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The Trees
Reli & Bible "Truths"
Book of Job
Arc of the Covenant




October 2001.

These new pages have been added to our site and it is recommended that you read them in the order presented:


The Trees in the Garden


Religion and Bible “Truths”  

Book of Job

Arc of the Covenant


Obviously the theme is biblical and yet another interpretation – but it is based on EXPERIENCE.

Spirit introduced us to the Bible texts gradually, and when there was a need. I didn’t even own one until I was 49! Trying to read it like a normal book just doesn’t work – and there is a very good reason for that. What we have learned over the years from Spirit is that the Bible vibrates at three different levels. We only connect with the parts that are of the same vibration as ourselves; therefore at any one time only one third of the Bible will be for our current understanding.

The first level of vibration is at the human level of understanding and when we turn to the Bible for inspiration we will open it at just the right page and the literal text will be just what we need.

The second level is that of Spiritual understanding, and this time we will not take the random text literally but symbolically, realising the Spiritual meaning behind the words.

The third and highest level is that which is called Divine Understanding, now we will see the Truth therein – and it will be so plain we will wonder why we never saw it in the first place!

As we experience life, so our vibrations rise and rise, so we literally have to earn the ability to be able to understand this great Book that has stood the test of time. It truly is our handbook through this Earth walk.

That Divine level is trying to show us how Nature, science, biology, mathematics, and the wonderful gift of story telling is all woven together to remind us of Who we are.