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I hope you have done a little research during the week so that you will understand more clearly the following – which came about from a question asked in class after they had seen the video ‘Miracle of Life.’

Obviously orgasm on the man’s part is essential in the conception process – but where does a woman’s orgasm fit into all this?

Good question! I didn’t know the answer so I took it to Spirit:

Realizing that man’s orgasm is an essential part of natural procreation you wonder what is the role of the female orgasm – for obviously it has no part in the conception process.

Each organism that God creates, starting with the simple amoeba, is more and more complex. Man is the highest organism on planet Earth. To evolve is to improve on; and as man is the highest then he must have the most refinements.

Each human has the basics for life provided for them in their bodies and physical and mental abilities, but remember that this human body is only one half of the potential Divine Being. To become Divine is to perfect all the abilities that you have, and sex is the first step. Yes it is necessary for procreation, but to use it in the same way as animals do keeps mankind at a very base level.

The role of the female is to create, thus HUMANLY showing the work of the female energy. It takes patience and skill on the part of the male for the female to fully enjoy the sex act. What some females do not realise is that it is NOT man’s instinct to know what to do and how to do it – other than the basic act, so the role of the female in this is to communicate to, and guide her partner – for not many of them are mind readers! In doing this TOGETHER the perfect act of love which gives ultimate pleasure to both engenders communication, patience, and above all LOVE. The desire to please the other brings it away from an act of lust to a demonstration of love.

ALL qualities of man can be refined in like manner.



As we begin to explore our Spiritual beliefs the inevitable questions arise: “How do you KNOW there is life after death? No-one has come back to prove it for us” (Except the man Jesus!)

“If this life ends in death and oblivion, what is the point of it all”

“How do you know that this contact with God that you claim isn’t all just YOUR mind?”

This little piece which appeared in the GoSaints Newsletter of All Saints Parish of Gosnells, W.A. is a very apt analogy:


Once upon a time twins were conceived. Weeks passed in the womb and the twins’ awareness grew.

“Isn’t it great that we were conceived! Isn’t it great to be alive!”

Together the twins explored their world. When they found their mother’s cord, which gave them life, they sang,

“How great is our mother’s love that she shares her life with us!”

As the weeks stretched into months they noticed how each one was changing.

“What does it mean?” asked A

“It means that our stay in this world is drawing to an end,” said B

“But I don’t want to go, “ exclaimed A.

“But maybe there is life after birth,” said B,

“How can that be?” replied A,

“We will shed our life cord, and how is life possible without it? Besides we have seen evidence that others were here before us, and none of them have returned to tell us that there is life after birth. No, this is the end.”

So A fell into deep despair saying,

“If conception ends in birth, what is the purpose of life in the womb? It’s meaningless! Maybe there is no Mother after all!”

“But there has to be,” protested B, “how else did we get here? How do we remain alive?”

“Have you ever seen the Mother?” said A, “maybe she lives only in our minds. Maybe we made her up because the idea made us feel good.”

The last few days in the womb were filled with deep questioning and fear. Finally the moment of birth arrived.  When the twins passed from their world, they opened their eyes and cried. For what they saw exceeded their fondest dreams.

We really DON’T know, do we, of the things that are truth or mere illusion. All we can do is follow our hearts on our learning path, live to the best of our ability – and let it all reveal itself in time; step by step and only when we are ready to receive the magnificent Truths.

That is precisely what Viola Pettit Neal, Ph. D. did, and it was revealed in the most amazing way – in the sleep state! Her book ‘Through the Curtain’ explains how each night she was taken to a mystery school on the other side where she found herself in a class of students whose teacher used holographic images to explain all about the chakra systems and our magnetic energy fields and their relation to the physical body. Her gift was to be able to recount it all in perfect detail the following morning. This is one of her verses from the book:



  We are sent from the far off country of the Spirit
Into this workshop and we call it life.
Earth clad we grapple with a world of atoms
For we are sent to fashion
The stubborn stuff of earth
To forms of spirit.
And sometimes we forget the glorious patterns
And as we labour with this stuff of earth
There grows a tapestry we call the soul.
And who shall say we labour through one life or many
Until that web shall be complete,
And all this potter’s clay that we call earth
Be moulded into vessels for the Gods.

