Lesson 22
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I like to start this lesson with the following from Stuart Wilde’s ‘Infinite Self’:














Last week we spoke about ‘The rules for being Human’, well there are certain rules for being Divine too, and you cannot achieve Divinity unless you uphold them.

You will find that when you give your life up to God a new path will open up before you, which is quite unfamiliar to begin with, and you have to go along it a step at a time, FEELING your way through each situation, through each experience presented to you; which is designed to strengthen you – ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT.

The further down the path you go the more you will realize that all experiences from your past are a vital part of this, and that no experience was wasted. THERE WERE NO MISTAKES - it was all part of your Life Plan! ISN’T IT NICE TO KNOW THAT YOU WEREN’T MAKING SUCH A MESS OF THINGS AFTER ALL!

We come here with a Personal Task to fulfil, and a World Task to take on once the Personal one has been accomplished. When you take on that World Task you will find that this involves Service to others. PEOPLE WILL GRAVITATE TO YOU FOR HELP AND ADVICE – no matter how inadequate you may feel about that, you DO have something to offer. And here’s where the ‘rules’ come in:

1. LISTEN to their problems and DO NOT JUDGE.


3. People will come to you for Spiritual guidance, LET THE GUIDANCE COME FROM SPIRIT, NOT YOU! NO PROBLEM IS TOO LARGE FOR SPIRIT.

4. ALWAYS ASK GOD TO GIVE THE ANSWERS TO YOU - NO-ONE ELSE WILL DO. Remember that people come to you for help and upliftment. If the message you receive for them contains any negativity whatsoever YOU ARE NOT RECEIVING IT FROM GOD. DO NOT PASS IT ON - rather no message at all than a negative one!

5. REMEMBER, GOD IS A NEUTRAL ENERGY, GOD IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, NO WAY would you receive a message of fear, hate, sickness, death – woe of any kind, from God. If you are receiving messages of that sort CHECK YOUR SOURCE AND CHECK YOUR OWN THOUGHTS. Observe how each of us learns our own lessons and finds our own path; their way might not be your way, but do not condemn them for it, IT IS ALL EXPERIENCE, and you can learn from observing them. In this way you are not being JUDGMENTAL, you are not being EMOTIONAL, you are learning to live ‘The Impersonal Life’. This does not mean that you become cold and hardhearted; it simply means that you are recognizing that YOU CANNOT LIVE ANOTHER PERSON’S LIFE FOR THEM.

6. Get used to the fact that you are going to interact with all kinds of people from all walks of life; there is no room for self-consciousness, or feelings of inferiority – or superiority. REMEMBER, WE ARE ALL ONE – ALL BROTHERS, and we are here to HELP one another. NO ONE IS BETTER OR WORSE THAN ANYONE ELSE.

7. Never ‘add on’ to messages received from Spirit – tell it EXACTLY as you heard it. Even if it’s only one word, THAT is the message for the person. Do not attempt to decipher it, or put your own interpretation – GIVE AS YOU RECEIVE.

8. Whenever you are describing your spiritual experiences to another, NEVER EXAGGERATE - it is an entirely wonderful experience in the first place; it needs no ‘adornments’.

9. HONESTY is the key word, and this honesty begins with YOURSELF. THINK ABOUT THAT.

The next part of Joseph Benner’s ‘The Impersonal Life’ explains about putting the personality aside in order to merge with God. Believe me, when you can truly manage that, it is the most wonderful feeling; you realize that everything you do now is GOD WORKING THROUGH YOU. Everything you say now is GOD SPEAKING THROUGH YOU. You stop worrying about your every word and action – no more apologizing, no more excusing yourself – there will be no need, for you will be saying and doing the right things. NO MORE NEED TO DEFEND YOURSELF AND YOUR ACTIONS. NO MORE FEELINGS OF RETALIATION. NO MORE FEELING YOU HAVE TO EXPLAIN YOUR ACTIONS.

