Lesson 9
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In the third lesson we talked about the first eight chakra centres; how each one was activated when we lived our life a certain way, and how the process was an automatic one until the opening of the 8th chakra when you knowingly made the choice to use the energies in a negative or positive way.

Now I would like to tell you about what happens when the 9th and 10th chakras are opened. If you have chosen the Spiritual path you will be opening and activating the 9th – the Christ energy within, and the 10th – the God-energy within. These are two very powerful centres which raise your vibrations dramatically, bringing actual physical changes to every cell and atom of your body. A new awareness floods your consciousness, a heightened appreciation of all things, a new sense of beauty. An acceptance of your fellow man, and a real understanding of how and why he operates as he does.

The opening of the Christ within brings you ever closer to God, you suddenly completely recognise that this God energy is everything you look at, everyone you interact with. It becomes easier and easier to tap into and communicate with and you start to consciously use this Christ energy to help others by way of healing – and there are many ways to heal, not just by the laying on of hands: as your vibrations heighten sometimes just your presence is enough to help another - the energy emanating from you is enough to reenergize the other so that they have strength to carry on.

You become acutely aware of the energies given off in Nature for your benefit, and you gravitate towards them, for they are helping to raise your vibrations higher and higher. There are energy sites all over the world – and the Earth has energy centres too. We were given the following list of Earth chakra positions, and the planet or moon influence for these places, which I have listed for your interest:


1.   Root chakra         Russia, Siberia.                         Neptune moon Triton

2.   Sacral                   Northern India, Darjeeling area          Mercury

3.   Solar Plexus          Jarrahdale, Western Australia            Uranus

4.   Heart                    Kona, Hawaii                                    Sun

5.   Throat                   Iona, Hebrides, Scotland                  Mars

6.   Third eye               Matterhorn, Switzerland                    Neptune

7.   Crown                   Calgary, Canada                               Venus

8.   Eighth                    Gobi Desert (Shambala)                    Jupiter

9.   Ninth                      Tibet                                                Pluto

10. Tenth                      Andes, Peru (Machu Picchu)            Saturn

11. Eleventh                  Jerusalem                                         Moon

12. Twelfth                   Jerusalem                               Saturn Moon Titan


The Earth has negative chakras, as do we – but with the process of the Shift that the earth is now undergoing, these have  all been neutralised.

There are also Spiritual gateways and portals; Gateways are where Spirit can enter and materialise into this world. Then there are one-way Portals to the inner world, these are for perfected Beings of certain vibration to enable them to revive memories of past abilities. They don’t physically go through these portals, the perfected Beings project their mind through to the other side to gain knowledge, which they then bring back through the portal.  There are 7 portals as there are 7 gateways. There are symbols for each of these places, which when used gives you access to them. As there is a need for YOU to use them, so the symbol will be shown to you, either in meditation, visions, or dreams.

The 7 portals can be used to enhance certain qualities. Understand that at each of these places there is a vortex of energy. When you are of the same vibration as the vortex, so these qualities will be enhanced within you when you visit these places. Anyone who is of lower vibration would not be affected. This explains the bus loads of tourists who visit, say, Stonehenge - some will walk around, “Oh! Feel the energies.”, and others (usually ones who came as companion and who are not ‘into’ this) will walk around saying, “They’re just a bunch of stones! What are they all going on about?”

The 7 portals are Cripple Creek, Colorado; The Tetons a range of mountains in Montana; Calgary, Canada; Gallipoli, Turkey; Port Douglas, Australia; Avebury, England; The Matterhorn, Switzerland.

These various power sites and chakra centres are always ‘calling’ to us – this explains the incredible urge to TRAVEL once you are consciously walking the Spiritual Path. When you are of like vibration you will go – even though you think that is impossible, financially, at the time; THE MEANS WILL COME, and in the most amazing ways. When we discussed this in class once a young lass said that she and her boyfriend had had a real longing to travel around Australia – but he was still studying, and although she had a very good job they were on a very tight budget. “If you are MEANT to go, you will – trust.”  The very next week she came in glowing, she explained to the class; several weeks before they had gone to the movies one night and there was a competition running at the time which you entered by putting your used ticket bearing your name and phone number into the barrel. They had forgotten all about it – until a phone call during the week to tell them that they had WON! They had the choice of a four wheel drive – or $36,000; no prizes for guessing what they took – and where they are now!

