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I was intrigued in a conversation about homosexuality about the quote from the Bible that it was ‘an abomination’. So I looked it up and found the quote in Leviticus 18:22. Actually, it was the Lord God who quoted that, not God.

I was led to read Genesis a few years ago – not an easy book! But I kept at it, making notes as I went along. The first two chapters seem to contradict each other in that in Chapter 1 God created man in His Image and blessed him, and told him to go forth and multiply, replenish the earth and subdue it, and to have dominion over everything.

In Chapter 2 the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul. Obviously God and Lord God are two different beings, and the term ‘Lord’ implies that he is a lesser God than the Omnipotent God!

When I finally understood that, it then gave new meaning to all the stories in Genesis – for Adam and Eve was all about the Lord God. However, Noah is spoken to by BOTH beings; often commanded by God to do one thing, and then being commanded by the Lord God to do it differently!

With that in mind as you read the Bible stories, the Lord God emerges as the angry, wrathful, vengeful God whereas God is all-loving and non-judgemental. You start to recognise that although the Lord God does quote many truths, there is also a lot of deceptive stuff in there that seems to be going along with, and encouraging, our human, negative traits!

When you read the whole of Leviticus, thankfully there are a lot of things that man has stepped away from: the practice of sacrificing animals to atone for OUR sins. The concept that the human body is a shameful thing, and that women are unclean when they have their menstruation – and again there has to be sacrifice each month to atone for that! Whatever for? God created woman that way, it is an essential part of procreation, certainly not to be regarded as filthy and sinful. Yet, out of all the parts of that book that Christians no longer practice because it is not acceptable in our modern day and age, the ‘abomination of homosexuality’ still holds strong! Man may not understand or condone homosexuality and lesbianism – but neither must we JUDGE. Each case is individual, and so all cannot be tarred with the same brush. Just as in heterosexual relationships – look at some of the weird, awful stuff that goes on there by poor perverted souls under the banner of ‘normal’!

I LOVE the Bible, it is a book designed to make us THINK – I feel it is our map book for our journey on Earth – when you discover the secrets for YOURSELF; not relying on other’s interpretations.

Not long after I wrote this original piece I found the following in ‘Here I Stand’ - Bishop John Shelby Spong’s autobiography. Here is a man who has very much campaigned for the rights of black people, women, and homosexual and lesbian people being accepted by the Church. The following extract gives more clarity on the subject:

From the very beginning, all issues paled before the debate on sexual matters. The primary definition of homosexuality in the church’s past, which called it a mental sickness, a moral depravity, and the chosen behaviour of deviant and evil people, was being challenged by new knowledge emerging from the world of medical and scientific research, especially in what came to be called the brain sciences, as well as reproductive studies and the field of biochemistry. The idea that one’s sexual orientation was a moral choice had come to be seriously questioned. Studies began to reveal that the number of homosexual people in the human population was consistent and steady in all times and in all cultures, making it look like a natural statistical norm. Where cultural acceptance was present, homosexuality emerged from the shadows and expressed itself quite creatively. Where cultural opposition and persecution were heavy, homosexuality tended to be repressed, denied, and deeply closeted. I never will forget an African bishop who said to me, "We don’t have homosexuals in Africa." But the fact remains that homosexuality is as real and present in Africa as it is anywhere else in the world, as both my mail and a recent study published by St. Martin’s Press in 1998 have surely documented. Scientists also had become indisputably aware that homosexuality was not limited to human beings, but was present in the natural order among mammals and perhaps even among some reptiles. Thus, the argument of the conservatives that homosexuality was ‘unnatural behaviour’ was compromised significantly.

Driven by public awareness of these academic conclusions in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s, an increasing number of people, certainly including me, began to recognize that the prevailing stance of condemnation and moral judgement that marked the church’s attitude toward gay and lesbian people was inappropriate. It was based on a false premise.

In the public mind, homosexuality was still identified primarily with the male population, and, strangely enough, it tended to be associated with promiscuity and child molesting. That was, of course, nothing more than the conclusion of a prejudiced irrationality, but it coloured attitudes nonetheless. Statistical studies made it obvious that children were far more at risk of being sexually violated by heterosexual adults than by homosexual adults, and promiscuity certainly marked the heterosexual world, as prostitution, called the oldest known profession, certainly made clear. But prejudices feed on fear and ignorance and the mystery and minority status surrounding homosexuality lent themselves to the manipulation of fear and ignorance.

