Lesson 6
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When we start this lesson in class there is a big cartoon up on the board – ‘The Strange World of Mr. Mum’ which features a man walking along with his umbrella up. Everything and everyone else is in sunshine – yet it is raining UNDER HIS UMBRELLA! The caption says WE ALL CREATE OUR OWN REALITY – which is what this lesson is all about.

Last week we spoke about becoming aware of all that is around us, how we are a part of the Universal Energy, and how – by stilling ourselves and learning to live in the now – we can knowingly tap into this energy and watch for the signs and messages it brings to us to enhance our life here on Earth.

This wonderful temple that we live in – the body – provides us with the tools that we need to function, and the most vital to our spiritual needs are the MIND and the HEART. The Spiritual functions of these two organs are far different from the physical functions.

A guide once told me, “Man does not realise the magnificence that lies between the ears”. True. But I have found that the heart and the mind are one and the same, not to be confused with the brain.

We tend to think of the brain and the mind as being one and the same thing. NOT SO. The brain is merely the sorting box for all the things that come to it, but the mind is what picks up on all the circumstances around us, and also the Universal thoughts that are being put to us 24 hours a day.


If we live in a happy positive environment, it is automatic to also think positive. But if we live in an unhappy negative situation, we will also automatically, pick up only the negative thoughts.

There seems to be two types of people in life; those who apparently sail through life with very little hardship – and when they are adversely affected they simply ‘pick themselves up, brush themselves down’ and get back into the flow of life again with little damage. The other type of person is the one who seems to suffer one set back after another; they struggle through life making the same mistakes time after time and just cannot seem to get off the merry-go-round. No progress is made.

Let me give you an example of this: an acquaintance has five children – not all of them belonging to her three husbands, so that will give you an idea of how many relationships this lady has had. Each one of these relationships getting worse and worse – she seemed to have a knack in attracting yet another violent drunkard into her life!

When we first met her she had left the last partner eight years previously and had moved interstate with her family to make a new life. She now owned her own home, it was clean and comfortable – she had done the very best that she could, but she was a very unhappy person. Instead of appreciating what she had achieved, she lived still in the past, and continually spoke of it as if it had all happened just months ago – it was still very much affecting her NOW.

After several healing sessions for her failing health I pointed out that she really needed to let go of the past, thank the men, mentally, for their role in her life, then move on and start LIVING. Naturally, she baulked at the idea of forgiveness, she had had a terrible life at their hands. She said it would be impossible for her to forgive. But to forgive is not to CONDONE, rather it is to ACCEPT and move on - the forgiveness part is vital for your OWN progress.

Several months later one of the ex-husbands died, and the night that she received the news she began to come around to thinking, “Well, I might as well forgive this one – he’s not around anymore anyway!” To her surprise she found that after doing that she herself felt much ‘lighter’. She liked the feeling, and that made her focus this forgiveness on yet another ex-partner. It took several months, but she finally managed to put them fully in the past and let them go. It was made easier when I pointed out to her that most people would put up with one, or maybe two, terrible men like that – but she must be an extremely strong woman because it had taken EIGHT men before she finally said, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!. She had never looked at herself in that light before, always thinking that she had been very weak..

Once she had finally exercised forgiveness towards them all, and mentally thanked them for making her strong enough to do it – the most marvellous things began to happen in her life, and more importantly, in her Spiritual development. Those emotional blocks really do hold us back Spiritually.

Why did she choose the same type of man each time? We discovered that she had been abandoned at birth, and that the family who adopted her reminded her constantly how worthless she was, and what a favour they had done her by taking her in. When she stepped into adulthood she had such a low sense of self-worth she thought that she did not DESERVE a decent man – the way that she was ill-treated by each one simply compounded that belief. It is very hard to break the pattern of our beliefs.

When we become aware that our thoughts do not come from ourselves, and that we can SELECT the way we want to think then we can consciously say, “I choose only the POSITIVE, I refuse to accept NEGATIVITY any longer.” AND THEN WORK ON IT AND APPLY IT TO YOUR LIFE.

The conscious mind reacts to what we see, hear and physically feel, but the subconscious mind picks up and works on our HIDDEN feelings about life. In any given situation we can SAY one thing, but FEEL another, and it is these FEELINGS that the Universal Mind works on; those HEART feelings.