Now, I learned a very enlightening truth regarding these chakra centres – which helped me to broaden my acceptance of other people’s beliefs. Two books came my way in which the authors had had very similar experiences to Jim and I. In the same years we had travelled around the globe (only WE went in the OPPOSITE direction to them). Dates were mentioned in the books, and the messages they got from Spirit at that time. I looked up my journals – WE HAD RECEIVED THE SAME MESSAGES! There were so many similar truths in their books and mine, but the one glaring difference was that they both  named the Earth’s chakra centres entirely different from each other – AND DIFFERENTLY AGAIN FROM THE ONES WE WERE GIVEN. We queried this with Spirit and the answer was that within each human body is either an Earth Being  (who belongs here), A Star Being, or a Light Being. Each of us authors represents the three different types of beings, AND SO THE EARTH CHAKRA CENTRES ARE ALL CORRECT – for whichever category you belong to. Each type of Being is drawn to their  energy centres which are the Truth for them . We all have work to do around them and for this Earth, and aware humanity virtually plays the role for Earth as do the acupuncture needles for the healing of the body. WE HAVE A JOB TO DO – FOR THE EARTH.

That knowledge then stopped me instantly disregarding other people’s works just because they did not agree entirely with MY understanding. Broaden the mind.

We all of us have great information stored within us about the Universe, Creation, Nature and Spirit. Lying there dormant, waiting to be tapped into when the body reaches the right level of vibration, and the mind starts to seek –

“Knock, and the door shall be opened unto you.”  “Seek, and ye shall find.”  THAT IS SO TRUE.

It happens gradually, the information comes through in bits and pieces, as if you are putting a giant jig-saw together, and you will receive the information that is relevant to the task that was chosen for you before you came here: we each of us come with a personal task and a world task to fulfil. There will be no clues given re your personal task – that would be cheating! But once you have achieved it – They’ll let you know! For instance; mine was unconditional love – which I had to learn through acceptance of my Dad. And Jim’s was learning to trust the Unseen -  instead of relying solely on his own abilities.

Once you have achieved the personal task you are on your World Task, which involves utilising every experience it took to achieve – in order to help others in like circumstance. So, the reformed drug addict, ex-criminal, once-beaten wife, bereaved parent, ex-cult member, healed cancer patient, you name it, who now helps others to overcome – is on their World Task. The World Task is not necessarily about being a public speaker, workshop person, public figure, writer – rather it is like Golda in Lesson Seven: “If I can change one person’s life from hatred and revenge to love and compassion, then I deserved to survive.” USE those negative experiences to benefit others, and transmute all that negative energy into LIGHT. Those personal experiences virtually  give you the ability to be able to say, “I have been there, I know how you feel, but you CAN beat it – like I did.” EXPERIENCE IS THE GREATEST TEACHER.

In meditation, always ask for the Highest and the Best to come to you, that way your guides will ultimately lead you to the Highest Source – the Omniscient God. Our guides are caring, loving spirits, but depending on which level plane they come from, they can only teach you to their level of understanding. They are not offended if you keep asking for the Highest – it is their job to take you as far along the Path as they are able.

This is why it is so important when you go for a psychic reading to take all information to the heart; only accept what feels right - you don’t know the level of that person’s guide; you don’t know what the personal experiences of the medium have been – and how that could be colouring their reading for you. The QUALITY of the message is a good indication of the level of the medium. Also be aware that sometimes the messages get mixed up, they could be for you – or for the medium – or for the next client! (See Channelled Section for further information).

Because money is exchanged for the service a lot of mediums feel that they have to pad out the message, rather than give something simple. Or they can misinterpret. If you find yourself becoming a medium, pass the message on EXACTLY as you received it; TOTAL HONESTY is required.

It is important to remember that even when you get really high Teachers, they will give you information to the level of your current understanding, then that information will broaden as YOUR understanding increases. Earl Balfour explains this beautifully in the following:


Our highest truths are but half truths.
Think not to settle down for ever in any truth..
Make use of it as a tent in which to pass a summers night.
But build no house of it, or it will be your tomb.

