Lesson 4
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In this lesson we talk about the help that is given to you from the other side to help you in your life on Earth. We have LOTS of helpers.

Remember, that we are a Being of Light which is using this body as a means to live on the Earth plane – the body is not the REAL you.

At conception the Spirit enters the baby. The baby’s umbilical cord is its means of nourishment and energy from the mother. At birth that cord is severed, but there is another cord – an invisible one, which is our connection to our soul – our Spiritual umbilical cord, which serves the same role as the human one; it gives us nourishment and energy from our soul. In books you will see that described as the silver cord, which is very, very elastic, and while we live in this physical body it remains attached – it is our link with the other side – which is our TRUE home.

You may have heard of astral travel, where a person feels the sensation of actually leaving the physical body and experiences travelling, or flying, while watching all the scenery on the way If this ever happens to you, never fear that the cord will be broken so that you can’t get back into your body, that just won’t happen. The only time that the cord is severed is at the moment of physical death – and that will be nothing to do with astral travel, which is all about the MIND. A very interesting book on the subject was written by Robert Munro – ‘Journeys out of the Body.’

At the moment of birth, a ‘guardian angel’ is allotted to each person, I would rather you focus on ‘guardian’ rather than ‘angel’, because it is not from the angelic realms; it is a Spirit who has experienced life on Earth, and therefore is aware of all the difficulties of life here so that it can be of assistance to us. That guardian is with us from the second we get here to the second that we depart, its role is to protect us from certain negative energy fields that are present here on the Earth..

Think of the terms GUARDIAN and ANGEL – it conjures up the thought of someone tall and strong who wraps themselves around us to keep us protected and safe. This planet is extremely dense, and difficult to live upon – we need all the help we can get.

Each person is allotted their own Guardian.

Now, the SOUL that we are attached to has a very important role; it has many aspects, all of which go to making up the type of person that we are, and the physical and mental attributes that we have.

In the beginning God created the souls and made them separate from Himself so that He could experience different levels of existence. They are made up of the same qualities and energies as God, but being smaller they have a smaller capacity to create – all is relative. The soul experiences existence on all the planes right down to Earth through its Spirit lines; every positive experience energises the soul. Its main task is to find its way BACK to God in a perfected state – highly energised, to merge with the energy field of God, thus creating MORE energy. In this way the God Force is ever expanding.

To help the soul in its task it is enabled to send out Spirit aspects – that’s US!

Imagine the soul to be like an octopus, with the body sitting safely on the planes, and its legs representing each Spirit line that it sends down to earth for experience and the consequent gathering of energy. There can be hundreds of ‘legs’.

The soul can gain its experiences to perfect itself either on the spiritual planes, or here on Earth – this is the hardest path, the School of Hard Knocks I call it, but it gains the most ‘brownie points’.

The task of each Spirit aspect when it comes to Earth, is to learn to balance negativity with the positive, thus creating POWER. Then we use that power to rediscover our connection and UNION with God. The soul either stays where it is, or progresses up or down the planes IN DIRECT RESPONSE TO HOW WE LIVE OUR LIVES HERE – NOT AT THE END OF OUR LIFETIME, BUT WHILE WE ARE LIVING IT.

In my unenlightened days I used to think that when I died I would go to either Heaven or hell, where I would meet everyone else. We would know it all (!!) and be able to look back on our Earth stint and say, “So THAT’S what that was all about!” Then would come the judgement of every mistake and sin I had ever committed, (I was not looking forward to that bit!). I now understand that there are MULTI levels of planes in our journey to our Soul and God; that we have to earn admission to each and every one of them; and that we, as a Spirit, are very highly advanced on our path before we can even be given the chance to have a go at this experience as a human on Earth. That there is no judgement by anyone except OURSELF, for this is a journey of self-discovery, all the while being lovingly supported by our fellow-workers on the other side of the veil.

Obviously if we become AWARE of our soul and all our helpers, then the soul’s progress becomes more rapid (and so does ours!), THE SOUL HELPS US, AND WE HELP THE SOUL. GOD HELPS THE SOUL, AND THE SOUL HELPS GOD. IT’S ALL CIRCLES.

On leaving this earth plane our Spirit’s desire is to reunite with its soul. The soul’s desire is to reunite with God. CIRCLES again – wheels within wheels.