In order to clarify and test my message, I began to preach on these subjects in my confirmation visitations around the diocese. I used the book of Jonah as my biblical text, developing a sermon to expose the prejudice of homophobia. The theme of Jonah was that God’s love always breaks open the boundaries we place both on our own love and our understanding of God’s love. This text enabled me to tell the Jonah story, in which most people took delight, and to look at the various boundaries the church had overcome in the past: our prejudice against Gentiles, women, people of colour, divorced people, left-handed people, and mentally ill people, to name just a few. Then I focused on the one prejudice still considered socially acceptable, namely, the prejudice against homosexual people. Examining it, I made simple points: No one chooses their sexual orientation; gay and lesbian people are not strangers from a distant planet, but our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters, our aunts and uncles, our friends and neighbours. Finally I concluded by guessing the size of the congregation and then saying that if 10 per cent of the population is homosexual (a number widely discussed at that time), the statistical probability was that the number of gay and lesbian people in the congregation that morning was … (and I would state the number). "Look around," I exhorted the congregation, "and see if there is anyone you see whom you fear or hate or want to reject." The response was usually thoughtful and positive. A pattern also began that would be repeated every time I used these themes; namely, that at the front door of the church, as people departed, several worshipers would whisper to me that they were included in the number of homosexual people present in my statistical analysis.

In early June 1987, when I was already deep into the first draft of this manuscript, I preached that sermon at St. Elizabeth’s Church in Ridgewood, New Jersey, an affluent and traditionally conservative congregation. At the coffee hour one gentleman was more than eager to get through the crowd to speak to me. Normally that kind of eagerness is an expression of hostility, and so I braced myself for his onslaught. To my amazement, however, this man was incredibly positive. "I have waited for years to hear someone in the ecclesiastical hierarchy say what you have said this morning. I agree with you and I can help you document your conclusions."

"Who are you?" I inquired, a bit taken aback.

"My name is Robert Lahita," he responded. "I am a research doctor at the Cornell Medical Centre in New York City."

Bob Lahita was more than that. He not only had his M.D. degree, but a Ph. D. in microbiology as well. He was also the closest thing to a Renaissance man that I have met. Not only was he brilliant in his field, but he had a wide-ranging array of interests, from sports to music to food to good wines to directing the rescue squad’s activities in his spare time in one of New Jersey’s poorest counties. He was in demand as a medical lecturer all over the world. He was and is America’s leading expert on the disease lupus erythematosus, a disorder of the immune system that appears to afflict women more frequently than men. His research on this disease had brought him into a new frontier of learning called the science of the brain, in which studies seek to understand why some diseases appear to be sex-related. Probing that biological boundary in the brain between male and female and seeking to understand sex-related difference was the topic that was at that moment consuming his time and energy.

Raised a Roman Catholic, Bob Lahita had actually served for a period of time as a member of the development board for the archdiocese of New York, where he had come to know John Cardinal O’Conner, the Roman Catholic leader in New York City. In this capacity he found himself constantly disillusioned by the fact that most Roman Catholic ethical teaching was based on badly outdated scientific conclusions. Eventually, that disillusionment led him to resign from that position and move to Ridgewood with his wife and two sons, where he began to attend the nearby Episcopal church. That is how he happened to be there that morning, and that was the context in which his enthusiastic words were framed. We chatted as long as possible without being rude to others at the reception. I told him about the book I was writing and he offered to help in any way he could.

The following week I went to his home in Upper Ridgewood at 7.30 p.m. and did not leave until midnight. We chatted easily and reached a level of trusting friendship quickly. His wife, Terry, was present and helpfully engaged the conversation. Bob gave me his perspective on the origins of sexual orientation. It was above all else the brain, he said, that determined the object of one’s affection. All human beings have one sex organ, he suggested – the brain. All else is equipment. A process known as the ‘sexing of the brain,’ he argued, took place in utero and was connected to the level of testosterone, the male hormone, present in the pregnant female. The hypothalamus played a role that had not yet been fully determined. Above all, he indicated, none of the doctors at the Cornell Medical Centre believed that sexual orientation was a choice or was changeable once set. They were even experimenting with laboratory animals and could produce homosexual behaviour in white mice, which would demonstrate that homosexuality is of the natural order and not a human distortion. It is of one’s being, not of one’s choosing, was his confident conclusion. If these two things could be established beyond reasonable doubt, then all of the traditional negative attitudes of the church toward homosexual people would need to be reconsidered because they would clearly have to be seen as wrong.








(Received after a visit to see Lord of the Rings).

The thoughts swirl around you as you try to extract the message – those thoughts are pure energy, created by Me – therefore they are benign; man’s emotions create the extremes of positive and negative and turn them into ‘good and evil’. When you had watched The Lord of the Rings you knew without a doubt that all of that ugliness and violence was not of God but of MAN.