When you first have an inkling of its insufficiency

And begin to descry a dim counter-truth looming beyond,
Then weep not, but give thanks;
It is the Lord’s voice whispering
“Take up thy bed and walk.”


I will give you an example of this:

When I first received Spiritual contact through automatic writing, much information was given to me about the great changes taking place in the world  as the Piscean Age drew to a close. I was warned of great natural disasters that would take place – all due to mankind’s wrong thinking. I was told we would move to the hills to be safe, and that we would have to become self-sufficient there. All kinds of advice was given on what to store, and to also make allowance for lots of other people who would be living with us. There were warnings of the world, as I knew it, coming to an end, and new beginnings.

I didn’t like the sound of this at all, and was fearful for the kind of life my children would have to live in THEIR future with their families. Books ‘came to me’ to back these warnings up – other people had had the same – if not even more dire prophesies, put to them. These books spoke of tidal waves, continents disappearing, great loss of life. But then I saw DATES in some of them, AND when the book had originally been published – the predictions were well past, and they had not come true. Then I thought of the various times in my OWN lifetime where people were ridiculed for stating that ‘The world would end on Sunday.’

My heart goes out to all those people who have gone public with these predictions – and have received a lot of rubbishing when it didn’t happen. There was a case here in Australia a few years ago when a Korean church in the Eastern States announced ‘the day of Armageddon’. Their parishioners, world-wide - including children, had received the same date. Unfortunately, the media got hold of it and they were camped on the sidewalk outside the church filming the congregation who filed in – all smiles – to leave the rest of us behind! Hours later they filmed them coming out again, literally their tails between their legs, when it just didn’t happen. It was a severe test of their faith, and I wonder how many followers they lost as a result.

Now these dates MUST mean SOMETHING, otherwise why would so many have received them? I think something DOES happen at these times, BUT IN THE INVISIBLE – remember, everything starts in the invisible FIRST. These are ENERGY shifts, rather than GLOBAL shifts. And they are all part of the final picture. Instead of ridiculing, let us admire these people who have the faith and conviction to VOICE their beliefs. They are showing what happens to EVERYONE as we connect with the Invisible; there ARE untruths and half-truths in the early days – but the rest of us who are going more quietly about it only have ourselves and immediate friends to contend with when these ‘predictions’ don’t come about.

Don’t be put off  with those initial untruths – they are a test, sorting out ‘the wheat from the chaff’; are you going to be put off just because things didn’t work out the way YOU thought they would? Or are you going to keep on and get to the bottom of this?  There are a new set of rules to learn.

I decided not to be upset by these writings, keep an open mind, and see what transpired. Gradually information came to me that if I was on the Spiritual path, myself and my family would be taken care of, no matter WHERE we lived we would be in the right place, at the right time. There was no need to pack up and head for the hills! NO move should be made based on FEAR.

Then I learned that a lot of this turmoil could be avoided if mankind changed his way of thinking. I was told to project my new found energy OUT to the world to aid in its transformation, and that thousands of others are doing the same. And in the passing years I have seen the impossible happen; the removal of the East Berlin wall, the breakdown of Communism in Russia, the miracle of Africa – and although it has been a painful process for all concerned, I see great improvements in the world! IT CAN BE DONE – AND YOU DO MATTER. Then I learned of the different dimensions of this Earth of ours, and how there have been MANY SHIFTS; not of the poles of the Earth, but of man’s consciousness – and each produces a more POSITIVE world to live in. And that the climatic disasters will occur in THIS dimension of Earth for those who have earned it, while the rest raise themselves to a higher existence and awareness.

So you see the importance of an open, positive mind, and the folly of ‘settling down for ever in any truth’. EVERYTHING IS CHANGING, CONSTANTLY CHANGING, and we are always learning, constantly learning.

So keep going until your questions are addressed to, and you receive your answer from, GOD. The One who knows all, Who created all things, Who is everywhere, and Who is within US.