AS A MAN THINKS, FEELS AND BELIEVES, SO IS THE CONDITION OF HIS MIND, BODY AND CIRCUMSTANCES. All of our outer circumstances reflect what we TRULY feel inside. So when you look around at other people’s lives doesn’t that start to make you realise how unhappy and insecure the average human is! Doesn’t that then make it easier to accept them and realise that they too are seeking! Doesn’t it make it easier to remove judgement of them when you know that their FEELINGS have made them what they are! Doesn’t it make you sit up and take notice when you look at your OWN life and realise that your own secret feelings – or at least, you THOUGHT they were secret – have brought into being your state of health and the circumstances that you live in. There are NO secrets in the Universe, everything is recorded.


(For more detail read ‘The Power of your sub-conscious mind’ Dr. Joseph Murphy.)

Each individual has been chosen carefully for the lessons they have to learn in life; both for their own soul’s progress, and for the progress of the other souls within their group. Their star sign determines the type of personality they will have, and the strengths and weaknesses of character. KNOWING now that we have all been brought together to help and strengthen each other - sometimes in the most unlikely life circumstances, we can STOP feeling like victims and take up the CHALLENGE. The power of the mind WHEN USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE HEART is your biggest asset.

There are many books on the powers of the subconscious mind, they tell us that when we knowingly tap into this by using affirmations, we can produce everything we need to live life gloriously, joyously and abundantly. “Whatever we want we can draw forth.” It is stated that we can even produce great riches, if that is what we continually focus on. Or draw the right partner to ourselves. Or create the type of life that we want to live. And certainly, your life does seem to take a turn for the better when you start to use the methods. ALL BOOKS ON MIND POWER ARE SCIENTIFICALLY WORKED OUT – they are based on the laws of relativity.

Joseph Murphy explains this: There are certain principles regarding physics, maths and chemistry which remain unchanged – e.g. In physics ‘E equals MC2  – Einstein’s famous theory which is used as a basis to measure mass and energy ALWAYS.

In geometry: pr equals the circumference of a circle ALWAYS.

pr2 is the area of a circle ALWAYS.

In chemistry: ‘Matter expands when heated.” This is true anywhere, at any time and under all circumstances. You can heat a piece of steel, and it will expand regardless whether the steel is found in China, England or India.’



For a greater understanding of this do treat yourself to a copy of Conversations with God, book 1, Neale Donald Walsh. Page 176 – 180. We use the following condensed version to illustrate the point:

One of his many conversations with God covers – CREATIVENESS:

Do I understand You to say that it is out of the state of beingness that I select, that my worldly success will be determined?

I am not concerned about your worldly success, only you are.

It is true that when you achieve certain states of being over a long period of time, success in what you are doing in the world is very difficult to avoid. Yet you are not to worry about ‘making a living.’ TRUE MASTERS ARE THOSE WHO HAVE CHOSEN TO MAKE A LIFE, RATHER THAN A LIVING.

 From certain stages of being will spring a life so rich, so full, so magnificent, so rewarding that worldly goods, and worldly success will be of no concern to you. Life’s irony is that as soon as worldly goods and worldly success are of no concern to you – the way is open for them to flow to you.

Remember, you cannot have what you want, but you may experience whatever you have.

I cannot have what I want?


I thought you’ve been telling me I could have WHATEVER I want. ‘As you think, as you believe, so shall it be done to you’ and all that.

The two statements are not inconsistent with each other.

They aren’t? They sure feel inconsistent to me.

That is because you lack understanding.

Well. I admit that, that’s why I’m talking to You.

I will then explain. You cannot have ANYTHING you want. The very act of wanting something pushes it away from you. Let’s go back to a point you do understand; THOUGHT IS CREATIVE. WORD IS CREATIVE. ACTION IS CREATIVE. Thought, word and deed are the three levels of creation. Now, do you have a thought ‘I want worldly success’?

Sometimes, yes.

And do you also sometimes have the thought ‘I want more money’?

Yes. You can therefore neither have worldly success or more money.

Why NOT?

Because the Universe has no choice but to bring you THE DIRECT MANIFESTATION OF YOUR THOUGHT ABOUT IT.

Your thought is “I want worldly success.” You understand, the creative power is ‘I’ – like a genie in a bottle. Your words are it’s command. You understand?

Then why don’t I have more success?

I said, your words are it’s command, now your words were “I want success” AND THE UNIVERSE SAYS, “OKAY, YOU DO”. The word ‘I’ is the key, that starts the engine of creation. The words ‘I Am’ are extremely powerful. They are statements to the universe. Commands.

