Lesson 15
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This week we are going to include a chart for you to work with to plot out the energy field around the body using the pendulum - obviously it is easier to do this in pairs.

Now there is a correct way and an incorrect way to use the pendulum – which can be either a piece of crystal, wood, metal, a necklace, a ring on a string - whatever you use it must have a single line for maximum movement. Make sure that the line is not too long so that there is better control, stand with your feet apart, and try to brace yourself against the table – all of this ensuring that any body movement is not going to influence the pendulum.

You must also be clear and concise with the question you are asking. First surround yourself with the Light, then ask the pendulum to show you where your chakras and energy centres are located; we have pinpointed the 12 positive and 10 negative chakras, there are many more but these are the ones involved in attaining your Divinity. You will notice that when you come into the energy vortex the pendulum will respond in various ways, spinning either clockwise or anticlockwise, vertically or horizontally. The energy flows between the chakras criss-crossing at the nodes, whichever side the positive energy is currently flowing the chakra will rotate in that direction. Therefore you will find that as you go up the body the pendulum will turn clockwise then anti-clockwise then clockwise, etc all the way up the body and also beyond it. If you get a vertical or horizontal movement it simply means that you are not quite in the centre of the energy vortex - adjust the hand accordingly. Be patient! It may take some time initially, but soon you will be able to easily locate them and you will experience the magnetic ‘pull’ on the pendulum as you enter the energy vortex of each chakra.

We learned about the correct way to use a pendulum through one of our class members. Chris was a real sceptic (I don’t mind that, I used to be one myself!), he had great difficulty accepting all this invisible stuff. The night that we demonstrated the pendulum he was the one who volunteered to send healing while Jim held the pendulum over his hand in order for the class to actually see what happens when you do that. Nobody was more surprised than Chris when the pendulum went into a huge swing as he sent the healing out. This man had done a Reiki I course, but was not convinced that he had ‘got’ anything from it; he felt absolutely nothing as he gave the healing, even though his patients said THEY felt the energies. Now his eyes were telling him that something was DEFINITELY happening when he projected it out.

He was so excited about this that when a friend visited during the week he made up a pendulum to show them what happened - but his friend must have been an even bigger sceptic, “NO-ONE can keep perfectly still to hold that – and what about the heartbeat? No, WE influence the movement.”

To prove his point Chris then tied the pendulum to a ruler, put it under a book on the shelf, held his hand under it and tried to move it. No response! The following week he brought in the whole contraption, put it under one of our books and asked me to move the pendulum. I tried – we ALL tried – NOTHING. “See! We MUST influence it in some way – so we can’t rely on that.”

That caused a minor uproar in class, one lady had been using the pendulum for years, she asked many questions of it and she was quite adamant that no way did she influence her pendulum - especially when she would really have liked a ‘Yes’ answer and it persisted in giving her a ‘No’!

Another lady had successfully used the wedding ring method over the stomach of pregnant mums to find out the sex of the unborn child – it was correct every time. How could SHE be influencing that?

Therefore, I took the question to Spirit and here’s what we got:

The pendulum works according to INTENT. Using it as you do to plot the energy flows within the body (not the magnetism of the body which is what CONTAINS the energy flows) the pendulum is NOT influenced by the heart beat, and if it is held in a perfectly steady manner it is not influenced by body movement. Your mind has become open to ask of the pendulum the whereabouts of the energy centres and it will therefore reveal them.

When the pendulum is held with the intent of asking the sex of an unborn child it will reveal it.

When it is used with the intent of needing answers to questions it will also work accordingly. There is a vital factor here – THE INTENTION MUST BE PURE AND DOUBT MUST NOT ENTER IN – otherwise the pendulum then becomes just a pendulum, not a transmitter.

Think ENERGY rather than scientific proof. In Chris’ eagerness to prove this concept to his friend by having the pendulum suspended rather than held he now switches his intention away from projected healing to wanting to see the pendulum move – that is the energy of (your term) telekinesis, an ability which none of you have at this point.