This Earth is the place of MANIFESTATION where Spirits can learn and experience the extremes of human emotions in order to attain BALANCE.

POWER is always to the fore of man’s attainment but when greed, vanity or revenge is the motivating factor that power will be destructive, and man has discovered this countless times down through the ages. LOVE is the ONLY power, and TRUE love can overcome EVERYTHING – that is what you all work toward.

Rather than labelled ‘good’ and ‘evil’ forces know that there are indeed OPPOSING forces and when FEAR is focused on the negative all kinds of ghouls are created by man; just as when LOVE focuses on the positive force beautiful things also come forth. Rather than FEED the negative it is your task to overcome what you have created with your unaware man-thoughts, and in this way more and more energy, neutral energy, is made.

The Christians so fear the Harry Potter concept – for it heralds a stepping out of the herd when the will to choose is exercised; only the THINKERS can recognize that fear and judgement are not the true Christ-like nature. ------------- is demonstrating this clearly now and your heart sings in gratitude. Not from YOUR influence did he discover it but from his OWN experiences, and that is as it should be. When you realize that most Christians focus constantly and with fear on the devil and demons – well, yesterday you SAW what that creates – REPLICAS of their belief systems

EVERYTHING that comes from fear grows and takes form. Can you imagine the world astral field containing the result of world-thought? But that is what this shift is all about; the balancing and neutralizing of the field, thus creating new, clean energy, that is the purpose of these world shifts – of which there have been many. A ‘service and lube’ as you would say: cleaning the clogged filters of all accumulated grime. That is the purpose of the world web – acting just like the dream catcher to filter out the negative, thus averting the actual APPEARANCE of these man-created thoughtforms. All is held in the invisible to keep your beautiful schoolroom relatively still beautiful. This cleansing is well due however, for now parts of the world are becoming PHYSICAL replicas of the invisible – that is in order to show man the RESULTS of his actions if he continues to ride roughshod through his Earth quest.

So too shall be seen the consciously created Edens as examples and way- showers.






Psalm 23


The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

It was only when I really LISTENED to these words at a friend’s funeral that I understood that the ‘valley of the shadow of death’ is not a place we experience when we pass over, but that this Earth experience is the valley of the shadow of death! HERE is where we have to find the ‘still waters’ – peace of mind and a calm heart.

The 23rd Psalm does indeed describe your journey through the fifth dimension of Earth, with all its seeming adversities, yet which are so REAL when you vibrate at the same level. A challenge indeed for the Initiate on the Path in a beautiful, yet hostile, environment, surrounded by violence, negativity of all kinds – a world where SURVIVAL is the key word – for man and beast alike.

A true world of polarities, for who would think that violence could be overcome by non-violence; where you are taught that God is distant and unattainable – when all the time I am closest to you and just waiting for your acknowledgement; where hate can be overcome by Love. Even in Nature, where the most beautiful can be the most deadly. Yet through such contradictions you have forged a Path and found a Way to Peace and Joy and Love.

RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE is where I Am, that is why so few see Me!

Continue on in Security and Love. We are One.





The Twelve Lessons in the Garden of Eden


Garden of Eden reads the signpost that guides you along the winding path to the first lesson. The water reservoir reflects an image of you, the human body. This is your body -but it is not you!

Around the edge of the water you walk until you come full circle at lesson two. Seven ducks swimming along quacking. The real you is Spirit inhabiting the physical body. There are seven-year cycles in which the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies mature.

Right above and all around you a beautiful rainbow which illuminates lesson three. A sky-show of colour from red, orange, yellow through green, blue, magenta and violet are your first seven energy centres. But we learn that is only the beginning of a twelve positive and ten negative chakra system – lots of work to do!

Down the raindrops fall, each with a special message in lesson four. The clouds are the soul and the raindrops are the spirits, while the winds are our spirit guides and teachers blowing the leaves off the path.

Everywhere in the sky the sun shines through and gives light to lesson five. Awareness that we are part of the universal energy, or God, living in the present moment - not yesterday’s sunset or tomorrow’s sunrise.

Never ending journey through the trees; pushing the branches aside there are little birds in their nests singing songs of lesson six. We are all a part of the universal mind or Love, and we can choose to sing a positive melody or a negative tune.

Over the bridge toward the front door of the home opens up to lesson seven. There are challenges and problems walking up the stairs of life; give it up to God and the right answers will come at the right time and in the right place every step of the way.

Flowers carpet the ground, and as you stop to smell one this brings you to lesson eight. The bees buzzing the message to forgive, accept, and let go of yourself and others. Picking the petals off the forget-me-not we whisper forgive-me-yes.

Everything around you, all the pebbles and rocks of the earth, ground you to a halt for lesson nine. The earth has many chakra centres, as do we. In this, as in everything, there is truth that can be found through meditation or just being.

Down the path further along there are a myriad of garden gnomes and fairies and as you sit on a warm rock a fairy comes out to tell of lesson ten. For you see negative feelings are like honey, as they trickle down the physical body in disease. Positive feelings are like pollen - when blown away in forgiveness healing will take place.

Every path has led you here to the crossroads of lesson eleven. Perfecting the human body through the etheric, emotional, and mental bodies. Finally the invisible Christ; Causal; and I AM bodies can enter in, allowing the God energy to fill the body.

Now still sitting upon the rock you notice just beside you a bush and pick a leaf off. Turning it over you notice there are twelve points on this prickly thistle that point to lesson twelve. There is an energy shift that will positively affect us all, bringing each individual and the universe into One. Take this leaf out of the book from The Garden of Eden.

Crystal Scott.

(Crystal is one of our class members and completed the above at the end of Level One)









Why are we here?

To give out love and gather energy.

But what’s the point of that?

So that we increase the God-Force.

But what’s the point of that?

So that it will never run out.

But what’s the point of that?

To keep on expanding God’s Being.

                                But what’s the point of that?----------------------

It is so difficult for the complex human mind to just BE. There must always be a reason, there must always be a goal. I am your reason, I am your goal – and all the experiences of your life are designed to take you to the place where your seeking mind can finally totally accept that.

When you stop questioning – the answers come – unbidden.

When you stop judging, hating, envying – love comes – unbidden.

When you stop striving for personal goals – life REALLY begins and abundance flows in – unbidden.

When you give thanks for everything, accepting ALL that happens to you – peace flows in – unbidden.

You find that all that you sought from without yourself was within yourself all the time.

When you realize that the life you thought was limited is in fact unlimited and eternal - then there is not the need to ask – ‘What’s the point of it all?" - you let the point unfold – unbidden.


Just BE.






Ben’s Writing

Eden. 4. Sept 00.

Do not think loss of contact – I speak to you in subtle ways which you are not recognising.

Keep speaking to Me, I hear you and I answer you in your daily life. Start to truly look for My answers in the shapes of the clouds; in the movement of the wind; in the contours of the landscape - in My messengers of Nature.

And I speak to you all the time through the people around you; through music; through the words of a book.

To become depressed is to sink within the self. Turn your thoughts away from the self. Focus on Me constantly. Ask for nothing, only give thanks for all that you have; you are surrounded by blessings which you must acknowledge in order to break free. Give thanks for EVERYTHING – the bad days and the good. The unhelpful ones, as well as the supportive ones: acknowledge their roles in your life as being for your highest good.

Do not worry about the medication being harmful to you, we will work in cooperation with that. Instead focus on peace of mind. To assist you in that, WALK, as often as you can, beside the water. Be aware that I heal you through the energy of water and sun, so allow yourself a short spell in the sun daily, consciously breathing in the prana.

You have experienced the visions and the voices, know that – fascinating as they were – they were merely psychic: using your energies, and depleting them. Now I want you to become aware of Me in everything, in everyone and, especially, in yourself.

With true spirituality there is only gentleness, peace and love – which all lie within you, waiting to be released.

(A message for a troubled young man who is now on his path)






Be ye as little children


We watched a Robert Redford movie, ‘The Last Castle’. It was one man’s stand against brutality, and the breaking of rules in a military prison. He lost his life in the final ‘battle’ that brought this to the attention of the authorities - but making way for easier internment for those following on behind. It was a noble stand.

As the tape was being rewound Jim flicked over to the TV programme to a scene where a little girl was saying to her father, "I just trust God."

It was about 30 minutes later till the message sunk in!

NOW you get My Message! Two hours or more of brutality; man’s will against man’s will; the survival of the fittest; plotting and strategy – no matter how many lives are lost – for the strongest man to ‘win’. He gave his life to win.

Now ‘switch channels’ and hear the child that simply says, "I just trust God".

‘Be ye as little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven’. CHILDREN do not plot and plan. CHILDREN do not worry about money, their health, their future. They simply trust – and know – that the parent provides, and even if that provision includes hard times – there are always moments of love and laughter.

Be ye as little children.

Only trust in God.

We too, give our lives for this – not to die – but to gain new Life.