Now, whatever follows the word ‘I’ (which calls forth the Great I Am) tends to manifest in physical reality.

Therefore ‘I’ + ‘want success’ produces you WANTING SUCCESS. ‘I’ + ‘want money’ must produce you WANTING MONEY. It can produce no other thing because thoughts, words are creative. Actions are too. And if you act in a way which says you want success and money, then your thoughts, words and actions are in accord, and you are SURE to have the experience of this wantingness. You see?

Yes! My God – does it really work that way?

Of course! You are a VERY POWERFUL CREATOR. Now granted, if you had a thought or made a statement, just once – in anger, for instance, or frustration, it’s not very likely that you’ll convert those thoughts or words into reality. So you don’t have to worry about ‘Drop dead!’ or ‘Go to hell’, or all the other less-than-nice things you sometimes think or say. But if you repeat a thought, or say a word, over and over again- not once, not twice, but dozens, hundreds, thousands of times – do you have any idea of the creative power of that?


That is so true! We had a period in our lives when, by following guidance, we had plenty of assets, but the smallest trickle of money that we had ever had to exist on. We trusted our Source implicitly, but did not know how long this ‘drought’ was going to last – or even if we could survive! What we did not know at the time was that we were being led up to, through, and out the other side of our greatest fears: MONEY AND SECURITY. And They have the most amazing methods! They make you EXPERIENCE the fear to eventually realise that there is NOTHING to fear.

So, we had been working with this for five years now, well into our spiritual life, holding many classes a week – which we do not charge for – really enjoying the work. The only blot on the horizon was SHOPPING DAY. It was totally depressing to have to go with so little money, and yes, we were practicing the ‘thought, word and deed’ – all geared to the negative around this money ‘crisis’: Being very careful what went into the basket - after comparing brands, prices, weights. Walking past the ‘luxury’ items like pre-cooked meals, sweets, gourmet, thinking “We can’t afford THEM anymore.” I can remember feeling in the absolute pits because I had to have the CHEAP toilet paper!! We also added up the items as we went along – in case there was not enough money at the check-out.

Yes, the rest of the week was wonderful as we bolstered everyone ELSE on the positive, Spiritual life, but this was totally depressing.

At last I asked for help. The gentle guidance that came was, “You are focusing too much on what you don’t have, instead of giving thanks for what you DO have. Next week put the Light all around as you walk into the shops. Don’t add up as you go along, put your needs in the basket - without comparing quality or weight and price. And GIVE THANKS. There will be enough.”

And do you know, from that time onwards there always was! And a little bit left over. Instead of thinking of how little we had to spend, I now stood at the check-out marvelling at how many bags we had filled with that small amount!

The situation hadn’t changed – but our attitude towards it had.

When we finally walked away from those fears we had discovered that God is the best Accountant, Bank Manager, Financial Advisor you could ever hope for. And you learn to trust that They can see the Bigger Picture – so you just keep following in faith. In those two years we learned that there is a huge gap between our ‘wants’ and our ‘needs’ – and that the wants have to be brought right down to NOTHING. The ‘needs’ are taken care of – you don’t even have to ask! A writing I got at the end told me that I had started out on this journey hoping there was a God – now I knew, without a shadow of doubt, that there WAS.

There comes a certain point in your evolution, when you cease to love the drama, cease to love the ‘story’ as you’ve been living it. That’s when you decide – actively choose – to change it. Only most don’t know how. You now do. To change your reality, simply STOP THINKING LIKE THAT.

In this case, instead of thinking ‘I want success’, think ‘I have success.’

That feels like a lie to me, I’d be kidding myself if I said that. My mind would shout ‘The hell you say.’

Then think a thought you CAN accept. ‘My success is coming to me now.’ Or ‘All things lead to my success.’

So this is the trick behind the New Age practise of affirmations!



Do you choose success in worldly terms? Do you choose more money. GOOD, THEN CHOOSE IT. REALLY CHOOSE IT. REALLY FULLY. NOT HALF-HEARTEDLY.

Yet at your stage of development do not be surprised if ‘worldly success’ no longer concerns you.

There comes a time in the evolution of every soul when the chief concern is no longer the survival of the physical body, but the growth of the spirit; no longer the attainment of the worldly success, but the realisation of Self.

