Book of Job
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This story has always been held up as an example that if you always hold to your belief in God – regardless of what happens to you in life – that God will eventually replace all that you have lost, plus lots more, as a reward for your faith.

I read the story of Job with new eyes once I had the understanding that the Lord God is the god of this dimension of Earth, and that Satan is symbolic of our negative feelings. The Lord was the instigator of all the things that happened to Job – through Satan: Job’s negative feelings.

Job had great faith in God, but he also set a lot of store by his big productive family, wealth and assets – and admitted to a perpetual fear of losing them all, even at the height of his prosperity. This story beautifully tells us that through his fear all was realized, and it was nothing to do with God’s Will.

At the first losses of his family, wealth and possessions Job still stood fast in his belief in God’s Will, but Satan pointed out to the Lord that if Job himself was afflicted he would soon curse God – which was precisely what happened.

The friends that came to tell him the Truths about God Job assumed were accusing him wrongly, and he very much extolled his own righteousness and insisted that his ways were right. He saw God as only helping the sinners and harming the righteous – not realizing that he was focusing on the WRONG GOD!

Finally he succumbs to the LORD God – “I know that thou canst do every thing, and that no thought can be withholden from thee-----I abhor myself and repent in dust and ashes.” The Lord then rebukes those who spoke for GOD and makes them give up seven bullocks and rams, “for not having spoken of me the thing which is right, like my servant Job”.

The Lord accepted Job and gave him twice as much as he had before and seven more sons and three more daughters – ‘to replace those that were lost’ – BUT HOW CAN YOU EVER REPLACE FAMILY THAT ARE LOST? Impossible! Therefore, once again, Job was happy with wealth and possessions, having no knowledge of the TRUE GOD.

  One up to the Lord!

So what exactly is the role of the Dimensional God? It would seem to be a negative one for he always seems to be associated with troubles and woes. It is his role to work with the negative feelings that we send out from our hearts – just as it is the role of the Omniscient God to work with the positive feelings that we send out. Very often our head overrules the heart, and it is vital in our spiritual development to become very aware of our heart feelings; for they leave us and go out into the Universe attracting like circumstance to us.

I was once given a graphic dream, the interpretation of which gave me a very clear perception of the role of the Dimensional God:

Jim and I were looking after our grandsons, Daniel and Thomas. We were in a remote desert place, the boys had gone off with some pals and had been out for quite some time so

we decided to go and look for them. But where? There were quite a few people around – and everyone was heading in the same direction, so we went that way too.

We were headed for a mountain that loomed up from the desert floor, as we got closer we could see that there were steps leading into it, and many people were entering. Then we realised that almost at the top of the mountain there was an opening where a man sat – we got the impression that he was an operator and that this was some sort of ‘attraction’. A long waterfall cascaded down the side of the mountain and it appeared that you could come back down that way – fast, but scary – or return via the steps.

Suddenly we saw Daniel with a friend; he looked blonde and pure, spotlessly clean in a simple casual outfit. His innocence was striking. He was happy and animated, telling us what fun it was.

Had he seen Tom? No. I looked at all the people entering this place and wondered if this tiny boy was frightened and lost. A friend of ours appeared, we explained the situation and he offered to go into the mountain to look for Tom while we kept an eye on the waterfall. Tom was eventually found.

Even in the dream I think I realised the Spiritual symbolism of this place.

When you attain the purity and innocence of the child on your Journey, yes, it is fun and joyous – but up to that point it is a trek through arid land: lost without direction, always seeking. However, all paths lead to the same source; you were given the overview and saw that no matter which direction the people came from, all were headed to the mountain.

All must scale that mountain in their quest. Once within its confines the tests begin – you must be a seeker before you can even enter in. Within its dark confines are many twists and turns, dead ends, sheer drops; a frightening place when you do not understand its purpose.

Training in that mountain leads to strength and purity, especially when you have the courage to tackle the waterfall. Water – the purifier, the cleanser of all things, the healer.

Yes, the operator is the Dimensional God. He bars the access to the waterfall until he knows that you are strong enough to use it. He tests each one that makes it to his position – high up in the scheme of things – and if there are weaknesses that are still to be corrected he directs you back into the mountain to other testing trails. He seems a hard taskmaster but he plays a loving role, for he knows the purity that is emerging by the use of his skilled hands. He also knows that each one that eventually leaves via the waterfall goes back into the desert to spread the joy and love; they become his ambassadors, spreading the word, explaining his role – a role of Pure Love.

No matter how small and weak, no matter how long it takes; all who enter the portals come out shining and strong.

The role of the Omniscient God and the Dimensional God is to show us that WE are the ones who create good and evil in this world. HERE is where the two opposing forces are – according to man’s feelings - and our lives unfold accordingly, lovingly assisted by Spirit for our highest good.