In the humblest of ways -




“Be still! - and KNOW, - I AM - GOD.”

Yes, I AM that innermost part of you that sits within, and calmly waits and watches, knowing neither time nor space; for I AM the Eternal and fill all space.

I watch and wait for you to be done with your petty human follies and weaknesses, with your vain longings, ambitions and regrets, knowing that will come in time; and then you will turn and ask Me to take the lead, not realizing that I have been leading you all the time.

Yes, I sit here within, quietly waiting for this; yet while waiting it was really I Who directed all your ways, Who inspired all your thoughts and acts, impersonally utilizing and manipulating each so as eventually to bring you and My other human expressions to a final conscious recognition of Me.

Yes, I have been within always, deep within your heart. I have been with you through all – through your joys and heartaches, your successes and mistakes, through your evil-doing, your shame, your crimes against your brother and against God, as you thought.

Aye whether you went straight ahead or strayed aside, or stepped backward, it was I Who brought you through.

It was I Who lured you by a vision of Me in some bewitching fact, or beautiful body, or intoxicating pleasure, or over-powering ambition.

Yes, It is I Who cause you to do all things, and if you can see it, it is I Who do all things that you do, and all things that your brother does; for that in you and in him which IS, is I, My Self.


I AM that which animates your body, which causes your mind to think, your heart to beat.

I AM the Innermost, the Spirit, the animating Cause of your being, of all life, of all living things, both visible and invisible. There is nothing dead, for I, the Impersonal ONE, AM all that there is. I AM Infinite and wholly unconfined; the Universe is My Body, all Intelligence there is emanates from My Mind, all the Love there is flows from My Heart, all the Power there is, is but My Will in action.

The threefold Force, manifesting as all Wisdom, all Love, all Power, or if you will, as Light, Heat and Energy – that which holds together all forms and is back of and in all expressions and phases of life – is but the manifestation of My Self in the act or state of Being.

Nothing can BE without manifesting and expressing some phase of Me, Who AM not only the Builder of all forms, but the Dweller in each. In the heart of each I dwell; in the heart of the human, in the heart of the animal, in the heart of the flower, in the heart of the stone. In the heart of each I live and move and have My being, and from out the heart of each I send forth that phase of Me I desire to express, and which manifests in the outer world as a stone, a flower, an animal, a man.

Is there nothing, then, but this great I? Am I to be permitted no individuality for myself?” I hear you ask.

No, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that is not a part of Me, controlled and ruled eternally by Me, the One Infinite Reality.

As you call it, your so-called individuality - that is nothing but your personality still seeking to maintain a separate existence.

Yes, and you shall soon reach that state of awakening where you will get a glimpse of My Impersonality, and you will then desire no individuality, no separation for yourself; for you will see that is but one more illusion of the personality.


Yes, you do indeed come into this realization the more you work CONSCIOUSLY with God. You suddenly realise that everything you look at, everyone you interact with – is God-in-form; the Life and Love that weaves through absolutely everything and is Everything.

In the chapter, ‘Consciousness, Intelligence, Will’ it is explained –

Yes, I know the many mixed doubts that have been crowding into your mind as you read – the doubts and eager questionings, the vague fear that imperceptibly changed into a growing hope that this glimmering of My Meaning, which has begun to penetrate the darkness of your human intellect, may shine brighter so you can see clearly the Truth which you instinctively feel is hidden beneath My Words.

Again I say, this I AM speaking herein is the Real Self of you, and in reading these words it is necessary that you realise it IS You, your own Self, that is speaking them to your human consciousness, in order fully to comprehend their meaning.

I also repeat, this is the same I AM that is the Life and Spirit animating all living things in the Universe, from the tiniest atom to the greatest Sun; that this I AM is the Intelligence in you and in your brother and sister; and that it is likewise the Intelligence which causes everything to live and grow and become that which it is their destiny to be.