You have a RIGHT to joy. Seek it! Find it! If you have evolved to the point where things of the body are not of concern for you, then you are even more free to seek your joy – on Earth as it is in Heaven. GOD SAYS IT’S O.K. TO BE HAPPY.


This piece from Rhodes Principle expands on that:

Your mind does not know the difference between what you do want and what you don’t want – it only knows what you focus on. Many people focus on what they don’t have – what they are incapable of doing – and their sickness.

If you focus on what you DO have, it increases – if you focus on what you DON’T have, you will have even less. If you focus on your capabilities, they grow – if you focus on your health, it improves.

That’s where I was at when I joined my first psychic development group. On the very first night the leader was reading us a chapter from Catherine Ponder’s ‘Healing Secrets of the Ages’. I had no idea such books existed! At that time I was on 9 pills a day just to keep me going, and my health was getting worse and worse. I was in my 40’s and had had seven operations in ten years – all female complaints. That finally ended when I had a total hysterectomy. What a relief! But then mysterious lumps began to appear in my right leg which would not go away, despite three years treatment with anti-inflammatory tablets– which I put in the bin when I heard what they could do to your stomach!

Now here was Lester reading a chapter from the book about ‘female complaints’. The cause? A lack of love in your life somewhere. Hmmmmm.

The following week the book told us that any inflammation in the body that won’t heal, despite medication – if it’s on the right side of the body is caused by a male in your life, and if on the left, is caused by a female. ALL my problems had begun on the right side of the body. THIS MEANT A LACK OF LOVE FROM A MALE SOURCE. THAT rang loud bells! Not around Jim – but around my father………..

My mother and I had had some very traumatic times with Dad because of his drinking habits. He was a very heavy drinker, who got very aggressive when he went over his limit (which was considerable!) Mum would put up with just so much, then escape to her sister in Scotland to give us a break. We would have a few weeks respite, but he would always get in touch, promise to behave – and back we would go. That happened continually, all through my childhood. The last time she left him I was 16 and I announced that if she went back to him again I wouldn’t be. I really loved my Mum, but I just couldn’t live like that anymore. I met Jim the following year – and that’s when my life turned around.

When Jim and I emigrated to Australia  eight years later I thought I was free from him at last. But Mum left him yet again to join us when we had been here for two years. Then four years after that HE came to Australia too! I declared to Jim that if we weren’t so happy here, we would all have gone back to England, and THEY could have Australia – all to themselves. Jim pointed out that I had my OWN life now; married, children, own home – but all of that dissolved the first time I saw him pick up a whisky again. That FEAR was still there.

When Mum died just a few years later, leaving me with HIM, that fear turned into HATE at the injustice of it all. I put the direct blame for her early death on Dad’s doorstep (not knowing about destiny points in those days, and karma).

I had been brought up never to show emotion – and he taught me well! Now I visited him dutifully every week, seeing to all his needs – outwardly the perfect, loving daughter. INSIDE – a can of worms, just SEETHING with resentment, which I never voiced.

This book was really making sense. So what was the solution? FORGIVE the person said Catherine Ponder. NEVER was my response, he didn’t DESERVE to be forgiven with all that he had caused. I preferred to stay angry and bitter towards him. Forgive him? What a load of rubbish!!    

A few weeks later Lester read to us one night the chapter on ‘Anger’. She stated that if you are really angry towards someone – and especially if you didn’t voice it – that your thoughts of anger don’t hurt that person in the least. But what you put out, comes back to you – with interest, so it’s really hurting you.

I suddenly looked at our two lives: he was almost 80 years old, fit as a fiddle, and happy as Larry, quite unaware of how I felt towards him. In contrast I was 49 and a physical and emotional wreck!! If MY thoughts towards him had caused these illnesses, then now was the time to STOP this. Where was that book? Let’s start working on this.

That chapter suggests various affirmations to work with, and I chose three, including one that virtually said, “I forgive you Dad, for the things of the past. I now go forward in perfect health.” I wrote them out and stuck a set on the fridge. I had another by the bed, and I put a third set in the car, which I practiced at every stop light and in every traffic jam. When I went to see him each week, instead of being filled with thoughts like “When can I decently leave here?” - “I HATE listening to all his stuff.” etc. I now sat and really looked at him, mentally confirming, “I forgive you (you old bugger), I do.”  I would go home and say to Jim, “This is NEVER going to work, I don’t mean it.” But the book said to keep doing it, and eventually the subconscious would pick up and work on it.

