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Having worked with the cycles charts during the week, and relating them to past events in your life, can you now understand more clearly why some things work out successfully, and others don’t? THAT’S WHERE THE USE OF OUR FREE WILL COMES IN – but remember, that too was part of our learning process and it enabled adverse conditions and people to come into our lives in order for us to overcome, endure, accept, become aware.

Sometimes you relate the idea of perfection to a finished product and you perceive that when you are perfect, you will be a ‘finished’ article, so to speak.

Who you are at this moment, in this now, is perfection of the minds of creation. (P’taah)

It is not the present perfection delayed to some future perfection, it is the conscious present perfection that brings forth the consciousness of the perfect future.

“Take no heed of the future. Live true in the present and the future must be what the present has been.  (Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, volume 3).

In other words, we are always looking forward to achieving the state of perfection - not realizing that we are already in it !

Two years ago, after practicing Reiki for several years, Spirit asked us to delete the word ‘healing’ when we work with sick people, explaining that when we think ‘healing’ we automatically think there is something ‘wrong’ with the body. In actual fact ‘illness’, as we perceive it, is still a demonstration of the body working PERFECTLY – it is reacting perfectly to the way it has been programmed by the feelings of the person! All discord within the body is merely our body’s way of saying, “Hey! You’re feeling wrongly about something.”

We were told to now stop sending ‘healing’, to send Love and Light instead – straight from the heart – and it WORKS. We also explain this to those who come for the energies, and as soon as their mind-set is altered about this 'illness' they are on the road to recovery.

The method we were asked to use is to mentally send out the following:

‘I and the Father are One. I open my heart to ------------ and send the Love and Light. Your Will, not mine. All is in PERFECTION.’ Then continue your normal hands-on or absent ministration. Try it!

Once we declare “Your Will, not mine”, there is no need for charts of cycles to guide you through your life, but knowledge of these Universal cycles explains why at times we feel we are standing still, that we have ‘lost contact’, that nothing is happening. Those are the times when to move would not take you into the flow – it would be a waste of energy. To explain this more easily to me they showed me a surfer with his board, paddling around out there waiting for THE wave; the one with the greatest thrust to take him back to shore. To get into the Universal flow is to WAIT for your personal wave and know that when the time is right to connect with it, your progress will then be rapid.

Relax into the understanding that you will move forward WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT  - commonly referred to by Spirit as--------‘SOON’!

Timing is the quality that governs the release of all that is held back. Control, discipline and forbearance are like a dam behind which everything is pooled. Timing is the gate in the dam. (Don Juan)

They haven’t forgotten you - They know your needs, your desires. MAKE THE MOST OF THE QUIET TIMES, because while it all seems to stop happening here – it’s happening at a hundred miles an hour for your invisible selves, AND THAT HERALDS A LOT OF ACTIVITY FOR YOU UP FRONT; know that the quiet times are ‘the girding of the loins’.

I don’t want you to govern your life with the charts, but I would like you to refer to them after you receive your Spiritual prompts to action, and you will find – the time is right.

Once something is created it begins a cycle, so not only do people have cycles, but also businesses, houses, land, animals, birds, the earth, the Universe, the Cosmos - ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. They have varying cycles, it’s not all as simple as multiples of seven, and this is why our needs also include the cycles of other people and other things. It all has to come together at the right time – SO BE PATIENT, and on the way ACHIEVE SERENITY.

It was mentioned in the last lesson that it was through the chakras that the planets become effective in the human system – the planetary influence is linked to each of the chakra centres - which also influence us.

When Spirit gave us that information we did not know anything about the qualities of the various chakras or the planets, but when I found out by reading the various interpretations in chakra and astrology literature they were very aptly linked.

Root chakra – earth element: content to remain where it is, does not want to move or change.

Neptune’s Moon – Triton – influence UNKNOWN.

Sacral chakra – water element: wants to flow downwards and contract. Sexuality. Creativity – we create all that we bring into our life, our relationships, career, family, friends and our environment that we live in.

Mercury – communication, logical reasoning.

Solar plexus chakra – fire element: wants to expand itself, to consume. The seat of our emotions, fears, anger, all negative emotions. Beginning of intuitiveness.

Uranus – independence, individuality, freedom. Unorthodox and rebellious.

Heart chakra – air element: wants to move to a different place, to relate with something else. Love and understanding, acceptance, non-judgment of self and others. Centre of self-love and acceptance.