The correct use of the pendulum can only be achieved with TRUST. It is very difficult for the complex human mind to accept such simplicity. When it DOES the pendulum is an excellent tool.


You can also use the pendulum to show you which chakra you are currently working on by asking that very question. You will then find that, starting at the root chakra and working up the body, the pendulum will rotate IN THE SAME DIRECTION at each chakra until it reaches the one that is currently being activated, then it will turn in the opposite direction. Every chakra centre above that point will then show the alternating energies because now you are simply being shown where the energy centres are. In the perfected chakra system they should all spin in the same direction because WHAT WE ARE AIMING TO DO IS TO DE-MAGNETIZE OURSELVES TO BECOME THE POLARITY OF A LARGER SYSTEM. You will understand that more clearly as these lessons unfold.

Now let’s go into more detail of what the chakras look like and how they function. Not long ago most of the information about the chakras was channelled by mediums, and they were only seen by a lucky few, but now there are machines which can detect these centres, tell us the rate of spin, and what colour they give off.

As we mentioned last week man is actually a four-pole magnet with a vertical polarity between the root and crown chakras, and a second polarity, a horizontal one, between the two sides of the body. All the laws of electricity and magnetism apply to his system.

In any system, a potential difference between two poles gives rise to a flow between them. In electrical terms this potential difference is a voltage and the amount of flow between the poles can be measured as current. Where there is a flow of current there is always a magnetic field surrounding it and at right angles to it. This law also applies to the system in Man; in man there is a voltage and current between his basic polarity of crown and root. This flow gives rise to a magnetic field which surrounds him – the aura.

In man’s occult anatomy there are two currents of energy that flow on the right and left sides and which are positive and negative. These positive and negative currents of energy seem to cross at nodes or points between the chakras. In this way the pattern of the Caduceus (the medical symbol) is built up.

Actually, the symbol of the Caduceus is very Spiritual in origin: around the golden healing staff of Hermes (which represents the spine) the two snakes intertwine. They represent the arousal of the ‘sleeping snakes’ (the kundalini energies) that are twined three and a half times around the base of the spine which, when they rise, are aiming for the pineal gland in the centre of the brain – symbolized by the golden knob. When the pineal gland is activated we gain our Spiritual Freedom – which the wings of the Caduceus represent.

The two snakes are the opposing male and female energies either side of the spine, and the number three-and-a-half is also significant: each major Spiritual step that we achieve has a three-and-a-half time slot around it; days, weeks, months or years - because the transition is influenced by the number 7 and it happens at the exact mid point. For example, three and a half days before a baby is due to arrive the mother will become very active, tidying, cleaning, etc – even when a baby is going to come very early! It is a subconscious thing, for the ‘energies are moving’.

The milk for the baby comes in on the third day after birth.

It is the same for those departing the earth - especially noticeable in someone who had a sudden unexpected heart attack; the widow often tells of how her husband had in those last few days before death gone to the bank and got everything in order, tidied out the shed, done long outstanding repairs around the house – they are PREPARING.

After death it is a three and a half-day transition period while the various stages of detachment of the bodies occur.

There will be the same period involved either in weeks, months or years for each major step up in your Spiritual development – and if you keep a journal of your progress you will see this pattern clearly emerging.

Back to the chakras. As Rosalyn Bruyere tells us: Each chakra is a vortex of energy which revolves under the influence of a positive and negative current acting upon it in just the same way as the rotor of an electric motor revolves when positive and negative electric currents are applied to it. When the polarity of the current is reversed so that the positive and negative currents are each changed to the opposite pole, the electric motor will of course change the direction of its revolution. An identical process takes place at each chakra.

The current flowing on one side of the body is positive and on the other is negative. As these currents cross at the nodes the positive one being dominant causes the chakra to revolve in its own direction. In effect therefore, each chakra appears to revolve in the opposite direction to the one above and below it. The energy at the hub of the chakra will be outgoing or incoming according to the direction in which it is revolving, which is determined by the influence of the positive and negative currents through the right and left sides of the body.