After about three months I suddenly ‘knew’ that I didn’t need those pieces of paper anymore. The words came more easily now. And I started seeing results! The most startling being that the mysterious lumps in my leg DISAPPEARED! I knew there was a connection now! Gradually our relationship improved, getting easier. I started LISTENING to him now, really listening, and came to some realisations about our past, forming my OWN conclusions now – no longer influenced by Mum’s observations.

We had had absolutely nothing in common – we didn’t really know each other at all. Mum was always ‘the meat in the sandwich’ between us; I took all my beefs about him, and he took his about me, to Mum – for her to sort out. Poor thing!

One day I mentioned the Spiritual writings that I was getting then, and to my surprise, he was very interested. So here at last was a common denominator. (I think, because of his age, he was probably wanting to know as much as possible about his ‘next destination’!!) The following year, when things were so much better between us, a writing came through one night to say, It is time to forgive your father, verbally.   I ignored that  one. How could I do that when he had no idea of how I had felt about him?

They left it for a few weeks, then in it came again, It is time to forgive your father verbally. His 80th birthday was coming up so I mentally asked if I could write it in a letter and enclose it in his card? – NO!   Again I ignored it.

Then a third time, but this time, Tuesday is the day you forgive your father.

Somehow, when They gave me an ultimatum, I accepted, and agreed.

When the day came I had no idea of how I was going to do this. On the way there my mind was completely empty – but I was also very calm. I took my book of writings with me, and eventually he asked if I had received any this week. “Yes, would you like to hear them?”

As I read them I also included the message about Tuesday being the day to forgive my father. As I came to that bit I burst into tears – the very last thing I wanted to do – and just said, “I really do forgive you Dad for the terrible times you put Mum and I through.”

His face crumpled too, and all of a sudden, ‘out of his closet’ came all these ‘skeletons’ that I had known nothing about. It was like ‘Days of our Lives’! And it explained EVERYTHING.

I knew that he had had a terrible father, who still punched my 6 ft father to the ground when he was 18. But I didn’t know that he had been married at 17 – and that I had 5 half-brothers and sisters! (that explained why he would not let me get married till I was 21 -  we had to be engaged for four long years) But he had married a real shrew, and instead of getting relief from his father, he literally ‘stepped out of the frying pan into the fire’.

That he had been jailed for 18 months because of a road accident in which he killed a man, during which time his wife never came near nor by, or allowed his children to see him. In that time he had plenty of time to think, and he came to the conclusion that if he went back to them, the next time he was put in jail it would be because he had killed her – it was getting that bad. So when he was released he walked out of their lives. Nor could he get a divorce for she was a devout Catholic (that explained his HATE towards  Catholics – “Nuns are VERMIN”!!)

Years later one of his daughters had committed suicide when she was just a teenager, his wife put that squarely on his doorstep - now I understood why he was always so distant with me; a guilt feeling at some deep level that perhaps he was betraying his earlier children by showing love to me – which he never did. But now on THIS day, he said it for the very first time. That made such a difference. 

On the day that he was released from jail he went to his brother’s house, and it was there that he met my mother, she was his sister-in-law’s business partner. Mum knew all about his wife and children and his past – and she opened her arms and drew him in. He had never met such an open, generous person – and yet he told me, “I never loved your Mother – but she loved me.” That explained A LOT! When I thought about it later I realised that whenever he had loved in his past, he had been severely stomped on, and I think his attitude then had been ‘NO MORE LOVE – I’m going to be in control from now on.’ And he certainly exercised THAT one – the women in his life (Mum and I) were there to cook and clean, see to his every bidding – and do as we were told!

Then he announced that he married her “because I knew there would probably be children”. But his first wife refused to give him a divorce – so now he’s a bigamist – and I’m a bastard! It was certainly a revelation, and one he had kept to himself all these years. He now told me that he had been wanting to tell me before he died, but was frightened to lose me as a friend in consequence. – “Oh Dad! This doesn’t make any difference to me.” But of course, he didn’t really KNOW me – nor I him.

After that it was EASY to forgive him, and the last few years together were quality time. It needed to be done – and Spirit knew that.

Now it’s not too late for you to do that – even if the person has passed over. They won’t be very far away if there is forgiving that needs to be done, for without it NEITHER of you can move on. Nor is it always essential to go and face the person – there were REASONS that I had to do it that way. As long as it takes place in your heart, that’s the main thing.