Now do not be in too much awe of this God, for the God that most of us think about is the one painted by the church – the wrathful, vengeful God who sits way up high, unattainable to mere man. Rather, think of your God as a vital part of yourself WITHIN. GOD IS LIFE – YOUR LIFE, when He is not there, neither can YOU be. Without Him we are NOTHING. It is our quest in life to FIND this God-within, and connect with the God Energy. IT IS EVERY MAN’S RIGHT TO DO SO, THIS IS NOT RESERVED FOR SAINTS AND MARTYRS ONLY!

I SPEAK OF THIS IN A NON-RELIGIOUS WAY – religion has distorted our connection with God. This is a private individual thing between God and you. And the energy required to let this come about is the energy of LOVE. Learn to exercise love in all its many facets and you will let God into your life.

I have been impressing you to give all your problems up to God, to let go of fear, and to use the White Light on all negativity. This White Light you use is the Christ Light – it too, is a form of love – the Highest and Purest. We have talked of the correct way to pray. Now open your mind still further to accepting this God energy as your friend, the one you can always talk to, share your secrets with, and tell your wildest dreams to. In so doing you connect again with your spiritual source, the One in whose image you were made, your TRUE Father.

I had no idea, initially, that the White Light is actually the Christ Light! I started using it because I read of it in a Dawn Hill book, and at that time very few books talked of protection. Later, when I made contact with Spirit, it was impressed on me that the using of the Light is VITAL. It is a very powerful energy for us to use – it is just that we have ‘forgotten’ it. It is not used to protect us from anything ‘out there’, it is to protect us from OURSELVES, with our multiple fears and superstitions. It stops the negativity of the human nature – which is our biggest enemy when we are trying to develop ourselves Spiritually. And it must be switched on WITHIN - in order to protect us from the WITHOUT.

There is a saying in the Bible from Jesus – “Do not cast your pearls before swine.” This refers to your new way of Spirituality – these are entirely new ideas, and the last thing you need is some negative person laughing at your efforts, or worse – ridiculing them! Initially it is best to keep these precious new thoughts to yourself. Like a new seed, let them grow in the dark - nurture them. Eventually you will get your proof, and then the biggest sceptic in the world could not sway you, for now you KNOW – THROUGH EXPERIENCE.

Unfortunately, on this path you cannot say, “Give me proof, THEN I’ll believe.” You have to believe FIRST - THEN you get the proof.

I learned of the Christ Light from two very devoted Catholics; husband and wife. They invited me into their home in order to give the wife some Reiki healing – she had had a liver transplant the previous year, which had been successful, but now the drugs that she took to stop her body rejecting the new liver were causing havoc. Her spine had compacted three inches, and this was affecting her entire body. The medical profession could not help, so in desperation she decided to try healing. Lets call them John and Jane………

Jane was a very sick lady, and I was told that she would need four sessions (which turned out to be four hours each). On the first one John asked me – “Before you begin, does this involve the occult?” I answered, “No, I believe that it comes from God.” That was acceptable, and I was allowed to proceed.

Those long weekly visits turned out to be very interesting, and the husband and I had deep discussions about all-things-Spiritual. He had trained for seven years to become a priest, but then he met Jane, and she won! He withdrew from the priesthood, but together they became missionaries and spent many years in South Africa, and London, teaching Catholic children.

He described how Buddhist monks had come to their convent school once and taught the teachers and children how to meditate – and how they saw definite improvements because of this. Here were some open-minded Catholics!

John is a sculptor, he makes the larger-than-life religious statues for churches and cathedrals, Australia-wide, and their house is like an art gallery because he keeps a three foot bronze replica of all his creations. After the first session he asked if I would like to see his work – I jumped at the chance! Out on a balcony rail was a bust of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns. When I looked at the face it was lined and worn, and he looked to be a man in his fifties. Then John took me outside to see his latest work; Christ on the Ascension from the cross. I looked up at this perfect figure – it was like looking at a real person captured in bronze, even to the lines on the palms, every sinew, vein and muscle. But as I looked at the face of Jesus it was the face of  a young  man in his mid-twenties! I asked where John got the inspiration as to what Jesus looked like, and he answered that he used his son-in-law for the body, for he felt he was of the same build, “But Jesus’ face…”, and he touched his third eye area!