It may take the experiences of many Spirit aspects to create the energy for the soul to reunite with God. BUT NO SPIRIT EXPERIENCE IS EVER WASTED; all is useful in the perfecting of the soul. AND NO HUMAN LIFE IS EVER WASTED EITHER; no matter how  unproductive or chaotic it appeared to be – that human life could be the catalyst for all the people connected to it, and how they deal with ‘the mess’ left behind could be the very Spiritual experience NEEDED to gain more energy for their soul.

This brings us now to REINCARNATION.

THERE IS A GREAT MISUNDERSTANDING ABOUT REINCARNATION. Once on the Spiritual path, information comes to you about past lives. Great detail is given about dates, country of birth, occupation, and life experiences which seem to affect you in THIS lifetime. There is much talk about PAST karma carrying over into the NOW.

AS A SPIRIT OCCUPYING A PHYSICAL BODY YOU HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS EARTH BEFORE, YOU HAVE NEVER LIVED ANY OF THOSE LIVES. But within you are the MEMORIES of all the other aspects of your soul, (those other ‘octopus legs’). The sum total of their experiences all there within YOU, ready to be tapped into when the time is right. So it’s MEMORIES you are tapping into, NOT PERSONAL EXPERIENCES.

An example of these memories is an item that was feature on the Oprah Winfrey Show a few years ago. A mother told the story of how her five year old son had been born with severe eczema on the left wrist, which would not clear up – despite medication. The boy also had an extreme fear of noise, and it had got to the pitch where she could not take him to public places, like a swimming pool, without the boy getting extremely upset. The medical profession could not help , so in desperation, she finally took him to a hypnotist. He probably thought that this would be a fairly easy case, to take him back five very short years.

However, much to everyone’s amazement, the boy was taken back to his birth, then BEYOND his birth to a scene, which he described vividly, from the Civil War. He saw the lay-out of the battle field, he described that the soldiers were carrying; ‘rifles with swords on the end’ – bayonets, the cannons strapped with ropes onto carriages. Then he experienced being shot IN THE LEFT WRIST, being taken to the field hospital, and being operated on. He lived again the horror, the noise and pain of war. After this traumatic re-call the boy’s fear of noise was gone, and very shortly after, his wrist healed completely.

Now this would seem that this HAD to be a past-life experience - to be able to remember it so clearly. This boy was too young to have read about the Civil War, and his mother said he had never seen any movies about it. The explanation is, that one of his other soul aspects – the spirit lines/legs of the octopus, had lived that life. The memories of all those other lives are locked with us, just waiting to be released when we are of the right vibrations, and when the experience and its memories will be beneficial to us.

What is beneficial about going through such trauma in the first place? Why not just erase the memory so that there is no longer pain around it? But – Spirit works in mysterious ways, and all these unexplainable events are designed TO MAKE US THINK! One of the many clues, that we really are – A SPIRIT HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE. I’ll bet it made the hypnotist, the mother and the little boy’s family think - and now that it has been shown on the Oprah Show – THOUSANDS of us will be thinking too!

Let us look at the meaning of the words:-

INCARNATE – embodied in flesh.

REINCARNATE – to give another body.

Everyone looks on reincarnation as the human having lots of lives, in order to learn. Understand that it is the SOUL that ‘embodies in flesh’. It is the SOUL that ‘is given another body’, in order to experience and grow. The soul and God create a new Spirit each time to give life to the new body. This Spirit does NOT bring a load of negative karma with it. As humans, we start off with a clean slate, and any karma that we accrue will be of our OWN MAKING. Also we will not leave this earth plane leaving a load of ‘unfinished business’ behind  for some other Spirit to clean up. That is what those journeys back through the Etheric, Emotional and Mental planes are for; in each plane we will address the issues of our earth life, WE are the judges, and WE will sort it all out BEFORE we can progress to the Light.

SEEMINGLY negative past life memories are allowed for us as an opportunity to evolve, NOT as a huge burden placed on us for the deeds in another lifetime that we have not even experienced. And it is really good to know that the only karma that we bring over with us from those other Spirit experiences IS THE GOOD STUFF, in terms of ENERGY.

