Lesson 3
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Have you told yourself you love you yet?

Are you remembering to use the Light, around yourself, and around others?

The object of this lesson is to highlight the need to go beyond using PSYCHIC energy – which is using the energy from your own energy field, and aiming to use SPIRITUAL energy – which is NOT using your own energy. For instance, Reiki healers are ‘tuned in’ to the Universal Energy in order to become channels to let the healing energy flow through them to the patient; they are taught right from the word go that the human self is not doing the healing. This trains the ego to step aside enabling the energy to flow. In doing that they can then do many hours of healing with no sense of tiredness whatsoever, in fact, at the end of a long Reiki session the healer feels uplifted and energized.

This lesson focuses on THE ENERGY CENTRES.

As I have explained to you, WE ARE truly, a Being of Light – a spirit – that uses this body – our vehicle – to come to Earth to try to overcome negativity and to find our connection with the God energy.

We have discussed some of the miracles of the human body, and last week you learned something about the first four of our seven bodies.

Those spiritual, unseen, bodies have a great influence on our lives in that certain energy centres within our etheric bodies are activated and eventually opened up, by OUR FEELINGS – the way we perceive things to BE. (Maybe not actually the way they ARE!)

Included is a chart showing the location of these energy centres, the areas they affect, the emotions they promote, and the popular belief of what colours they are (this varies in different belief systems). In our early learning days I took many questions about the chakras to Spirit. We were told that they did play an important role, we were even given a chakra meditation to work with for several months (this will be printed in my second book The God Light). Then one night they refused to answer any more questions on the subject! I could not understand this, I felt that the chakras played a VITAL role – but all questions put forward received a resounding ‘NO’. So we had to leave it at that.

It was three and half years later before we came back to chakras, and THEN I realised that we had had to go away and do a whole lot of learning in other areas before we could come back to this subject with AWARENESS – an ability to look BEYOND what most books tell us about the chakra system and how it affects us. We will go into those deeper meanings in the higher level classes, for now I was told to ‘keep it simple’, and introduce you to it gradually – in just the same way that we learned about them.

The baby in the womb has all seven centres open, or activated, but when we are born the majority of these close down DEPENDING upon the type of circumstances we are born into: There is the family that is really looking forward to the birth of this baby – and so it will be born into a positive, loving atmosphere. Then there is the circumstance where this is an unwanted baby – ‘we can’t afford another one!; ‘I haven’t got time to have another child’; ‘I don’t WANT a baby – HELP!’ And so that baby is born into a negative atmosphere. In actual fact, a baby is born PRECISELY when it is supposed to be, and through the two sets of genes that it needs, and the scenario is PERFECT. It is only US that thinks this is terribly wrong timing here!

The majority of females only have the first three chakras activated, and males only the first two.

THEY CAN ONLY OPEN IN ORDER – from the root chakra upwards.

THEY CANNOT BE DONE FOR LOTS OF MONEY BY SOMEONE ELSE! ONLY YOU CAN DO IT. There is chakra BALANCING, which will help to bring balance into your system – but that does not actually activate the rest of the system. If you go out the door feeling better, but THINKING and ACTING in the same old way – you will soon be out of balance again!

Most books will tell you there are only 7 main chakras, with hundreds of minor ones. White Eagle teachings talk about there being 8. We have learned that in the first stage of our coming into balance that 12 positive chakras and 10 negative chakras are involved, and the opening up and closing down of these depends entirely on the way YOU look at life and the people in it.

If you have a belief in trying to live your life to the best of your ability, trying not to judge others, trying to help others etc. – then you will activate the rest of your positive chakras and weaken the negative ones. If you get very much wrapped up in the belief of EVIL, the DEVIL, a WRATHFUL GOD, you will activate your NEGATIVE chakras and weaken the positive ones.

As you activate each chakra your physical body vibrations heighten, and the colour of the chakras, when the 7th one is opened, will all merge into White Light. Just as the diamond, a white stone, sends off all the rainbow colours when light is directed through it. The chakras are the facets of our True Self; the keys used for the emergence of our Self. WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING IS THAT THE HIGHER SELF IS STARTING TO MERGE INTO THE PHYSICAL BODY TO HELP IT TOWARDS PERFECTION IN EVERY WAY. REMEMBER EVERYTHING STARTS IN THE INVISIBLE FIRST BEFORE IT CAN APPEAR IN THE PHYSICAL.

When each chakra is fully activated by the way you have dealt with certain circumstances in a positive way, it will start to activate the NEXT one , creating a NEW set of circumstances – which you have drawn TO yourself  in order to overcome, and so on; so that you become more and more aware of how you are creating your life circumstance. YOU ARE BECOMING AN AWARE CREATOR, you are starting to tap into that Universal Energy of God that is all around us and within us.