Sun – will and ego. Most powerful of all planets.

Throat chakra – ether element: speaking up for self and others. Being true to your feelings.

Mars – energy. Getting what you want in life.

Third-Eye chakra – seeing other dimensions, spirits, guides, angels, fairies, etc. Clairvoyance.

Neptune – spirituality, transcendence, inspiration, imagination.

Crown chakra – opens when we start to listen to guidance from higher planes. Venus – love and affection, social ability, abundance.

Eighth chakra – new beginnings; Spiritual path opens.

Jupiter – expansiveness, broad horizons, philosophy, higher education.

Ninth chakra, the Christ within – coming into perfect balance.

Pluto – transformation, regeneration, the inner world. Total destruction, rising out of the ashes.

Tenth chakra – ‘Your Will not mine’. Service.

Saturn – structure, authority.

Eleventh chakra – related to the Causal Body – all positive earthly deeds build the energy size of this Body.

Moon – emotions, habits, needs.

Twelfth chakra – related to the I Am Body; merging with God.

Saturn Moon, Titan – caring, nurturing, loving, empathy.

Shafica Karagulla states ‘Every human being is connected by frequency with the etheric centres of the planet.’ Etheric centres are a magnetic connection and energizer; a lot of the stone circles are erected at these centres, corn circles appear on them, sanctuaries and cathedrals are built on them, the scenic wonders of the world incorporate them, and of course, they are world wide.

Energy radiates from each etheric centre on the planet, which is picked up by the etheric centres of humans and animals. Some resonate to a wide band of frequencies while others resonate to a narrow band. We resonate towards frequencies that correspond to our planes of etheric substance. The quality of our etheric body determines the quality of reception. In other words, when the four lower bodies are balanced and in alignment, your reception will be excellent and you will gain full energy by visiting these sites. Nor will you be attracted TO them until you have a corresponding vibration.

In the book, ‘Cycles, The Mysterious Forces that trigger Events’ Edward R. Dewey states:

Many cycles in nature seem to have the same wavelength as cycles in human affairs, and some cycles found on earth seem to have the same wavelength as cycles found on the sun. The other planets may even be involved, and the implications are strong that the solution to the mystery of the cause of cycles will be discovered somewhere in the universe – ‘somewhere out there’.

The dimensions of the stage on which this search will take place are awesome. Stand anywhere on the earth and you will be able to see approximately 2,500 stars on a clear night. Imagine for a moment that each star, actually a flaming ball like our sun, has been transformed into a grain of rice. If this were so, you could hold all 2,500 visible stars in a single hand.

But there are over 100 billion stars in our galaxy alone – and if every star were only a grain of rice you would need more than forty railroad cars to hold them all! And our galaxy is only one of 100 million galaxies, each rotating slowly in a cycle of its own, each following its own path in the Universe.

The whole of existence is one great energy system. The unit of life, the cell, has a heart to it; cells make up the man, who also has a heart to his centre; the sun is the heart of the solar system which is itself a kind of cell in the Milky Way galaxy, which is again a unit in a pattern of galaxies, and so on.

The National Geographic has published some excellent charts showing you these formations – perhaps there is something on their web site. If not, try the library – but do have a look, it’s AWESOME.

When we look at that tiny dot Earth, compared to this vast system, and realise that we, individually, are MICROSCOPIC dots we wonder how, as Mark Prophet quotes, Our deeds are a cause we set in motion which multiplies their vibrations around the world, and – I’m sure – out even beyond that.


If it be doubted that man can be physically and mentally affected by the heavenly bodies which inhabit space, it has been pointed out by Aime Michel (in ‘Astrology and Science’) that a man is proportionally closer to the stars than he is to the smallest particle known to science within his own body.

A man 1.75 metres tall (5ft 10 in.) has voluntary control of particles within himself, 1,750,000,000,000,000 times smaller than he is. If the electrons in a human body were to become as large as the body, the man himself would stretch to 200 thousand million miles. ( In contrast, Pluto, the most distant planet, moves on an axis only 4,000 million miles from the sun). To such a gargantuan creature the entire solar system would appear as a tiny whirlpool three and a half centimetres in extent.

Since this enormous universe which is myself can affect and be affected by the miniature particles of which it is composed, there is nothing impossible about the particles called humans being affected by the heavenly bodies; because I am about a thousand times closer to Pluto in space than one of my electrons is to me in size.

Edward Dewey is looking ‘somewhere out there’ for the answer – he will only find it ‘in here’ (the heart).


Here are some more interesting facts from Edward Dewey’s book that help us to get our heads around these amazing distances and facts:

Just as grains of rice help us to visualise the star population, let us borrow a few fruits and vegetables to reduce heavenly distances to a scale we can understand. We will begin with one large pea, a quarter-inch in diameter, as our earth. A small seed, one quarter as big, placed only nine inches away, is our moon. Using this scale of dimensions, our sun would be a giant melon, about thirty inches in diameter, almost the length of a football field away. Mercury and Venus would be peas spinning around the sun between the sun and earth. Now 423 feet from our sun let us place another pea, Mars. Then we walk a quarter of a mile and drop an orange, Jupiter. We travel another quarter of a mile and place down another orange, Saturn. A mile from our sun we drop a plum, Uranus; Neptune, another plum is dropped at a mile and a half; Pluto, a pea, at two miles.

Merely to lay out our own solar system (remember, the size of our earth on this scale is a pea) would require a field four miles square. Then, of course, to make things complete you would have to add dust to represent the 1,500 asteroids, the comets (more than a thousand of them), and various moons, each with their cycles of rotation and revolution.

Now the true immensity of our task is upon us, for in order to position accurately the nearest star to earth we must leave our four-mile-square field and travel 14,000 miles! To continue until we have covered only the stars in our own galaxy on the same scale we must travel 3-and-a-half times the real distance to our sun!

And yet the evidence is mounting that there is ‘something out there’ – some force, or forces, that affect every living thing on the earth, and it does so with rhythms that have taken man through cycles of war and peace, prosperity and depression, optimism and despair, discovery and isolation, morality and degradation, creativity and ignorance, famine and plenty.

While you are still trying to relate the size of your own neighbourhood to the vastness of space, let us consider time and age.

In all cases we measure the recurrence of cycles by time – fractions of a second, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, centuries, millenniums.

Some electromagnetic waves have cycles so swift that they are measured in billionths of a second. The sun, on the other hand, makes its circuit of our galaxy in a cycle of 230 million years.

At the turn of the century many people actually believed that the world was created in 4004 B.C. today the generally accepted age of our universe is approximately 15 billion years. Our earth, however, is a youngster, only about 5 billion years old.

Do you know how long 5 billion years is?

Let’s try to comprehend this planet’s age through another simple scale with proportions we can all understand. An effective method that I used years ago when teaching was to load my students in my car and say, “Now we are going to take a twenty-mile drive to such-and-such a monument. We will let this twenty miles represent the time from the creation of the earth to the present. As we go along I will point out when various things happened – such as the solidifying of the earth’s crust, the beginning of life, the emergence of the earliest mammals, the appearance of the earliest men, the beginning of recorded history, when the United States was born, etc.”

On our scale of twenty miles to 5 billion years it was quite surprising to the students how many miles we had to drive before we came to the first life on earth – some sixteen miles, if I remember correctly. Man, however, did not appear until forty feet from the end of our journey. Recorded history began only one inch prior to ‘now’, and the United States appeared only in the last 1/20th of an inch!

Peas, plums, oranges, rice, melons – and a twenty-mile ride in the country. Did they help you, in some small way, to comprehend?

Our earth is held prisoner by a small yellow star that is hurtling through space at fantastic speeds toward a dark void between the constellations of Hercules and Lyra.

Held in rein by a gravitational pull strong enough to snap a steel cable thicker than the United States is wide, we are in complete bondage to the sun, in spite of the 93 million miles that separate us. Were the sun to vanish tomorrow, all life on our planet would cease within a very short span of time.

As you read these words you are travelling so fast to maintain your relationship with that flaming ball of fiery gas that it may be impossible for you to comprehend it.

First of all, your earth is rotating, relative to the stars, in a cycle of 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.09 seconds. In order to accomplish one complete rotation, each day, our earth is spinning at a speed that has been measured at 1,000 miles per hour at the equator.

Our earth is also revolving around the sun in a cycle of 365.242 days. In order to accomplish this complete orbit around the sun, each year, our earth is travelling at a speed of 66,000 miles per hour!

Our sun, with us and eight other planets and many moons in tow, circles our galaxy, the Milky Way, in a cycle of 230 million years. In order to accomplish this cycle it moves at a speed of 481,000 miles per hour.

Lastly, our Milky Way galaxy is moving around a supercluster of thousands of galaxies at a speed of 1,350,000 miles per hour. So, without even mussing your hair, you are at this moment spinning around at speeds up to 1,000 miles per hour on a ball that is flying at 66,000 miles per hour around a sun that is travelling 481,000 miles per hour around a Milky Way that is rocketing at 1,350,000 miles per hour around a supercluster of galaxies. And all of this in a pattern of cycles so exact that it is possible to predict our position in the universe a thousand years from today.



It is at this point in the lesson that we show a video called ‘Undeniable Evidence’ featuring Colin Andrews, the leading expert in the crop circle phenomena. If you can get hold of it, all well and good, if not surf the web looking for Crop Circles, there’s plenty of information out there.

In the early days crop circles were considered to be mainly man-made hoaxes – and some still hold to that, which amazes me with all the detailed scientific evidence that they have now which show that the majority could not possibly be man-made. Obviously there have been hoaxes in the past, but the man-made attempts flatten and kill the crop – whereas in the majority the crop simply lays over into the patterns where it continues to carry on growing – and very healthily!

The phenomena of the corn circles (which are now so complicated in pattern that they have been re-named ‘pictograms’) give us some intriguing clues. Spirit tells us that there are three sources; energies coming from the inner earth which show as an anti-clockwise pattern; energies from space which show a clockwise pattern; and man’s energies – hoaxes, which produce broken crop and no measurement of energy within the design.

As these designs have become more and more intricate various people have been recognizing meaning in them; mathematicians are seeing their symbols, musicians recognizing theirs, those who deal in ancient languages seeing theirs, there are also many religious symbols. When I saw the photo of the one that appeared in the fields in Avebury, England in 1994 – which we feature on all our paperwork – we felt that recognition too, and I have explained this in part in the introduction to the Garden of Eden pages.

The year that the pictogram appeared - 1994 - held many predictions of mass Ascension. There was talk of many spacecraft landing on Earth to collect people who wanted to become Ascended Masters, then returning them to carry out their World Task. There were dire warnings in New Age magazines, and even in the New Idea, a women’s magazine here in Australia – not much was said when it didn’t happen! I am not knocking that, it takes great courage to go public with these messages - we risk mockery and defamation. I am convinced that all the various predictions DO have import, but that the energy changes are happening in the INVISIBLE, rather than here on the physical plane.

When we took the photograph of the Avebury pictogram to our group this was the first message that we received about it on the 20.9.95:

More and more will be brought to mankind to draw their attention to the unexplained, and to bring messages for the awakened ones. This message is a graph of the process of perfection showing your tie to the God Force and how, having reached this stage, you commence the bringing down of heaven to Earth. As mankind progresses through the dimensions of this Earth more and more of heaven is expressed therein till the 12th dimension – which is Perfection.

Then another message on the 20.10.95:

This message from the stars does indeed indicate the first wave of ascension for those who have earned it. Those who eagerly awaited the publicized one were disappointed, for the information came from psychic sources.

The signs of great changes to come will always come from Nature through unexplained phenomena. It is up to mankind to decipher. Those who are on the same level of vibration coming from the message will understand it.

After the transition many will emerge throughout the world with the same skills exhibited by Jesus and the Masters. The first stage begins whereby mankind’s beliefs will be questioned – by themselves. At first the attention will be focused on one person but very soon the news will emerge of another and yet another ad infinitum displaying the same abilities, and so the focus of mankind will change from adulation to wonder. Many will fear


Looking at the overall pattern of the pictogram—the lower crescent which represents unaware man’s anchor to earth is the learning curve that we all go through while we think we are merely HUMAN—involving all our negative human attributes. As you can see the seven bodies represented by the first seven rings, are all out of alignment. The line that runs through all these bodies to the core of God’s Energy is the antakarana thread; the bridge that we build between ourselves and Spirit which contains all knowledge of our Soul’s prior lifetimes. This needs to be reactivated with our Spiritual practices of meditation, reaching out to the unseen and reactivating the chakra system. As we do that we bring all the bodies into alignment, bringing it all into One so that we can drop the ‘anchor’ to Earth—our unaware state. The top crescent which represents the first seven spiritual planes is literally our ‘heaven’ that we bring down to Earth as we become Whole and complete.

Do please try to watch the videos or read the books and web sites on this subject – I think when you do you will be more convinced that our connection with Space and Spirit is entirely possible.