Lesson 24
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My Love Cannot Be Forced


My Love cannot be forced
just like a small seed you must grow into what you were born to be.
An acorn cannot become a willow tree
Nor an apple seed a pine.
The seed will grow as planned. No matter where it is planted,
It will take from the soil only the elements it needs for its own growth.
All your elements are in Me,
And I am with you constantly.

Take from Me what you need
Leaving the rest to others whose needs are different.
When the tree has grown to completeness
It merges once more with the soil
Returning the elements it once took.
So when you are grown fully
You will merge once more with Me,
Fulfilling Me with your own special beauty and uniqueness.





FIG.1.  In unaware man his energy field is more negative energy than positive energy. As he lives his life in a positive way he draws more negative energy into his energy field from the Earth’s polarity, and part of his task is to cope with this and remain positive in his thinking and actions.


He has a four-pole magnet within his being: A negative pole on the left side of the spine and a positive pole on the right side of the spine. A negative pole at the position of the root chakra, but within the physical body, and a positive pole at the 12th chakra in the 7th body. The level of the heart chakra is the neutral rod between the two polarities.


FIG.2.  Initially the negative energy of the earth is drawn upwards through the position of the root chakra into the physical body and this energy will then move to either side of the spine. The energy moving to the right side changes polarity to positive. This positive energy then curves around the sacral chakra and crosses the spine to the opposite side and in so doing changes polarity to negative. The energy continues a zigzag course up the body changing polarities as it crosses the spine at the nodes between the chakra areas. This continues till the energy meets resistance – an unactivated chakra –, which then makes the energy dissipate back into the person’s energy field. Realizing that the average male has only the first two chakras fully activated, and the average female the first three, that means that most people are walking around highly activated in the lower chakra areas (which are all about sexuality and materialism) and very weak in the upper areas (which are all about our Spiritualizing process).


FIG.3.  The energy entering the body will rise till it has gone around the 6th chakra position and this will only happen through right living and feeling.


FIG.4.    Consciously taking steps to follow a spiritual path will then allow a positive energy to enter the person’s energy field through the eighth chakra (the crown chakra of the etheric body). The path of this energy will follow a similar zigzag path around the 9th and 10th chakras, the energy point of the 5th body and the 11th and 12th chakras. The level of this flow of energy will depend on the progress of the person.


When the energy flow has reached its maximum and gone around the 12th chakra the polarities of the person will reverse – because you cannot have similar poles together as they repel (opposite poles attract). Therefore the pole of the root chakra position will become positive - to be the opposite of the earth’s polarity, and the pole at the 12th chakra will become negative – the opposite of Spirit polarity.

Once this takes place the 7th chakra then becomes the neutral rod between the poles.


FIG.5.  When purification takes place our energy becomes a single positive polarity, and as a single polarity cannot exist the energy field then sends out neutral feelers (the antakarana thread) to connect with God’s own neutral energy field, and in connecting - so the person’s energy field becomes completely neutral and the person a perfected being – as in FIG.6. YOU become the neutral rod.


From the vast expanse of ocean
A single wave smashes its life against the rocks.
So are born a myriad of tiny droplets
Some to fly shining with light high in the air,
Others to froth and foam never reaching the heights
Or reflecting the sun’s rays.
However high the wave smashes or the spray flies,
The droplets must become one again with the sheltering depths;
The source of their separate birth, which cherishes every drop.
Their short life seems as nothing to the ceaseless strength of the
parent ocean,
But without them the ocean would become stagnant and dull,
Having no experience of anything but its great self.


Here then is the final chapter from Joseph Benner’s, ‘The Impersonal Life’. I have interspersed it with the beautiful verses of Gail Thompson, a class member, who has found that wonderful inner connection and very much LIVES it and expresses it in her verse and art.

This last chapter really put everything together for me, showing me throughout the book that we were right on track, and now revealing the next stage  - it gave us the confidence to carry on.



You, who truly wish to consecrate yourself thus to Me, and are willing to give your whole life to Me, putting aside all personal ideas, hopes and aims, in order that I may freely and fully express through you My Impersonal idea, listen carefully to these Words.

