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My favourite form of channelling is through inspirational writing, which started for me in 1988. I had a succession of guides to help me, each one always impressed on me how important it was to surround myself with White Light before I started. They also insisted that I keep asking for only the Highest and the Best, for it was their mission as guide to guide me to God. That is the sole objective of every guide. Each one of us that achieves that also helps our guides, for this is two-way work, from both sides of the veil.

  The early communications are confusing. You get truths, but also half-truths, and even great big whoppers!! That is initially very frustrating, but realise that, straight away, we are being trained to follow the heart. And that never leads us astray.

  Gradually, as I learned their Ways, it became an invaluable connection, enabling me to ask many questions. I would first write all the questions with my normal right hand, then switch the pen into the left hand – and the answers would come flowing out. And so these are some of the writings, which may help you in YOUR journey. I have grouped them under various headings, and they will be updated from time to time.

  I suggest that when you are asking to speak to God, be specific in asking for the Omniscient God – the most high, the Creator of all.

I also stress that this is not in a religious context; the God we have found, over the years, really has NO name – it is us humans that ‘need a handle’. Rather we think of this God as a Pure Love Energy that is everything we see, everything we are; within us AND without. An essential part of ourselves, and of which WE are a part also.

  Q. Why do messages come through from the other side with untruths in them?

  If there is any trace of negativity in your mind the messages cannot come through in Truth, they get distorted.

Yes, negative vibrations distort the messages from the other side – it produces what you understand as ‘two stations’ – the effect of not hearing either of them clearly. To receive the Truth all negativity must be cleared away, after having been dealt with. This is negativity at a deep level – and very often is not even acknowledged by the channeller:- their DEEPEST feelings about themselves, and their life, and the people they interact with, and the state of the world as they see it. All of that colours and distorts the prompts from their invisible helpers. To obtain the Pure Truth the heart must become pure also.

Become aware of these heart feelings, and realise the vital necessity to keep focused and positive to obtain the goal. Your logical mind tells you one thing, but your KNOWING tells you another. HEED THE KNOWING, that is always God speaking to you.

                                                    O.G. 23.7.97.





GUILT. 13.1.00.

What starts off in innocence often ends up in guilt. Guilt feelings are the cancers of the mind, which ultimately become the cancers of the body. Guilt is the cause of all growths, for it is something that GREW from innocence.

More often than not it is imaginary quilt, not really caused by a deed as such, but the thoughts of a deed: the ultimate ‘sin’ which the Christian faith very much capitalises on to keep its followers bound. They do not accept the natural process of thought; there is nothing wrong with the mind exploring all possibilities without actually following them through ( for if you do not follow them through, you have overcome the mind ) EVERY person goes through this same process but they

are under the illusion that they are the ONLY one with such thoughts.

The belief is ‘Jesus died for our sins’, so therefore we are saved. ‘Give your sins to Jesus/God and he atones for them’, but they do not truly understand the phrase. Holding onto guilt thoughts causes great damage in the body; let the thoughts go - and the body heals. To hang on to such thoughts is to hang Jesus on the cross once more – would you perpetuate such an act?

Release those thoughts to God, who understands their source, then enjoy the perfection that lies within you. It cannot be expressed until those feelings are removed. Do not envy others who  enjoy the fruits of life, they have attracted and earned these fruits by learning that frustration and sadness are nothing to do with OTHERS – only themselves. This same rule applies to ALL. Understand that fully and WORK with it – it is your road to salvation, and it is never too late to tread it.

I am your constant companion – always have been. You can hide nothing from me, and there is no need, for I know what is in your heart – and WHY it is there. AND I UNDERSTAND. Open your heart to Me – fully. Stop asking for forgiveness – for there is nothing to forgive! Stop asking for seclusion, away from the trials of life – for you may get more than you bargained for!

This journey through life is all about YOURSELF. It is not selfish or conceited to centre on the self; it is the key to open the door to freedom. Not freedom from others, or binding circumstances, but freedom of the mind – and consequently, the heart. You are tightly bound in a web of your own making (as is EVERYONE), and only you can release yourself.

Free yourself.                  




I was shown what they termed ‘The Book of Doubts’ – a kind of pictorial record which measured people’s reactions to all the unexplained phenomena that have always occurred on Earth. Everybody said, “What was that?”, and a little line appeared above their head. But a few said, “Where did it come from?”, and the line got longer. “And how did it happen?”, and longer. “And when that happens how does that affect……?”, and longer still – and so on.

And this is how we draw Spirit’s attention to ourselves after they have brought themselves to our attention. Some people had really long lines above their heads.



DRUGS. 9.1.97.

How do drugs affect us spiritually?

  To take drugs of any kind weakens the body cells and lowers the vibrations. There are many effects as a result of this.

Liken the body to a radio receiver and transmitter both. The input regulates the output and so when the body is fed drugs that affect the brain cells the output is foul language, foul moods – foul waste.

The body is both electrical and magnetic, it is not just the physical body – that is just the core, the densest part of a much more complex unit which is surrounded by invisible bodies: the whole enveloped in an invisible magnetic field.