That evening I got a writing to tell me that John’s soul had had an earthly experience with Jesus, and so he had the ‘memory’. No wonder he did such incredible likenesses! I wrote it out and took him a copy the following week.

He read it, but seemed agitated, and disappeared into the kitchen for a while as I carried on the healing session. When he came back he was quite upset. “Oh dear! I don’t know what to do about this, it is against our religion to believe in reincarnation. Everything within me is telling me to go straight down to the priest and confess this – but he would say, “Stop this right now.” - and I want Jane to get well.” He puffed away on his pipe with a worried look on his face. But then Jane raised her head and commented, “Oh but if you went to Father-----, he’s a charismatic priest, and they believe in the hands-on healing – it would be alright.”

My next comment was, “That’s what we non-Catholics can’t understand; you confess your sins to a man, and the man gives you the penance to do.” John’s comment here was, “These are men of God, and GOD tells them the penance we must do.” My logical reply was, “If one Father tells you that ‘healing is a sin, stop right now’, yet the other says ‘it’s alright, go ahead’… do these men have two different Gods????”

Puff-puff-puff! The smoke fairly billowed from the pipe, tee-hee.

John finally said that he would leave his confession till the end of the healing sessions.

“Yes John, you might as well get hung for a sheep as a lamb.”!

Jane responded very well to the healing, and at the final session John asked me for some healing for his hands; they were badly affected by his working with clay, water and bronze - a severe case of psoriasis. To no avail. He is the only person that I have treated who did not respond to the Reiki, and the answer I got was that his religious beliefs were so strong that he was blocking it - at a very deep level, of course.

In all those weeks he never once pushed his beliefs at me, nor I at him, only answering each others  questions. We also  respected each others views. He helped me a lot in his explanations of the Bible - we were being prompted by Spirit at that time to use the Bible more and more. At the end he told me that he had of late been doubting certain aspects of his religion, and that during the sessions I had voiced every one of them! I guess that was another reason  why I was sent there!

It was John who told me that the White Light was Lumen Christi – Christ Light, and that it was very acceptable to them for they used it in their prayers and songs all the time!

One day I was telling him how I had received the pictures for the covers of my books by telepathy – but I am no artist. I had been told that I would meet the artist, and that was when John quietly said, “I’ll do your covers for you.” - WONDERFUL! And they turned out exactly the way God wanted them – of course!

When I first went on the spiritual path; finding out about all the psychic things, moving tables, using crystals, seeing mediums, doing healing – I received dire warnings from various sources – an aunt who was in the Christadelphians, Born-Again Christians, Baptists – who all thought I was dealing with the Devil.

The discussions with John and Jane had been very interesting and GENTLE; we were just three people intelligently speaking of our experiences in our chosen fields, ALL of us were seeking. But I had a very interesting evening with four Born Again Christians, which showed me the OTHER side of the coin, and what it is like to be howled down and accused of consorting with the Devil – albeit unwittingly! Now I am not knocking these people, the couple whose house we were invited to were very nice, and with their beliefs they were concerned ‘for our souls’ – they had good intentions, and they were working to the level of their understanding.

It all began with my friend’s young son being involved in a serious accident on his moped. Lets call them Jane and John again! The first we knew of it was a desperate call from his Mum at the hospital asking for healing. John had had two operations on his leg within 24 hours, and there was still no movement of his toes - it looked like he might have to have an amputation. I asked for guidance before I went and got told not to treat the leg, but to give the Reiki to the immune system. What a sight met my eyes when I got there, John was swathed in bandages and his leg was suspended in a sling - I have never seen anyone in so much pain. However, within 30 minutes of treatment his Mum suddenly said, “Look!”, pointing to his toes sticking out of the end of the cast – they were moving! He was out of danger.

John spent several weeks in hospital. When he was discharged he was told that he would need extensive physiotherapy, that he would be off work for a year, and that he would have a permanent limp. WE were told that each time his Mum took him for physio she should then bring him to us for a Reiki follow-up. The result was that he was back at work in four months, and he can run and jog on that leg with no ill-effects – he definitely does not have a limp. It was all rather amazing.

His employers, a Born Again couple, were delighted that he recovered so quickly, and on remarking on it one day John told them that his ‘Auntie’ Jackie had given him healing, and that was what had helped. HEALING!! The next morning Jane was walking her dogs when the wife of the pair fell into step beside her and began quizzing about the healing, the groups that Jane had become involved with, and especially the meditation that she did. “My husband got involved with that and almost committed suicide, I beg you now, get away from these people while you still can.”

Jane assured her that we had been friends for 28 years, and anyway – “Jackie teaches us a protection routine, it is all quite safe.” – “Protection. What kind of protection?” And when she heard it was the White Light her horrified response was – “The Devil’s Light!”

Next evening while Jane was dishing up the tea there was a knock on the door, this time a visit from the husband, who was there for one and a half hours trying to convince Jane that she was on the wrong path. Finally Jane said, “Look, I can’t argue with you on this, I don’t understand it myself. Would you be prepared to talk to Jackie and Jim about it?” Of course, he willingly agreed and an evening was arranged for the following week. First I knew of it was a call from Jane telling me to leave Friday night free!

I tuned in to ask what we should do about this, we were advised to go along with open minds, let them have their say first, then give them our experiences. The following Thursday Jane got a call from the wife asking her if she thought we would mind if she invited another couple as well – “Because if you think they would mind, I won’t ask them.” Jane’s response was that she was sure we wouldn’t mind – “This IS going to be a friendly discussion, isn’t it?” – “Oh yes.”

Jane came with us that evening, and in all the years I have known her I have never heard her so silent! tee-hee.

There were no preliminaries, we were ushered in, asked to sit, and it was ON! First to speak were the young couple who were John’s employers, and they were very nice. In their 30’s, obviously well educated, and the wife, especially, was very quiet and calm – I got the impression that she was there as a ‘stabiliser’ for the other couple who tended to be ‘fire and brimstone’ types.

This chap had become involved with meditation, and liked it so much that he actually went to Tibet to study  with the Tibetans. That was when it all went horribly wrong, and he attempted suicide twice before he met his now wife, who took him along to her church and ‘got the demons cast out.’ He had mentioned that the group he was in included ex-drug addicts and ex-alcoholics. That was interesting, because the first thing that you experience when you go into meditation UNPROTECTED, is your own astral field – populated by your own THOUGHT FORMS. Can you imagine what thought forms troubled minds must have!

The Tibetan way of protection is to use their deep horns to activate the lower chakras, thus encouraging contact with the other side, then using the temple bells, rattles and gongs to frighten away the ‘evil spirits’ in the Astral in their journey to attaining the higher realms. Take a look at their art forms – there are some fearsome looking things! Not so scary to the Tibetans, for they are trained in this, but to green Westerners – it could be quite horrific. (I did not know any of this at the time, I might add, my job that night was mainly to EXPERIENCE these people and LEARN)

Then it was the turn of the other couple. His experience was that he became a member of the local Spiritual Church (NOW I knew why they had been invited!). During that time his marriage failed, he began ‘fighting and fornicating’ and ended up in the gutter, from which he was rescued by a church member, taken along to the church, and got HIS demons cast out. Then he told us that on the night he had got this done he woke in the early hours of the morning, sat straight up in bed, gagged – and a green demon popped out of his mouth! Then again, and another one popped out! Then a third time, “and do you know what I did?” – “No (my hand over my mouth trying to hide the smile), what did you do?” – “I bit it’s tail off! And when I did I got the taste of rubber in my mouth, and I realised that it was the same taste I had got every time I did voice channelling up on the stage –  I had been bringing the Devil  into myself each time I did. Hmmmmmmmmmmm……

