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Over the last few weeks we have been learning about the magnetism and electrical fields of our bodies. About the chakra system and the kundalini energy. About the Spiritual reasons for all of this, and about our close connection to our solar system. What a Pandora’s Box we have opened! I received a writing on this:

Learning, always learning – expanding your awareness out and out, away from your feelings of being a puny little being to realise that you are an essential part of the Whole.

And the way to energise this energy you are building is to receive the perfecting of the body to enable you to use this for the betterment of life upon your planet.

Cast your mind back to Lesson 13 where we spoke of the Initiates (ourselves) who descended from Spirit to matter to wander through the maze of earth life, with all its experiences, seeking the path that would bring us into the Light. Memory of our Spiritual past was erased in order for us to experience and overcome the negativity of this planet.

What a daunting task! But now that we are finding out about ourselves we start to realise that there were many invisible sources of help, many signs and clues along the way – we just had to open our eyes and our hearts, and in so doing lift our awareness.

Of course, Love was our guiding light – leading us into each and every situation, be it positive or negative, in order for us to learn.



Ah! Love – the emotion that is so elusive to analyze, to capture. It is only the effects of Love that can be analyzed, for Love is the neutral force - it is what man does with this neutral force that gives the effect.

Using this invisible tool man commences his earthly lessons. As a child this Love is innocent and pure, trusting and safe – for that is the essence of Love. But the child is interacting with adults who have lost that innocence and trust, for the task of the human is to use this Love Force to discover many facets of the self.

Use Love for self-gain and see what qualities come forth!

Use it as a power tool – and see how low you can sink!

Allow others to use it as a power tool against yourself – and find out how weak you can become!

Use it for barter and trade – and turn it into lust and selfishness!

But Love can also melt the hardest heart, and mend a broken one – so let’s try again.

Now see what happens when you love selflessly, love unconditionally: now the tears of sadness turn to tears of joy, and the glow of innocence and trust returns once more.

Each relationship of Love that does not promote all good things within you is not wasted. Many people cross your path in life, and each one gives you the chance to exercise and use this Love to bring out the very best in you - and to dispel the very worst.

Love is Me working through you. Love is all – call it God, Buddha, Krishna, Omnipotence – whatever, but Love is the key to find your True Self.

At first the human uses it with other humans – that is the order of things. Then it gradually expands to include those outside the circle of family and friends. All of this leading you ever onwards to connect with the Source - to become as the Source: Neutral, Unconditional, Pure.

Love is the perfect Teacher, your invisible guide. Take its hand and let it guide you through your life – truly experiencing all that it brings.

Learn from it, grow from it – become it and find your True Self.


(‘Love is God, God is Love. Live in Love, This is the Way to God’. – Sai Baba).

And of course, this need not be only love of a person; it can be love of an animal, love of a Country, love of material things – all situations where we can learn from the extremes of this love, and then bring ourselves back into balance.

Reading is one way of learning, but it is time-consuming and you tend to pick up the author’s beliefs, rather than the TRUTH sometimes! EXPERIENCE is by far the best teacher, and the best way to become more aware is to feel and observe your way through life, connect with your guides – better still, with God, and you will receive great understanding in a simple graphic way.

A young woman in our classes, Julie Pirotta, who had a very successful career as a qualitative market research consultant decided at age 35 to drop out of the work force to ‘find herself’. Her story was featured in the West Australian Alternatives section in January 2000, entitled ‘Life in the Slow Lane’. Here it is in part:

I consider myself lucky to be able to drop out of day-to-day life for a while without being forced out, unlike many of those who are unemployed. Yet it was a difficult decision that required manoeuvring my finances and changing my lifestyle.

Why have I jeopardised my financial security and a solid career? Why have I risked being ostracised by my more conventional friends and colleagues?

The answer is that I can no longer live a lie to myself, despite how unpalatable my decision may be to others.

I can no longer use my expertise to support consumerism at the expense of the environment and to increase corporate profits at the expense of society.

I started to listen to my conscience and my heart – probably more than is healthy in our society.

Initially, I became choosier about the types of market research projects I would accept until, one day, I just knew I could no longer deny my feelings. I needed time out to discover how I could contribute to society in a way that mattered to me.

Previously, I had been so career focused that I had never seriously considered this.

The first thing I noticed in my work-free life was that I would grasp for worthwhile things to do such as voluntary work with community organisations. But this did not seem inspiring enough.

