Lesson 7
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How many of you gave it all up to God last week? ALL of you I hope.

Why waste this precious time we have here on Earth carrying around a load of burdens – all self-created!

There is a way to discuss these ‘problems’ with God:

First of all, you THANK for them. Yes – THANK! Remember, with your enlightened way of thinking, these are no longer problems – they are CHALLENGES, and to overcome them is to grow.

You only have a problem if you believe you have a problem. (Rhodes Principle)

Then you give thanks for the outcome, AS IF IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. The reason for this is that as fas as Spirit and the Universe is concerned, everything is happening NOW; there is no time, as such to them.

So it’s not “Please make we well soon.” But “Thank you for my perfect health NOW.” Even though you feel far from perfect as you give that prayer up; as you give thanks for that perfect health it is granted RIGHT NOW in the Etheric.

Remember, everything starts in the invisible FIRST, in the thought realms FIRST, and then it is only a matter of time until it manifests in your life. So KEEP GIVING THANKS until it happens, AND IT WILL.

In all matters that you give up to God, TRULY give it up to Him, and MEAN IT when you say “YOUR WILL, NOT MINE.” We THINK we know what is best for us; we know what we want, but we only see a tiny part of the picture. The Universe knows which outcome will bring happiness for ALL concerned and works accordingly. We usually focus on just one solution, and in doing that we could be shutting a hundred doors! Giving it up to God and leaving it open to the Universe allows the solution to come from ANY quarter – and more rapidly.

I was loaned a little book on the power of prayer in which the author described how her 12 year old daughter became very sick with malaria. The mother prayed and prayed to God, BEGGING Him to save her daughter, but the child got worse and worse. Finally the priest was brought in because the girl wasn’t expected to last the night. The exhausted mother finally said to God, “Alright, if it’s Your Will that she is to die – then I ACCEPT.” As soon as she gave it over to God’s Will, her daughter recovered.

Later, she questioned others who had experienced similar ‘miracles’, and each time it was when they gave the problem over to God’s Will and gave up their own. AND THAT’S THE SECRET.

Having done that you sit back, wait and watch. In the case of an illness, the outcome is quite obvious. But if you are in a complicated situation that you have given thanks for being sorted out, then the workings of the Universe will be more subtle.

That little book of prayer came to me at a very opportune time. Here I was at my weekly meditation classes, instructing people in the art of positive thinking and telling them of the Spiritual way of living – at a time in my own life when everything seemed to be falling down around me.

I had worked in party plan selling for 20 years, and done very well at it, but suddenly the energy went right out of it, and I knew it was time for me to move on. What to do?

Jim had always wanted his own business, so perhaps now was the time. The first step we took was to try and buy the current business that I was working for – which ‘just happened’ to be up for sale. All endeavours in  that direction got nowhere. The very first week that Jim bought a paper and looked in the businesses for sale column, the very one ‘jumped out at him’, and without any further hitches we became the owners of a curtain manufacturers. It was a small successful family-run business that had been established for 13 years, and just big enough for us to handle without Jim giving up his career.

The first year was very trial and error. The second year we doubled the figures. In the first half of the third year we doubled them again. Then suddenly everything ground to a halt! Everyone in the trade was complaining of the slump – the vertical blind trade severely hit the curtain manufacturers, coupled with a slump in the building trade. We were told “It will pass” but meanwhile we had got to the stage where neither of us were drawing wages, and all our efforts were to pay the sewer and the various government departments!

That night as I read the book to the class, I realised that here was what I must do – and quick smart! I had tried everything humanly possible to salvage the situation, but we were going under at a hundred miles an hour. So that night, when I got home, I went into the bedroom, got down on my knees to talk to God – realised that was not good enough – so lay down face first (I was that desperate!), and spoke to God about my problems. I finally asked Him to show me what to do here – if He wanted me to succeed at this business, then show me the way – I was willing to work whatever hours it took. If I was NOT meant to be in this business, then please could He show me what He wanted me to do. Whatever the outcome, I accepted His Will.