As you sit at these little gatherings it is good to bring out all the thoughts you have about the world and its negativity. In the airing of these thoughts THEN LET THEM GO and do not ADD to the world negativity.

See the positive in all situations, refuse to be brought down by the thoughts and opinions of others; learn your lessons – for all situations in your lives are that. Keep your sight firmly on Me, walk fully in the Light and draw yourself KNOWINGLY away from the darkness of the world.

By surrounding yourself with the Light you will help to illumine others. Keep your spirits high, fill your life with joy and beauty. Think not of doom and gloom and superstition – that is behind you now.

Follow your HEART in all things and you will never put a foot wrong or be in a situation where you don’t want to be.











We are the ones who have been with you from the beginning of your journey. We include relatives, loved ones and soul aspects, but we speak as One because we know there is no separation.

All are gathering close at this time helping you with our energies, helping your energies to come into being. This is a long awaited event that has involved multiple levels to develop - as you know time means nothing to us now, it is the energy levels that are important. (There was a halt in the flow of energy) See how long a simple pause can seem then think of the centuries involved in this process of the Shift. – it would seem to be an eternity. We are IN eternity so therefore time is of no consequence.

Mankind is in the evolution process, the evolution of the mind. The human brain, a wonder in itself, has the potential for so much more, but it is not knowledge and logical thinking that activates the dormant part, it is the development in faith and trust of the unseen. Once these centres are activated so much more will be revealed physically.

Jesus was a way-shower. He knew of the vast span of earth years that it would take for humanity as a whole to achieve this. But in that span of years many have accomplished thus keeping the awareness to the fore, even in the darkest times of Earth’s history.

Today this Earth and its inhabitants seem to be on a downward spiral. The weather is changing, war is escalating, as is greed and materialism – that is WHY the weather is worsening, but soon that will all change. Look upon this time in your history as being the winter of man’s progress, the dark dreary days with little life being evident - but the winter is always followed by the Spring, new life awaits all.

All is in preparation.











We stress in our classes the vital need to ‘live in the now’ – not wasting energy looking back on the past with regret, not looking forward in dread as to what the future MAY bring, instead bringing all our energy into the NOW, and living life the way we were MEANT to.

In my early ‘training’ I had a Teacher called Emil who began to instruct me in the benefits of channelling my energy to completely focus on the task in hand. He pointed out just how much we scatter our energies; when we drive the car, do the cleaning, prepare food, our body goes on ‘automatic pilot’ and our thoughts are everywhere but on what we are doing – only minimum energy going to the task in hand.

One evening I was asked to ‘stay in the NOW for one hour’. This would be fun! I put the timer on and began to prepare our evening meal. I got the ingredients together for a salad, then turned on the tap to wash the vegetables. I suddenly SAW the afternoon sun shining through the water and thought, "Oh, it looks like liquid crystal!" I picked up a lettuce leaf and really studied it as I held it beneath the water – "Oh, there are VEINS on a lettuce leaf, just like ordinary leaves – I never noticed that before!". Next I cut open a tomato – "Oh, YELLOW seeds in a RED tomato!" (said the woman who had been saturated with Heinz ‘Big Red’ adverts). It was all very fascinating – like I was really SEEING my world for the first time, but soon the novelty wore off and the last half-hour felt like ETERNITY – my monkey mind wanted to be ANYWHERE but right here and now.

Emil kept me at it though and when I had finally conquered ‘one hour’ it was then extended to ‘one morning’, then ‘one day’, next it was ‘twenty-four hours’, and I found that it got easier and easier to do.

During that time we went on a six-week holiday to Britain and Emil’s advice was to ‘leave the watches at home.’ What! We had planes and trains to catch, people to see – how could we do that? His answer was, " When you wear a watch you capsule your life into time slots, and everything is governed by that little thing on your wrist." So we left our watches at home and discovered to our delight that when there was a NEED to know the time either a public clock would present itself, or we would sit next to someone with a nice big dial on their watch – we never had to ASK anyone.

We found that when we didn’t FOCUS on time our day became much more fluid, we ate when we were hungry, not just because it was 8 a.m. 1 p.m. or 6 p.m. We started our day much later than usual because of morning meditation, but then we were on the go till midnight – so we still fitted lots into it. What really started to emerge through all this was that we were hearing our prompts much more clearly now that we were staying focused in the now.