Then it was my turn. At the ground level a lot of our beliefs were similar, but as soon as I began to talk  HEALING…OH NO!……TABLES………SHOCK, HORROR…..TALKING TO GOD…… - I was denying Jesus by doing THAT!  I challenged them on that one saying, “I thought it was God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost – the three in one?” – “That’s right.” –“Well then, what difference does it make if you talk to the Son, I talk to the Father, and someone else talks to the Holy Ghost – they’re all One!” But no, I was denying Jesus by  talking to God. Then he pointed out, “Do you realise that by doing what you do you are bringing a curse on the next four generations of your family? Because of my involvement with the Spiritual Church we had to take our young son to the Born Again Church and get his demons cast out too, and it took six hours.” Now, they had mentioned that their son was involved with drugs, and so I said, “Do you think that these negativities (I refused to call them demons) were due to your son’s involvement with drugs?” And at last his mother spoke,  “He didn’t TAKE drugs, he only SOLD them”, she bridled. (OH! That’s alright then??!!) And I instantly had visions of taking our 6’2” son, who doesn’t believe in ANY of this stuff, ANYWHERE against his will!

Then I pointed out that if it was the devil who spoke to us at our tables, why did Spirit insist that we use the Bible each time? – “Oh, there’s no strength in the Bible whatsoever, it’s just a book of words.” Yet, there were four lined up on the table, bristling with book marks, and whatever I said, they would pick up the books and spout forth. For a book that had no worth - they certainly used it a lot!

In fact, Spirit have told us that the Bible is literally our map book for our journey on earth. Yes, it seems a complicated book, that contradicts itself constantly, but it vibrates on three different levels,  and you will only understand the one that corresponds with your own current level of vibration. The first is the human level; anyone who is troubled and needs guidance can open it and find just the answer they need at a literal level. The next one is the Spiritual level, and when you correspond with that you will open it up this time and see the symbolic meaning – which will be just right for you at the time. The highest vibration is the Divine level – and this time you clearly see the Truth – about this life, and you wonder how you never saw it before. But you weren’t ready then.

In our early learning days we were told that only one third of the Bible was true – we were horrified; that was because of all the mistranslations and omissions to suit the powers that be, we thought. Several years later, after much EXPERIENCE, we were told that the Truth in the Bible can never be distorted by man. It is exactly the way it is supposed to be. It is up to us to develop ourselves and FIND the Truth within its pages. A very CLEVER, SPECIAL book – of GREAT value.

One question I was asked was, “If you believe in this so strongly, why aren’t you out spreading the word two by two knocking on doors?” I could not answer that one at the time, my mind instantly went to doorstep Bible thumping,  and it is not something I would like to do. I admire the faith of those who  do so – they must get some terrible flack at times. At the time we were not involved in the teaching, but it was in the car on the way home that I suddenly realised that I was going to be writing five books – THAT  was spreading the word! The difference being that the people have their free will as to whether they want to buy them or not!

There have been several complaints about this particular Born Again Church, neighbours saying that on Sunday nights they have to turn up their TVs full bore to drown out the shrieking and wailing coming from the church! I asked, “What protection do YOU use when you are casting out these demons – do you pray to God, use the Lord’s Prayer?” – “Oh no, when we pray to God, nothing happens - but when we bring down the blood of Jesus all around us, THEN the demons come out.” I’m not surprised! I am much more comfortable with a White Light than someone’s BLOOD all around me!  I know they do this because of taking the Bible LITERALLY, rather than recognising the symbolism therein.

They firmly stated that the devil was influencing everything we did, and that we were bringing harm to everyone that we were involved with. “We know you mean well, but”…..   All I had heard so far about them and their church members was about broken marriages, broken lives, drugs, alcohol – that was what had made them turn to the church. I pointed out that we had a very strong, loving marriage. We had three great kids who had never given us any trouble. That we did not charge for the healing we did. How COULD this be harming anyone? Their interesting theory  was that because we were so happy and contented with our lives that that PROVED we were with the devil – because when you’re with God, you’re MISERABLE!!

Finally, after two and a half hours of being shouted down and getting nowhere, I said to them, “Look, I can see that we can all talk till we’re blue in the face over this. There is only one way to sort it out; on the Day of Judgement, one of us is going to say – I TOLD YOU SO!” tee-hee But they would not let us go before they could pray for our souls, I replied, “By all means, we can take all the prayers you want to give us.” And off they went, speaking in tongues, Hail Mary’s, the lot. You could see that when they opened their eyes they were really disappointed not to find us rolling on the floor, frothing at the mouths!

