Lesson 12
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I began these lessons in 1994 and in the years leading up to 2000 there have been many books about the changes occurring as our century drew to a close.

There are in fact, three major energy shifts occurring at the same time:

1. Mankind’s shift of awareness to a new dimension of earth.

2. The passing of the Sun into the sign of Aquarius – thus heralding in a new age.

3. A Cosmic turning point which involves changes of rulership in the invisible Hierarchy that controls the Cosmos. Because of this there are many rays of energy bombarding the Earth and all of humanity, to help us in this great transition.

1.  As you have learned over the last eleven weeks, as we become more aware of the energies around us and our capabilities to tap into them, our body vibratory rate increases.

As the Earth approaches its new solar influences, it too is raising its vibrations. Just as we experience physical sensations as these invisible things happen to us, so too the Earth changes physically, and so we have been experiencing weather changes and increased volcanic and earthquake activity.

A lot of the predictions have centred on the Shift being an actual physical shift of the Earth on its axis, producing tidal waves, earthquakes; destruction on a massive scale. So far predictions of countries disappearing beneath the water on certain dates have been proved untrue – so how much can we rely on similar predictions for the future?

Religious people quote the book of Revelations from the Bible as their answer to the Shift – that too is pretty scary stuff. And yet there is a ray of hope in it – a New Heaven and a New Earth, the only problem being that each of the different branches of religion are convinced that only their people are going to survive all this (and only 144,000 of them!) So what chance for the rest of us?

Scientists have been keeping an eye on it all, observing the seemingly abnormal weather patterns etc, and they are predicting huge future problems because of the thinning ozone layer; because of mass tree felling; because of over-fishing – the list goes on and on and the future looks decidedly glum.

The information available is confusing – who do you believe? A lot of the information about the Shift has been channelled. Depending on the level of the guide the information could be merely psychic (man made energy remember), or Spiritual – from a Higher Source. From my own experience all information that comes from the other side is received only in part – spirit do not hand it to you on a plate! All information is a ‘push’ to send you off in a certain direction, and then you have to work on it. Much of the information from Spirit is symbolic and so tidal waves could represent the many tears that are shed in your personal awakening – or on a larger scale, for awakening mankind. Volcanic eruptions symbolic of the emotional upheaval involved. Over the years we have come to learn that the predictions are not all fixed destiny, and that certain outcomes can change – if mankind will also change in his way of thinking, feeling and living. So there is our first ray of hope, we can do something to help ourselves.

Our Teachers have told us that there are actually 12 dimensions of this Earth,  like the  layers of an onion all around us, each one differing in rate of vibration, and that we are at present experiencing the fifth one. At the time of the Shift those whose vibrations are high enough will then be able to experience the sixth dimension. We will still be living in the same world, the same geographic spot, but we will be experiencing a part of it that at the moment is invisible to us. As we vibrate at the same rate as the sixth dimension, so WE will become invisible to those on the fifth. This is not a new concept, the major religions tell us about it. For example, in the Bible there is a piece that says ‘two will be working in the field, one will disappear’. ‘Celestine Prophecies’ in the last chapter describes how members of the group shimmered out of sight.

There are also dimensions lower than ours, the first four, which again we can’t see because we don’t vibrate at the same rate as those dimensions. JUST BECAUSE WE CAN’T SEE THEM, DOESN’T MEAN THAT THEY DON’T EXIST. Just as we don’t see radio waves; we are unaware of them until we turn on the radio and tune in. There are many instances of energies that we can’t SEE, but which we can utilize once we become aware of them.

My first contacts were psychic ones, and the information I received was alarming, but I think this is intentional on Spirit’s part to make us think, and to make the decision to try to change ourselves and thus avert the predicted disasters.

Once you consciously make that change, you start to contact higher and higher guidance, and then you learn that there is nothing to fear except fear itself. THE ACT OF REMOVING FEAR FROM YOUR THINKING CAUSES THE BODY TO VIBRATE AT HIGHER AND HIGHER LEVELS, then there you are, AUTOMATICALLY making your way towards the sixth dimension! Knowing that whatever occurs physically around you, you will be in the right place, and the right time.

2.  What is the significance of the sun passing into the sign of Aquarius? It means that humanity will evolve to all the positive characteristics of that sign. Just as the Piscean Age has evolved mankind away from the Dark Ages of religious and spiritual persecution to Spiritual awareness, perception and creativity, so the Aquarian Age heralds Vision, Charity, and Tolerance amongst all people and races. A time of great learning is coming upon us where science will take great strides forward - once it is combined with the energies of Love and Light. An Age where negativity no longer impedes man’s progress, opening us up to the Spiritual wisdom and knowledge which lies within each and every one of us.

I know it seems as if this world and its peoples seem to be hurtling towards destruction – but that is PART of this huge shift of consciousness. Just like the train on the tracks; for miles and miles while it is travelling in the same direction it goes smoothly along – clickety click, clickety  click. But as soon as it changes direction the train has to go over the points – and everybody and everything gets ‘shook up’. Once back on track – clickety click, clickety click.

Or like when we pull the plug after the dishes; the water level sinks smoothly down UNTIL it reaches the drain hole, then circular turbulence and great suction and much noise! Mankind is at the stage of turbulence and suction as all the negativity runs out. It is all leading us to a time of Universal Awareness of the God Energy, the end of divided religions, and great peace for all.

3.  As for the  cosmic turning point, I have touched briefly on our helpers from the other side explaining how you, individually, are helped to progress. But there is a vast hierarchy with World Teachers who have been helping mankind to evolve to this point in our history. Buddha has been sending the energy of Light to the world, and Jesus the energy of Love, and at the time of the Cosmic transition midway through the current century, both of these leaders will be promoted to higher positions and new tasks, which will be more Cosmic than Earthly, thus making way for others to take their place in helping mankind, as a whole, to evolve higher and higher.

When we discuss this amongst our groups there is always concern from people who are on the Path that family members who are not Spiritually inclined will be left behind. Spirit have assured us that the way we LIVE our beliefs will influence our families – without us having to preach or convert, and that there will be many opportunities in these last years of our century for mankind to change. Often they will be drastic circumstances involving natural and personal disasters – to make men turn to each other for support and help – because we need a lot of shaking out of that negative rut we’ve got ourselves into!

ALL the spirits that have reincarnated into the physical bodies (that’s US) to experience these transitions have come here for a great learning process. They also know within themselves if it is their DESTINY to experience the sixth dimension  or to stay here on the fifth for karmic reasons. IT IS PRE-DESTINED; WE HAVE ALL COME FOR THE EXPERIENCE.

The following message was given to us on the 1st August 1994:

I start to reveal to you the Truths of the Shift – what is being accomplished, and by whom, in order for you to pass it on to others. The more knowledge of this subject, the less fear.

Love and Light are the transforming energies for each individual. Truth is the trigger that re-awakens the knowing within. These three qualities; Love, Light and Truth, bring illumination to mankind, and when the Light is at its greatest intensity those who are still in the dark will be shown the way, and finally it is their free will that determines their destiny.

Hard as it is for you to visualise that in seven short years the majority of mankind will be transformed, nevertheless it will happen, for there are many plans within the Great Plan which will enable this to take place. It will not come easily for the unaware and there will be seemingly hard times ahead for them. But it is as the refining of gold; the melting down for the purity to emerge. Those who are aware will recognise this and will therefore be unaffected. Their strength in the face of all negativity will help those who are struggling. A wondrous time is ahead, know this in your heart, in every fibre of your being. Know this.

Then one week later on the 8th August:

Over the centuries mankind has been evolving, working steadily toward the completion of the Plan. Many have fallen along the way. At the time of transition do not worry about those left behind, that too is part of the Plan for they are Spirits from Souls who are not very high on the planes. They come for the experience, and the sign of better things to come. Great lessons will be learned through this, allowing their souls to take gigantic leaps up the heavenly ladder. On this dimension (the 5th) will be learned the lessons of unity as all band together to help one another in times of hardship. Perseverance and acceptance will be two other valuable lessons. Mankind will still progress, even in the fifth dimension, but it will be a new, more difficult beginning, with great hardships to overcome, but even in these help will be forthcoming. As you know, secret places will be revealed containing the necessary equipment to assist mankind in the rebuilding. Here is their greatest chance ever of overcoming.

You already know some of the joys awaiting you on the sixth. You know but a fraction. All is perfectly fair, for each Spirit will have earned the place he find himself to be in – you each create your own reality. You will help the many whose destiny it is to raise to the higher level, and you will go forward to higher learning.

Today you learned that as each person energizes themselves by right living and right feeling, that they also energise the earth. This transition WILL take place. It does not rely on numbers to enable it to happen. It is already predetermined where each man’s destiny lies.

(Read Lobsang. T. Rampar’s book The Cave of the Ancients to learn more about the ‘secret places’)

So meanwhile, let’s keep working on ourselves and for each other.



Grandmother Pa’ris’ha was a speaker at the annual gathering of The Seed of Life Foundation in Wales, U.K. last year. Part of their newsletter was given over to a description of this wonderful lady and her life work. This is an excerpt of her closing remarks in her speech delivered to thousands who were under bomb threat at the former Communist Party headquarters at the turning point and fall of communism in the former Czechoslovakia. Life is a cycle, a cycle is a Circle and in a Circle all returns to where it began. There is no beginning and no end. Inside the circle there are ‘no sides’ to choose. Within the cellular structure of our Body/Altar lies the Wisdom of all cycles of man’s evolution. We are all interconnected and we are always inter-relating. We live between Earth and Sky, yet we are universal and starseeds. We are children of the One God that is in all things. Our purpose is Harmony. The Future is your next thought. You will only ‘spend’ time while in this word, the moments are more precious than gold or diamonds. We are love, created completely of love, we do not need to seek it….give it! You are not in the Universe, the Universe is in you. You are always with me and me with you, we exist for these moments in a temporary place and time that is as a grain of sand on the beach of Time Millennium. We emerge past this all to the vastness of the Great Mystery. Seek me on the Wind Beloved, and see me in the Sunrise and Sunset, touch me in all that you meet. Dance the Fire with me because we are the flame of Hope and the Promise of fulfilment! You are…the I AM. To truly be alive is to be free.

And if you want to read a truly positive and uplifting piece on ‘How to Handle The Predicted Earth Changes’ read the Kryon book ‘Alchemy of The Human Spirit’ P48, written by Krysta Gibson of Seattle.

As this first set of lessons ends we ask our class members to go away for three months and LIVE what they have learned. Then if they are still interested to learn more, to give us a phone call then go on the waiting list which will take another couple of months to bring them back to do the second level. A great moan goes up - “Why can’t we book in NOW, we want to go straight on.” – “You may well do so, but it’s a DISCIPLINE, and if you really WORK with this you will find great changes happening in your life. As a result you will then more readily understand Level 2.”

So guess what’s going to happen now – for YOU!!!!!!!!!

I also suggest at this point that you begin to keep a journal of all that takes place. In this journal you record any dreams, or parts thereof, that ‘stick’ with you. You may not understand them initially, but as you keep recording you will develop your own dream code and start to understand the messages they are bringing you. Also record any visions received in meditation or any wakened state. Record your emotions as this all unfolds for you – for they will be many! ‘Coincidences’, events that seem to have meaning, people who come into your life and how you interact. As you begin to journal you will instinctively know what to record.

Then every six months or so go back over your writings – and the most wonderful thing will transpire; you will clearly SEE where all these are leading you, and you will see and understand your positive development stages. WRITE IT ALL DOWN – the good AND the bad and WATCH your wonderful transformation take place.

Very often we had things happen to us, or we would be led to do certain things – with no idea what it was all about, only being told to RECORD. I have done this faithfully right from the beginning, if it were not for that I would not be able to so accurately record the events and messages in my books. When you look BACK you can see clearly what has been taking place; with the many minor happenings of the day removed it is as if you are sifting out the gold from the dross AND YOU START TO SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE and come into the understanding of God’s Mysterious Ways.

I have one last beautiful story to tell which could never have been so powerful had it not been for the entries in my journal - which gave a bereaved mother absolute proof of her deceased son’s love for her:

We were holding this 12th lesson at our old house in Rockingham one Friday night. There is always a bit of a celebration at the end and it was quite late. Suddenly we heard the police helicopter overhead and everyone piled out onto the back patio to see what was going on – obviously they were looking for someone for the searchlight was combing the area. Not long afterwards everyone left to go home and we began to tidy up.

At 11.20 the doorbell rang and when we answered it there on the step stood a lady from the class with another lady beside her, “This is Susan, she lives across the road. She asked me what we did here, I told her – and I think she needs your help.” –“Oh! Well come in then.”

Once we settled in the lounge she explained that the neighbours had also been out watching the activities of the helicopter and when they saw our class emerging they began to speculate, for the umpteenth time, on what we were doing. Was it a Bible class? Or a pottery class? – but there were no lumpy parcels! And so Susan said to her neighbour, “I’m going to ASK.”

In the darkness she walked into the group and straight up to a lady – who it transpired – she had gone to school with many years before, and so it was easy to have a chat and ask the question. So now she explained that she actually lived in Darwin these days but had been diagnosed with breast cancer, had the breast removed, and was now in Perth undergoing six months of chemotherapy. She had been renting the unit across the road for the last four months.

She then went on to tell us that her Perth doctor had recommended that she find a meditation class and start reading ‘the books’ – “You can help yourself.” My comment was “How lucky were you to get a doctor like that!” – “Ah yes, but we are really battling for cash and have huge medical bills waiting for us in Darwin – and although there are groups out there, I just can’t afford it. I did find out about the Cancer Support Group in Cottesloe which doesn’t charge – but I can’t afford the petrol to get up there as often as I would like. Also I have bought a couple of books, but they are so expensive.” – “Well aren’t you in luck. This session ended tonight, we’re starting a new one next Friday – so you can join that. We have an excellent lending library and a selection of meditation tapes, you can come across the road whenever you like and avail yourself.”

She was thrilled at that news. Then “Also I met a friend in the supermarket and she recommend that I get some Reiki done to help me through the chemotherapy, but I can’t afford the treatment.” – “Well, WE are Reiki healers, so every time you have your treatment come over to us and we’ll follow up with the Reiki.” – “Oh wonderful – but how much do you charge?” – “NOTHING, it’s all FREE.” She nearly fell off her chair, tee-hee.

One hour later she went back home laden with books and tapes and promising to come the next week, “I’m so glad I asked what you do here!”

When she came the next Friday she had just had her treatment that day and she looked terrible – but she was determined not to miss a thing. She could barely keep her eyes open but she persevered. During the evening she mentioned that her son had died several years before. As I lay in bed later her words came back to me, also the thought, “Breast cancer… lack of nurturing. Lost the right breast……male side. Hmmm. Must mention that tomorrow….”

The following day she arrived for her first Reiki session. I told her what had been presented to me the night before then asked how her son had died. “He committed suicide.” Now normally all I would have said would have been “I’m so sorry.” Instead, out of my mouth came “How did it happen? Was it motor vehicle or what?” I was horrified – how insensitive! But she replied “He drove into the Safety Bay Yacht Club eight years ago.” A bolt of energy went straight through me, “Oh! Don’t tell me his name. I know of him! He came to our table group the week after it happened – and we wondered why, for none of us knew him or his family.” Of course Susan then wanted to know what he said.

Jim went off to find the journal – for it was all written down – and I told her how Oliver had told us that he didn’t INTEND to kill himself. He had had a break up with his girlfriend and meant to crash the car and mess himself up a bit – but certainly not to kill himself. But at the last moment he couldn’t take his foot off the accelerator and he and his beloved dog left this place. To make matters worse he had arranged for a letter to appear in the personal column of the local paper for the week after the event stating to his girlfriend that he had done it for her. You can imagine how she must have felt. In his bereaved state he had hoped that this would bring her back to him.

Oliver was a very popular boy and was well known, his death affected many people, not just his immediate family  who, understandably, were shattered.

By this time Jim had brought the journal through for Susan to see. Inside were all the funeral notices that I had cut out and kept – I never even did that when my own parents passed! At the time we had all wondered what we could possibly do with this information. How could we contact the family and say, “Our table said………..” It would have been like a cruel joke.

Then I remembered that there had been two other instances when Oliver had been mentioned by people who had interacted with him after his death, so I promised to find the entries, write them out, and bring them across later.

The first event had happened the year after his death. I went to do a healing for a little boy who came from a big Irish family. They were all really interested in the healing and as I carried out the ten weekly sessions they came in their droves to watch and ask questions. On one of these evenings a young woman asked if I had ever spoken to someone who had just newly passed over. Of course I mentioned Oliver. “Oliver! He was my fiancé’s best mate. What did he say?” Oops! “Well, he came to tell us that he didn’t MEAN to kill himself.” She challenged why I hadn’t contacted the family with the information, I gave my reasons – and secretly thought “Well maybe YOU will now.” But obviously she didn’t!

The next event happened five years later. A couple had been involved in one of our development groups for over a year when they mentioned that their son was having some very strange happenings. Could they bring him for a chat, and could I explain about the white light? During his conversation he said, “And my best mate Oliver has thrown me round the room a couple of times – just like he used to do when he was alive.”

I realised as I wrote this all down what Oliver had done. He, through us, had contacted his two best mates and now his Mum, to tell them the truth about what had happened! When I took the writing across for Susan ten years of sadness had been erased from her face. And as I handed them to her I said, “Susan, this is as good as a telegram from the other side.” Her response was, “You have no idea what this means to me, there hasn’t been a night since he died that I haven’t cried myself to sleep and wondered how I had let him down. Or speculated that he couldn’t possibly love me or he would never have put me through such pain. This changes everything.”

Susan took that writing to every member of the family, and Oliver’s girlfriend – who came to see us – and it helped them all. By seeing the copies of the journal entries, and their dates, plus the intimate information about the funeral that only the family knew of, she knew without a shadow of doubt, that this MUST be true. I could have TOLD her of the events, and that would have been marvellous in itself, but to actually SEE the evidence…….that recording of information had been PRICELESS.

That was the turning point for Susan, it triggered off a series of events which were all instrumental in her healing. And since then, telling this story in class, Oliver once again got his message across to yet another of his friends – whose Mum came to the class. She came to me at the end of the lesson and said, “I’m going straight home to write to him and tell him about this, he was absolutely shattered when it happened.”

When they’ve got a message for you they’ll get it across – no matter what!

So in the meantime, to tide you over the next five months till the second level lessons appear on this site, February 2001, here are a couple of pieces that we hand out to keep you ‘on track’. The first one we picked up in a card shop in Hawaii. A lot of people do it up on the computer, laminate it, and put it behind the loo door – our place of contemplation!


          I will realise what a caring, loving person I am and treat myself accordingly.


          I will put aside the past and my worries about the future and make today a              celebration of life.


          I will accept who I am, what I’m doing and know that where I’m going is totally up to me.


I’m going to be my own best friend and I’m going to be there for myself whenever I need me.


I will forget about doing things perfectly and try instead to do the best I can in my own special way.


I’ll realise that yesterday is history, that tomorrow’s a mystery and I’ll make the best of the time I have now……….


This second one I found in Dennis Hassell’s book ‘The Vibrations of my Life’ He found it in a small monastery. I got the impression that  it was an old piece, but a couple of years ago there was a TV programme on Angels in which the author of this poem was featured. He received it the day after his wife died. Then the astronaut Neil Armstrong read it, asked for a copy, and took it up and left it on the moon. So now you have your OWN copy…….


Do you need me? I am there.
You cannot see me, yet I am the light you see by.
You cannot hear me, yet I speak through your voice.
You cannot feel me, yet I am the power at work in your hands.
I am at work though you do not understand my ways.
I am at work though you do not recognise my works.
I am not strange mysteries, I am not strange visions
Only in absolute stillness, beyond self, can you know me as I am.
And then, but as a feeling, and a faith.
Yet I am there. Yet I hear. Yet I answer.
When you need me. I am there.
Even if you deny me. I am there.
Even when you feel most alone. I am there.
Even in your fears. I am there.
Even in your pain. I am there.
I am there when you pray - and when you do not pray.
I am in you and you are in me.
Only in your mind can you feel separate from me.
For only in your mind are the mists of yours and mine.
Yet only with your mind can you know me and experience me.
Empty your heart of empty fears.
When you get yourself out of the way – then I am there.
You can of yourself do nothing. But with me, you can do all.
I am in all.
Though you may not see the good. The good is there, for I am there.
I am there because I have to be – because I am.
Only in me does the world have meaning.
Only out of me does the world take form.
Only because of me does the world go forward.
I am the law upon which the movement of the stars, the growth of
living cells are founded.
I am the love that is the law’s fulfilling.
I am assurance. I am peace. I am Oneness.
I am the law that you can live by.
I am the love that you can cling to.
I am your assurance. I am your peace.
I am one with you – because I am.
Though you fail to find me – I do not fail you.
Though your faith in me is unsure – my faith in you never wavers.
Because I know you. Because I love you.
Beloved, I am always there.



I turn away from the world about me to the world of consciousness that lies within. I shut out all memories of the past, create no images of the future. I concentrate on my being, on my awareness. I slide deep into the very recesses of my soul to a place of utter repose. Here I perceive fact in the making, am conscious of the one being from which all beings spring. I know that this is immortal Self, this is God, this is me. I am, I always was, I always will be. All men, all things, all space and time and life are here in the depths of my soul. Smaller than small, greater than great meet and unite in me. That which I thought I was, ego, I never was at all, for it was a changing thing, mirroring the seasons and the tides, a thing to be born and grow and die. I am not a thing of time or circumstance, I am spirit, pure and eternal, birthless, deathless and changeless. I am patient, for I am all time: I am wise, for I contain the knowledge of all things. I know not pain, for I see there is no beginning and no end, and who suffers pain must see beginning and end. I am rich, for there is no limit to the abundance I may create from my very Self. I am successful, for I need only think to achieve. I love and am beloved, for all things are myself and I am all things. I unite, I fuse, I become one with Universal Subconscious Mind. The mask of vanity and ego I shall never wear again. I perceive the magnificent Dweller at the centre of my consciousness, and I know Him to be my very self. Time and space, shadow and substance, what matter these? I am God.