – dull greys and reds, black and green – the colours streaking together with no special design, but the painting will represent something to you. What event in your life does it conjure up?-----------------------------------

The last painting is a colourful Christmas scene in a living-room. There are decorations hanging from the ceiling, a tree in the corner covered in ornaments and tinsel, with lots of presents underneath the branches. Two adults are putting the finishing touches to this scene on Christmas Eve, ready for the children in the morning. Now put yourself into that picture as one of the adults, and bring to mind a Christmas where this same thing happened to you----------------------------------

Each of these events have been significant for you in your life, for various reasons. The emotions they provoke are stored within you, and it is time to clear any negative ones that you are harbouring------------------

Move along now to a blank canvas. The paints and brushes are there, and I would like you to put upon the canvas something that brings up a painful memory – paint the person who caused that pain for you-------------------------------------------------

When the picture is complete stand back and study the person – every little detail, then choose to paint over the picture with a clear, bright pink. Although this person caused you pain, I want you , with each stroke of the brush, as you cover every inch of that canvas with pink paint, to mentally say, “I forgive you, I let go, I forgive you, I let go.”-------------

Pink is the colour of love and forgiveness, and love is far stronger than pain and fear.

Now you see a plain pink canvas in front of you – all negative emotions have been eradicated.

Now it is time to leave your art gallery – so when you are ready return to the room.





Last word of advice – SET THE SCENE for meditation; soft light –a candle is ideal. Not too many, as they can give off strong light,. And make sure there are no draughts, a flickering, strobe-type effect is not peaceful. Personally, I prefer just the small light from the hi-fi; the darker the ‘screen’, the easier it is to ‘see’. Comfortable chairs, or soft cushions for the floor. Comfortable temperature. Really get INTO the scenes as you describe them to your group, pace yourself to the background music, and make sure it is the RIGHT piece; no good having sea sounds when you are supposed to be out in space in a spacecraft!!

The very first meditation night that I took Jim to was a disaster – the neon overhead light was left on, an old air conditioner clanked noisily away in the corner. All the leader did was turn on the cassette – then a twangy American voice told you that you were walking through a forest – finding a temple – getting initiated – coming back. When it was finished she (hopefully) asked if there was anything anyone would like to share…………No response. And I’m not surprised!!! It was one of those how-NOT-to-do-it-nights, tee-hee.


So get into the spirit – and ENJOY.