These currents are not direct but ALTERNATING ones. THESE ENERGY CURRENTS ARE IN FACT THE BREATH. This is the reason why the breath is of vital importance. At various times the breath predominates through one nostril or the other. (Remember that statement from your very first lesson in the paragraph about the nose: ‘The blood vessels in the nasal passages alternate in size every few hours so that one nasal passage is always open wider than the other’) The alteration of the breath in this way produces the change of direction in the flow of energy currents and the revolution of the chakras.

Chakra is the Hindu word for ‘Wheel of Light’, which corresponds to all the material that mediums have ever channelled regarding the chakras.

Although the terms are used frequently, chakras cannot be ‘opened’ or ‘closed’, they are always spinning, no matter how slowly - it would be more appropriate to describe the chakra centres as blocked or unblocked; activated or de-activated; and all because of the presence, or lack of, energy.

The chakras are essentially identical in size but certainly not in pattern, each one has its own distinctive design.

As we have learned, only the negative chakras and the 7th crown chakra are actually situated in the physical body, all the others are within the six invisible bodies. So when you see a chakra chart superimposed on a human body and a description of the sites of each one, understand that the part of the body so described is the physical area that is AFFECTED BY that chakra, which is actually located in the invisible bodies.

The action of the first six chakras IS TO PULL THE ENERGY IN – this energy being LIFE FORCE. So, as already explained, the root chakra faces downwards to pull in the earth energy, chakras 2 – 6 pull in from the front of the body to direct the flow to the spine, and 7 points upwards to connect with the Universal Energy. The role of chakras 8 to 12 is as transformers in order to step down this huge power that we draw in to ourselves.

In the Northern Hemisphere a healthy chakra spins in a clockwise direction; below the equator, in the Southern Hemisphere, it spins anti-clockwise. Also the moon cycle, or menstrual cycle, causes a woman’s central meridian (the 4th chakra – heart) TO REVERSE DIRECTION for nine days of the month. This happens to men as well. (HERE WE CLEARLY SEE A DIRECT LINK BETWEEN OUR OWN ENERGIES AND THOSE OF THE EARTH AND THE PLANETS)

The health of the MIND is what affects the directional spin of the chakras, not the health of the body - but the direction of, rotation, shape and diameter of the chakra indicates the state of its energy and the health of its adjacent physical organs.

The chakras have a lotus pattern and each one has a different number of petals. These ‘petals’ are the number of spokes, which each wheel of force has. The colours that the chakras throw off depend upon the speed of their revolution because colours are light vibrating at different frequencies.

When we LOOK at a colour we produce a corresponding vibration within ourselves to that colour. In addition, if we concentrate and tune into this we can feel within ourselves which part of us responds to that colour, and what level of vibration it has.

A little book called ‘Understanding the Chakras’ by Peter Rendel casts more light on the subject:


There is another factor of enormous significance in the human system. THIS IS THE THIRD FORCE, which is known as the SUSHUMNA in Hindu terminology. The positive and negative currents are termed Pingala and Ida respectively. All manifestation gives rise to a polarity. IT IS WHEN THE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE FORCES OF THIS POLARITY ARE BALANCED THAT MANIFESTATION CEASES. The third force is called the Middle Pillar in Qabalistic terminology. It is the channel in the centre of the spine through which the energies flow ONLY WHEN THE OTHER TWO FORCES ARE BALANCED.


Now see how ‘Wheels of Light’ picks up the theme:

The best way to understand the mysterious third force or kundalini is by illustration of the pendulum. When the pendulum is in motion it swings continuously from side to side vibrating between horizontal or right and left poles. It also has a vertical polarity and as it swings energy is transmitted downwards from the pivot or source. If its motion ceases THE RIGHT AND LEFT POLES BECOME BALANCED AND CEASE TO EXIST. Then the energy, which was being sent downwards, MUST ALSO RETURN TO ITS SOURCE AND TRAVELS UPWARDS along the pendulum, which is now stationary in the middle.