Again I say, I am not knocking these people. Obviously, with their beliefs, they were quite concerned for our safety, and we appreciated that. But I too was concerned for theirs, especially the guy with the green demons! I asked about that when we got home, and the answer we got was that they were as real to him as we are to each other – AS YOU BELIEVE, SO IS IT WITH YOU. That’s pretty amazing stuff!

It did seem that in the beginning as I started this journey that  I turned AWAY from God. But what we have learned over the years, and what has happened to us personally, has brought us back full circle to the point where we have never believed in God so much in our whole lives as we do now. THERE ARE MANY PATHS.

Now, there are equivalent negative chakras to the 9th and 10th; the negative 9th chakra is the anti-Christ energy within ourselves – we all have it! And the negative 10th is the anti-God energy within. There are many books written about an anti-Christ who is supposed to be coming into the world in the dire times predicted. KNOW THAT THIS ANTI-CHRIST IS ONLY A NEGATIVE ENERGY WITHIN It is only activated if the occult path is chosen, and it is only activated within the person who chooses that path.  It is a self-destructive path. THERE IS NO OUTER ANTI-CHRIST, NO ONE PERSON WHO IS AN ANTI-CHRIST. In choosing the Spiritual path we CLOSE DOWN those negative chakras and they lose all influence.

We have an excellent lending library which people can avail themselves of during their course, on all topics – even a few books on black magic, witchcraft etc, for there is a natural curiosity. I believe the more that we educate ourselves, the less fear. You also find that on the ground level there are a lot of similar beliefs to the Spiritual way – it is only when you get to a certain level that ‘the path divides’, so to speak. Once a 16 year old chose a book on witchcraft at his very first session, I laughed when I saw it under his arm – “If your Mum had not done the course already, you would NOT be going home with THAT on your first night!”, tee-hee. (You could just imagine the horrified reaction of an unaware parent – “You’re not going back THERE!”). Another time a book was brought back and the chap said to me, in all seriousness, “That book says exactly the reverse to what you teach in class”,  implying that I should remove it from the shelves. But I pointed out that the books were all there – with all their different belief systems - for people to make their own conclusions from, we certainly don’t vet what they read!

In fact, it was by reading two completely opposite books that came my way, that Spirit again showed me ‘both sides of the coin’.

One was called ‘The Search for Abraxus’, written by two Australians it researched various cults and their members – the main one being Alistair Crowley and his involvement with The Golden Dawn in the 1930’s and ‘40’s. An extremely rich man, he attracted others of similar ilk into his faction, and they went very public with their sexual orgies and Satanism which they practiced in their search for power. The book describes the rituals involved - no mention of Light or God. Every one of the members ended up in poverty and ill-health – they virtually selfdestructed.

The other book was about Hildergarde of Bingen, an Abbess in 13th century Germany. She  was a very educated woman, ahead of her time. She focused on God, used the Light – and everything she touched flourished and grew. She established many monasteries and helped many people in her lifetime – and still does!










The infinite creative power of Universal Subconscious Mind lies within me. I attune myself, remove all barriers from my thought, become receptive to the purposes of God. I know that my life is great and good when I perform service with love. The right ideas are delivered to me, I accept them, and Subconscious Mind provides me with the means of bringing them into my world. I know that all things spring from Universal Mind, which is infinitely abundant. Lack and limitation are errors of thinking, and I banish them from my consciousness. There can be no lack. I need only let Universal Mind express itself through me, and my world is filled with creativeness and achievement and prosperity; my goals will be delivered to me, for they will be the goals of God, who never fails. Whatever my task I perform it with love, for I know that when I serve another I serve the purposes of a greater design. All about me I see the law of mutual exchange; therefore I give as I would receive. I know that abundance and prosperity are mental conditions; I create them on the plane of mind with complete trust and confidence that they will manifest in my life. I refuse to accept undesirable circumstance as having final reality. First cause is mental and is never found in the world about me. A mighty truth is at the centre of my consciousness, where no work is difficult, where peace always reigns, where all things are possible. I know that life is a journey which must be travelled step by step, and I am patient, enjoying the wonder of the way, with unshakeable faith in my destination. I submit my will, knowing that success will come when I fulfil the indwelling Self.