Looking back, I realise that things started to happen virtually within days of my request, but it took me many months to realise that!

I did not keep rolls of fabric in stock, instead we had sample books for the customer to choose from, then we sent away for cut lengths to do the job - they were a little more expensive, but it meant that you got fabric without flaws. The normal procedure was that after a quote had been accepted it took ten working days for the material to come across from the Eastern States. Then going into the system, in all it was three weeks later, when the curtains were completed, that we got paid.

In two and a half years I could count on one hand the number of faulty orders received, but suddenly we began to get FAULTS GALORE! There were grease marks, tears, holes, colour runs, pattern mismatches, you name it. EVERY order that came in was the same, it was a nightmare. The worse part of it was that now the completion of the job was delayed, and the much-needed money was coming in later and later.

At first we  thought that it was sabotage; someone had heard how well we were doing, and they were out to get rid of us. Then we realised that these faulty orders were coming from every side. Eventually two firms refused to deal with us because of all the returns! And it was not just one faulty lot, but sometimes two and three for the one job! One day a third attempt came in and the rep for that particular firm ‘just happened to be there.’ He was shocked that they would send such second-rate goods, and he rang his Head office to complain on our behalf. He was told that the managing director, himself, had cut the order, and that there had been nothing wrong with it when it had left the factory – well there certainly was now! One delivery of heading tape  looked like someone had taken a razor to the complete roll – it was slashed from end to end.

Each time these faulty rolls turned up a little voice inside said, “Leave this place”, but how could we – we had a lease for another year yet.

One week every machine in the place either broke down, or blew up, and as a final insult the iron caught fire. More expense.

It had got to the stage where we were paying Sue to come in, have a cup of coffee, undo the latest rolls, find all the faults in them, roll it all back up – and go home for the rest of the day!

Our phone had virtually stopped ringing, we were limping along and shovelling all our resources into this ever-open mouth. One day Sue was gone by 10 a.m.! That was the day I lost it. I broke down completely and decided I was not going to sit by this silent phone for yet another day – I was going home too. I sobbed all the way! At one point I could hardly see where I was going, then I suddenly remembered a crystal I had bought for a friend, I reached in my bag and got hold of the crystal and held it against my heart. Gradually a calmness came over me, and the words – “What is the worst than can happen? Bankruptcy. You won’t be the first, and you certainly won’t be the last! IT’S ONLY MONEY” TRUE! It was also pointed out to me that I had PLENTY to THANK for – Jim and the kids, and our close loving family unit, even though there was a possibility that we could lose everything else.

That was a turning point, I began to follow the feelings I had had about leaving there, and started making enquiries about premises  in our home town, Rockingham. Perhaps once we left the warehouse it would work out O.K. But that lead nowhere; they wanted twice the rent for half the space, and none of the units I looked at were clean or suitable for our trade. The only thing left for us to do now was to bring it all home and work from there, which we eventually did. NOW perhaps it would all sort itself out.

WRONG! The first few orders that turned up were perfect, at last we had ‘cracked it’ – we thought! Then they got worse.

We limped along till Christmas, and the three weeks break that we were compelled to have (because everything closes down in the industry) were a welcome relief. We had two big orders for January, surely that would be the start of a much better year.

Those two orders took us until May to complete! And all the new trade ceased, despite advertising in the papers and on the local radio for a whole month to announce that ‘Star Decor was now in Rocking.’  It was like we had been made invisible! The very last order had taken WEEKS, with four faulty lots of fabric - despite it being a very expensive Wilson fabric. On reflection I realise the significance of the design: white peace lilies on a mauve  (high Spiritual colour) background! Finally we had got to the stage where we could salvage all that had come in, taking pieces from each of the lots, and we were only five metres short of being able to complete the order. The parcel arrived one Friday night after Sue had gone home. I rang her and asked her to come in extra early on the Monday morning so that we could complete the order. Meanwhile I would contact our very patient customer, and be able to assure her that she would have her curtains on Monday evening at last – three months late!