Perhaps you cannot yet understand how this I AM can be, at one and the same time, the I AM of you and the I AM of your brother, and also the Intelligence of the stone, the plant, and the animal.

You will see this, however, if you follow these My Words and obey the instructions herein given; for I will soon bring to your consciousness a Light that will illumine the deepest recesses of your mind and drive away all the clouds of human misconceptions, ideas and opinions that now darken your intellect – if you read on and strive earnestly to comprehend My Meaning.

So listen carefully.

I AM YOU, the Real Self of you, All that you really are. That which you think you are, you are not. That is only an illusion, a shadow of the Real You, which is I, your Immortal, Divine Self.

I AM that point of consciousness focalized in your human mind which calls itself “I”, I AM that “I”, but that which you call your consciousness is in reality MY Consciousness, thinned down to suit the capacity of your human mind. It is still MY Consciousness, and when you can drive from your mind all its human misconceptions, ideas and opinions, and can cleanse and empty it utterly, so that My Consciousness can have a chance to express freely, then you will recognise Me and you will know that you are nothing – being only a focal centre of MY Consciousness, an avenue or medium through which I can express My Meaning – in matter.

Perhaps you cannot see this yet, and of course cannot believe it until I fully prepare your mind by convincing your intellect of its truth.


In order to understand the next part more fully I digress at this point to read to the class some facts about the human body from Lennart Nilsson’s book, ‘Behold Man’. I highly recommend this book for fascinating photography inside the body and easy to read text for us non-medical people – Lennart Nilsson was a pioneer in bringing the mysteries of the body into our perception and understanding. I got my copy through a book-search company on the net. If you have difficulty I’m sure your library could help.

Mankind is but a tiny detail in the vast biological system which controls all life on our planet. Man fancies himself the crown of creation, and believes that he can dominate and manipulate his biological surroundings at will. Around him he sees multifarious biological threats. Animals and plants which have in some way disturbed or threatened the world of human beings have been vigorously decimated or eradicated. Thus – sometimes in an incredibly short time – man has succeeded in disturbing the finely tuned ecosystems that took nature eons to construct.

Through increasing technical skills, man has now acquired the ability to threaten his own existence. Chemical insecticides and weed killers, and waste products, have damaged the forests, killed lakes, and made even the rain dangerously acid. The contamination has led to a change in the nature of disease. Numerous people are incurably injured by harmful working environments.

In daily life, man thus encounters constant threats of the most varied nature. But he has at his disposal – inbuilt at various levels – a miraculous system of defensive barricades constituted by skin, membranes, and various secretions. If the invaders manage to cross these barriers, they are confronted by other defence systems that employ methods still incompletely understood by science – but which we know break them down or prevent them from penetrating further into the body. Such defence systems have the power to imprint in their chemical memories the very code word characteristic of a specific invader at a particular time. The body’s defences are thereby strengthened and better equipped in case the attack is repeated on a later occasion.

There are, however, states in which these physiological defence forces turn against the body’s own tissues. These illnesses – the autoimmune diseases – remain an enigma. They can advance gradually, bringing various forms of insidious deterioration interrupted by periods when the illness appears to have been arrested.

Another threat to the body takes the form of a shortage of important elements essential for the clotting of blood, the fluid red tissue in our vessels, enabling it to coagulate and seal leaking, damaged tissues. A body which lacks this ability to protect itself is in grave danger, but many years’ work have given man the capacity artificially to replace what is missing and thus correct an error which was once fatal.

There is no end to the threats to which we are perpetually exposed. The same applies to the defence mechanisms which nature has developed and refined over millions of years. Such defence systems first appeared in primitive organisms and were then adapted to various organisms in our biologically multifaceted world.