I have led you through all your experiences of life up to just this point. If you are now really ready and willing to serve Me, and have learned that you, of yourself, can know nothing and can do nothing, and that I AM, and what you call your intelligence and your strength and your substance are really Mine, and that it is I who direct all your thoughts and both cause and enable you to do all that you do, - then can you comprehend the significance of My Words, and are quite prepared to obey them.

I have hitherto brought to you the experiences that would teach you just these things. But now, if you are ready and worthy, you shall work consciously with Me, joyfully yet calmly awaiting each new experience, knowing that in each are contained marvellous expressions of My Meaning, which I will make altogether clear to you, and which will more and more bring you into loving intimate union with Me.

Thus all experiences will hereafter be blessings, instead of trials and tests, or karmic effects of previous acts; for in each will I disclose unto you glorious visions of My Reality – of your own True, Wonderful Self; until you no longer will have any disposition to follow any of the old desires, but will seek only to know My wishes and to please Me.

This will manifest in many new ways. In your activities, be they what they may, you will care not what the task, but do whatever lies before you, knowing that is what I require; and striving always and only to please Me by your Impersonal part in the doing, which enables Me thus speedily to accomplish My Will.

In your business even, you will find I AM there. In fact, it is I Who provide you with such business, whatever it be; not that in it you can be the success – or the failure – or the common plodder you are. Not that you can pile up riches for your descendants – or lose all that you have – or never accumulate any. No, but that through the success or failure, or lack of ambition or special ability, I may quicken your heart to a realisation of Me, the Impersonal One, seated within; inspiring and directing all these things that you do, waiting for you consciously to participate in the true Success and accept of the real Riches I have in store for you.

(When I read that paragraph, RIGHT THERE was the reason for our business and the way it went! We bought it the very month I joined my first psychic group, and as I began to develop Spiritually and influence my husband as well (though not consciously), so our business was used as a very effective tool for us to face and overcome our fears around money and security. We became so burdened and trapped by it, that finally there was no other HUMAN who could help us out of this mess – and so it was the very effective means to turn us to God. That sentence told me that it was not through any fault of ours that the business had failed, and even though Spirit had been assuring me of that all along, this ‘proof’ from the book dissolved the last doubts away. And the following paragraph then explained the bigger picture.)

You will then learn that your business, or labour, or condition of life, are but incidents, or the outer vehicles I choose and use to carry you through certain experiences which I deem best adapted to bring you to this realisation; and at the same time to quicken in you certain Soul qualities that now but imperfectly express.


The Person I am Meant to Be

  The person I am meant to be
Is hiding deep inside.
I glimpse it in my quietest moments
It haunts me in my dreams.
When I least expect it, it whispers to me
From some forgotten corner of by being.
I see its light shining in loved one’s eyes
And children speak it in their innocence,
Before they are taught what to be.

  It is the true reflection of my maker,
The image of God; my true Self.
To become my Self is the reason I am here,
The reason I live, the reason I die.
My life is a search for the source of being,
My search for the Self which is common to all.
My quiet moments of meditation will give it the strength
To gradually come out of hiding,
Until I become at last
The person I am meant to be.


If you can but know Me, dwelling thus in your heart, accompanying you to your office, to your shop, to your labour, whatever it be, and will permit Me to direct your business and all your ways; verily I say unto you, when you can do this, you will at once become conscious of a new Power within you, a Power that will flow forth from you as a gentle, kindly sympathy, a true brotherliness, a loving helpfulness to all with whom you come in contact, inspiring them to higher principles of business and of life, creating in them a longing to shed a similar influence within their own circles. A Power that will attract to you business, money, friends, an abundance of all things you need; a Power that will connect you within the highest realms of thought, enabling you both to vision clearly and to manifest consciously all My Impersonal Powers and Attributes every moment of your life.

(That is so true – EVERYTHING we do now is with God as the main focus, and when you can do that you will find that He is the best Accountant, Bank Manager, P.R. Person you could possibly hope for – and his only fee is LOVE. Over the years we have literally been trained to follow our hearts, wait for the prompts to either move, or stay still – no matter how long that might be for, understanding that God sees the bigger picture and knows all the cycles. Quite willing to leave it all in His Capable Hands and just do the work that is required of us, in that way living always in peace, security and happiness – what more could you want?)

You will no longer feel any need to go to church, to any religious meetings of any kind, or even to read the teachings of My Revelations – in order to find Me and to worship me.