Sue came so early on the Monday that I had not even had my shower. When I came out of the bathroom Sue was sitting doing nothing! “What’s wrong?” - “Do you WANT me to make it up with all those marks on it?” And in the centre of every lily was a bright red mark the size of a thumbnail – AND I KNEW THAT ON FRIDAY NIGHT WHEN MY SON AND I HAD CHECKED THAT FABRIC, IT HAD BEEN PERFECT!

Most people have said to me that at that point they would have absolutely given up – or even thought that evil forces were at work here, but it was yet another turning point for me, for I suddenly realised that this was nothing to do with PEOPLE trying to get us out of business, this was SPIRIT. I was more intrigued than anything. How did they DO that???

I rang up the manufacturers once again to complain, they managed to locate some more of the same dye lot up in the Northern suburbs of Perth so I set off to get it, telling Sue to get the linings ready so that we WOULD have the lady’s curtains ready that night, as promised.

I carefully watched as the fabric was checked and cut, sending White Light all the while. I ‘zapped’ it all the way home in the car, by the time I carried it in to Sue it must have been GLOWING! tee-hee.  My fabric was still O.K. – but on the cutting table, 90 metres of best quality sateen lining, just riddled with holes! It looked like someone had taken a blunderbuss to it!

The lady did not get her curtains that night – in fact, it would be two more days before she did.

And that was the end of Star Décor…..

All through this ordeal I had been assured by Spirit that we would owe nothing to anyone, nor would there be a black mark on our name. We had been advised by Spirit several months before that Jim take his long service leave at the end of May. We had assumed that everything would be fine by then, instead, we used the money to pay off all that we owed, leaving us with just enough money to last us for the three months, with no special treats, and certainly no holiday! But that did not matter, we were just so thankful to be out of the nightmare, we would sell off the fixtures and fittings then walk away. No more businesses for us ever again………..we thought……….

Two days later, a phone call from a friend who did temporary office work, she was currently employed by a Government department which supplied all the furnished homes, State-wide, for police and teachers. They had four quoters for curtains, and one had just been given the sack for not completing orders on time. I was asked, “You are curtain manufacturers, aren’t you?” My inner reaction was: “Not any more!” but out of my mouth came – “Why?” She then explained the situation, and suggested that I should apply; it was not big profits, but it was steady business, and Government cheques were instant cash. We tuned in to ask, the answer we received was that it had come on to our path, go for the interview. I did, and we got it! We were now going back into business, and we were to rename it Trinity  Curtains.

I rang Sue with the good news to tell her that she had her job back, but she had already found other employment – in two days! In an industrial slump!

What to do now? All these orders were flowing in, and we had no one to make them up. I got the message to advertise for a part-time sewer. On the very first phone call I got told, “This is the one”. So every enquiry after that I told them the job was taken.

And so Shirley came for her interview, and much to her surprise and delight, she was hired on the spot and told to start on Monday. We heard her version of it later: she had three children, her partner also had three children, and now they were planning to get married and Shirley wanted the whole white wedding bit – all the children being bridesmaids or page boys. But that cost money, and her partner was of the old school that no woman of his was going to go out to work – her place was at home with the family. On the way to the interview he was telling her that she definitely would not get the job.

We made sure that our hours fitted in with school hours, future Mum-in-law was going to look after the kids. The work flowed in, Shirley turned out to be very efficient. Soon she had to go on to full time, then we had to employ another lady to help her! They were so efficient that I now could leave them to it, I no longer had to go out to do quotes, Jim no longer had to fit tracks, and this left us more time to do Reiki healing, and for me to write my second book – THIS was what God was leading us to!