With the activation of the heart, throat and third eye chakras you will AUTOMATICALLY start to experience PSYCHIC things. You will find lots of  ‘coincidences’ happening to help you along: the right books turning up, the right people coming onto your path to help you. THIS IS THE STAGE THAT MOST PEOPLE ARE AT BY THE TIME THEY FIND US, because you are like a MAGNET attracting them TO you.

ALL THAT IS MEANT FOR YOUR EXPERIENCE IS PUT ON YOUR PATH. IT COMES TO YOU. My Mum always used to say, “What is for you will never pass you by.” And that is so true. It is at this stage in the class that we go around and ask each person how they met their partner/s. Invariably it was either through a friend, a work colleague, at a dance, at the pub, etc. There are often quite complicated scenarios that brought it all about, but 99 times out of a 100 WE did not seem to have a hand in it! There are the occasional ones that seemingly MADE it happen by either placing or answering a ‘lonely hearts’ ad, but when we ask further they had either been told by someone else, or dared by friends – and anyway, we KNOW Who prompted that thought in the first place!


While these psychic things are happening you could experience ‘feeling’ presences; ‘seeing’ in your meditations, or even in physical life; getting premonitions that come true for yourself or for others. Automatic writing; voice channelling – etc. these are all very new and exciting, BUT DON’T GET STUCK IN THEM BECAUSE THEY AE NOT THE ULTIMATE. ALL PSYCHIC THINGS ARE CREATED BY OUR OWN ENERGY and misuse of this energy can result – at the least, in physical burn-out, or at the worst, in developing your NEGATIVE chakras instead – TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COST.

The first steps as the heart, throat and third eye chakra centres are activated, are using your own energy within your bubble in the process. This naturally leads to feeling very tired and washed out the more you work with the energies. The way to counteract that is to ASK Spirit for energy! They cannot project it to us until we do that asking. As you then receive it you can actually feel it coursing into your body via the feet. It is not until the upper chakra centres are activated that you feel it then coursing in through the top of the head. When you feel that, THEN you have connected with the higher energies. KEEP ASKING FOR THAT UNTIL YOU EXPERIENCE IT.

A lot of people get stuck at the glamour of the happenings of the 6th chakra; channelling, etc. It seems to be the ULTIMATE to have contact with a guide, but a lot of people never query at what level that guide speaks to them from, and it could be someone who is very close to the earth plane, and who has had even less spiritual activity than yourself!

My first contact was with Peter, through the writings. He worked with me for several months, during which time I experienced great tiredness, and many physical health problems – as well as the joy of having made actual contact. Then one day he announced that he had taken me as far as he was able, and that soon a new guide would be working with me. His name was Lucern, and he would be just as loving, and teach me to new levels. I was fairly new to this, the thought of losing Peter so soon was upsetting to me. Also I was not comfortable with that name Lucern – it was a bit too close to LUCIFER for my liking! I still had many fears and superstitions in my thinking in those days!

However, Peter took me gently along until one night he announced that he was now handing me over to Lucern. I was in tears, and he had to say to me that he had forgotten the pain of parting on the Earth plane, for over there they were aware that parting was never for ever. And so Peter left and Lucern began to work with me. He did not use the medium of writing for long, for his job was to introduce me to voice channelling. What a thrill that was, now the endless questions could be answered so much quicker, and we had many visitors just waiting to come through..

Most nights we could not start our Spiritual work until we went to bed at about 11, as we were running our own business at the time which involved long hours, and very often, seven days a week. Now Jim became actively involved, he would ask scores of questions, on all types of topics, faithfully recording the answers – and we have 32 tapes of that particular phase of our work. So most nights we worked well into the early hours, which was exciting – but also very wearing. One Spring morning I was directed to take my very tired body out into the garden, strip off, and just soak in the prana (energy) of the sun. (Luckily we had a very private garden!) As I thankfully lay down I felt like I almost melted into the ground, and a voice told me “We can speak to you 24 hours a day, but you, at this stage, cannot ANSWER us 24 hours a day. You must come into control of this; YOU call the tune, YOU say when you want to do it, and for how long – YOU MUST BE IN CONTROL. And that was a major turning point in stopping using my own energy, and tapping into the Universal Energy. The next stage was a sound lesson  in not being influenced by the ego in these matters…..