Viola is yet another author to acknowledge the maze of life:

We must know the joy of the creative process in the world of nature, knowing this in our consciousness will give us the command over form. Ordinarily, mankind is rather lost in the wilderness of the world, surrounded by what appears to be to him a meaningless maze. But the disciple on the path must see the order, and he sees it simply by getting this new ‘habit of consciousness’ – SEEING THE LIFE BEHIND THE FORM.

The disciple often needs to go forward on his journey to an understanding of the life behind the form, and in doing so he will discover that he has not only gained the life, but also THE COMMAND OF THE FORM, and he will be able to use the form world or material world wisely and well because he can command it or govern it.

The first step towards this is to gain complete understanding of the self.

The formation of the baby in the womb shows us that everything on this earth that we can SEE is WITHIN us as we form from egg to human. Watching the video we see so many familiar things - seascapes, caves, seaweed, a riverbed, rocks and stones. Familiar creatures like the amoeba, the tadpole. Even ‘gem stones’ in the form of hormone crystals and the conceptus that looks like a beautiful opal. WE ARE A COMPLETE UNIVERSE for all that dwells within us.

There are various beliefs concerning this, some cultures look at the physical and others the spiritual. Always they are presented as 7 aspects, which have up until now been associated with the 7-chakra system.

Knowing that as we activate the chakra system many more than just seven are revealed, that information would not seem to fit, but if you look at these ancient manuscripts as describing the SEVEN BODIES then it starts to make sense. The ancient charts are actually giving the various activation stages involved in the attainment of the BODIES, not the chakras as we have been led to believe.

The Native Americans use nature and man in various stages as their symbols, and the Hermitic tradition uses the elements. They are both correct in that they describe ALL the aspects of the seven bodies – here is the importance of keeping an open mind and gathering your information from all sources and beliefs, for they all have an element of truth in them.

There is conflict in the ancient and modern translations of the chakra system – out of the many books we have on the subject the only thing they agreed on was that the second chakra was influenced by the water element! They don’t agree on the colours of the chakras either. So what do you do in a case like this? You go WITHIN, and there you will find the TRUTH.

In our early days of learning I took many questions about the chakras to our Teachers at the table, they answered them for a few weeks then one night when I began to ask yet more about the chakras I received a resounding ‘NO’. It didn’t matter which way I attempted to approach the issue They simply refused to answer anything else on the subject. I must admit I was miffed! “They MUST be important, there are so many books about it” – SILENCE.

We didn’t come back to chakras till three and a half-years later. When we did I then understood that we had had to go off on a huge learning curve to experience the activation of the chakras ourselves, and to understand the merging of the three higher bodies into our energy field as a result of that. I realised now that most of the books on chakras were based on ASSUMPTIONS rather than experience; gathering together other people’s teachings, mixing them with information from ancient sources, putting two and two together and making five! Yet still the books were helpful to me, and I gleaned a lot more than just what was printed on the page!

In Rosalyn Bruyer’s book she talks about a simple chart that is 50,000 years old from the Native Americans; the Egyptians also favoured this system. It portrays the Seven Stages of Man:

7th     The living symbol of the Universal Spirit

6th     Man steps into the Spiritual

5th     Man

4th     Mammal

3rd     Bird

2nd     Fish

1st     Snake

If you have watched the video, or read about the process let’s compare that with the above chart.

1st Snake – the conceptus looks like a tiny worm/snake at formation

2nd Fish – doesn’t the male sperm remind you of the tadpole?

3rd Bird – the female egg

4th Mammal – the foetus becomes a warm-blooded vertebrate

5th Man – our birth as a human

6th Man steps into the Spiritual – as we become spiritually aware

7th The living symbol of the Universal Spirit – Perfected Man, the Ascended Master.