This is really FAIR when you think about it. WE create, WE experience, WE sort it all out before moving on. OUR life is OUR responsibility. This really helps when we think in terms of ‘the good seem to die young, and the wicked old devils seem to go on for ever – and never suffer for their deeds in life.’ Well now you know THAT IS NOT THE CASE.

LIFE IS ETERNAL, the body is not, unless we perfect it. It is not the human beings having to keep coming BACK. The human LIVES here, and BELONGS to the Earth. It is the SOUL who lives in the ether, putting a new Spirit into a new body each time; in this way IT keeps COMING BACK. It starts AT HOME (our Spiritual home), reincarnates to live here, seeking to gain energy and perfection. NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND.

For you, the Spirit, this is AN ONWARD JOURNEY, - there is no coming back. YOU ONLY GET ONE CRACK AT THIS EARTH LIFE – MAKE THE MOST OF IT! As I read in Allegra Taylor’s book: ‘This is no dress rehearsal, this is IT!’

Before we come here it is precisely and mathematically worked out: WHEN we will come here, WHAT TYPE of person we will be, WHAT LESSONS we have to learn to help our Soul’s progress, and which OTHER SOULS we will interact with to help us work these lessons out. The timing is PRECISE, right down to the second – for that determines which planetary influences will affect us. Our place in the zodiac also determines the type of person we will be, including the strengths – and the weaknesses; which can be worked on and changed into MORE strengths. The others we work with are members of our group souls – the same souls interact together in all the lifetimes.

We have learned that everyone is included in a soul-group, and they vary in size. We know that we personally, belong to a group of 20, but we have heard of others that involve 15 soul extensions, or 30. It is determined by the amount of energy allocated to that soul group for their Earth experience. So in the very beginning, in our own instance, 20 souls send down 20 Spirit lines to the Earth plane. Not all at once, for the humans in a soul group can be babies to elderly, and all the decades in between – but they will all interact at some stage. Once that first task had been completed and the group had now left the Earth, another set of 20 lines was sent down by the same 20 souls – again to meet and interact. And so it continues throughout human history.

These people will include family members (but not necessarily ALL family members), close friends and associates – in other words, people who affect your life STRONGLY in either a positive OR a negative way. So it could be a loving husband, or a PIG of a husband. It could be a sister you adore, or one who you have always been intensely jealous of. It could be a warm and loving mum, or a mum who you have never been able to get close to. It could be a warm, supportive father – or one that has made your life HELL. IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR LESSONS; the life experiences your soul group chose in order to attain perfection.

Let me enlarge on this. Before we all come here, all is Love on the other side, and we all are aware of  the trials we will have to overcome, and the lessons we are trying to remember. The memory of that is erased one hour after we are born, in order for us to 100% experience being human, eventually making us  turn to the Spiritual Path to try and make some sense out of this earthly existence. For a Spirit to offer to be the ‘ogre’ in your life in order that you may gain valuable experiences - thus building your energy field, is a noble act indeed…………………

A young man who came to our classes came from a large family of six brothers and sisters, plus Mum and Dad. There had been great strife in the family because of the actions of the father who was a heavy drinker, and a very aggressive, possessive man. As a result of his behaviour three of the children had left home as soon as possible, and had never been back for several years. Our young man had also had problems with his father, but stayed in touch for his mother’s sake, knowing that she was upset at the split in their family.

When he discovered how the White Light can be used, he started to project it all around his family – especially to his father. Later, after several months of using the Light, his youngest sister was getting engaged, so he took it on himself to write to his estranged family members asking them to come to the party – for their sister’s sake. To his delight they accepted.

We were also invited to the party, and were aware of the circumstances. On the top table sat Mum and Dad with the engaged couple, and two others of the family who were still in touch. On our table sat our young man with the other two ‘castaways’. It was sad to observe that as they moved around the room, if they passed their parents – all eyes were averted, as if they no longer existed.

Eventually it was time for the speeches – the ‘talking’ family members stood at the front of the hall with their parents, the others acted like nothing was happening. Suddenly the groom-to-be could stand it no longer, he had had a few drinks, and without warning he strode over to the ‘aliens’ and told them in no mean terms to stop this------------nonsense, “get off your butts and come and get the family photos taken.”

In pure shock, they did!

The father then gave an emotional speech, in which he proudly introduced his whole family, standing together for the first time in three years – it was quite plain that he loved them all, but his unfortunate behaviour he could not control.

Since that night the mother and all the children are at least united and talking again.

Later, we learned from Spirit that in the past these eight soul lines have been unable to unite peacefully, and so the father’s Spirit volunteered to be the means for them all to unite in this lifetime, even though at the expense of himself. We were told that it only takes now for all of them to project the Love and Light to him, and they will then be as One – and he will be able to leave this life – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

It is so important to realise that the Spiritual Laws are entirely different from our human ones – once we can grasp that and look at life from a different viewpoint, we can then recognise the beauty of those Laws.

You know where it says in the Bible that we are all perfect in God’s Eyes. Well, you look around and you see malformed bodies, intellectual handicaps, people who seem FAR from perfect; but we ARE perfect FOR THE TASK IN HAND. We are MEANT to be all shapes and sizes, have all kinds of temperaments, be imperfect in the eyes of humanity – for these imperfections are not a PROBLEM, but a CHALLENGE, and when you start to look at OTHER PEOPLE in that light, your life turns around.

You, as a Spirit, are eternal – but your body at this stage, is NOT. When you have completed your mission here you are free to leave. The body stays behind, but the etheric mind lives on for ever, and goes out onto the plane that it has earned admission to – there to keep working to help others, and itself, and its soul. ALL IS PROGRESS.

You have heard of GUIDES – our guides are OUR OWN SOUL’S ASPECTS – those other ‘legs’, a part of our True Self. HERE IS THE IMPORTANCE OF MEDITATION. When we meditate we still ourselves, we go within, and we initially contact our HIGHER SELF. That in turn leads to contact with our guide – yet another aspect of OURSELF. And here is the half-truth, the initial difficulty that all people feel when they first make contact: “IS IT JUST ME?” – YES IT IS, AND THAT’S THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE! Your own Soul helping you, using the experiences of others from your own soul line. THIS IS A JOURNEY CONCERNING JUST GOD AND YOU.

As your vibrations rise and your awareness broadens your guides change, help you to the limit of THEIR capabilities, then pass you on to higher more experienced guides – all from your own soul line. Till finally you earn the attention of a Teacher. A teacher is NOT of your soul’s aspect. A teacher is a very High Being who will help you along the path to self perfection, and consequently, the perfection of your soul. TEACHERS ARE PERFECTED SPIRITS. They have experienced exactly the same problems as us while they were here, they are very understanding and compassionate, and completely non-judgemental, AND IT IS THEIR ROLE TO TEACH US TO BE THE SAME.

As you seek the help of your guides, ALWAYS ASK FOR THE HIGHEST AND THE BEST. And always CHALLENGE whoever presents themselves, asking if they come in the name of the Christ. It is a Universal Law that they MUST ANSWER HONESTLY. If they do not come in the name of the Christ they are simply a thought-form. All thought-forms are made by man; whatever is made by man can be dispelled by man, so you simply send them back to their source in a calm matter – THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF, no ‘evil spirits’ trying to get you. Thought-forms are only scary if you are ignorant of what they are. I would add here also that there is no such thing as being ‘possessed by evil spirits’ – THE ONLY THING THAT CAN  POSSESS US  IS  OUR THOUGHTS.

At first I was hesitant to ask for ‘the Highest and the Best’, especially when I had Peter as my guide. I was thrilled at that contact, and to want Higher seemed as if I was thinking of him – “Well, you are very nice, but I want Higher and Better than you.” But Spirit understands all that, and they are only too glad when we pass on from their care, for it means that we are progressing, and they have fulfilled their task for us. In fact, we are BOTH promoted in terms of energy at each step we achieve – so we are helping EACH OTHER from both sides of the veil. If you have had the same guide for years and years that really is a sign that you are not progressing – you have not achieved what that guide is trying to guide you to. A succession of guides means that you are really moving forward. We often find that the people who attend our classes change guides either just before, or just after they begin here; that guide was leading them to us – and now it was time for them both to move on.

You see, there are lots of Beings to help us in our struggles, but they cannot do that until WE reach out to THEM, and that’s what you are doing when you sit in meditation, and that’s the first step.

Understanding a little now about the group souls and how we are meant to interact with each other, and accept each other, that we are put together to WORK together and to help each other up the path to perfection. I ask you now to broaden your outlook to the rest of humanity.

EVERY ONE OF US IS HERE FOR THE SAME PURPOSE; to perfect ourselves, and our soul, and to realise our oneness with God. Our souls are a part of that God energy, WE are a part of that God energy, EVERY LIVING THING is a part of that God energy.

We now must look at our brothers with a COMPASSIONATE eye instead of a critical one. We can recognise that some are further along the path than others, but never-the-less we will all merge on the One Path eventually. Each person’s path is the one of HIS CHOOSING, it will be different to ours, but it is not for us to criticise or judge their methods - for we see only a tiny part of that Soul’s destiny, and we don’t know the lessons they have agreed to come here to experience.

Once we realise that other people are not in our lives to HINDER us, but to HELP us, and that we have MUCH help from the other side in all things, then we can start to RELAX into this earthly experience, and all fear is removed from our thinking, our lives. We are part of one great Plan – and it is a very beautiful one.

Reach out for this help that is there for you, concentrate on correcting only your OWN failings and fears – perfect YOURSELF, then turn around and help others to that same perfection.

Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Church of Christian Science, said “Jesus of Nazareth taught and demonstrated man’s oneness with the Father, and for this we owe him endless homage. His mission was both individual and collective. He did life’s work aright not only in justice to himself, but in mercy to mortals – to show them how to do their’s. BUT NOT TO DO IT FOR THEM, NOR TO RELIEVE THEM OF A SINGLE RESPONSIBILITY.’

And that’s what it’s all about – TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for our lives.

This God-realisation happens in countless ways. Hundreds of people go through our classes, I listen in wonder to the ways THEY have been led, and I have learned NEVER to ‘knock’ the beliefs of others. Each has a part in the puzzle that we are all trying to solve, and I think the following verse, ‘Ten Thousand Paths’ says it all. If every church group, spiritual group, New Age group – whatever, followed that thinking, there would be no more rivalry, no more scoffing – just ACCEPTANCE; something we must all earnestly seek to acquire.


  Ten thousand paths

Ten thousand paths may lead to God
What right is mine to say  
That he who fails to walk with me  
Has  missed the only way.

  What right of mine to arrogate  
Such grasp of finite mind  
And boast while others vainly seek  
The God I seek to find.

  How could the God I love and trust  
Point out to only me  
The way which travel all men must  
To life eternally

  I’m not so wise that He denies  
The light to all save me  
While other hearts as true as mine  
He loves with less degree

  So if the path we tread should lead  
Where bright Cathedrals rise  
Or weathered church or rustic shrine  
Points upwards to the skies

  Each sincere traveller will arrive  
Where lights of welcome shine  
And myriads will be there who walked  
A different path to mine.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Om Shanti




I know that all of life exists within me. Here in my heart and mind, in the recesses of my being, there is utter calm, a place of unruffled and placid waters, where the truth is apparent and the clamour of the world does not exist. I see about me the thoughts of all mankind, for these thoughts have become things. Whatever is good among these thought-things I accept; whatever is evil I ignore; for my concern is only with truth and understanding, which is forever the lovely and the good and the expanding. My mind moves easily to the furthermost reaches of space, in all directions, and just as easily moves  back to me once again. I am the centre of the universe. God, the Universal Subconscious Mind, has made himself manifest through me. I know that my purpose in life is to reach ever upward and outward, to expand in knowledge and love and unity. I place my future in divine hands. I turn over each problem of my life to that great all-knowing mind to which all things are possible. I do not tell God how to bring these things about. I have complete confidence that every circumstance that comes my way is part of a perfect plan to convert the image of my faith into physical reality. Even now the universe seeks to answer my every need. As I believe in my heart, so shall it be done unto me; this is the law of life and of living. There is greatness in my friend and in my enemy, for we are all brothers seeking the same high mountain along many paths. God, who made all creatures, made no poor creature, for He made only of himself. I am prosperous for God owns everything. I am vigorous for God is all vigour. I need only open my mind and my heart, keep my thoughts in the path of truth, and I am filled to overflowing with the power and abundance and love of the universe.