In some ways, I was drawn to it because I could then provide a more socially acceptable reply when asked, “What do you do?”

The penny has been slowly dropping over the past few months. The Buddhist philosophy of being rather than doing is finally taking on some meaning.

I have spent all my life making plans and it has not got me to where I want to be. Now in this work-free life I can simply take in what life has to offer.

Of course, I want to work again (and the finances demand it) but I refuse to have a job that compromises the fundamental beliefs that have taken me 35 years to uncover.

I am not averse to discipline and hard work but I am averse to putting myself in situations where the best of me is unable to come out. I want to contribute to society in whatever small or seemingly insignificant way that may be.

I do not want a job where I must fit into someone else’s concept of what I should be.

So what have I been doing for the past eight months?

Each time I venture into the world of work I take payment out of the equation and make interest the key criterion. In this way, I can assess to what extent I am drawn to the work itself and not the financial reward.

I have given up on planning to be on another career path within a month or two months or even a year. I focus on each day and on every encounter I have with others. Without a job to go to, I have the luxury of time to do that. If something does not feel comfortable for me, then I do not put myself in that situation again. If something new tempts me, then I give it a go with no motives other than sheer interest in the experience.

A wonderful by-product of this lifestyle is spontaneity. I am in a position to follow up on things or people that interest me. Currently, I consider my full-time job to be getting to know what drives me and what I am good at.

This year I have become involved in unpaid activities as diverse as selling seedlings at the Kings Park Wildflower Festival; helping the Wilderness Society with strategic planning; helping to organise old-growth forest rallies; contributing to community consultation strategies for my local council; facilitating social change conversations; training; participating in meditation and energy healing groups, and helping to organise speaking tours.

I seek out activities that most of all nourish me. This is not as selfish as it sounds because I now have more of me to give when I am with others and I have rediscovered the wonderful art of conversation – of truly listening to others and speaking from my heart.

It is out of conversation that most of my opportunities in my work-free life have arisen.

For me, the trick is to take one step at a time, with each step being something that interests me in big or small ways. Even after eight months, I still do not know where the road is heading.

Next time someone asks me what I do, I think I will give them the short answer and say, “An awful lot.”

During her ‘time out’ Julie really FOUND herself, and became entirely happy with WHO she was. She is now back in the workforce doing a job she loves, living in a place (which came ON to her path) which she loves, has found ‘her man’ (who also came on to her path) and has grown and gained considerably from her decision to follow her heart.

We too stepped out of the workforce to follow our hearts, by the time we did we had been involved in Spiritual activities for about five years and we had developed an understanding and trust. It WAS a big decision to make; we had to ‘put all our eggs in one basket’ so to speak; retiring ten years before we had planned to, and thinking that our resources had to ‘last’ in order for us to be able to keep to our guidance of not charging for these lessons.

We have never been on the dole or pensions of any kind – nor shall we ever resort to that, for if you do – you are NOT free! The system still supports you – not the Universe!

Having done that the most wonderful things began to happen and we found that we were being looked after and supported every step of the way – it has been a joyous journey.

We had always planned to have a round-the-world trip when Jim retired, which we thought we would now have to shelve, but the guidance was to GO, look and learn. We went with open hearts and minds, to really OBSERVE each day, each event, willing to learn and gain understanding of our roles in the scheme of things. This week we would like to share some of these observations with you.

Visiting Hawaii we took a helicopter flight over the active volcano and the lava fields – a completely new experience for us both:

Today you experienced the thrill of flight with no fear, and no discomfort. You saw the awesome power that lies beneath the surface of this island, here it is near the surface, in other parts of the world it is deep within the bowels of the earth, but this fire energy is essential to the earth, it enables her to regenerate. Mankind has fire within too, but it comes in the form of passion – what damage it can cause if it is not checked, what destruction it can wreak amongst mankind – just as devastating as Nature’s eruptions when mankind’s passions join forces! It is within man’s power to temper this passionate fire within to the soft rosy glow of love.

Then there is the rain, which brings greenness and growth, but too much causes floods and damage – so too when mankind’s tears are widespread and great sadness is the result. Far better, like the gentle rains, to have tears of joy.