So where was the truth in this statement from ‘Conversations with God’ that affirmations do not work if they are merely statements of what you want to be true. And, AFFIRMATIONS WORK ONLY WHEN THEY ARE STATEMENTS OF SOMETHING YOU ALREADY KNOW TO BE TRUE? I realised, what I knew to be true was that MY FEELINGS TOWARDS DAD WERE THE CAUSE OF MY ILL HEALTH, that I did not want to be sick any more, so now was the time to change my feelings. THAT was the belief, NOT that I really did forgive my Dad – but amazingly, the rest just fell into place. Once I exercised forgiveness, love followed! A condition that I would have thought absolutely impossible.

So watch the TRUE belief behind your affirmations, and understand why sometimes they work, and other times they just don’t.

I found the following piece by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne which really hit home:

How often have you withheld your love from someone who you thought did wrong? It is none of your business anyhow. It is all between the Father and His child and, if you remember this, you will refrain from criticizing  others and turn this weapon upon yourselves first.

You will understand others better, when you see your own faults first.

And this piece from The Book of Mirdad:

I often hear you say that love is blind, meaning that it can see no faults in the beloved. That kind of blindness is the height of seeing.

Would that you are always so blind as to behold no fault in anything. Nay, clear and penetrating is the eye of love. Therefore it sees no fault.

When Love has purged your sight, then would you see nothing at all unworthy of your love.

Only a love-shorn, faulty eye is ever busy finding faults. Whatever faults it finds are its own faults.

With this understanding now, begin to re-programme the feelings of your subconscious, knowing that it WORKS AUTOMATICALLY to bring forth our feeling into our lives. REMEMBER, EVERYTHING ORIGINATES IN THOUGHT. It all begins with thought FIRST, which is energised by FEELINGS, which results in MATTER.




Using the scientific, MAN MADE approach to activating the subconscious WILL bring about changes in your life. You CAN produce riches, partners, elevated circumstances in your life – but WILL THEY MAKE YOU HAPPY? AND WILL THEY LAST?

In all things scientific there is one vital element missing. The one energy that is behind EVERYTHING – and that is LOVE. Love is the intelligence which the Universe provides for us to enable us to tap into the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. LOVE IS THE KEY. To knowingly turn that key we must use the power of the HEART. There is a hidden power within the heart which operates in a higher range of frequency bands than the mind. The heart is a conduit for the power of Love; it is the place of contact for this power.

An excellent book on the subject is ‘The Hidden Power of the Heart’ Sarah Paddison – quote:


(Also check my Channelled section for the writing I was given on ‘Love’.)

We should always try to manage our mental, emotional and physical energies FROM THE HEART so that we can connect with the higher power and intelligence; Universal Mind. – God

The heart has a separate intelligence from the mind. It makes it easier to picture this if you liken it to a computer; the heart being the mainframe, with direct connection to the operators (our soul and God), and the head being the subterminal.

The heart’s ‘programmes’ are love, compassion, forgiveness, etc. whereas the brain’s programmes are ambition, judgementalness, greed, hatred and envy. All of these having their roots in fear and insecurity. (When you really think about it, every choice in our lives brings us down to two emotions; LOVE or FEAR. They govern every choice that we ever make.)

The brain runs at these fear programmes when it is cut off from the heart, but when the mind is directed by the heart it becomes illuminated and functions at its fullest potential.


Fear and insecurity are warning signals that we have disconnected from Love, and this love must be found WITHIN.

Someone gave me these two snippets:

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real.     


Fear is nothing trying to be something in your mind. – de Souza.

IN ALL SITUATIONS listen to the HEART’S directives, AND ACT ON THEM. Then we will start to harmonise our entire mental and emotional natures, and bring balance and fulfilment into our life.

Now I made that statement in a class once when one lady, who was in the midst of a very messy, bitter divorce, said, “Don’t talk to ME about following the heart – look at the mess it landed ME in.”

My response was, “O.K. Let’s look at this. When you first met this man – what did your heart tell you?”

“Oh – ‘he’s the one’, definitely.”

“Alright, so you were both MEANT to get together. Now, how long since your heart has been telling you he’s NOT the one now?”

Pause. Then quietly…….”Four years.”