In yoga terminology the right and left side energy flows are PINGALA and IDA and the central channel is SUSHUMNA. In Qabalistic terms they are The Pillars of Severity and Mercy and the central channel is The Path of the Arrow. In Buddhism it is The Middle Way, in Chinese terminology The TAO or balance of Yin and Yang. In Christianity, The Straight and Narrow Path. KUNDALINI THEREFORE IS THE PATH BY WHICH THE ENERGY RETURNS TO ITS SOURCE WHEN IT CEASES TO MANIFEST IN THE HUMAN SYSTEM AS A VIBRATION BETWEEN POLES. When Kundalini returns to its source the pendulum has ceased to swing. All polarity ceases and our consciousness returns to its source through the crown chakra. WHEN THE BREATH CEASES TO FLOW THROUGH THE RIGHT AND LEFT SIDES OF THE SYSTEM either we die or if we have prepared ourselves and the energy is controlled, we can transcend death and can pass consciously into the deep mystical state of SAMADHI.

They have all reached the same conclusion and awareness that WE have – Plan A and Plan B!

In order to attain this state of perfection we have to do all the ground work of cleansing ourselves of all negativity, thus purifying the energy centres and balancing the forces and all our bodies, which prepares the chakras for the energies to flow through them. SO IT NOT US AWAKENING THE FORCES TO ACTIVATE THE CHAKRAS, AS IS COMMONLY THOUGHT, IT’S THE OTHER WAY ROUND – WE PREPARE THE CHAKRAS IN ORDER TO LET THE ENERGY RISE.

Once the 10th chakra is fully opened and the negative tenth has closed down we are well on the way to preparing the chakras for this energy rise, it won’t rise until all 12 positive chakras are activated. In between those two stages the magnetic fields around the bodies go into change – the whole thing reverses! Whereas in unaware man the neutral part of the system is the 4th; heart chakra, as you start to develop, the 7th, crown chakra becomes the neutral rod. Just prior to the kundalini rising YOU become the neutral rod. After the full activation of the 12th chakra when you ask the pendulum to show you which chakra you are currently working on THERE WILL BE NO RESPONSE all the way up the body, and all around it - which tells you that either you are dead! Or YOU HAVE REVERSED YOUR POLARITY FIELD and are connecting to the Universal Energy. YOU AWAKEN THE SLEEPING SNAKE and the energy flows up the body to connect with our source – GOD. By checking your energy points every few months you will be able to SEE the process that is taking place.

There are three stages to the rising of the energy. The first is the human orgasm – brief but ecstatic. The second stage is the rising of the energy to the 7th chakra, the psychic version of the Real Thing – longer and ecstatic. When the actual event takes place the energy does NOT go straight up the body, it happens in stages of several seconds, and branches as it goes – you are literally activating a tree; the Tree of Life. The latter BRINGS you into the ecstasy for longer and longer periods until it becomes your way of life.

To this point we have been looking at the physical aspect of the chakras and bodies, but now let’s look at the REAL reason for all of this. The chakras are receiving stations for the flow of Light and Energy that comes to our four lower bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental) through the Etheric Self. They serve as step-down transformers to express God’s Individuality within man. The four lower bodies are instruments for self-mastery. The Real Self acts independently of the four lower bodies - they are only a temporary manifestation of Spirit. It is necessary for the soul to evolve through these bodies in order to become immortal. The Spirit is anchored in the bodies and its perception is grounded in the physical world until it can anchor enough light within the bodies to create a bridge between the material and the spiritual planes. Then as the bodies fill up with Light this is the means of transition from the human to the Divine.

Peter Rendel tells us MAN IS INTENDED TO BE A CONDUCTOR OF THE ENERGY FLOW OF GOD TO AND THROUGH MAN. When he arrests the cycle of the flow of Love by clogging the very pores of his being with the rituals of hate, fear and superstition, he ceases to fulfil his reason for being.

Once we rise above that and draw the higher energies into our energy field the next step is to be able to INVOKE that power, drawing to ourselves the means to let us do the work for others that we came here to do - and which God intended for us.

Spirit use very graphic and simple ways to teach us these lessons and this is how we were led to understand the importance of finding, and living, that Middle Way.

One morning after meditation together Jim said he heard the words, “The Seven Deadly Sins.”  We tried to think of what they were but could only come up with four of them. We looked it up in the Bible, the dictionary – no luck, so we rang a friend who seems to know a bit about a lot of things! He found the answer for us by ringing the local Theologian College. He rang me that night with the answer, I scribbled it down on a piece of paper but we had visitors from overseas at the time and there was no opportunity to pursue this further for quite a few weeks. I left the paper in my journal as a bookmark so that I would not forget.

Then the film ‘Seven’ came on the circuit and Spirit indicated to us that it would be beneficial for us to go and see it. I must admit that in the opening scenes I wondered WHY? The story was about a series of murders – gruesome murders. The first one they went to investigate was in a dirty run-down house crawling with cockroaches. In the kitchen a huge obese man was tied to his chair with his head in a plate of baked beans, he had been force fed till he choked to death – there were plates and pots of beans everywhere indicating that it had taken quite some time.

At the third murder the detective quietly announced that there were going to be four more murders if they did not catch the killer – he had realised that these crimes were portraying the seven deadly sins.

The motive behind the murders was that the killer realized that mankind had become very complacent about the seven deadly sins, so he was committing these crimes ‘to wake us up’ to our complacency.

When we got home I knew that a writing was coming on:

I wished you to see this film ‘Seven’ to gain an understanding of the baseness that man can sink to, and still be of the opinion that he is doing this for the good of humanity. Violence can never be solved by violence; it only compounds the situation. The detective in the film understood this and demonstrated non-violence and reached a solution; he chose the middle way.

I was then told to list the seven sins in the left column, the opposites of them in the right column.

Look at the opposites, and then find the middle way.




Gluttony                              Moderation                       Frugality

Avarice (greed)                   Generosity                        Wastefulness

Sloth                                    Service                              Overwork

Lust                                     Love                                   Frigidity

Anger                                  Peace                                 Indifference

Pride                                   Humility                             Lack of pride

Envy                                    Acceptance                        Non-caring

The middle way is the path to finding the Spirit Self.

The first column is the way to finding the destructive self.

The third column is the path of the self-centred human.

Here we go back to the basic 7 and all the variances for the cause of all illness  - as in music and colour: 7 notes for every piece of music ever composed. 7 colours for every hue and shade.

The middle way is the healing path - to PRACTICE those seven virtues would be to see the end of sickness on this planet.

IN ALL THINGS it is man’s opinions of good and evil that promote these emotions. Remove the concept of evil, and judgement would instantly be removed – and so too, CONFLICT.

This exercise clearly shows you how and what mankind CREATES with his beliefs. Remove those exaggerated beliefs and you are left with the middle path, the way life is meant to be lived - but you all came to Earth to EXPERIENCE the extremes in order to learn from them.

So let’s give you an example of these extremes and how we learn from them. Let’s take LUST – we’ve all experienced that at some stage in our lives (if you haven’t I’m sorry for you! tee-hee)

When we first practice lust – “Oh! This is fun”, but the further down that path you go you either become a user, or YOU are used - for there is no love involved.

That experience could damage you quite a bit emotionally and then you could go to the other extreme – frigidity; having been hurt you close your heart and do not allow yourself to be hurt by anyone ‘ever again’. The further down that path you go, the more cold and lonely your life will become – for we all need love.

From those two extremes of experience we finally FIND love – and then we are practicing the Middle Way.

UNDERSTANDING now what our experiences are about it helps to remove judgement from our lives – of others and ourself. Who best to help a person in trouble than someone who has already been there and gained from the experience!

P.S. Remember, no-one can activate your chakras except YOU!