We worked happily together for about 15 months, then one night in our learning group, I received the message that Shirley was going to buy the business, and that her father would be the means. The very next day in walked Shirley with a long face, and she whispered to me that she would like a word once Jim had gone to work. Oh-oh! It turned out that there had been a huge row the night before, mum-in-law was tired of this full-time task that had been thrust upon her, and now they wanted Shirley to pack the job in, (What! After what we had just been told?) Her request now was could she get all the plant moved up to her house so that she could work from home? No way did she want to pack in the job. I told her I would have to talk it over with Jim, went into the bedroom to make the call – “Guess what!” Then came calmly out – “Yes, that will be quite alright.” (tee-hee)

It was to be our daughter’s 21st party on the Saturday night, I had wondered how we could possibly cater for over 50 people with the mess that the house was in – there had been machines and samples in our family room for over a year now, with all the furniture out of place throughout the rest of the house – chaos! But still Kerry persisted. When we gave permission for the plant to be moved, Shirley and family came on the Saturday morning, took it all away, and by the start of the party our house was completely back to normal, and no-one would have guessed that we had been operating a business from there! This was the fist step – I KNEW it.

A few months later I was driving in the car and the message came to me to ring Shirley and tell her that we would be putting the business up for sale – end of message. I did so, there was a stunned silence, and then, “I guess I will be out of a job then.” – “Oh no, I’m sure that whoever buys the business will keep you on, don’t worry about it.”

I fully expected that we would soon receive a call that Shirley wanted to buy the business. But no. The following week another message, this time to tell Shirley the price we were asking, and that we were giving her first option to buy, also that all orders we received from now on were Shirley’s – not ours, and I was not to touch them. I passed the first part of the message on. Again there was no response. I had to call in the following weekend to pick up some samples, and it was then that Shirley told me how she had been trying to persuade her partner to buy. She had always wanted her own business, and this was such a reasonable price, but he just would not budge – it would mean getting a second mortgage on their house, and he was not prepared to take the risk. It was then that I told her about my messages, and about all the orders that were rolling in, which I was not to touch!  Her response was, “Well it will have to be a bloody miracle Jac.” ‘By coincidence’ her father was there for a few days holiday, I asked if he could help, the answer came, “Oh no, Dad’s only a pensioner, he hasn’t got any money.” (?)

The following Tuesday Shirley rang at about 9 p.m. – “I’m pacing around this house like a caged lion.” – “What’s wrong?” And then she explained that her father had returned home that afternoon to find a letter waiting for him from a solicitor, concerning a car crash that he had been involved in eight years previously – and advising him that there was now a pay-out! NOW DAD WAS INTERESTED.

The outcome was that Dad supplied the money for the business, and Jim and I were free at last to follow the Spiritual path that God had laid out before us. Although it seemed to take forever between the messages, the whole procedure took just 17 days from the first message. And the timing was PERFECT. Had I not been patient, waiting for the prompts before I made any moves, then the timing would have been all wrong; Dad would not have had the means, and none of it could have happened. WAIT FOR THE PROMPTS, HAVE FAITH AND TRUST. BELIEVE THAT GOD KNOWS OUR NEEDS. Those were the valuable lessons that we learned through these events.

One thing that rather disturbed us about all this was the fact that in OUR lessons, others were inconvenienced: all the manufacturers involved, with a final total of 105 lots  of faulty fabric!  We got our answer on that one: When we moved the business into our home there were two 30 metre rolls of yellow seersucker, covered in grease marks. When they are returned each mark must be highlighted with a piece of paper pinned on to each mark. Wilson had declined to collect the faulty rolls, despite many request to do so. Finally I told them that we were LEAVING, and that they were now with the bakers next door, and I disclaimed them completely. They were eventually collected three months later. I then got a phone call with the query, “Those two rolls of fabric that you returned – we have found the marks on one, but the other is perfect.”!!! THE PROCEDURE HAD BEEN REVERSED. And we were told that the same would apply to everything that we had returned! Spirit certainly works in mysterious ways.