When we got back home and started back into business it was difficult for Jim for he had truck schedules to work out, meetings to attend, etc. and so he had to limit his ‘no watch’ times to the weekend. I was working from home and found that I could continue on in this mode – and what an improvement in my life! Previously I had always been famous for being late – I always had so much to do and trying to fit in ‘just one more job’ before I left (so there would be less to do when I got back). Let’s face it - apologising for being late doesn’t get you off on a good footing with people! Now when I got the prompt to move I would down tools immediately and get ready, I found I was always on time. Except for one day. I had heard the prompt, got ready, but when I switched on the ignition and glanced at the clock I found I was running ten minutes late. How had that happened? I must have ‘missed my cue’. I stepped on it all the way to Fremantle, had to park two blocks away, RAN to the building because I was REALLY late now, waited forever for the lift, and finally collapsed in a chair – and I WAITED. Eventually the person I was to see came out of his office and apologised for keeping me waiting because he was running late – that’s when I realised that They would have known that - of course! I have not worn a watch since 1991 and life runs on oiled wheels now, I no longer worry about TIME.

It goes deeper than just staying in the NOW for a few hours; in times of challenge you must bring yourself right down to living in the SECOND in order to get through this. I discovered that when our business began to fail, it got to the point where I HAD to stay in the now – for tomorrow was too scary to even contemplate. In the darkest days the only thing that saved me from breakdown was to remind myself constantly throughout the day, "AT THIS MOMENT I have a roof over my head, my family around me, food in my belly, a fire in the grate and a comfortable bed – I’M ALRIGHT." And we got through.

Now we live our lives in the now all the time – and would be unable to go back to the old way because it has so proved its worth. Life is much happier these days, there is more awareness and a great sense of peace – but you still have to guard those thoughts! We have breaks between our class sessions, but out of the four or five weeks off there are not many days that are exclusively OURS; there are no classes running – but that doesn’t mean that the work stops, it simply takes a different turn. One morning I was trying to complete a project and the phone rang constantly all morning – each call quite genuine, someone needing help. When Jim came in for lunch I had just finished advising someone of the value of staying in the now in order to help them cope with their fears, my last words were, "Don’t forget – STAY IN THE NOW, it will be alright." I turned to Jim then and said, "What a morning! Here I am telling people how to do this stay in the now – but right now I don’t LIKE my ‘own now’ very much – and I suddenly stopped. What had I just said! There I stood in our lovely home, a cheerful fire going, the delicious smells of home cooking, lovely music playing, and wrapped in my husband’s arms – and I didn’t like my now!!!!!

It was then that I realised that sometimes we have to bring it down to the millisecond in order to not lose sight of our happiness and appreciation of life – and not to waste our energies, for in hard, frustrating times we need it 100%.








I received a letter recently from someone who had just read my second book. He picked up on the statement -‘far more should we fear our own negativity over any Black Ray, Devil, Satan – call it what you may’, he agreed with the existence of negative forces, but his question was: If there is no such thing as Satan, why does Jesus refer six times in the Bible to Satan and devils?

It was a good question, and it made me ‘go and find out’.

Yes, Jesus does refer to Satan and devils – but in different form each time; as in Matt 4:10 when the role of Satan is as the tempter – so that Jesus would demonstrate to us that we ‘not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God’. Also that we must not test God, and that we should serve only God.

Matt 12:26 where the blind and dumb man was healed by Jesus casting out ‘a devil’ from him – but in doing that Jesus was then accused by the people of cohorting with Beezlebub, the Lord of the devils. Jesus turned that into the parable of a house not being divided against itself – so this scene teaches us the necessity for UNITY.

Matt16:23 Satan now takes, first, the form of Peter rebuking Jesus because Jesus had prophesised his own death and resurrection, then Jesus rebuking Satan-in-Peter for his ‘man thoughts instead of God thoughts.’ So now Satan represents DISBELIEF and LACK OF FAITH.

Luke10:18 where Jesus quotes Satan as a lesson for us to beware of VANITY in our healing abilities.

Luke 13:16 the woman who Satan had bound for 18 years – in this context Satan represents ILLNESS.

Luke 22:31 – the role of Satan with Simon is as a TESTER OF STRENGTH – a very positive role.

John13:27 Satan in Judas was the necessary tool for the Son of man to be glorified, and God to be glorified in him.

In these ways Jesus clearly shows us that Satan is not a person as such – yet the strong belief in Satan tends to personify. Rather, Satan represents all the above qualities of temptation, wrong judgement, doubt, vanity and sickness.

Yet Satan, the collective energy force, plays the POSITIVE role of strengthening us as we overcome all these negativities.