Nature is constantly reshaping its defences against man’s sudden weapons. One example is DDT, which was supposed to eradicate malaria by killing all malarial mosquitoes. DDT proved not to be the trump card mankind hoped for; mosquitoes were killed, but resistant strains also evolved. Nature developed a new form of defence. Bacteria strains which are supposed to be knocked out with antibiotics sometimes develop insensitivity, and intractable infections result.


Without the extra impetus of his stress reaction, early man would have been no match for enemies that were many times faster and stronger. It was this reaction which, in a split second, put practically all his organ systems on red alert, preparing him for fight or flight, and, in the heat of the moment, gave him superhuman powers. We still have this response – but to modern man it is more of a curse than a blessing.

The alarm works as follows: When a threat appears, the sensory organs send signals to the brain. We see or hear something; we smell burning; we are bitten by a snake or stung by an insect. Whatever the stimulus, the result is the same: From the brain come impulses, via the portion of the nervous system beyond voluntary control, to the adrenal ( suprarenal) glands.

These glands, located on the kidneys, release the ‘disaster hormone’ adrenaline. Conveyed throughout the body by the blood, it at once galvanizes its target organs into action.

The heart is off to a flying start – “my heart was in my mouth,” as the idiom has it. Its rate and throughput rise dramatically: instead of the normal five or six litres of blood a minute, the heart pumps out thirty to forty. Blood pressure rises.

At the same time, respiration increases, to boost the blood oxygenation rate. A tidal wave of fresh blood sweeps into the muscles, imparting maximum strength. Good supplies of oxygen and nutrients are necessary when the muscle cells spring into action.

The pituitary gland – the pea-sized gland on the underside of the brain which controls operations in the entire hormone system – reacts at times of stress to the impulses from the brain, ordering the adrenal glands to produce more cortisone. When this hormone reaches the liver, it ‘shovels’ out more sugar (glucose). The liver also discharges fat into the blood – like glucose, fat is fuel for the cells.

All these reactions take place at tremendous speed: in a few seconds, the body is ready to act. When we have dealt with the threat, or fled to safety, the stress reaction subsides: muscle tension diminishes, the heart pumps more slowly, and breathing returns to normal.

The negative effects of the stress reaction in modern man are due to the fact that we rarely find an outlet for the extra strength it mobilizes. We strike our fists on the table, but we do not stand up and fight. Stress at work, in traffic, or at home leads to raised blood pressure and excess fat and sugar in the blood, which in time damage the blood vessels. Stress is a major cause of arteriosclerosis, which, in turn, underlies vascular spasms, heart attacks, and strokes.

For early man, the stress reaction was a precondition of life; for us, it is a serious threat to health.


What an Intelligence oversees us! Giving us free will to EXPERIENCE here on Earth, but not allowing us to totally destroy our surroundings: whatever man does – Nature will counterbalance. However, when we damage OURSELVES it’s a different story! We can utterly destroy ourselves OR connect with that Intelligence - our Source, and by so doing, correct all the damage.

I agree, to a point, with Lennart Nilsson that man is a tiny detail in the vast biological system. Yes, unaware man does fancy himself as the crown of creation - after all, it does say in the Bible that we have been given dominion over everything, but Spiritual Consciousness is the vital missing link. Once we connect again with that and CO-OPERATE with Nature and the Universal Laws AMAZING things begin to happen, and you realize then that as DIVINE Man you DO matter and you CAN make a difference – for the world and for humanity.

So now back to the Impersonal Life –

You have been told that each cell of your body has a consciousness and an intelligence of its own; that were it not for this consciousness it could not do the work it so intelligently does.

Each cell is surrounded by millions of other cells, each intelligently doing its own work and each evidently controlled by the united consciousness of all these cells, forming a GROUP intelligence which directs and controls this work; the group intelligence apparently being the intelligence of the organ which the cells comprising it form. Likewise, there are other group intelligences in other organs, each containing other millions of cells, and all these organs make up your physical body.