I read a book not long after, “Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters”, Benjamin Creme. He was an English medium who had a Master as a Teacher. This Master kept telling him how it was not good for him to smoke,  “Filthy obnoxious weeds.” – but Benjamin liked his little cigars. One night when getting dressed to go to his weekly meeting, he put his suit jacket on then turned to his bed to pick up the tin of cigars which he always slipped in his pocket just before going out. They weren’t there. Thinking they had slipped to the floor he got down on his hands and knees, looked under the bed and all around – nothing! He suddenly realised what was going on and said, “It’s you! Well I’ll just buy myself another tin on the way  there.” With that the cigars appeared again on the bed.

We asked Spirit about this, “Could they make things disappear and reappear? I was especially thinking about those red marks on that fabric with the lily design. “We can make your eyes see - or not see - whatever we wish.”

So when you have ‘given it all up’ BECOME VERY ALERT! Watch out for the ‘signposts’ that ‘things are being attended to’; it may be in the words of a song that you hear on the radio. It could be in a book you are reading, or that someone suddenly lends to you (and WHAT prompted them to do that?) ‘Coincidences’ could suddenly start to occur – and let me tell you here and now, THAT THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE – NOTHING happens ‘by chance’.

WATCH THE THOUGHTS that come to you, remember they DO come TO you, not FROM you. LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, and follow your hunches – for those hunches, coincidences, signposts, are all being put to you to lead you out of the mess you’re in.

(An excellent book on the subject is ‘The Wisdom of Florence Scovell-Shinn’)

DON’T ACT UNTIL YOU ARE PROMPTED TO. A prompt is a persistent thought that won’t go way – not to be confused with an IMPULSE, which is a fleeting thought – if you act on THAT, you usually regret it!

Have patience and WAIT for those prompts because THE TIMING WILL BE PERFECT.

DON’T WORRY, you’ve given it all up to God – He has much broader shoulders than you!

Your job is to stay centred:

Every time you feel FEAR rising – TELL IT TO GO AWAY!

Every time you feel DOUBT niggling – TELL IT TO GO AWAY!

Every time you find yourself thinking, WHAT IF…..? – TELL IT TO GO AWAY!


For all those emotions drain you of vital energy, and you need all the energy you can get right now. The way to top up your energy reserves in times of stress is to turn to Nature. Make a point of, at least once a day, going outside and finding either a body of water, a tree, or a rock, and sit there and CONSCIOUSLY breathe in the energies that they give out. They are not just there to make the place look pretty! EVERYTHING on this planet that Nature provides is for mankind’s benefit and healing. And that’s only the things you can SEE!

In the invisible realms we have a host of helpers in the Nature Spirits, who gather around us in the HUNDREDS when we need emotional support:

The water sprites help you to produce and release those healing tears.

The wind undines bring you creative thoughts.

The fire salamanders stir the angers and passions for release.

The elementals; fairies and gnomes, open your eyes to beauty.

At one stage in our development I received the guidance that I should go out in the garden every morning, stand barefoot on the lawn, and offer up the following prayer:

Thank You God for the strength of the ground beneath my feet, for the warmth and the life-giving energy of the sun, for the cleansing of the rains, and the freshening of the winds.

Thank You for the opportunity to live in this body of Jackie Lindsay’s to experience  life here on Earth.

I invite all the Sprites and Salamanders, Undines and Elementals to work with me for the benefit of all mankind. Amen.

It was wintertime, yet on those cold cloudy mornings, when I mentioned the sun, a cloud would roll away and I would feel the warmth shining down on me. On the still days, when I mentioned the Undines, a puff of wind would whoosh across the garden. I WAS GETTING A RESPONSE! All of it, of course, geared to enhance my awareness.

So in going out into Nature, and tuning in to it, you energize yourself and attract these Beings to you.

THE SUN is the largest source of energy – not if you lie in it for hours, but when you CONSCIOUSLY feel its warmth and BREATHE in its PRANA (life-giving energy)

There’s a funny quote in the Readers Digest that says, “The object of most prayers is to wangle an advance on good intentions.”