While in the Hawaiian Islands we met two ladies who had experienced great wealth during their lives, and still liked to go to the ‘in’ places and spend without caring about the cost. For example, one described a lunch of caviar and champagne which cost American $100 each! But as we got to know them over the weeks we heard tales of broken marriages, cruelty and intrigues, insecurities and drink problems, and a real fear of getting old and unattractive. We were sitting in one of the top hotels surrounded by opulence and listening to all this talk about money, and later I asked the question, “What are you telling me God?” - because I had thought it ‘wrong’ to want the nice things of life when I had chosen the Spiritual path:

I am telling you that money can buy anything, but alone it cannot buy the happiness you have. You asked for prosperity and it has entered your life – but you see the difference between prosperity and merely wealth. Wealth is usually the money without the happiness. I also show you that money can and should provide you with whatever you want, when you want it, and that with it you can meet many different people in a different realm from those you are used to. When money is selfishly used it brings no joy, but when abundance is shared, ah! what a wondrous thing that is. Then you can pass that joy on to others too.

I was reminded one night how we ourselves limit the contact with Spirit and the quality of that contact by our own self-doubts and misunderstanding:

ENJOY. That is all you both have to do. Follow your feelings - follow your noses! You are hearing me constantly now and that is why these writings are fewer. Once they were your ONLY contact, you thought. Now you realise that you were the ones who limited that. Remember your once a week contact with guides and teachers? In reality They were with you ALL THE TIME at that point.

Now your minds, thoughts and feelings have widened considerably and there is even more for you to absorb into your awareness. It never ends Jackie, for you are absorbing ME and I am LIMITLESS. It is a joyous task that you have undertaken.

We learned a lesson we will NEVER forget about how other people’s fear can affect us if we’re not careful!

We arrived in Miami late at night and took the shuttle bus from the airport to collect our hire car. We had been warned in Denver to stay away from downtown Miami; there had been lots of muggings and attacks on tourists lately. The notices on the bus warned about not parking in dark areas, not asking directions of anyone except the police, and not stopping after an accident if we thought it was intentional. Ye Gods! Get that White Light going – full blast!

The people at the car hire tried to sell Jim extra insurance because it was so bad for thefts, accidents, vandalism, etc. so by the time Jim got behind the wheel with very sketchy instructions on how to reach our hotel – which did not include street names, he was feeling and behaving decidedly UPTIGHT! We got onto the freeway all right, but missed our turn-off, and at the next set of lights Jim turned the wrong way up a one-way section, which annoyed him – and unnerved me to see him reacting like this! It was hot and humid, and we didn’t fall into bed till 1.30 a.m. – completely bewildered by the whole chain of events.

We had tuned in as soon as we got to the hotel, and our ‘instructions’ had been changed; instead of going to visit a friend the following day (which was why we had specifically come here), we were now told to go straight up the turnpike to Orlando. As we lay there in the dark thinking over the evening’s events Jim said, “WHY would we have to go straight to Orlando instead of visiting Mollie? We could have flown directly there and not had to go through any of this hassle.” I too had been thinking it all through and answered, “I think this was all a test to see how we would react when influenced by other people.” When I REALLY thought about it, the roads were very quiet and it wasn’t hard to follow the directions – they were spot on. The couple of mistakes that Jim made were not life threatening, yet both of us were really uptight. We never saw one shady character, not even one wall of graffiti! Yet we were so strongly influenced by the POSSIBILITIES.

FEAR – what might happen. We tuned in the next morning:

Well done My children! You came to the right realisation and you passed your test with flying colours; for that was the test – to recognise WHY - not the actual events.

You can see now how fear feeds fear, negative feeds and empowers negative – these are the problems the people face today – it is all building and building until there must come a breaking point.

Go now about your day and relax into it for My Strength and Love protect you always. This has been a very good lesson for you both

So we DID all the things we planned to do there and had a wonderful day with no hassles at all – of course!

Another graphic lesson was when we booked into a Best Western Motel at Syracuse, which we expected to get to by 4.30 p.m. On the approach to the city we took the totally wrong road which led us right into the mid-city area, all around it and out to the suburbs – right in the rush hour! We finally reached the hotel much later, and found that it was out at the airport, miles from anywhere, with nothing to see and nothing to do! Why had this happened? It was the next day before the answer came - there were two Best Westerns in the area and I had chosen this one to avoid the downtown hassles – so what did They do? They took us right through it at the worst possible time, and I got:

You can’t avoid the issues Jackie – always face your fear head on.