Now, you know YOU are the Intelligence that directs the work of the organs of your body, whether this directing is done consciously or unconsciously; and that each cell of each organ is really a focal centre of this directing Intelligence; and that when this Intelligence is withdraw the cells fall apart, your physical body dies and exists no more as a living organism.

Who is this YOU who directs and controls the activities of your organs, and consequently of each cell composing them?

You cannot say it is your human or personal self who does this, for you of yourself consciously can control the action of scarcely a single organ of your body.

It must then be this Impersonal I AM of you, who is YOU, and yet is not you.


You, the I AM of you, are to Me what the cell consciousness of your body is to your I AM Consciousness.

You are a cell, as it were, of My Body, and your consciousness (as one of My Cells) is to Me what the consciousness of one of the cells of your body is to You.

Therefore, it must be that the consciousness of the cell of your body is My Consciousness, even as your consciousness is My Consciousness; and therefore We must be ONE in consciousness – the cell, You and I.

You cannot now consciously direct or control a single cell of your body; but when you can at will enter into the Consciousness of the I AM of you and know its identity with Me, then you can control not only every cell of your body, but that of any other body you might wish to control.

What happens when your consciousness no longer controls the cells of your body? The body disintegrates, the cells separate, and their work for the time being is finished. But do the cells die or lose consciousness? No, they simply sleep or rest for a period, and after a while unite with other cells and form new combinations, and sooner or later appear in other manifestations of life, showing that they still retain their original consciousness and but await the action of My Will to join together in a new organism to do the work of the new consciousness through which I desire to manifest.

Then apparently this cell consciousness is a consciousness common to all bodies – mineral, vegetable, animal, human – each cell fitted perhaps by experience for a certain general kind of work?

Yes, this cell consciousness is common to every cell of every body, no matter what its kind, because it is an Impersonal consciousness, having no purpose other than doing the work allotted it. It lives only to work, wherever needed. When through with building one form, it takes up the work of building another, under whatever consciousness I desire it to serve.

Thus it is likewise with you.

You, as one of the cells of My Body, have a consciousness that is My Consciousness, an intelligence that is My Intelligence, even a will that is My Will. You have none of these for yourself or of yourself. They are all Mine and for My use only.

Now, My Consciousness and My Intelligence and My Will are wholly Impersonal, and therefore are common with you and with all the cells of My Body, even as they are common with all the cells of your body.

I AM, and being wholly Impersonal, My Consciousness, My Intelligence and My Will, working in you and in the other cells of My Body, which constitute the I AM of you and of them, must work Impersonally, just as they work Impersonally in the cells of your body. Therefore, I and the I AM of you and of your brother, and the consciousness and intelligence of all cells of all bodies, are ONE.

I AM the directing Intelligence of All, the animating Spirit, the Life, the Consciousness of all matter, of all Substance.

If you can see it, You, the Real you, the Impersonal you, are in all and are one with all, are in Me and are one with Me; just as I AM in you and in all, and thereby am expressing My Reality through you and through all.

This will, which you call your will, is likewise no more yours personally than is this consciousness and this intelligence of your mind and of the cells of your body yours.

It is but that small portion of My Will which I permit the personal you to use. Just as fast as you awaken to a recognition of a certain power or faculty within you and begin consciously to use it, do I allow you that much more of My Infinite Power.

All power and its use is but so much recognition and understanding of the use of My Will.

Your will and all your powers are only phases of My Will, which I supply to suit your capacity to use it.

Were I to entrust you with the full power of My Will before you knew how consciously to use it, it would annihilate your body utterly.

(That’s why this process, of necessity, is slow and steady – so that we can take this huge Power on board in a balanced, conscious way. There are NO shortcuts! You must allow the process to proceed at God’s Speed; He knows our capabilities – and our limitations!)

Do the cells of your body, the muscles of your arm, think to set themselves up as having a separate will from your will, or a separate intelligence from your intelligence?

No, they know no intelligence but yours, no will but yours.

