Lesson 10
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The following is a quote from a Readers Digest of 1996:


In the first lesson I pointed out a few of the miracles of the human body – the vehicle for our Spirit. These are proven scientific facts.

Here are some more very surprising details about your marvellous physical machine, this is an extract from Deepak Chopra’s book ‘Perfect Health’.


We tend to see our bodies as ‘frozen sculptures’ – solid, fixed, material objects – when in truth they are more like rivers, constantly changing, flowing patterns of intelligence. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus declared, “you cannot step into the same river twice, for fresh waters are ever flowing in.” The same is true of the body. If you ‘pinch an inch’ around your waist, the fat you are squeezing between your fingers is not the same as it was last month. Your adipose tissue (fat cells) fills up with fat and empties out constantly, so that all of it is exchanged every three weeks. You acquire a new stomach lining every five days (the innermost layer of stomach cells is exchanged in a matter of minutes as you digest food). Your skin is new every five weeks. Your skeleton, seemingly so solid and rigid, is entirely new every three months.  In all, the flow of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, is so rapid that you could be renewed in a matter of weeks; it is only the heavier atoms of iron, magnesium, copper and so on that slow down the process. You appear to be the same outwardly, yet you are like a building whose bricks are constantly being replaced by new ones. Every year, fully 90% of the total number of atoms in your body are replaced – this has been confirmed by radio-isotope studies at the Oak Ridge Laboratories in California. This constant stream of change is controlled at the quantum level of the mind-body system, and yet medicine has not taken advantage of this fact – it is still waiting to take the quantum leap.


As I read this article the questions started to flow – if our stomach is being constantly renewed – why do we keep on getting stomach ulcers?

If our skin is new every five weeks why do we get old and wrinkled?

If our skeleton is completely renewed every three months why do we get osteoporosis, or arthritis?



Unless we are BORN with a disease or an affliction (which is God-given karma for those involved, to learn vital life lessons by), then any illness thereafter is caused BY OURSELVES, quite unwittingly, for it is our FEELINGS that cause our diseases. (By the way, we are also capable of healing our karmic illness once the lessons have been learned.)

WATCH THE WAY YOU FEEL, any constant negative thoughts will cause physical problems within your body. You only need to read books on this subject by Louise L Hay, Catherine Ponder, and  Caroline Myss to get a clearer insight as to the metaphysical cause of illness.

Jim and I were taught the Reiki method of healing by Beth Gray. She told us even to watch OUR SPEECH, for the body can be influenced by constantly repeated phrases and the associated feelings. For example someone who has bladder complaints – is ‘pissed off’ with life! And probably constantly says so!

Someone with neck problems is someone who constantly refers to others as being ‘a pain in the neck’. And Beth wisely told us – “You’d better not call anyone a pain in the butt – or you know what you could end up with!”

No-one was more surprised than us when we found ourselves arranging to do a Reiki course – we neither of us had had any desire to become healers. Unfortunately, I had only seen very ‘showy’ healers at work in the past, with lots of heavy breathing, sweeping of the hands, etc – and my feelings were, “Well, if it works for them, and the person feels better – fine. But don’t ask ME to become involved in anything like THAT!” Plus, if anyone had said to me, ‘Seminar - an American - $150’ (which was quite expensive in 1990) – we would have run the other way, for we have never been drawn to any of that. But, as usual, EXAMPLE of another benefiting from it, was what attracted us.

One of the ladies in our group took the course – and we all  saw the change in her instantly: she was GLOWING! Then when I experienced a couple of sessions – and benefited – then I was REALLY interested. Reiki was fairly new in Perth in those days, in fact, we had never even heard of it, but when I heard what it could do I instantly thought of our two daughters; Sam, who could conceive babies as easy as pie, but could not seem to carry them full-term. And Kerry who had been involved in a car crash and suffered bad whiplash injuries – which the doctor could not cure, nor the chiropractor . It was  costing her a fortune for treatment, and she was getting nowhere . And so I arranged to be initiated into Reiki the next time Beth came to Perth in 6 months time. I was going to do it with a friend, but as it worked out, the seminar had to be postponed for yet another 6 months, that did not then fit in with my friend’s holiday arrangements, and now Jim was very interested – so we took it together in April 1990.

What a wonderful experience. And the outcome was that Sam now has four beautiful healthy children, and Kerry went on to play touch rugby!

We intended it to be purely for our family and friends, but the most amazing results happened, the word got around, and before we knew it Reiki was virtually our life! It truly did turn our lives around, and I highly recommend it; it’s simple – you don’t even need to know the body parts - your hands ‘tell’ you where to go! What I like about it is that you are trained right from the start that it is not YOU that is doing the healing, you are merely the channel. Universal Energy is being used – as in all high healing, which does not deplete your personal energy, and so you are able to devote hours to it without getting drained – in fact, you feel highly energized at the end of the session. The attunements seem to enhance your spiritual progress, and you begin to develop at a hundred miles an hour! There are all sorts of added bonuses as you keep working with it – TRY IT!

Deepak Chopra tells us that there is an Intelligence at work in our body that the scientists cannot tap into as yet. When the body NATURALLY heals itself, it swings into action to send just the right combination of self-made chemicals right to the injured spot to heal it. Science has tried to duplicate some of these natural remedies in the form of anti-bodies, but the problem with them is that they invade the WHOLE body, causing other problems, instead of going ONLY to the site where they are needed.

His reasoning is that if an intelligence causes our bodies to become diseased, then an intelligence can also reverse that. That intelligence is triggered initially by our feelings. When we feel negatively about something or someone, we put our whole body out of balance, and disease is the end result.


These feelings can be very deep seated, and sometimes it takes many years to show themselves in the form of illness. When they do, look closely at the symptoms, and where they are situated – for they will give you a clue as to the original cause:

Any INFLAMMATION of the body is ANGER – anything that ends in ‘–itis’; tonsillitis, appendicitis, etc. If it is on the right side of the body it is caused by your feelings towards a male in your life, if it’s on the left side then the cause is the way you feel about a woman.

If a woman had a problem on the left side it could mean either that she has a woman to forgive, OR SHE NEEDS TO FORGIVE HERSELF.

If a man has a problem on the right it means that he has another man to forgive, OR HE NEEDS TO FORGIVE HIMSELF.

The organs or digits and limbs that are affected give you even further clues, for instance female problems indicate a lack of love in your life; if it was a problem with a RIGHT ovary then the lack of love was from a MALE SOURCE.

The body has much to tell us, and we should LISTEN. It happens in subtle ways to begin with – a stubbed toe here, a cut finger there, a knock on the head. If we ignore these signals, then it will be more serious next time – a broken toe, stitches in the finger or the head. And if, through our ignorance, we still go on thinking in the same old way, it will eventually be something BIG and life-threatening – whatever it takes to get us to LOOK at our life and acknowledge our feelings. Quite a few stand up in the Reiki seminars and say, “I had cancer – and it was the best thing that happened to me”, for now they don’t know how long they have – and so they learn to live in the now and value each moment. They really take a look at their life and realise what matters – and what doesn’t. One book I read began by saying that it was usually a life-threatening illness that made people turn around and “Please don’t wait that long – start changing your life NOW.” Good advice!

ALWAYS the act of FORGIVENESS is what is needed to heal the body, and many a miraculous cure has come about once this has been exercised. Bernie Seigel has written some excellent books on the subject, he even clinically proved that when a person FORGIVES, an actual chemical change takes place in the body, which produces the correct anti-body to enable the healing to take place. SO YOU SEE THE IMPORTANCE OF FORGIVENESS TO OTHERS AND YOURSELF.

I highly recommend Bernie Seigal’s books, his experiences are very interesting. When he was a young intern, training to be a surgeon, he was troubled by the small talk and gossip that went on amongst the nurses and doctors while an operation is being performed – especially when they were laughing and joking about the patient, or speculating on their chances of getting well! He often worried whether the patient could still respond at some deep level. As a result of this, when he became a surgeon he stopped all this talk during the operation, and played soothing music instead. One day he got his answer about an unconscious person still being able to respond at a deep level; during an operation excess bleeding started, as he frantically tried to stop it he said, “Oh no! We don’t need this excess bleeding here right now.” And with that – it stopped! So from that day he began to talk to the sleeping patient, explaining every step of the procedure, and also putting the suggestion that when they awoke, they would have no voiding problems, and that they would recover rapidly – which they did! Consequently his work became very successful, and he was very much in demand – until it got to the stage where he was having to turn people away.

One lady, on hearing that he would not be able to perform her operation asked that at least he do a tape for her to be played during the op for her surgeon, to which Bernie agreed. On the day of the op the nurse came to give the lady her pre-op needle and noticed the tape recorder waiting to go down to surgery with her. The nurse said that would not be allowed. When the lady insisted that if it didn’t go – then neither would she, the nurse gave her the needle and said she could try, but did not think the surgeon would allow it. Off went the lady on her trolley with the recorder on her chest, only to be met with a refusal from the surgeon. Her response was “This is by body and my operation, if you don’t let this be played, then I am not having the operation.” So he grudgingly allowed it. The next day the surgeon called in to see her and asked who had made the tape - because he had experienced the least fatigue during an operation. The outcome of all of that was that now  Bernie Seigal teaches his methods to other surgeons and anaesthetists.

The next step in his development was that he was reading The Lancet one day and an article quoting the names of twelve people who had literally been within days of death, and despite all the medical predictions had beaten the disease and recovered. He decided to look up these people and ask them what their turning point had been. In every case they said, “It was when we forgave.” (And this could be other people, OR THEMSELVES) Taking this knowledge now he includes it straight away in the healing programme for new patients, and gets them onto meditation and forgiveness techniques straight away. When you attend his clinic you are not just ‘the disease’, as is the case with so many doctors, you are a PERSON - and he wants to know all your personal details, not just your medical history. This is how they discovered that once the forgiveness happens, the body manufactures its own healing chemicals. They are very excited about this and are trying to clone it – but, of course, this can never happen; we can’t be healed from some else’s chemicals, the healing has to come from WITHIN, as a result of our own inner work.. IT MUST COME FROM THE HEART.

I have spoken to so many people who have said, “I will NEVER forgive for what was done.” – if you don’t, you will NEVER be well. IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT. 

I have experienced this myself, so I KNOW it is true. An inflammatory condition in my right leg which was treated unsuccessfully for three years, CLEARED UP IN THREE MONTHS WITHOUT MEDICATION once I decided to forgive my father for past hurts, which had occurred OVER 30 YEARS AGO. Initially I could hardly believe that that was the cause! Then I could not bring myself to forgive him – I though his actions were unforgivable, and I preferred to stay angry and bitter over them. Then I looked at our two lives; he was 80 years old, fit as a fiddle and very happy – he had no idea how I felt about him because I had always concealed it well. In contrast I was a physical wreck at 49, so then and there I realised that my thoughts were not harming HIM in any way, but they WERE harming me! And so I practiced mental affirmations of forgiveness towards him every day. At first I felt like a hypocrite, for I didn’t MEAN them, but I had read that the subconscious can be programmed by repetition, and so I kept on working at it, till eventually the TRUE forgiveness happened. I have never had that complaint since, and the relationship between my father and myself healed as well. HERE WAS A CLASSIC CASE OF HANGING ONTO THE PAST. I was filled with anger over things that had happened many years before – and here they were ruining my life TODAY.

So, re-programme YOUR subconscious, and watch your life, and your health turn around. I realise now that had I not done that forgiving – I would not be doing what I do today. Many beautiful happenings evolved around my Dad and I, the last two years together were quality time, but the time SINCE he died, and the contact we still have, has given me the proof that I wanted about there definitely being life after death.

How this came about was when it was discovered that Dad had a huge aneurism in the main artery leading out from the back of the heart. He had gone for a routine kidney, bladder scan and when we went for the test results that was the shock news that we were given. Dad was given the option of open heart surgery, but the doctor pointed out that there was only a 50% success rate, it was a difficult operation with a long recovery time, and he commented that if he were Dad’s age, he would be looking at quality of life – rather than quantity. The choice was Dad’s, and he gave him a few days to think it over. It was not known how long the aneurism had been there – nor how long it would be before it burst, “But when it does, you’ll go,” and he snapped his fingers, “just like that!”

Dad was 83, and he was delighted that he had beaten his Dad by 3 years, especially as in his hey day my Dad drank a bottle of scotch and smoked 60 cigarettes a day!! According to the medical profession he should have gone YEARS ago – but Dad’s secret was that he never worried, or looked back in regret, he simply rolled with the punches – and always came out on top! He had suffered very little illness in his life.

I took him back to our place for a cup of tea (the life saver!) and we talked about this new ‘challenge’ that had suddenly presented itself – not without a few tears I might add. The way I saw it was that his father and brothers had all been heavy drinkers and smokers, they were all on the other side now and had departed this world in various ways; sclerosis of the liver, a stroke, and throat cancer, and Dad had realised that there was a good chance that any of those could be his means of departure too. I found myself saying, “Well Dad, I don’t know about you – but what better way to go than here one minute, gone the next – I really hope that’s the way I go too; no lingering illness, no nursing home, no dementia – it’s perfect. The only problem with that kind of death though is that it is such a shock for those left behind, they don’t get a chance to say goodbye. But we know about this now, so it won’t be a shock for us, so in a way Dad……… this is good news. “Yes Jackie”!!!!!!!!!!!”

I took him back to his place and left him to his thoughts for a couple of days. When I went to see him he told me that he had thought it over and come to a decision, “If I hadn’t had that scan I wouldn’t even know about this aneurism. So, I’m not going to stop driving my car, or going out – I’m just going to carry on as normal.” - “Good Dad, I’m glad that’s your decision.” – “BUT, I don’t want anyone to know about this – because I don’t want any sympathy.” – “Excellent! I’m with you Dad, there’s nothing worse than sympathy, it makes you feel weak and helpless. Yes, this is just within the family.” We didn’t even tell the kids.

I got a writing that night that virtually told me that now, more than ever, I must keep in the NOW, not even look to tomorrow – and enjoy every minute with Dad. So that’s just what I did. We also went and did all the things that we had been saying “we MUST do”, but never had time for – lunches out, a cruise on the river, visiting his favourite places. Hang the expense, that counted for nothing now – we didn’t know how much time we had left. And I learned a mighty lesson around this situation – we could have wrapped Dad up in cottonwool, and refused to let him go out, ‘just in case’. He would have sat in four walls for 10 months; WAITING – for that’s how long before he died. BUT NOT FROM THE ANEURISM, it was something totally different; a short illness – and that was it. See how much ‘what if-ing’ we saved ourselves! Instead we made good use of every moment together, and there was no sadness whatsoever.

One day we were talking about all-things-Spiritual and I commented to Dad, “Wouldn’t it be great if, when you pass over Dad, you could send me a sign from the other side. I do believe in life after death, but if we had a pre-arranged signal that someone else picked up on, then I would KNOW, without a shadow of doubt, that you were still close to me, and still living on.” – “What do you mean – a signal?” – “Well, what about a set of bagpipes? (as Dad was Scottish) If someone told me that they saw that, I would know it was you.” He thought about it then decided, “I know! I’ll be a THISTLE – so’s no-one will ever sit on me!!” We had a laugh about that and I said, “You’re on! I’ll put this in my journal – I won’t even tell Jim, this is just between you and me. Isn’t this exciting!” And he dryly commented, “I can do without this excitement Jackie.” tee-hee.

And so Dad passed over in the September of 1991 from lung cancer – only weeks after it was diagnosed, and he was only in hospital for three of them. He had the least discomfort possible, for the Reiki was brilliant in his treatment. It also helped in that we felt in control – never helpless or frightened, just dealing with whatever presented itself each day. And with my Spiritual understanding the funeral was a beautiful event – in sharp contrast with the devastation when my Mum died.

A few weeks after it was all over we decided that we would treat ourselves with the money that Dad had left me, and go to Britain for six weeks. Two weeks before we were due to leave I received the message  that Barb was going to get the thistle on the table. At that time we had a table group in Kwinana, and one of the members was Barbara, and so I went along  both times expecting her to say, “I can see a thistle!” But it never happened, and so I reasoned that it must be when we got back.

Off we went on our holiday, and for the first week we stayed with Jim’s sister. The second week with his brother and family, his wife was having terrible trouble with her hip at the time so we told her about the Reiki and asked if she would like to give it a go to ease the pain. “I’ll try anything.” The easiest way was to pull the extensions out on the dining table, and make it comfortable with a doona and pillow. I had been advised that she needed three sessions. As we began the second one she commented that she felt as if she was floating – “Yes, It’s wonderful and relaxing.” About 20 minutes later, “Oh Jac! I can see a silver archway.” And she drew a gothic arch in front of her. After about another 20 minutes she suddenly said, “Oh, I can see a great big THISTLE!”

WELL! My Dad’s sign! This lady knew nothing about the message, she had never had a psychic happening in her life, AND HER NAME WAS BARBARA – AND SHE WAS LYING ON THE TABLE………….PROOF! And I was so glad that it happened that way, for if it had been at our table session, it MIGHT have been because it was on MY mind and I was waiting for it. Which certainly wasn’t the case now.

Several times since then Dad has presented himself in that way – at the most unexpected moments, and very often in a meditation group; twice with people who had never meditated before. One didn’t even know the plant – and drew it instead, asking “What kind of a plant is that??” – THAT’S MY DAD!, tee-hee.

If I had continued my way of thinking I know my health would have got worse and worse, and I never would have gone very far along the Spiritual Path. We have had many mediums coming to our classes who came to an impasse in their development; their channelling had stopped, their senses had become dulled, their personal energy was low. They had done all the psychic exercises, which worked to a point, but did not realise the importance of working on the SELF first. When YOU become balanced and open is when it all starts to happen, spiritually – with no forcing on your part, it will just be a natural progression.

Now, let’s look at AGING and death. Why do THEY happen when we are constantly renewing our bodies? IT JUST SHOULDN’T BE, and yet the average age expectancy used to be three score years and ten – we’re living a bit longer now, but we all EXPECT to get old, we EXPECT to degenerate, we EXPECT to die – and so our body obliges, because it is programmed to do so, BY US.

Now here is a surprising fact for you. IT IS NOT OUR DESTINY TO DIE. There is a plan A and a plan B with our departure date from this earth.

WHEN WE DIE WE HAVE ONLY ATTAINED PLAN B; the date that was pre-arranged if we didn’t find out the TRUTH about our Spiritual selves, and therefore failing to perfect the physical body.


Incredible as this may seem, there is evidence that people HAVE done this. These people are often referred to as the Masters, and the greatest Master of all was the man Jesus. He came to Earth with his teachings to show us all what we are capable of if only we will LIVE by his teachings and follow his example. He actually tells us in the Bible that all the things that he could do, we could do also – and more. SO WHY AREN’T WE ALL DOING IT? These teachings were given us 2,000 years ago – the ground plan for the perfect life and the perfect man, but few have followed them. There are those that have however, and they have proved THAT IT CAN BE DONE. To learn more of these people read:

‘Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East’ – Baird. T. Spalding. (A series of six)

‘The Initiate’ – Cyril Scott. (A series of three)

And look closely and with open mind, at the life and works of Sai Baba, and many others.

All these people had the mystic abilities, but they took them way beyond the bounds of the psychic, into the Spiritual – hence my promptings to you to look BEYOND the psychic – which is all about man-made energies, to the spiritual – which is governed by the Universal energies.

All of the things they did, we can do also, and I will explain the process to you in the next lesson, which will be all about the stages involved in the perfecting of the human body.

The following was handed in one night after we had done this lesson, the woman had copied it from a book that very afternoon, having no idea what the content of the lesson was to be that night. This so often happens, people have said at the end of the session, “I can’t believe this, we were only talking and wondering about this very same topic on the way here!” There’s that wonderful synchronicity again.



(My kind of doctor!)

  Cans’t thou not minister to a mind diseas’d
Pluck from the memory a rooted sorrow
Raze out the written
troubles of the brain,
And with some sweet
oblivious antidote
cleanse the stuff’d bosom of
that perilous stuff
which weighs upon the heart.

William Shakespeare


  The antidote:

Unconditional Love!


And here’s another beauty:-


Bill Jones had stiff joints
so he went to a doctor
who told him he had arthritis
which is Greek for stiff joints
which gave him inflamed kidneys
so he went to his doctor
who told him he had nephritis
which is Greek for inflamed kidneys
and gave him antibiotics
which gave him a painful hip nerve
so he went to his doctor
who told him he had sciatica
which is Greek for painful hip nerve
and gave him antibiotics
which gave him palpitations
so he went to his doctor
who told him he had tachycardia
which is Greek for palpitations
and gave him antibiotics
which made him die from the toes up
so he went to his doctor
who told him he had gangrene
which is Greek for dying from the toes up
and gave him antibiotics……..
And Bill Jones died happily
knowing he had a doctor
who could diagnose every illness
and gave him antibiotics
which is Greek for

“things that kill living things”


(That was found in a Health Magazine)




My body is a manifestation of my knowledge of myself, and my true self is spirit, is consciousness only, and is invisible. Other people see me not; they see but my body. It is only I who know myself, and this knowledge returns to me in my health and in the things of my life. Therefore I affirm that my spirit is perfect, that I am one with the great Self of the universe. The energy of this great Self permeates my being, cleanses me of all impurities of the flesh, restores every function of my body to harmony. There is perfect elimination, perfect assimilation. My entire being is spiritual, and my body is quickened into new life with the perception of this great truth. I surrender myself to the wisdom and guidance of Universal Subconscious Mind. I become one with the purpose of God, and this mighty purpose animates my body, projects into every aspect of my life. There is no obstruction, no barrier, no limitation in my mind. I see only peace, power, vigour, and plenty. I open my heart to love, and love flows through every atom and pore of my body, energizing, moulding, coordinating. By healing my mind of limitation and lack and negative thinking, I automatically heal my body At the centre of my being I perceive limitless, deathless, ageless spirit, perfect in beauty, perfect in function; this spirit becomes manifest in my body and in my affairs. When I am faced with apparent confusion, I surrender it, give over each of my problems and worries to that which has the perfect solution and in which there is absolute clarity. I take my thoughts from the limitless reaches of universal Subconscious Mind, never from the world around me. I do not think responsively, I think originally; I do not react, I act. I am never a victim of circumstances, for each thing of my life proceeds from out of my thoughts, which move always in accord with God.