Instead you will turn within and always find Me there, and you will be so filled with the joy of communing with and serving Me, and of thus worshipping Me, that you will care not for any other thing than just to listen to and obey My Voice, and to feel the warmth and thrill of My Tender Love, as It fills and surrounds you and prepares the way and softens the conditions wherever you go, and whatever be your work.

You I will cause to be an uplifting and leavening influence in the community wherever I send you, drawing all men to Me to receive My Blessing through you - who now are able so to make your personality subservient to My Holy Impersonality that they forget you and see only Me, and feel the quickening of My Presence within their own hearts; so that they go forth with a new light in their eyes and the sense of a new purpose in their lives.

(One day in class when I read that last bit a lady interrupted and said, “Excuse Me Jackie. When I first came to these classes I put you up on a pedestal and you were my guru,” I instantly winced mentally – for that is the very LAST thing we want to be for people, “but now I realise that you and I are EQUAL.”

The class gasped in horror at that one, tee-hee, but my reply was, “GOOD! That means that I have done my job very well. Yes, we are SPIRITUALLY equal – and you are no longer connecting with my human self, but my Spiritual Self. EXCELLENT, That’s what we want.”)

In your homes particularly will I dwell. Through those nearest you will I teach you many wonderful things, which now you can understand, when before you passionately rebelled against their truth.

(Yes, watch that one! Right in your home are the biggest challenges – the way your family reacts and interacts and how you cope with that; you will be taught to see the bigger picture of how POSITIVE and PERFECT this really is. Also the way they respond to how you are changing – sometimes reacting in fear – and coming to the realisation that Love and Light will heal all. Your greatest opportunity to OVERCOME lies right there in your family.)

When you can thus see Me, then will the heavens be opened unto you, and no more will you see flaws in your brother, or hear inharmony around you, or feel unkindness coming from any other fellow being. For you will know that I, the Impersonal One, within that other, AM the fount of all perfection, of all harmony, of all loving kindness, and wait but for the human personality to make the recognition, step submissively aside, and let My Light shine forth, resplendent in all the glory of My Divine Idea.

Then will you see that all conditions in which I put you are the places I have chosen where you can best serve Me; that in all places and in all conditions there is much, very much to do. The more objectionable they are to the personality the more need there is of My Living Presence.

(In other words, all past negative experiences, whatever they were; family traumas, deaths of loved ones, illnesses, partnership problems, addictions of all kinds – were TRAINING GROUND for the task ahead. As we overcome and rise away from that, we really ARE the most qualified to help others in like circumstances. And it doesn’t mean that you are going to have to live in that scenario forever in your working for God. No, your life will be abundant and joyous as you help these lost ones who are drawn to you for your experiences to help them to overcome.)

Wherever you are when the awakening comes, whatever has been your  training, - in business, in a profession, in manual labour, in the church, or in the underworld, - there lies perhaps your best opportunity to serve; for there you know best the manner and the way. For how can My and Your other selves awaken to a knowledge of My Presence within, without the quickening influence which must first come from without. You who have received must give. You who have been quickened must become the quickener. You must take into this business, into this profession, into this labour into this underworld, My Living Presence, must open the doors of the saddened and sickened heart and let My Light and My Healing Love pour in. You must supply the leaven that will leaven the lump. If these conditions are to be lifted up, you, My awakened one, must carry to these, My ignorant and betrayed ones, My Inspiration, My Blessing, My Strength, that they can rise up and throw off the influence of the world’s ways, can hearken to My Voice within, and can hereafter be the master of surrounding conditions and no longer the slave. No condition in life can be lifted up or conquered by running away from it. The Divine touch is needed and must be supplied. It can only be supplied by one who has sounded the depths as well as reached the heights of human experience, with Me as Guide and Interpreter.



  As the waterfall pours down the mountain
To fill the waiting pool,
So My Love flows freely from My Soul
To fill your aching heart.
And as the pool must overflow to form a river
So will My Love overflow in you,
Pouring forth to others to slowly fill them with My Joy.
The mountain makes no effort to shake the water from its peak
The water flows of its own will.
The pool makes no effort to overflow and flood the land,
It is nature’s law that the water spread.
So it is My Law that My Love spreads and flows at last to every soul
Refreshing and renewing them as water does the soil.


You who read, and whose Soul comprehends, are blessed, and your work lies before you.

But you who still hesitate while your personality quakes in fear as the Light filters through your clouded intellect, - you too will soon partake of My Blessings; for I AM rapidly preparing you for the joy that awaits.

Both you who comprehend and you who fear, know that I AM even now manifesting My Will through you; and the time will surely come when you will know no other Will but Mine, and when all things You Will, will come to pass and you will awaken fully from your Dream of Separation, and know Me as your Real and Only Self.

This will not be until you have given yourself and everything in your life wholly over to Me, and there is nothing left in your human personality to attract from others the slightest inharmonious thought or feeling, by act or word of yours.

(A lot of people balk at the thought of giving everything up to God – possessions, family etc, but what this means really is to give up all your fears around those things to God for Him to resolve. In doing that you no longer are negative or possessive about them; what you are finally giving up to God is your negative HUMAN self – which you no longer need when you have found your Spiritual Self. It is not a case of giving everything away and going and living in a cave any more, LIFE IS the Initiation, and we must FACE it and DEAL with it in order to find the Spiritual Life.)

Your way then will be one continuous round of blessing. Wherever you go will My Light shine and My Love radiate forth about you, creating Peace, Concord, Unity. The great thing will be, though not great but natural when once you understand, that everyone will be better and happier by reason of your appearance in their lives.

For the I AM in them, while still in the flesh, has found or sensed within you a truly Impersonal avenue of expression, and therefore feels, though not consciously by the personality, the Glory and the Holiness of My Impersonal Life.



The Pleasure of Knowing You

The pleasure of knowing You,
And the pain of not knowing You enough,
Keeps me forever searching
For the path which belongs to me alone,
And yet is the way for all
If they but knew it.
The way may be steep
But I will cling tightly to the mountain
Reaching for Your hand to guide me.
The ocean may be stormy,
But I will float with it
Your love will be a raft
To bear me over the waves.
And my ending here
Will be but a new beginning
A new point from which to focus
My love on You,
Another step in the journey we all make
Until our love is perfect in Your Sight
And we ‘are’ Your Love.


To finish this set of lessons there is one more lovely analogy, which picks up on the theme with which we started this: The Initiate in the Maze.



One morning a young man came to the Master saying, “Master, I wish to understand my path on earth better. I wish to know why it is that I seem to carry my past and relive it again and again. Why is it that I cannot get past my past?”

The Master smiled at the young man who seemed to be earnestness itself. “Go forward into the Maze in the garden. But carry this backpack as you walk the maze. It will help you stay focused and balanced. Be careful, as it is quite heavy though,” the Master said.

The young man took the backpack from the Master who handed it over quite easily. But when the young man had it firmly in his grasp he was astonished at how heavy it really was! Placing the shoulder straps over his arms and bent over from the sheer weight of the pack, he strode towards the Maze. He was surprised to see it was not a garden maze, but was built of silk panels that were nearly translucent.

The young man paused before entering the maze and then stood and walked into it. Immediately he found himself facing a solid wall of silk. However, he could see just enough through the silk to other areas of the maze to make out others there at the same time. He could ‘see’ them and hear them but they were not part of his path.

The weight upon his shoulders reminded him of why he was there, so he put the thoughts of the others out of his head. Walking forward, he found himself hopelessly trapped. It seemed that no matter which direction he walked, there was no way to proceed forward. Baffled the young man sat down and pondered his situation.

“The Master told me to walk the maze but it seems un-walk-able. Yet, there are others here who are obviously ahead of me. They must have figured out a way to get through this section. How did they do that? Are they smarter than I am? Did they cheat? Did they crawl under the silk, as that would be really a simple matter and who would ever know?” The young man weighed his options and then rose, deciding to not sneak under the silk. As he stood and turned, an opening appeared before him as though by magic and he moved forward.

Soon, he faced another series of solid silk panels and could see no opening or direction to walk other than the one he had come from. Again he sat down and thought of his situation. He had gotten through the first test he felt, by reflecting upon his options and then choosing to take the one that was for his highest good. Stating again his affirmation that he would desire to walk the maze only with positive intent he stood, ready to face his opening. But none was there. He still faced a blank series of panels.

The young man was baffled. He had felt that surely he would be rewarded as before for his desire to proceed only within his highest good. The weight of his backpack cut into his shoulders, bringing him sharply back to reality. What was it that weighed so much? What had the Master placed in it to weight it down? Rocks? Bricks? It did not feel hard and unforgiving like those items, it felt soft yet heavy. What could possibly be soft and yielding yet heavy enough to weigh him down like this?

Pulling the backpack off of his shoulders, he opened it and peaked inside. “The Master did not tell to not look,” he reasoned. It was EMPTY! Yet it had weight! “How could this be?’ he wondered. Picking it back up, he again felt how heavy it was yet it was empty! Again he glanced inside and this time felt with his hands. Empty!

But the weight!!! Placing it upon his shoulders he stood. He asked himself what it was that he had just learned from this experience. He heard a voice clearly say, “Look inside of you, young man, for the weight lies there.”

As he walked he looked at his life and his path. He thought of his childhood and the friends and enemies who had caused him harm. He thought of how stuck he had been by their feelings of him, their attitudes towards him. He remembered how angry he was with one particular boy who had taunted him unmercifully. This boy was hated to this day by the young man. The pack became even heavier as the student re-created and re-lived the experience within his mind and heart.

“Ahhh! I understand now. I carry the weight of that which burdens me. I am the weight! I therefore have it within me to unburden myself as well. The student was joyous with this insight and then saw and walked his way through a series of panels of silk.

He thought of how he could unburden the weight of those he still despised and resented for their treatment of him. He knew that they were not there with him in the maze so he could not expect them to say, “I am sorry” and thus lessen the weight and allow him to go forward easily.

“I forgive you wherever you are,” he found himself saying to his own amazement. The weight of the pack lessened immediately and he was able to walk without bending forward at the waist.

“Ah ha!” the young one exclaimed. “Through my intent to forgive, I unburden myself of this weight which hinders my journey. But how can this be? For they were the ones who wronged me. Yet my forgiving of them unweights me?” The young one’s head swum with the implications. And another series of openings appeared before him in the panels of silk. His pack was considerably lighter, but still weighed enough for his mind to stay focused upon it.

“Oh Great Spirit, I ask you to help me see what it is that you are showing me here. How do I make my way through this maze? How do I release myself of the full weight that I carry with me?” It was at that moment that a beam of sunlight hit him squarely in the face, warming him. He suddenly realised that his pack had lightened again with the warmth of the sun!

“What does this mean, God? Why do you lighten my pack with sunlight? What are you showing me?”

It was then that he found himself remembering a ‘woman’ that he had kissed when he was thirteen. It was his first kiss of adulthood and he remembered her clearly. His heart raced with the remembrance of her taste upon his lips and his love for her. His pack lightened considerably this time. “Thank You God for your considerable wisdom in this. I see now how I am to unburden myself completely. It is through my loving AND forgiving those who have been in my way and have wronged me previously. It is not their wronging of me that has hindered me. It is my holding on to that wronging that has stopped me. By seeing myself as one who has been wronged, I could not go forward in the maze. And by seeing myself as one who was without love I could not lessen the weight of the pack. As I forgive and bring love within me, I make my journey easier.”

The young man felt his heart swell in size as he felt these insights. He felt his heart race with joy, as it knew its lesson to him was being heard.

The pack weighed nothing now and the young man took if off and held it lightly in his hands. He stood before a solid silk wall now and could see neither an opening nor his way to where he had just come from; He was surrounded by solid silk!

However, instead of panicking, he sat and breathed in this mantra. “I Am the Light and the Way. I carry within me all manner of healing and knowing. It is through this healing and knowing that I make my way through this earthly maze. I am able to carry forth of the journey through this maze and I am able to release my entrapment. I alone have the ability to solve this riddle and I ask now to have it done. I breathe in full acceptance of my path and its possibilities. God I recognize that I was the impediment, not anyone or anything else. I am LIGHT and I am LOVE. Thus being so FREES me and allows me to soar above the physical realm. In this I re-discover myself, which is my True Self, God. Thank you for helping me to see this. I so love you.”

At this, the young man felt his feet rise slightly above the earth! He floated above the silk panels and could clearly see the others stuck within the maze.

Their darknesses were carried around in their own packs and held them stuck. His head again swum with the implications of what was happening to him at that moment. But he focused not on that, but on the fact that he was flying! He was soaring! He was above the earth in his lightness! He was outside of the Maze! Spying the ground around the maze, he thought of being there and staying outside of the maze. And at once, he was. By thinking it and seeing it, it became.

The Master was at his side as he touched down. “Master, thank you for placing my weight so severely upon my shoulders as you did. Were it not so heavy, I would have gladly carried it longer and longer for it would have not hindered me all that much. But as it weighed me down so greatly, I had to get rid of the weight first before I could do anything else.”

“How did you free yourself of your weight, my son?” the Master asked, his face was alight with joy and love as he did so.

“I found myself forgiving those who had wronged me, Master. It was my pain in response to their actions that made me hold on to the pain inside of myself. When I let it go, Master, I watched it soar away from me and felt myself growing lighter.” The student’s face shone with love as he spoke.

“Ah!” said the Master. “And what of the maze itself? That is impossible to walk through. There is no way out.”

“Oh Master. The most beautiful thing happened. I began to fly after losing the weight. I saw myself as light and love itself as I found it within me to forgive and forget those that had harmed me, had wronged me. It was my darkness that had caused my weight and it was my lightness that freed me to fly. By BEING light and love, I floated Master, and found myself outside of the maze. I was freed from its confines, above its entrapments. Master, I see now that I cause my own weight that holds me down. That I keep me trapped in my past. That I, alone, am responsible for the manner in which I walk this maze. By releasing those entrapping thoughts, those weighting down feelings and allowing me to feel love and light, I soared above it all. Did I do wrong by getting out of the maze in this way, Master?” The young man was earnestness itself as he awaited the Master’s answer.

“What do YOU feel, young one?” the Master answered with a smile. “Do YOU feel freed from the Maze?”

With that, the Master strode away before hearing the young one’s reply. He knew that whatever the young one answered would give him further insight as to his own journey. And this is as it should be.



As you live this life it spreads out to others – joy is contagious! It really does inspire them too, and brings their own Spirit forth, bringing out of them hidden depths of creativity in every avenue of their lives. I would like to share this next piece with you to demonstrate this, not as praise to ourselves, but how these 3rd Level people were affected by this ‘sharing’ and remembering – and this is how YOU will also affect others – it brings out the BEST in all of us.

  We could have created something, some dubious work of art,
Made with love and gratitude, an offering from the heart.
Or we could have bought you gifts, appropriate thoughtful icons,
Clothed in silver paper, bowed with gossamer tie-ons.
But there’s no beating ‘round the bush - our classroom is the physical,
And although it may seem uninspiring and less ‘spiritual’,
We’ve chosen to give you both some lovely, filthy lucre
To spend however you wish – we think that would be super!
O.G. reckons it’s okay; our thoughts are ‘guided’ in this today,
For all things in the Universe are from our Creator – truly blessed.
But what we really want to do is thank you both – through and through.
For your ‘spirit’, your love, your warmth, your care.
For the beautiful depths of wisdom you share.
For the nights rent with laughter and raucous cries
As the breathtaking truths peel the veils from our eyes.
We thank you as the amnesia is struck from our hearts
And we travel to the other worlds, within the world of dark.
As memories are rekindled, to stir our souls once more,
So gather we threads of love and light to illumine our inner core.
For breaking the mould, that shell of outer, false perception,
For bringing us together – synchronicity meeting perfection.
This inner call to freedom, to revisit wisdom rare,
This wellspring of true knowledge – the flame in the aware.
Thank you for the integrity, grace and patience too,
For all the hours of timelessness in the joyous work you do…
For the coals of deep humility which fire your generous hearts,
The humanity, the earthiness, the inspiring, glowing sparks
Which have touched us all and restored again that inner world of peace,
To carry on, to re-acquaint, to rediscover – and to feast!
To savour inner nourishment, to pierce the outer denseness
So we can be what we ‘can be’, dwelling in our hidden senses.

Thank God for all the Gods we are
- in our many varied hues,

For necessity cloaked in opportunity to serve each time a-new.
To wear the colours of our Godliness – to live the power and the glory.
Thank you God – for everything – in this magnificent, infinite story.





So now, go out and apply this to your life for five months, just as before. Join other groups, read – but keep the seeds of knowing and use your discernment.

If you still want to learn more, register your name and e-mail address with us and the 3rd Level Lessons will be given directly to yourself five months from your date of registration – for it will not be appearing on the web.