One interpretation I read about St. Luke 22 says, ‘What a discipline it is, this sifting that we receive from the hands of the enemy! How good for us! We find out whether our faith will stand attack, whether our lives will bear inspection at close quarters. We cannot be too thankful for the enemy. He makes it impossible for us to live in a fool’s paradise.’

Those words, "Simon, Simon, behold Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat" reminded me of a verse from ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran which we quote in the second level lessons:


Speak to us of Love

When love beckons to you, follow him,
Though his ways are hard and steep.
And when his wings enfold you, yield to him,
Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.
And when he speaks to you, believe in him,
Though his voice may shatter your dreams
As the north wind lays waste the garden.
For even as love crowns you, so shall he crucify you.
Even as he is for your growth, so is he for your pruning.
Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches
that quiver in the sun,
So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the
Like sheaves of corn he gathers you unto himself.
He threshes you to make you naked.

He sifts you to free you from your husks.

He grinds you to whiteness.
He kneads you until you are pliant;
And then he assigns you to his sacred fire, that you may become sacred bread for God’s sacred feast.
All these things shall love do unto you that you may know the secrets of your heart, and in that knowledge become a fragment of Life’s Heart.


I asked for clear understanding of these lines and the answer came:

This verse describes what happens when you put your life into the Hands of God to be shown your true worth while on this Earth.
The shattering of dreams is letting go of what you thought you needed to make way for your ultimate happiness, and a life with no lack and no needs.
Yes the way is steep, but what do you get as you make that steady climb? STRENGTH.
And what do you see as you attain the heights? Far more than you did when you dallied at the bottom of the mountain!
Yes Love crowns you as King or Queen of a new domain, for crucifixion heralds the end of a miserable existence.
If growth is left unchecked (as in the garden) there is no control, no shaping to a more beautiful form which is made by intention, not by accident.

Yes, Love shakes your roots from the soil, for to cling to the earth is to stand still, is to be fixed and limited. Yes, you are sheaves of corn; with care and the help of the elements corn grows rapidly and can become many things – when the husks have been removed: your doubts, fears, and negativities; when you have been ground to whiteness, and in so doing have achieved purity of mind and body.
Yes you are kneaded that you may become pliant so that it is easier to go with the flow of life and to be yielding and free.
And when all of this has taken place the temple of life unlocks its secret doors and allows My cleansing flame to pour upon you. First you filled yourselves with White Light; as the higher mysteries are understood the bodies fill with Gold.

Jesus indicates that we NEED this negativity in order to grow. As in all His teachings He shows us both sides of the coin and helps us to understand the role of the negative force named Satan – which, as he points out in Matt 16:23 is of man’s thoughts, not God’s.









In our learning, dreams are used in a very skilful manner – a lot of my work comes through in that way with the interpretation of the dream. We always look to the Omniscient God as our source of information – finding that to be a faultless channel. Here, as an example, is a very simple – but effective – way of dealing with negative circumstances in your daily life:

Our daughter had a strange dream about a rat stealing her underwear, and our cat ignoring it. The rat tried to be friends with Kerry, but she didn’t trust it:-

The things you do not like undermine your safety and protection. Understand that overcoming distasteful circumstances strengthens you every time. I send the circumstances, lack of trust displays a lack of trust in Me – always focus on ME, NOT the circumstance; in this way YOU are in charge.








Never before have I been so engrossed in the miracle of our human self – what an incredible vehicle we walk around in! Science is finding out more and more about the processes that take place within the womb for us even before we draw our first breath; those nine months are a ‘lifetime’ in themselves. In fact, we defy all odds just to GET here – so we MUST be here for a PURPOSE. Our task? To FIND that purpose by remembering our Spirit side.

We come to a planet of CHOICE in which we can exercise our human free will – we have a veritable smorgasbord to choose from! We are bombarded with FACTS, BELIEF SYSTEMS, DOGMAS. Rather than letting it become confusing, take from each set of beliefs that which feels right for you – and in this way you will build up the ‘jigsaw’ – for we ALL have a part of it. This is why it is so vital not to close your mind just because others believe in something different from you – there WILL be a Truth in it for you, you just have to find it.

It is difficult to talk of this to a ‘non-believer’, the usual response is, "Give me some proof, THEN I’ll believe." But unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way – you have to go forward in faith and trust FIRST. THEN the proofs come. That is the initial threshold that we have to cross.

So how do you respond to questions like , "How do you know there is a God?" "How do you know there is life after death. You can postulate – but no-on has ever come back to prove it." "We are born, we live, we die – what’s the point of it all?"

The following piece was brought into our groups from the GoSaints Newsletter of All Saints Anglican Parish of Gosnells. Vol 1, Issue 5. September 1997.

Once upon a time, twins were conceived. Weeks passed in the womb and the twins’ awareness grew.

"Isn’t it great that we were conceived! Isn’t it great to be alive!"

Together the twins explored their world. When they found their mother’s cord, which gave them life, they sang

"How great is our mother’s love that she shares her life with us!"

As the weeks stretched into months, they noticed how each one was changing.

"What does it mean?" asked A.

"It means that our stay in this world is drawing to an end," said B.

"But I don’t want to go," exclaimed A.

"But maybe there is life after birth," said B

"How can that be?", replied A.

"We will shed our life cord, and how is life possible without it? Besides, we have seen evidence that others were here before us, and none of them have returned to tell us that there is life after birth. No, this is the end."

So A fell into deep despair saying,

"If conception ends in birth, what is the purpose of life in the womb? It’s meaningless! Maybe there is no Mother after all!"

"But there has to be," protested B, "How else did we get here? How do we remain alive?"

"Have you ever seen the Mother?" said A, "maybe she lives only in our minds. Maybe we made her up because the idea made us feel good."

The last few days in the womb were filled with deep questioning and fear. Finally the moment of birth arrived. When the twins passed from their world, they opened their eyes and cried. For what they saw exceeded their fondest dreams.

I believe that our birth into this world is just one of a series of births on a continual Journey – one that started long before we even came here. That while we are here on this planet we will go through a series of ‘births and deaths’ until we remember our own Divinity and realise it, here on earth. That the reason we are so uncomfortable with death is because we have not realised that our birth into THIS dimension was a type of death from another dimension. And so ‘death’ from here merely takes us to life somewhere else – a continuous journey of LIFE, ever expanding.

I was helped to understand this with the following writing

It requires two opposing forces: male and female, or positive and negative energy, to create the foetus. As two opposing energies, used in balance, create a third force, then the third force is in the foetus. In this way a new life begins. That third force is the Intelligence which directs the formation of the cells from that first fertilised cell, and so the human baby forms. It has nothing to do but GROW – it is fed, it is protected, within its own little world – and yet this world is part of a larger existence (the mother). At first the activities of the cells are rapid as this perfect being forms. Once formed it too has freedom to move around, to sleep, to wake. But as the baby grows and grows the freedom of movement becomes less and less. All of this takes place in the darkness – and yet it is never COMPLETELY dark, sometimes a glimmering of light filters through – and there are SOUNDS all the while.

In the final stages of growth the baby is completely restricted in its movements, there is no more room in its environment, and so it has reached a completely passive state in readiness for the next stage of development into a new and totally different existence. When the time is right – and all of that was fixed beforehand – the larger body goes through the process of moving the smaller body. No effort is required of the baby except to endure the physical processes involved, but there is no CONSCIOUS will on the part of the baby. It simply WAITS and is MOVED, and all is provided for it.

As the baby detaches from the body of the mother it is deposited into a larger ‘body’ – the Earth. Here its task is to GROW, it is fed, it is protected. Around the person, though unseen, its own little world, still with its own umbilical cord – the energy bubble, for this is a child of the Universe, come to live in an alien environment of negative energy. Memory of that fact is erased for a while in order to fulfil the task in hand.

And so the human child grows and grows – learning and experiencing until the time comes when the adult steps forth from the sheltering family to experience FREEDOM. But IS it freedom? Where is the protection now? The adult must protect himself, and all those of his own family as yet more are created. At first it is a challenge, but it gets harder and harder – a real struggle for survival in a hostile world of materialism and competition. Where is that glimmer of Light, the muffled voices to let you know you are not alone?

At last the Universal Child starts to be recognised, the human begins to SEEK the Light, to HEAR the Voices, and takes up the task anew – the task of GROWTH. At first activity is rapid – there is much work to be done, and life takes on a sense of challenge instead of a sense of EXISTENCE. Finally the stage of maximum growth within the personal world – the energy egg – has been reached. There is no more room, it is time to leave it. Again, the stage of complete passiveness has been attained, a WAITING, a KNOWING that you of yourself can do nothing while you await the birth into the next totally different existence. Once again you are nurtured and protected, and when the right time comes you will be expelled into a larger body – with the KNOWLEDGE now of WHO you are, and how you have NEVER been alone, that you will ALWAYS be looked after.

Your task is simply to GROW.

When we link again with the Universal Energy is when we can ALLOW ourselves to be moved and nurtured by using the Universal Laws and way of thinking – which ends the HUMAN struggle. THEN we have remembered Who we are – and our PURPOSE is revealed.