When we were in Niagara we got guidance to go and visit the falls, but not just to LOOK at them. Jim saw in his meditation a Mohican Indian standing on the edge of the falls pointing down into them. So we booked ourselves onto one of the Maid of the Mist boats that actually take you to the foot of the falls. It truly is an awesome experience; the falls are 180ft drop into a pool that is 180ft deep. The noise, the spray and the turbulence is like being in the midst of a storm at sea, yet at the same time feeling completely safe. The boat is tossed around like a cork; despite the oilskins you are absolutely drenched and you can hardly open your eyes because of the spray – yet the whole experience is so INVIGORATING. The speed and volume of the water as it cascades from one Great Lake to another has to be seen to be believed.

There have been several reasons for you to come to Niagara, the energy of the waters is mighty, but far more importantly, I wanted you to see how Nature shows you the abundance of the Universe. The water is symbolic of My Abundance and Might: If water is not blocked it flows forever and overcomes all obstacles eventually. It reaches down into the depths and ascends again in different form on the spray, up into the heavens. It is essential for life and it is there to be harnessed to generate more energy.

So too My Spiritual Energy for you to harness, to use, to bring My Power down to you. It is limitless, as your abundance is NOW. Remember your NOWS are eternal, and each one is determined by how you feel NOW. Look always to abundance and it shall always be yours.

The bliss you felt this afternoon when you were completely enveloped in the energies of the waters is just a tiny part of the bliss you will always enjoy in the myriad ways I send it to you.

Keep opening to RECEIVING.

While we were in Britain we were directed to many of the stone circles and sacred sites, one of these being Silbury Hill which we visited at dawn one summer morning. We meditated beside it and Jim was shown that this area was the etheric source for the projection of the White Light for Britain, He meditated, I wrote:

You did indeed see the generation of the White Light from this area. You have always thought of this Light as a powerful force, but have never realised that it is an electrical force, and that the lightning in your storms brings down this White Light into physical form for all to be aware of its presence – but so few see and realise. As you know, the power of electricity is enormous – and you only see on the Earth plane one seventh of its potential. Do you realise now the power that you can and WILL control as you progress? It is the very basis for materialisation and you have already been using it in a small way for the changing of your negative thoughts to positive ones. KEEP USING IT – but now send it out with the power of LOVE behind it, and behold what miracles it will cause.

This is a force which is connected to your own electrical circuit and the powerful connections you have within have been stimulated over the last few weeks, hence the sensations in the body of pressure, and the heightened emotions and feelings. This ‘re-wiring’, if you will, of your circuits will continue – your bodies have gradually filled up with the Light as the chakras have opened and been activated, and now comes the ENERGIZING that enables you to use this power to full capacity.

Then Jim was shown a hole, a square shape, and then an egg shape on a cloud. Then something like a flying saucer. Then a very old book with the pages flicking back to the beginning.

This is symbolic of the shapes that are used in the sacred geometry; the space ship shows you the connections with your space brothers, and the old book is symbolic of the Book of Life – flicking backwards revealing all old memories to you and all knowledge; for you do indeed have it within you – all of mankind has it.

We travelled for thousands of miles throughout that six months, viewing some of the most spectacular scenery, and yet very often I found my eyes riveted on the sky. It was never two days the same; it was like a giant canvas that some invisible artist used to display the most gorgeous colours at sunrise and sunset; sometimes it was just blue and sunny, other times dark and foreboding filled with rain or snow. The cloud formations were the most fascinating – what was it telling me? The answer came midway through the trip:

Your realisation came yesterday about the clouds; what they are showing you. The blue colour remains permanently, only coloured by moon and sun – but they, together with the clouds, show you the ever-changing spectrum of life. The sky is like the screen of life, and the clouds represent mankind in his many roles. These roles are created out of feelings – which create energy – which creates action, remember.

Watching the sky as you have each day, you have seen the different pictures that it presents, never two days the same. You saw the skies over St. Louis where, due to the group mind, great thunderclouds had amassed to pour down trouble and tribulation. You saw the skies in tropical, beautiful Hawaii, where a gentle rain forms each day to beautify the land – for below are beautiful feelings.

And so the clouds are created by energy from the earth and its peoples and in them the story of life on earth.

The writings were numerous on that trip, all sorts of situations triggering off a knowing, an understanding. IT WAS THE GETTING OF WISDOM. And then I found a piece in an old book many months later which explained it all: