Lesson 20
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This week we are going to continue the story of our spiritual journey, for we learnt so much during that six months. Now remember, we went on this journey WILLING TO LEARN, and so we asked for the guidance each day, being absolutely LED into each and every situation. In this way we hoped to be able to understand THEIR Ways.

The communications I received gave us many insights and presented to us the various stages we were going through, and the lessons we had to learn. One night the writing began to tell me WHY my Spirit chose to be born in Lancashire (which I hated) and not Scotland (which I love) and why our star signs of Taurus and Cancer had been chosen for the characteristics that we have. It went on:

The timing was vital for there are many destinations in this earth lifetime of yours that will be reached, no matter what.

Great care is taken before you leave here, that time and space and Love bring into being the vehicle to house the spirit to allow it to carry out its destiny.

The challenge is the shut down of memory and the length of time it takes to find those memories again – thus leading to your connection to Me once again. This connection is the vital key that makes earthly life a parallel to your Spiritual one – where all things that are accomplished here in Spirit can be accomplished there also.

All through your travels you have been listening to the speech of others – all kinds of languages, and even some versions of English incomprehensible to your ear. You are now coming into the realization that Love is the connecting force that makes mankind One. Despite the language and social barriers – it is the one emotion that EVERYONE has a need for, and when sent out to one another freely it breaks down all barriers. That Love is finally what breaks down the barrier to Me also, and that is why I send it out to all aspects of Myself, regardless of the actions that take place on Earth – for those that act the most badly need the Love most of all.

Here is the key to personal power, for Love sent out unconditionally can cause miracles in your own life and for the good of others.

This is the next step for you both, to practice this daily, removing all thoughts of judgement, criticism or comparison, and replacing them with the power of Love.

Your combination of strength, determination, perseverance and compassion have brought you to this point, and now the REFINEMENTS of these qualities are made magical with the application of Love to all. Then you become God-like - the true image of Me which will provide you with a life devoid of fear and negativity of any kind. With this constant transmission of the Love energy comes more and more insight into the meaning of life, the roles others play, and how you might assist them along their path. A magical life awaits you and your Heaven comes down to Earth.

We used to tune in every morning and evening to discuss the day’s lessons and to find out the route for the next day so that we could book hotels ahead if necessary. Much to our surprise one morning we had difficulty with this – which was most unusual – until we discovered that we should GIVE THANKS for all that had happened since the last communication - and then the session continued with no hitch. We received the following explanation:

The Light Being is totally accepting, is always in a state of gratitude for the fruits of the Universe – and this open gratitude lets the bounty keep flowing. Lose your appreciation of that and you lose your source, that is the Law – so you see where your training is leading you.

Lastly, HIGH SPIRITS are essential even in the face of all that happens. Let go of all negativity, get into the moment and ENJOY. Your pitfall is that you look always for physical reasons, and your intentions – that is not the way.

When we had lessons to learn we were put again and again into situations that went against our personal intentions, and which sometimes caused inconvenience and annoyance, until we realized that They were trying to tell us something here. As soon as we accepted in humour and good grace – “Your Will, not mine”, there was no further need for the lessons, and life and the journey became easy again.

I will give you a couple of examples. We would get guidance the day before as to where we would be staying the following night, and so, as we approached the town we would go ‘on alert’ watching and listening for the signs that indicated ‘this was the place to stay’. We were specifically looking for bed and breakfast with en suite

We approached Ullapool, Scotland, late one afternoon. Ullapool is a little harbour town and we approached it from behind down a steep hill. Making the descent we came upon the first houses and noted a suitable B&B on the right, then another on the left. We made our way down to the harbour where we parked the car then walked along the main parade and up the other hill that led out of the town. We noted that the pub on the sea front did B&B – we would certainly be living ‘with the spirits’ there! tee-hee. We eventually ran out of houses and still our ‘signals’ had not been alerted. We went back to the car to tune in and received the instruction, Back up the hill. So we made our way through the back streets – staying alert – and back up to the hill where we had seen the first two B&B’s. We got to the first house – but now there was a sign outside – NO VACANCIES. We turned around and went to the second house – NO VACANCIES. What now?

We pulled over and tuned in again and I received the instruction that there was a definite place for us – just follow our feelings. Well my feeling was that we should go back down to the pub on the front. Just as we were gathering speed I caught sight of a B&B on the left, with en suites – and vacancies. “Quick! Pull over – this must be It.” – “No” said a frustrated Jim, “you said it’s the pub, so that’s where we’re going!” So all the way back down to the pub, only to be told when Jim went in to book a room that they were fully booked!

Back up the hill we went and got a room at the third house on the hill. By the time we had hauled all our luggage up the narrow stairs and down the corridors to our room we were not ‘happy chappies’! Why all this mucking about?

We tuned in to be told that we were precisely where we were SUPPOSED to be – and that having asked to be led we ‘COULDN’T be in the WRONG place’: If you try to go in the wrong direction all doors will be shut against you – eventually LEADING you to where you should be.

Another object of the exercise was that we should follow the guidance with acceptance, humour and TRUST – even though we felt WE were being inconvenienced.

Several weeks later in England now we were aiming for Newquay for the night. We had been on the road all day in poor weather conditions and we were looking forward to a warm comfortable bed. We pulled over into a layby to ask for directions and were told, Down to the seafront, turn left. When we did we found that the promenade was lined with gracious old houses – all of them B&B’s, and all had vacancies, for it was November now. The road ended at the Pontins Holiday Camp, and we knew that we weren’t staying there! We neither of us got a signal telling us which house to go to so we pulled over and tuned in again. Straight ahead. We were so tired that we didn’t question this, not realizing that if that was the case then we should have turned RIGHT at the seafront.

Newquay is the most frustrating place to get around – it is a maze of one-way streets; you can see where you want to get to – then suddenly have to veer off in the opposite direction! We went round and round and finally ended up one hour later IN THE SAME LAYBY where we had first stopped! By now it was quite dark and the rain drummed on the roof as we sat there to tune in once again.

Jim patiently asked every question he could think of as to why we were having all this difficulty – no annoyance whatsoever by this stage, knowing that there was a REASON for this, no matter how obscure. He finally ran out of questions saying, “I just don’t know what else to ask.”

I had been having a lot of body changes going on during that trip, involving quite a bit of pain, in fact I said to Them one night, “You could heal me right now, couldn’t you.” – Yes – “Well why don’t you?” – Because you agreed to this before you came here; you need to know the process involved in changing the human body processes as you achieve your Divinity because you will be teaching it and writing about it.

I accepted that statement – but had stopped talking to Spirit for the last few days – what was the use, I just had to get on with it.

As we sat there in the dark waiting for enlightenment I suddenly knew. “You want ME to ask the questions, don’t you.” – Yes.

Once I made the connection I got, Do you feel any better for NOT having spoken to Me? – (a sheepish) “No.” – Down to the sea front, turn left.!!!!!!!!!

During that trip we bought thirty books, all of which I read – and then we would post them home to ourselves. Each book seemed to lead on from the previous one, opening us up to more and more new thoughts and ideas. We would question the contents, and learned the truths and half-truths in them, and then at the end of each book I would receive ‘a summary’; God has a wonderful way of putting things into a nutshell!

The messages being put to you are about the power of thought. If only man realized the power of his thoughts! As you idly think you are selecting benign Universal energy, but when you continually think on one subject your thoughts create ENERGY. Energy creates POWER. And power MOVES into ACTION. NOW, depending on the quality of the feelings that your thoughts generated, this action will either be positive or negative i.e. that power movement will either be to your benefit or detriment.

All around you are the unseen forces of nature that wait to work at your command. You watched the power of the wind today moving a kite. You cannot see wind, but you can see the effects of it. So too you cannot see your thoughts and feelings, but all circumstances in your life show you the effects of them.

You think your thoughts are only for yourself, but they activate energies that influence others in an indirect way. When two people think in similar vein you have twice the energy. Think now on a whole group of people with similar beliefs and consider the energy they then generate – it is immense and when that occurs, not only are the people around them influenced, but so too are the benign forces of Nature moved – and the quality of the mass feelings determines the nature of the natural force.

This is where you are shown the necessity for BALANCE, for without it group thought patterns create extremes in nature. Do you see now why certain countries attract tornadoes – the extreme activation of the same element that brought such pleasure with its playfulness this evening? Any extremes in nature that cause pain to mankind were generated by the inner pain of mankind – his secret thoughts and feelings! This is nature’s way of showing mankind the results of his thoughts

You ask Me why the English countryside is so choked with weeds, the waters so polluted – you have answered your own question!

You marvelled today at the minds that produced and invented the many machines, the harnessing of electricity for man’s benefit. Here is the perfect example of thoughts moving ENERGY, producing POWER, and ultimately causing ACTION. All of those machines use the natural elements and products of nature – all of them a POSITIVE result of thought.

All of those things – weather patterns from mass thoughts, and machines from individual thought were produced from UNAWARE mankind. Think now of the AWARE man USING the power of his thought: CHANNELLING that ENERGY that his CHOSEN thoughts can generate! You have all been provided with a mighty tool to assist you once you have tapped into Spiritual knowledge.

Now you may realise even more how important it is to negate all negative thoughts and how your life’s path on earth can be made smoother once you knowingly use these energies of yours.

We had visited a museum that day which featured old working machines and I had marvelled at HOW the inventors could even THINK them up, let alone produce the working model! In America we visited several art galleries, mainly featuring true-to-life seascapes which were magnificent – how wonderful to be able to DO that!

We bought CD’s and played a variety of music during the many hours we spent travelling in the car – oh to be able to compose such beautiful music, or even be able to play it so perfectly! SO MUCH TALENT IN THE WORLD, but have you ever thought about where this inspiration comes from?

In the writing it mentions ‘CHANNELLING the ENERGY’ and ‘tapping into Spiritual knowledge.’

In U.S.Anderson’s book ‘The Secret of Secrets’ there is a section which explained this all so clearly:


Creativeness is never a mark of the individual, but of God instead. It is the Divine manifesting through the mask of individual being a particular one of His many aspects.

Respect and admiration are accorded those whose talent is great, who create works of beauty and utility that make life more understandable, more comfortable. BUT IT IS NOT THEY WHO DESERVE OUR ADMIRATION FOR THEY ARE INSTRUMENTS ONLY: THE ONE TO WHOM OUR HOMAGE BELONGS IS GOD, HE CREATES ALL THINGS FROM HIS OWN SUBSTANCE, NOBODY IS CREATIVE BUT HE.


The nature of God-mind is creation, the nature of individual mind is instrumentation: each man is creative only as much as he becomes an instrument for the works of the Divine.

Most artists report of their most productive states a kind of withdrawal from sensory awareness of their surroundings into a world of pure thought and conception. This living in the midst of primary force, this residence in an area of spiritual movement seems to be the cause of their creative dynamics. Allied with a force above and beyond them, they are led to do what it wishes. IT USES THEM, DOES THEIR WORK, SO THAT THEY, LATER SURVEYING THE RESULT, ARE INCLINED TO FEEL THAT IT HAS BEEN DONE BY ANOTHER, AS INDEED IT WAS. IT HAS BEEN DONE BY GOD.


All paintings are painted by one Painter, all books are written by one Author, all music composed by one Composer, all buildings designed by one Architect, all inventions created by one Inventor – He is Rembrandt. Tolstoy, Brahms, Wright and Edison and He is in each of us, neither more nor less than in them.

That made me feel GOOD!

So how do we set ourselves aside to let this creative God-energy flow through us to produce beauty in our lives?

Remember I told you in Lessons 6 and 7 to give up all your problems to God, to hand them all up and say, “Your Will, not mine”? Well the ultimate step is to give up your WHOLE LIFE to God – place it in His Hands and really mean ‘YOUR WILL NOT MINE.’

A BIG STEP, but the best you could ever take!

Finally, a writing that gives us an over-view on all of this:

Man seems to stumble onto the Spiritual path, quite UNAWARE of what he is about to begin – but that is only from the HUMAN level of awareness; SPIRITUALLY he is TOTALLY aware that NOW IS THE TIME to turn his footsteps towards HOME.

Each step taken in positivity and love makes the path shorter - but the gift of human free will can make it rocky!

For some this homing device will not switch on until AFTER the Earth stint, that was agreed on before the term began – for the Soul of that spirit has much to atone for in terms of human free will. Nothing is wasted in terms of experience, and that which is looked on as negative experience in the human reasoning, is not necessarily so in Spirit understanding. This is why it is so important not to be brought down by the seeming suffering of others. Is it not the same in your Earthly human education system? The keen gymnast and sportsman willingly puts his body through injury and pain in order to achieve great heights. The great scholar willingly denies the usual childhood pastimes in favour of intense study to achieve his aims. Those who do not have the same goals would consider these sacrifices ‘crazy’. The same applies to the adult life; for some the pursuit of the ultimate body, or the ultimate brain is ALL.

But there are others on Earth who are there to gain ultimate Spirituality, and their study and sacrifices will be just as rigorous, and seem just as ridiculous to others who do not have the same bent.

All those whose Soul pre-determined a Spiritual awakening while on the Earth plane are given many clues – they stumble across the Spiritual path many times while in the maze - as does EVERYONE, and if all took heed ALL would have a much more peaceful Earth experience.

(Then two question marks fell upon the page)…..??

No Jackie, for all is MEANT to be turmoil and strife – setting the scene for the spiritual aspirant to rise above; to fill them with the determination that this is NOT the way they want to live.

The others play a very REAL part in the illusions that you seek to dispel – those are the roles they CHOSE in order for the Initiates to achieve their aim - and until YOU set your feet on the path and became AWARE, that was the role that you also played FOR THOSE FOLLOWING ON BEHIND.

Do you see the larger picture now? EVERYONE is going to merge with Me finally – in an awareness – but DISCARDING the human costume of whatever age, BENEATH it is a Spirit who is either in babyhood, kindergarten, junior school, senior school, technical college, or University-stage! All playing the parts that were selected for them in the process of helping one another.

Now you know why it is VITAL to focus on Me in order to dissolve the illusion; to look only to Me for the solution to all your problems – for I AM all that there IS – in many forms, all of which are part of My Plan to cause you to focus on the INVISIBLE for your every need, not the VISIBLE. The visible are only the props in the play – not the Creator.

Some of you have been chosen to come forward as Way-showers to enable countless others to find the Path in time for the great Shift of consciousness that your Planet is undergoing. There will be a Spiritual Earthly awakening on a grand scale. There is much to gain and NOTHING to lose.


                                                                                       O.G. 27.7.96.