“Yes! Your heart is directing you – but it takes far more courage to follow it OUT of a relationship, than IN to one – especially if there are a couple of children in tow now. But if you do follow it again, you will find that it all works out alright, and EVERYONE will be happy with the end result.”

And that’s exactly what happened with them eventually.

IT IS CHANGING DIRECTION THAT IS THE HARD PART – you follow the invisible into situations, but then your human side takes over – and it never wants to let go! Train yourself to follow the Invisible again – in trust – and you will make the transition smoothly, for you will be going with the flow again; the way we are meant to live life.

WHATEVER ENERGY YOU PUT IN IS EVENTUALLY WHAT COMES OUT. If you apply these rules some of the time – you will get some results. If you give it 100% - YOUR LIFE WILL TURN AROUND.

In this lesson I have tried to give you some insight into the Laws of life and how we can use them to our benefit.

We now know that the changes we must make to improve our life MUST begin with OURSELF AND THE WAY WE THINK AND FEEL.

The next step to enable us to tap into this Universal Energy to activate its power for our ultimate good is TO HAND UP ALL OUR PROBLEMS TO GOD – whatever concept of God you are comfortable with. SIT IN SILENCE AND MENTALLY GIVE THEM UP – “Here they are God, I’m giving them to you. I’m working on MY self now to make me a better person so that I can help others. I know that your Universal Energy knows the answer to all things. I realise now that I CREATED all these problems, and so I ask you to take them off me so that I may grow, and never fall into the trap of making more problems EVER AGAIN.”

You don’t need to copy that  word for word, speak to this God-Power as you would a friend – BUT MAKE IT FROM THE HEART. And you only need do it ONCE, in all sincerity: to KEEP asking is merely a demonstration of DOUBT.

Having done this, KNOW that God now swings into action, IT CAN’T HAPPEN UNLESS YOU ASK FOR IT. The secret now is to stand back, AND LET IT HAPPEN, knowing that all circumstances that come your way NOW are God-given. WATCH, and you will see that the method is faultless, that the timing is PERFECT.

I was given the following prayer at a time when I was very UN-healthy, UN-happy, not at all peaceful, and absolutely broke. I said it every single night until it all came to pass, and I recommend that you do the same: I THANK YOU GOD FOR ALL THE HEALTH AND HAPPINESS, PEACE AND PROSPERITY IN MY LIFE. Amen.

When you think about it – what more could you want?

Having given up those prayers DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE of giving up just because it does not sort itself out within a few days – and to YOUR satisfaction! When you give the Universe permission to act on your behalf the solution will be beyond your wildest dreams, and EVERYONE concerned will be very happy with the outcome. Let go and let God – REALLY let God!

This poem that I found in Wayne Dyer’s ‘Your Sacred Self’ says it beautifully:


As children bring their broken toys
With tears for us to mend,  
I took my broken dreams to God  
Because He was my Friend.

  But instead of leaving Him  
In peace to work alone,  
I hung around and tried to help  
With ways that were my own.

  At last I snatched them back and cried,  
“How can You be so slow?”  
“My child” He said, “What could I do?  
You never let them go.”





Here in solitude, in this time of peace, of meditation, I withdraw deep into the silent recesses of my being to a place of utter calm. Slowly the world retreats from around me, until finally I am alone. Walled away from all clamour and strife there is nothing but me. I am not body; I am not thought; I am not experience; I simply am. Across my consciousness comes a constant procession of thoughts and I observe them. I do not make up these thoughts. I know they come from the Universal Subconscious Mind, and I watch as they are presented to me. I slow the train of thoughts. I examine each of them, then let go, neither accepting nor rejecting. On and on the thoughts come, and I ask myself, “Who is it that observes this?” And I hear the answer, “Thou that art, always have been, and always will be – thou observest.” And I understand. Divorced from body, thought, and experience, I still exist as I always must. Here then is my true self, a thing independent of all but spirit, a contemplative “I”, which only observes and chooses from the thoughts that cross consciousness. Whatever I choose is mine. Whatever I reject shall never touch me. I need only observe and accept, and all things will be added unto me by a power which leaps to acknowledge my faith and my decision. I sense such warmth and security as might overflow the world. I sense a fusion of by being with the great Universal Subconscious Mind, the mind of God. I sense the presence of the Father who knoweth no wrath, who does all things at his child’s bidding. I sense my union with this Father by immutable and irrevocable bonds. I am one with all truth, all beauty, all justice, all love.