A friend, lets call her Jane, and her daughter had not experienced a table session, they had a lot of questions to ask, and so a session was arranged. On the day two people had to drop out at the last minute – our energies were not strong enough at that stage to be able to do it without them, and so we tried to cancel the session. I was unable to reach Jane all day, and so they arrived that evening all excited to see this table. Their faces fell when we had to tell them that it could not happen. We had been doing the voice channelling for quite some time now, but never for other people, so to avoid their disappointment we offered them to ask their questions in that manner instead. And so we sat – for several hours, getting the answers for them. The method I used was to concentrate on a high pitched sound in my left ear, and at the same time to focus on a point about an arms length out from the ear. I drew an invisible line from my ear to that point, and from my third eye to that point – creating a triangular energy field. As long as I held those in focus I knew that I was not influencing the channel in any way. I did not go into trance state in order to channel, but I did become deeply relaxed, and I could not think or question what came into my mouth – otherwise the contact was severed. During the evening the words came out of my mouth that Jane and her husband would be divorced the following year! My heart contracted – I would NEVER have said a thing like that. I almost lost contact through that happening, but then regained it and we went on with the session.

When they went home, after midnight, they seemed happy enough with what they had received, and the very next day a couple of the predictions came true. But on the third day I received a call from the daughter – “My Mother has had a raging migraine ever since our visit, how dare you tell her that she is going to divorce her partner!”. My reply was “You are quite right, it has not sat right with me, and I will never do it again,.” On hanging up the phone I went straight to the bedroom to have a serious word with my Friends! It was virtually along the lines that although I loved this contact, if this was going to hurt people - then they could choose someone else. Unless this could be only positive work, then I was not interested. I had no idea if this was going to break my contact with Spirit – or what, but I felt it had to be done. I didn’t end up a pile of ashes on the bed! Instead, Lucern immediately withdrew; his task having been completed – he had led me up to and through the lesson of not letting the ego take over, and the sense of right and wrong going out the window. Aesop then stepped forward, the voice channelling stopped, the writing resumed, and  now the quality was so much better – I had earned my first Teacher.

So many people come through our classes who have had negative readings from mediums, and it affects them deeply. Unless that medium has a high contact, you will only ever receive half-truths – for very often they get their ‘wires crossed’, and part of your message could be for the medium themselves! ALWAYS TAKE IT TO YOUR HEART; if it sits right – it’s yours. If it doesn’t – disregard. I know mediums have a role to play, but the ultimate is for you to tap into the Teacher within. And as you start to work with the Light and cooperate with the Universe – instead of going against it – you will find that you will get your OWN Truths, and you will take responsibility for your own life - which is the way it should be.

Jane and her partner are still married eight years later. The message was a half-truth one; if they continued on in the same vein, they could be divorced within the year. If they did not WANT to be divorced – then they could work on it, and alter the prediction – we always have our free will.

BALANCE is the answer;  we need to learn to HANDLE both the positive and negative to generate the power to activate our SPIRITUAL energy centres, in which our PHYSICAL energy is not used up. Once we tap into the Spiritual Universal Energy that is all around us to help our journey through life, then we have unlimited energy at our fingertips for all aspects of our life.

The opening of the 7th chakra brings you the awareness of this energy and the gradual knowledge of how to tap into it.

A LOT OF PEOPLE GET STUCK AT NUMBER 6, it all seems so miraculous to us, all these new happenings, BUT THERE CAN BE MUCH BETTER THINGS AHEAD. From the point of the 7th chakra opening the body will be almost completely filled with the Light – but that is then the END of the AUTOMATIC process. The remaining chakras 8 to 12 can only be activated because you WANT to do it, and in full AWARENESS; because all those things that have happened up TO THAT POINT can be carried out WITHOUT YOU HAVING ANY AWARENESS OF THE PROCESS WHAT-SO-EVER.

AT THIS POINT you will have certain powers and abilities, and the urge to go still further into the unknown will force you into MAKING THE DECISION IN FULL AWARENESS of which path you wish to tread. It is at this stage that people either decide on the Spiritual path, or the occult – THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN AUTOMATICALLY – it is our CHOICE. We have created the circumstances to come into our life whereby we KNOWINGLY activate the 8th positive chakra, then the 9th – the Christ Energy within ourselves, then the 10th – the God Energy within.


The 8th negative chakra; then the 9th negative: the anti-Christ energy; then the 10th negative: the anti-God energy within.

By the time the 7th chakra is fully open we have created a balance between the negative and positive chakras in our body. We need this balance of energy in exactly the same way that the car battery needs positive and negative terminals; to create ENERGY. This energy ACTIVATES the POWER within us to let these positive or negative forces into our FULL AWARENESS.

Whichever path we choose we will start the process of shutting down the opposing chakras. If you have chosen the negative path you are effectively severing your link to the loving God, and you have chosen the hardest path to be able to find Him again. It is a path of self-destruction, which looks very inviting initially – we have listened to many stories of people using the ouija board, unprotected and ‘under the influence’. To their amazement (and usually, amusement) they have got contact and been told some pretty amazing stuff, including predictions which often came true rapidly. In this way they were hooked in, beginning to use it more and more – then getting frightening stuff. Yes, that negative path is very wide and inviting initially.

The Spiritual path, however, is quire the reverse. It IS narrow and difficult to begin with, there are many tests and we stumble and fall frequently. In this way I think Spirit is sorting out the wheat from the chaff! But the further along it you go, the wider and smoother it becomes – you only need to look at the people who have truly found it; their glow speaks for itself! We have often been challenged – “Prove it, then I’ll believe.” Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that – you have to believe FIRST - THEN the proofs come.

It is natural for us to be curious about the black side, and interesting – though repulsive sometimes – to read about it. I think that in order for us to learn the truths we have to look at BOTH sides of the coin, then make our decisions from there. Spirit often teaches me in this way by sending two opposing books for me to read. This was the case when I read ‘The Search for Abraxus’ written by two Australian men, it researches the rise and fall of Satanic cults. An example was a branch of The Golden Dawn which was headed by Alistair Crowley in Britain in the 1930’s. Here was a group of extremely rich men who had everything in life – it seemed – but normal life had lost its challenge, and so they turned to the occult. In the described rituals there was no mention of God or the Light, it was all about self-gratification and self-power. Every member was researched, and everyone of them suffered ill health and poverty in their latter years. The entire sect self-destructed.

The other book was about Hildegarde of Bingen, a Benedictine abbess who lived 1098 – 1179. In Germany she was a woman far ahead of her time, establishing three monasteries, and educating thousands. She focused solely on God, and talked very much of The Light. Everything she touched flourished and grew, and her life was full and productive right up until the time she died. Reading of these two extremes showed me that I was on the right path – this is NOT about the human self, it is all about finding our Spiritual Self, only good can come from that.

The Universal Mind, or God, knows neither good NOR evil – it is completely neutral. EVIL IS THE RESULT OF MAN’S THOUGHT, NOT GOD’S. I was asked once what were the traits of the negative chakra system in the human, seeing as only the positive ones are listed, Spirit gave me the following:-

As in the positive chakra system, the chakras in the negative system have current flowing through them, and the way the human system is developed in terms of energy will determine the amount of current flowing through. As each negative chakra is fully activated definite traits within the human nature will then become predominant. What comes first – the influence of the chakra, or the influence of the human nature? It is an equal combination.


A person whose groin chakras are fully activated has a perverse understanding of the sexual act. It is developed in lust, not love, and used as a power.

A person whose knee chakras are fully developed refuses to yield to the Higher Power.

A person whose feet chakras are fully developed cannot, and will not, tread The Path – by now they will have created their own path towards self-destruction.

A person who has fully developed the anti-Christ energy within, which is in the area of the spleen, will be developed in all qualities that are anti-Christ in nature; hate instead of love; vengeance instead of mercy; self-love with no thought of fellow man.

A person who has fully developed the anti-God energy within, which is around the area of the liver, will have all the qualities that are against God’s Laws. God is a Creator, the anti-God UN-creates himself.

The human traits that are influenced by the chakras, whether positive or negative, are there TO A DEGREE in every person. Each has the free will to develop these traits and to bring them to their full potential. The traits listed above would be those of a person who has CONSCIOUSLY chosen to follow and develop the negative energy. In so doing, they shut down all the positive chakras and their associated personality traits. The reverse applies to the person who consciously chooses to develop their positive energy.


It is vital to learn as much as we can about ourselves, both physically and spiritually. Knowledge brings understanding. Understanding removes fear. The average human is only one half of his potential, it is up to US to become fully realised while here on earth.

This little piece was handed in, and I think it says it beautifully:

There is an Indian belief that everyone is a house of four rooms: a physical, a mental, an emotional and a spiritual room. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time; but unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not complete.






I know and recognise my oneness with all things. I know that all form and all circumstance are the creation of an infinite intelligence that is in and around me. I know that all things are the result of conception and desire, that my world is ordered according to my own thoughts and convictions. Therefore I concentrate on harmony. I see nothing but order and constructiveness all about me. I do not accept thoughts of destructiveness and disharmony. In my friends, my loved ones, my fellow workers, I see nothing but cooperation and assistance. I know that we all seek the same answers and the same goals. I know that each person must follow a different path toward his vision, and I understand the searchings and the copings of everyone I know and see. I have sympathy and tolerance for all things and all people. I know that inasmuch as I help others I help myself. In my brother’s eye there is my own soul. In my friend’s smile there is my own humour. In my neighbour’s sorrow there is my own loss. I have compassion and understanding for all things, for this life in which I have my being strives for understanding of itself. I deny error; it is simply progress toward truth. I know that it is impossible to fail when faith is present. I do not order things to be made in my time or in my place, but trust the Universal Mind in its own great knowledge of the time and the place and the need and the way. Each moment of each day brings my life closer to realisation. The objects of my work are being accomplished this very minute. Success and harmony, peace and confidence are mine.