After a while it will be that you will realise you are only one of the cells of My Body; and that your will is not your will, but Mine; that what consciousness and what intelligence you have are Mine wholly, and that there is no such person as you, you personally being only a physical form containing a human brain, which I created for the purpose of expressing an Idea, a certain phase of which I could express best only in that particular form.

All this may be difficult for you now to accept, and you may protest very strenuously that it cannot be, that every instinct of your nature rebels against such yielding and subordinating yourself to an unseen and unknown power, however Impersonal or Divine.

Fear not, it is only your personality that thus rebels. If you continue to follow and study My Words, all will soon be made clear, and I will surely open up to your inner understanding many wonderful Truths that now are impossible for you to comprehend. Your soul will rejoice and sing glad praises, and you will bless these words for the message they bring.


Yes, the hardest part of the Spiritual Path is to cede to this Power – not realizing that when we do we are actually uniting again with our Source, and in the process we do not lose anything! Least of all OURSELVES. It is only the HUMAN part of yourself that objects strenuously to this yielding; after all, all it knows is how to SURVIVE, and will do ANYTHING to do so. When you gather enough strength to let go however, life magically changes for the better.

The following letter is from a young woman in her late twenties who was an emotional wreck when she found us; not due to her early upbringing, for she was adopted by a family who adore her, but her challenges came with her fiancé – who, she discovered too late, was involved in criminal activities. He was jailed for several years, but she loved him deeply and so she waited for him, visiting regularly, then preparing a home for them both when he was released. He walked out of prison – and out of her life! She was devastated and it was a very wounded being that came for help to our classes; what had that all been about?

This is a letter we received from her after she completed the first level, naturally I have changed names to protect identities. It is such a graphic demonstration of what happens when you just let go – and as a result, find your Spirit Self.

‘An interesting last year, but more importantly three months – nothing short of learning and experience. The past two weeks have been very trying, and at times, hard to grasp. I have such an understanding and knowing this has been, or is part of, my divine plan – and for that I give thanks!

John has been a very emotional and spiritual experience; I strongly feel the growth and development within myself. Listening and trusting but also letting go of the situation (this is a tough one), I’m, not real sure of where it’s all leading but I feel that is not an important issue at this stage. I’ve felt emotions that I never believed I had, as in anger, hurt, love and understanding. I am glad I’ve been given the opportunity to get to know these emotions, which gives me experience to handle them again when they surface. I believe every situation is fantastic – good or bad, because you can only but learn; therefore never failing. What a total relief knowing nothing in your life can or will fail – it’s the key to success. Life is a brilliant gift we’ve been given, it’s something bringing us closer to the divine source from above. He watches over me with complete love and guidance. My guides and teachers are very excited, I am starting to listen and the progress I’ve made has been huge, this transformation is definitely under way and now I can dive into every issue of my life with full confidence, and I trust myself with the decisions and choices that I make for my path to open. I feel I’ve succeeded and it’s been a place I’ve wanted to get to for a very long time. I guess it’s the first time I don’t feel alone, which is truly amazing. Many years I’ve secretly suffered and suppressed and restricted my emotions because I’ve concerned myself with others and their points of view. Slowly but surely I’m releasing those chains of anguish I’ve caused myself. Too long now I’ve forgotten to live for me, and it’s time to pay myself that luxury I so deserve. Eventually will I allow someone to join me in sharing this luxury but I need time to be selfish in my own world. When I allow that part to enter my life I will feel complete within me – and whatever their views and opinions, they will not indirectly affect my beliefs, emotions and ideas – only enhance them.

The next phase in my life is starting and the approach is nothing but exciting and comfortable. Life is a complex woven path full of good and bad which increases your soul. Taking the bad and turning it into the good is now an ability I believe I have control over. I realise I still have to change some habits and negative feelings I have about myself, but this process has just begun – I know I deserve nothing but the highest and the best it can offer. I’ve always been surrounded by beautiful things, which include family, friends and options, so I’ll never take second best in my life as this will only draw me back into a space I don’t truly belong; it’s a place of confusion and no clarity. I’ve come way too far to fall back into that trap. My purpose in life is to save myself, and not others, in my world. I’ll never forget, or not help people that require my love and understanding, but I cannot take on their paths – as it is not for me to experience – or else those issues/events would be on my path. It’s great, as you can truly learn from others and the ones that come and go – as they have helped my life in some way. Often by letting go of them actually helps both you and that person involved, to evolve. My heart is always in the right place with everyone that I know, which I feel very lucky to have – as I look at others and realise they have different motives attached; which is fine – but not really something I’d like to practice.

Slowly but surely I’m not worrying or concerning myself with the future, for I only know it’s been taken care of and provided with the best guidance and love offered. Every now and again I have fits of, ‘oh my God what’s happening or what’s going to happen’, but as soon as I surrender to those thoughts I feel safe again. I’ve come to the stage with my life that I’m grateful for every day, and every day is grateful for me, which is a huge step forward. As years have gone by I’ve deprived myself of every bit of love and respect for my life and me; the self-hatred was enormous – the sad part was I never knew! I thank that part of my life for being so vivid as it’s a reminder of the success I’ve given myself, and that’s love and peace. My life right now couldn’t be more perfect; you’re always in the right place at the right time (today I totally agree, sitting on this balcony with views to die for, the crashing of the ocean, the rain and the winds, it’s just beautiful). There are definitely issues in my life I could be negative about – but I figure why bother wasting that kind of energy. I’m beginning to realise the importance of living in the now – well, let’s face it, God only knows what’s going to happen tomorrow, so why stress about next week, next month or next year? Everything in the plan will be unfolded at the appropriate time and I guess when we pass over we would have lived all our future for this life, so it’ll happen when it’s good and ready. Foreseeing options is most definitely an added bonus, they’ll only be unfolded when necessary, but we’ve got to allow them to happen or else our human ego will disrupt and cause all kinds of grief. Often we’re not meant to know, because our logical mind can’t handle too much information - for it overloads.

I’m glad that my spiritual awareness is growing; my purpose is to help others seek this same knowledge and understanding; it’s a passion I’ve always had, and something I desire to improve as my life continues. Every day I’m helping my soul grow by carrying out this act, I get so much pleasure and energy when I am fulfilling this part of my life. Knowing success is when you see others grow and come to the understanding of their mission, which involves spirituality, love, understanding, and releasing of their fears. Fear is a vicious emotion, one of the hardest steps to overcome. So often people restrict their lives because of this, but once they overcome fear, light shines through. So often we question and wonder why, rather than just accepting it’s truly for the good of ourselves.

Love and light is the stronger force as against fear and darkness, actually each stronger however we feed them, it’s sometimes easier to take the second option; fear and darkness, because then we don’t have to take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions.

There are so many things to learn and experience as life eventually unfolds before our existence, how exciting! The people, the places, the events, it’s such a wonderful time. So often we forget this and dwell only in the lull times, clouding our views. I feel old and wise – yet young and fruitful. The passion I have for living this life is growing as the days come to a close; so make the most of every possible opportunity and situation. Follow your heart, allow freedom to roam your thoughts and ideas, give special thanks to you and your helpers. Acknowledge the beauty, abundance, love and light in your life, the options are limitless; the things we can do are beyond our realm so exercise these in a loving caring manner and only good, love, understanding and happiness will come your way throughout this journey. ENJOY with all your heart.

Trust, and know everything is perfect!!!’

That young woman went on to complete all three levels of the course. From the helpless little ‘caterpillar’ emerged the beautiful ‘butterfly’ – a strong, confident person who went on to find her ideal partner. They are now happily married and continuing their spiritual journey TOGETHER – each helping the other through their joint experiences.