So there we have the seven stages of man, from earth-man to God-Man (and of course, God-Woman). And that chart was compiled long before photography within the human body!

Now in order to understand the chakras and how they relate to each other we first must look at THE LAW OF MAGNETISM, which is:

Whenever a positive energy meets with a negative energy in harmonious union magnetism results, and where there is a magnetic vortex, there is creation and manifestation.

What a beautiful way to describe how a baby gets here! The baby of course, is the manifestation. That basic law also applies to our life situations and the lessons we come here to learn: every negative situation put to us for us to overcome increases our magnetic energy. THESE ENERGIES ARE NECESSARY TO OBTAIN THE GIFT OF CREATION AND MANIFESTATION.

Visiting certain energy sites in the world also enhances and increases the magnetic force of the body – hence the irresistible call to go travelling that you will all experience at some stage in your development, whether you think you will be able to afford it or not. When the need arises the means will come!

While your magnetic field is increasing you will experience electrical appliances breaking down; an increase in static electricity with minor shocks from metal – especially the car; and physical discomfort in the lymphatic system. The major parts of that system are located in the groins, under the arms, in the throat, behind the ears, and across the face. So many people who come to our classes suffer from ‘hay fever’ – when they have never experienced it before, or sinus trouble. It is neither, we have learnt that the sinuses are directly linked with our communication system to the other side and they have to be thoroughly cleared. This usually happens in stages and these ‘hay fever’ attacks can begin with a few sneezes, then your nose and eyes stream for a few days, then the whole thing suddenly stops. This is sometimes attributed to having the flu or a bad cold – but there will not be the usual telltale symptoms like sore throat, thick head, etc. One minute you are fine, next minute you have a ‘streaming cold’. Within a couple of days - or sometimes just twenty-four hours, the whole thing stops. THIS IS GOOD NEWS, it means you are developing your Spiritual system, so just give thanks for the wonderful change taking place in your body. Honour the symptoms, rest up and drink plenty – and the whole process will be much easier. Once you are fully ‘cleaned out’ there will be no more repeats.

Back to magnetism: The whole universe is patterned on solid geometry. The energy moves in spirals, all lines being curved, not straight, so that a triangle is actually three arcs of a circle intersecting.

With man seven planes of frequencies are interwoven (our seven bodies).

In the three higher planes (the Christ Body, the Causal Body and the I AM Body) there are fewer frequencies interwoven than in the four lower bodies (the Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental Bodies).

This pattern is always repeated throughout the Universe and there are always two polarities: Spirit and matter, Mind and Emotion, Masculine and Feminine, Positive and Negative etc. There moves out from these polarities energy something like the spokes of a wheel, but in spirals, this is the power or energy that is created when you use polarities. At the end of each spoke there is formed another energy point so that eventually there is such interweaving of them in the universe that we get an atom, or a solar system where there is a tremendous interweaving of these lines of force. An atom is where the lines of force curve in on each other and move into an interior pattern instead of moving outward. THEY CEASE TO BECOME AN ENERGY AND BECOME SUBSTANCE (and that is exactly how WE come into being!).

There is a NEUTRAL POINT of the opposite polarities – plus and minus, positive and negative, etc. This neutral point is a type of energy and it has to do with magnetism. MAGNETISM IS THE BINDING FORCE OF THE UNIVERSE. Every atom and every form has this neutral rod. It acts as a kind of buffer keeping the two apart. The thing that is holding apart, yet holding together the energies of the Universe. The holding apart of the two great polarities, and the holding together of the forms that are MADE by these two polarities.


Get yourself a pair of magnets to understand this; put the opposite polarities towards each other and you will FEEL that wonderful neutral rod between the two. An invisible force – but very much THERE nonetheless. That is the force that we use in healing, and that is the force that brings forth creation.

Now what has all this got to do with the Spirit side of things and your Spiritual development? A LOT!

An article appeared in the Dec 1966 – Jan 1997 Nexus Magazine. Written by Albert Budden, B. Ed. it was called ‘The Poltergeist Machine’. He has written three books about his investigations of anomalies. Contact address at that date was 17 Brook Road South, Brentford, Middlesex. TW8 0NN, United Kingdom. Phone 440181 560 9497 (just in case you want to delve into this further).

In the article he describes how he was called to investigate a ‘haunted house’ in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. As I read the things that were going on there my interest was caught, for the house that we now live in was then producing some of the occurrences that he describes; I have detailed them in my first book ‘Our Highest Friends’. I will put a cross beside the ones that corresponded - here is part of his article:

I use a small tape recorder for interviews, and as we settled down in their comfortable lounge I was startled by the noise of a loud crack which seemed to come from the wall opposite me (x). Neither Jane nor David, as I shall call them, reacted with any degree of surprise. “That happens all the time,” they told me casually. Somewhat distracted, I fiddled with my tape recorder, setting it down on the low table before me, beside a cup of coffee. Apparently, unexplained noises were commonplace in this household, including some heavy, plodding footsteps (x) along an upper passage during the small hours of the morning.

Jane and David then regaled me with accounts of light bulbs which constantly popped (x), a video recorder which refused to work on some days (x), vases of flowers that sailed into the air before dashing themselves on the carpet, matches which caught fire spontaneously inside their box inside a drawer, water taps which turned themselves on and off (x), the doorbell which chimed as they stood at the open door with nobody pressing the button, dressing-table mirrors which cracked increasingly almost every night, (here there was a cheval mirror on a stand which was quite stiff to adjust, one night it just turned and turned in it’s frame!), a stone statue on the patio which caught fire and explosively lost its arms, legs and head (all of which were found several yards away down the garden), and most disturbing, considering the amounts of energy involved, a large, heavy hardwood table which overturned itself overnight on a regular basis (about twice a week).

Barely taking all this in, but knowing that I had it all on tape, I reached for the coffee in front of me on the table – but it was swirling around in the cup like a mini-whirlpool. I looked at Jane and David who just shrugged in unison. The whirlpool effect stopped suddenly, but I had lost interest in drinking my coffee.

He then goes on to explain that he takes a field meter with him to measure the electromagnetic pollution at a location and so he was allowed to wander around and take his readings. In doing so he realised that the place was subject to sudden and powerful power surges. In this instance it was because of a 40-foot-tall radio mast for transmitting line-of-sight microwave signals which had been erected just five feet away from the outside wall.

There is a diagram included in the article that shows a typical electromagnetic pollution scenario; a house sits in a hollow with two big microwave antennae on top of hills either side, and a distant house where the tenants are radio hams, plus telegraph poles in the vicinity. As I looked at it I realised that ‘Byford’, as I have named it in the book, was definitely not in that category – the house sits in open ground at the top of a hill with only the normal power poles for electricity and phone connections to the house.

He describes what he physically feels when he is in a strong field source - as I read this I recognised the same sensations that I felt when I sat at my first table session - a tingling sensation on the backs of the hands and the hairs on the arms standing out. He also mentioned that he often battled a thunderous headache that came on seconds after entering the house and lifted 10 minutes or so after leaving it – Jim had that same experience on one of his visits here. He also comments I have not found one case of ‘poltergeist’ activity that did not happen in an electromagnetic hot spot.

It was a deep-in-thought investigator who took the train home to London, and I could not resist listening to the recording I had made. However, not really to my surprise, the tape was blank.

He comes up with various explanations as to how these anomalies occur...

Power surges will weaken the tungsten filament of a light bulb, especially when it is hot and more flexible when the bulb is on. The repeated movement induces metal fatigue and so the filament breaks.

A magnetic field can affect the electronic circuitry of videos and TVs; it causes the ferrite components to deform so that the contacts are lost. When the field drops contacts are regained and the circuitry functions normally.

The heavy plodding footsteps are caused when iron or steel embedded in a building is magnetised by a field, which when it suddenly drops produces an auditory sound, it is produced by magnetostrictive acoustics known as the Page Effect. Depending on the thickness and length of the metal and how it is held in place in a building will produce either a series of thuds if they are thick girders, or a sharp snap - if for example it is a thin iron conduit carrying wiring in the wall.

The thermal effects of microwaves could ignite the fires inside matchboxes that are inside drawers.

The chiming doorbells could be induced by power surges – just as car alarms can be set off in this way.

Taps turning can be typical of imminent Earth tremors – as can doors locking, and windows flying open.

Not everything can be understood from a commonsense, everyday logic point of view. ‘Hidden knowledge’ can be found through a disciplined tradition of repeated mental exercises, commonly known as education! (I LIKE that one!)

He goes on to pose the questions, How do objects, some of them quite heavy, levitate when they are not made of iron or have any iron content? (The heavy table must have moved for it to have overturned). How does stone and/or concrete shatter and/or catch fire? How does mirror-glass crack? And how did electromagnetic fields make my coffee turn into a mini-whirlpool before my eyes? I had a problem. I knew that poltergeist activity took place in electromagnetic hot spots, but what were the physical mechanisms involved in generating these effects?

Then he brings the experimental findings of John Hutchison into the picture. John Hutchison is an electromagnetics pioneer in British Columbia, Canada.

Basically, what Hutchison did was cram into a single room a variety of devices which emit electromagnetic fields (such as Tesla coils, van de Graaff generators, RF transmitters, signal generators, etc) He found that after they had been running for a while, effects began to occur that were identical to what have come to be regarded as poltergeist phenomena. Objects of any material levitated into the air and hovered there, or moved about and then fell; fires started in unlikely places around the building; a mirror smashed at a distance of 80 feet away; metal distorted and broke; water spontaneously swirled in containers; lights appeared in the air and then vanished; metal became white-hot but did not burn any surrounding materials, and so on.

Everything that psychical researchers have been documenting for decades as poltergeist activity – and that priests have been called in to exorcise – eventually turned up in the laboratory where John Hutchison’s device operated. Although it was made up of different parts, it operated as a single entity, and phenomena occurred in the same unpredictable way as reported poltergeists: you could be there for days and nothing would happen, then suddenly coins would flip and fly, water would swirl and a transformer would blow. And this brings me to an unfortunate aspect of the device: it has a tendency to destroy itself. It is worth recalling at this point that psychical researchers have in fact dubbed poltergeist activity as ‘destructive haunting’.

All the events that occurred were all at low power and at a distance. On one video recording a 19-pound bronze cylinder is seen to rise majestically into the air, at a distance of 80 feet from the centre of the device, but, incredibly, Hutchison tells us:

“The source power was only 110 volts AC”.

As Albert Budden points out, John Hutchison’s research opens doors which lead to more questions than answers. He also points out that, In the understanding of the paranormal, electromagnetics are as fundamental as genetics are to biology. This does not mean however, that if we identify poltergeists as electromagnetic in nature, we can all pack up and go home, mystery solved. In fact, the situation is the reverse as we can now enter realms of real scientific possibilities, although they do begin to sound like science fiction!

I believe that when science and Spirituality COMBINE, then we are really going to go places! Here is a writing that gave us yet more understanding, and of course, with understanding FEAR is removed.

You have learned of the energy fields that you have been creating for yourself in the radius of your own BEING. And how there must always be POLARITIES to create POWER – now you begin to see how Nature is showing you the TRUTHS about yourself.

You seek now the complete understanding of the polarities within yourself, and why there are more positive chakras than negative ones:

Within the energy field of man are 10 positive and 10 negative chakras. In order to bring the geometric patterns of the four lower vehicles (physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies) into alignment you must learn to first of all BALANCE these energies in order to CREATE the SPIRITUAL ENERGY that is required to merge the other three vehicles. This cannot happen until all the negative chakras close down. Once you have achieved that you have become one end of a polarity, and so you need to connect with the other end in order to create yet more energy. Hence the automatic descent of the Christ Body – your new polarity. Do not look on it as negative and positive, rather as Spirit and Matter.

This new energy, and how you use it, then opens up the last two chakras and allows the remaining two bodies to merge. THINK OF THEM AS MERGING, RATHER THAN DESCENDING; they come IN to you, not DOWN to you.

As you received in your message this morning, there are multiple patterns of 7 overlapping each other at the same time. 7 is the number of WHOLENESS – so 7 chakras, the ones most commonly known, can open automatically with right living and feeling, but then they go on to the mystical 12, and within this 12 the combination of 7 bodies is revealed. This opening and expanding and merging, and becoming one with something larger is how the Universe was created. It is never-ending, but there are patterns within patterns, wheels within wheels. That is how you grow and progress.

Now, had you taken the negative path you would have shut down the positive chakras and developed the negative chakras, thus becoming one energy once again – but that energy produces no polarity, it is a NON-CREATIVE energy so therefore it goes nowhere and finally self-destructs: ONE WAY STREET. CUL-DE-SAC, THE ROAD TO NOWHERE. If you enter a one-way street in your car you are dicing with death. If you are lucky enough to avoid destruction you have to turn around to get back out – so the choice is either to die, or turn around and start again. That is what mankind has been finding out over the eons, and now you realise that negativity is a very valuable part of your learning process – both there in the world of matter, and here in the invisible worlds, the world of energy.   OG. 29.9.04.

And there we have the answer as to why Hutchison’s devise tended to destroy itself; ALTHOUGH IT WAS MADE UP OF DIFFERENT PARTS, IT OPERATED AS A SINGLE ENTITY – as the writing points out a single energy produces no polarity therefore it is non-creative and finally self-destructs.

It is very useful to know about the law of magnetism: ‘Like poles repel, opposite poles attract’.

WE are electromagnetic beings with our surrounding protective energy bubble and if we allow negative thoughts to build and build in our mind WE become the electromagnetic hot-spot – and all kinds of weird things can start to happen to us and around us!

Unaware Man has a negative polarity – the OPPOSITE to Spirit which has a positive polarity. All things that we create with our earth energy also have a negative polarity – for instance the forms that are created by our thoughts: thought-forms. Know that there is no such thing as an ‘evil spirit’ – once we have passed back through the various planes we become once again what we always were before we came here: Spirit, therefore a POSITIVE polarity. We have spoken to a few people who have been physically ‘thrown around by Spirit’ – causing great fear of course. The physical movement is caused when a thought-form (negative polarity) approaches your physical body (also negative polarity); like poles repel remember, so you cannot be harmed in any way by that, for as the like pole approaches you, your body will also move away. (Take a couple of magnets and prove it for yourself). Our fear of this phenomenon creates yet MORE fear for us, and that negative energy begins to build and build, creating yet MORE thought-forms, and so ‘poltergeist’, ‘ghost’ or ‘evil spirit’ seems to be the answer.

That which is created by man can be dispelled by man, therefore the projection of the White Light around yourself, around the house and towards the energy will quickly defuse the situation. The prayer in the front of my first book is also effective when used in conjunction with the Light. Understand that the Light is not ‘destroying’ the energy, rather it is STOPPING YOUR projection of yet more negative energy towards it – and the whole thing just stops! We have had several successful house clearances by telling the tenants to do just that, usually within a week that is the end of it.

That’s the negative side of things, also know that because of our electromagnetic makeup it is very simple for Spirit, the positive polarity, to work WITH us, and we WILL feel strange sensations within the body as They do – but they will certainly not be destructive in any way.

So how do we go about this magnetising process? WELL YOU HAVE ALREADY BEGUN! All the forgiving and letting go, all the accepting and giving up to the Universe; as soon as you began to do that you magnetised unto yourself the Elements that govern the four lower bodies:

Earth - the gnomes and fairies to uplift your appreciation of nature’s beauty.

Fire  - the Salamanders to fire the emotions.

Air   - the Undines to awaken the mind.

Water - the Sprites to encourage cleansing tears and turn them into tears of joy.

Haven’t you all FELT and experienced all the attention they have been giving to you in the way of a new appreciation of the earth and your surroundings; feeling very emotional and raw as old hurts surfaced; memories from the past flooding in to be recognised and let go of; and tears being very near the surface, spilling over at sad movies, happy movies, the news on TV and in many daily experiences. Every situation that you looked on as a CHALLENGE and not a PROBLEM energised you and enlarged that magnetic field, and all the while you have been balancing those four lower bodies and energising your chakra system.

Until we switch on our 7th chakra we receive our life energy from the earth’s magnetic field, coming up from the feet and entering the body into the first chakra WHICH FACES DOWNWARDS to receive this. It is acted upon and modified by the electrical field of the body. The energy weaves its way in and out of the chakra system until it experiences resistance – an unactivated chakra, which then makes it flow downwards again.

Now remember that the average male only has the first two chakras activated, and the average female the first three; when you look at the qualities of those first three chakras it makes you understand more readily the state of the world today, for everyone is highly energised in these areas, and very weak in the higher, finer qualities:

Chakra 1 – Not wanting movement or change.

Chakra 2 – Sexuality, relationships, career, materialism.

Chakra 3 – emotions of fear, anger, negativity.

What activates the chakras? Our FEELINGS. As we learn to handle our feelings we activate more and more chakras allowing the energy to rise higher and higher in our body. As Rosalyn Bruyer says, RIGHT MOTIVATION IS A TUNING DEVICE FOR THE CHAKRAS.

Rolfing experiments in America have proved in which direction the chakras bring in the energy and it has been shown that the 7th chakra faces UPWARDS. Chakras are RECEIVING CENTRES, transformers, NOW THINK OF THIS. IT POINTS UPWARDS. TO RECEIVE. The next step in our development is to activate the rest of the 12-chakra system thus BRINGING DOWN the Universal positive energy to connect with our own.

In unaware man the polarities of the body are the root chakra and the crown chakra for this body of matter, we also have a second polarity, a horizontal one, between the two sides of the body. All the laws of electricity and magnetism apply to his system.

 The heart centre is the neutral point between the negative lower half of the body and the positive upper half, but when you set foot on the Spiritual Path and develop and activate your energies the 7th crown chakra ALTERS ITS ROLE; it NOW becomes the neutral rod between a new polarity: Spirit and matter, to create Perfected Man.

Viola Pettit Neil tells us that the site of the pineal gland is where both energies are aiming for. This point of contact is the SWITCHBOX, the TERMINAL for the two energies to unite. This has been described as the MYSTICAL MARRIAGE when the lower self has been united with the higher by transmuting the energies from the lower centres to the highest – when we connect with the I AM energy.

The caudate nucleus (the pineal gland) deals with the head antennae – millions of antennae, which in the future will deal with the ability of all the ESP abilities. The sending and receiving station for telepathic contact is located in the caudate nucleus.

It is like a miniature brain for higher stages of development, in most people the circuits are not all connected.

The lymphatic system, the pineal gland and the arteries in the head and neck have a chemical relationship that deals with the development and use of the crown chakra.

She also mentions that during the adjustments of the physical vehicle in the pineal area a rapid heart beat is produced by a little imbalance in the arteries. It is not a pathological condition it is due simply to the adjustment that is required for a careful chemical adjustment of the physical body.

That rapid heartbeat is experienced as an extra beat that kicks in fairly frequently and is especially noticed when you are at rest. Don’t worry, you’re not having a heart attack, it is only part of the process on the way to a beautiful transformation.