Work consciously and with good intent, and all your prayers will be answered.

In your waiting time you are learning patience, and ultimately, serenity.

USE THAT WHITE LIGHT, in all your meditations for yourself, and in all negative situations for others. Instead of angry words and reactions – PULSE OUT THE WHITE LIGHT.

Instead of criticism and judgement – PULSE OUT THE WHITE LIGHT.

In using this you are eradicating all negative emotions from your mind, and at the same time you are creating a stronger and stronger energy field around yourself, ONE WHICH CAN ONLY BRING PEACE AND HAPPINESS.

Never fear that in giving it all up to God’s Will that you would then be just a puppet with the Universe pulling all the strings. It is when we are UNAWARE that we are as puppets, pulled this way and that by fear, uncertainty, and ignorance.

Our God-given free will can be a blessing or a curse. It should be used in full awareness, “I choose to exercise my free will and I accept full responsibility for the decisions I make.”

By tuning into the Universal mind of God and co-operating with it, all your decisions will be the RIGHT ones, at the right time and in the right place.


I found the following piece in a Celia Haddon Yearbook:

  What’er we leave to God, God does,
and blesses us.

The work we choose to be our own,  

God lets us alone.


(Henry David Thomas is writing about handing over our work to God. If I can let go of my own life and let God in, He comes in. When I keep Him out, determined to do it all myself, He stays out.)

And finally, a thought-provoking piece that was handed in – again, author unknown.

Our minds are exceptionally powerful. I often reflect on the story of a recently graduated German medical student travelling through Russia between the Word Wars. Being broke, his preferred mode of travel was hopping on freight cars and travelling for free. On one particular journey Hans hopped into a freight car, pulled the door closed, and to his concern, it locked. What was of greater worry to him, however, was the realisation that he had jumped into a refrigerated van.

His desperate banging on the door to attract the attention of the guards and have it opened before the train took off was to no avail. Realising that he had a twelve hour journey before him without stops, Hans knew he would not survive the trip. He had only a small amount of food, and a pen and paper to write letters. He decided that to make the best out of this dreadful situation he could, at least, as a legacy, record the various stages of hypothermia (freezing to death).

When the train arrived at its final destination the officials who opened the freight car found three things: Hans’ frozen body; his notes describing all the stages of hypothermia that he had experienced, up until he lost consciousness; and finally they realised that the refrigeration was switched OFF! Yet for Hans, believing that he would freeze was enough for his body to go through the various stages of hypothermia and die.

If we can harness that same amount of power and certainty from our minds and use it in areas where we choose to channel it positively, then that potential is awesome.





I do not confuse what I seem to be with what I really am. I am never what I seem to be, and always what I really am – host to the indwelling God. I quiet the movements of my body, slow my breathing, and glide deep into the recesses of my being, to the very centre of my consciousness. Here in this place of infinite calm I become one with the immortal Self of the world, and I observe. My thoughts cross my consciousness in a never-ending stream. I do not create these thoughts. They come from the infinite reaches of the Universal Subconscious Mind and are directed to my consciousness, for I have attracted them. I may choose any thoughts I desire. I have but to decide, and the ideas and images I have chosen are directed to me. As I accept them so will they manifest in my world. I alone decide what I will think; thus I decide my entire life. I bar the door of my mind to negative thoughts or thoughts of evil. The door is always open to admit the positive, the good, the beautiful and the aspiring. I have complete confidence in the wisdom and the power of the Universal Subconscious Mind. I do not predict the manner in which each of my thoughts will manifest; I have complete faith that God moves in the most perfect manner. There is no such thing as lack unless it is accepted; the universe has infinite supply. Vigour and health, abundance and success are mine, for I choose only such thoughts. Love abounds in a universe where I am one with the immortal Self, the Universal Subconscious Mind, God. My every decision is answered from a perfect and inexhaustible source of power.