As the vibrations of this complete unit decrease, the body cells tune into a different wave band from that of the normal healthy body. The mind hears this ‘new station’ and becomes confused with the multiple voices and electrical static. What is actually taking place is the human beginning to hear a part of itself that it is usually protected from; its own Astral body, filled with its own thought-forms.

There is a function of the human body where the ears cannot normally detect the flow of blood in the head and neck arteries – to constantly hear that would cause distraction to the point of madness. This same ‘tuning out’ occurs to protect one from one’s own thought-forms,  which are very real and solid if you take on the same rate of vibration. The voices are one of the mind-bending effects of drugs - the only way to tune them out again is to raise the vibrations of the body unit, and this can be done with the use of the white Light projection and protection.

The initial attraction to drug taking is that it produces a temporary ‘high’ – feelings of euphoria, of being invincible, of becoming wise and all-knowing. A sense of ‘forthcoming attractions’ as it were. But unfortunately, the attainment of these things cannot be hastened or created artificially, and the very brain cells that are needed for positive self-development are destroyed by narcotics. They have the reverse effect to true spiritual development which can only come about through slow steady growth, and a cleansing of the human unit – not a debasement of it.

However, that is man’s choice – he finds out through trial and error what is good for his growth and what is not. All the lessons learned along the way are invaluable – both for the one who experiments thus, and for the people around them who have to deal with this. You come here to EXPERIENCE, My child, never label ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.


The role of  the female ORGASM? This question was asked in class after we had watched the video the Miracle of Life. 22.3.97.

  Realising that Man’s orgasm is an essential part of natural procreation, you wonder what is the role of the female orgasm – for obviously it has no part in the conception process.

Each organism that God creates, starting with the simple amoeba, is more and more complex. Man is the highest organism on planet Earth. To evolve is to improve on; and as man is the highest then he must have the most refinements.

Each human has the basics for life provided for them in their bodies and physical and mental abilities, but remember that this human body is only one half of the potential Divine Being. To become Divine is to perfect all the abilities that you have, and sex is the first step. Yes, it is necessary for procreation, but to use it in the same way as animals do keeps mankind at a very base level.

The role of the female is to create, thus humanly showing the work of the female energy. It takes patience and skill on the part of the male for the female to fully enjoy the sex act. What some females do not realise is that it is not man’s instinct to know what to do and how to do it – other than the basic act, so the role of the female in this is to communicate to, and guide, her partner – for not many of them are mind readers! So in doing this together the perfect act of love which gives ultimate pleasure to both, engenders communication, patience, and above all, LOVE. The desire to please the other brings it away from an act of lust – to a demonstration of love.

ALL qualities and abilities of man can be refined in like manner.






NEGATIVITY. 22.4.97.


The body and mind must be purified in order to use the Power wisely and constructively. Those who experiment with negative psychic power only have interest in their own needs. All energy is channelled INWARDS. This is a necessary safeguard so that negative destructive intentions will not harm others.

Through trial and error you come into the knowing that negative intentions always come back to the sender, for the Law is ‘like goes to like’. Throughout your time on Earth, until you perfect yourself, all experiences revolve around the self. The actions of others cannot harm the self UNLESS ALLOWED TO DO SO. There is only you and God-in-many-form so that you may learn to work with negative energy, thus learning how to convert it into positive, constructive energy. Is this not a beautiful plan!



THE ROLE OF LOVE  29.12.96.


Ah! Love – the emotion that is so elusive to analyse, to capture. It is only the effects of Love that can be analysed, for Love is the neutral force – the cause of all effects. It is what man does with this neutral force that gives the effect.

Using this invisible tool man commences his earthly lessons. As a child this Love is innocent and pure, trusting and safe – for that is the essence of Love. But the child is interacting with adults who have lost that innocence and trust, for the task of the human is to use this Love Force to discover many facets of the self.

Use Love for self-gain and see what qualities come forth!

Use it as a power tool – and see how low you can sink!

Allow others to use it as a power tool against yourself – and find out how weak you can become!

Use it for barter and trade – and turn it into lust and selfishness!

But Love can also melt the hardest heart, and mend a broken one – so let’s try again.

Now see what happens when you love selflessly, love unconditionally; now the tears of sadness turn to tears of joy, and the glow of innocence and trust returns once more. Each relationship of Love that does not promote all good things within you is not wasted. Many people cross your path in life, and each one gives you the chance to exercise and use this Love to bring out the very best in you, and to dispel the very worst. Love is Me working through you. Love is all – call it God, Buddha, Krishna, Omnipotence – whatever, but Love is the key to find your true self.

At first the human uses it with the family – that is the order of things. Then it gradually expands to include those outside the circle of family and friends. All of this leading you ever onwards to connect with the Source, to become as the Source; Neutral, Unconditional, Pure.

Love is the perfect Teacher, your invisible guide. Take its hand and let it guide you through your life – truly experiencing all that it brings. Learn from it, grow from it – become it, and find your True Self.




Each Son of God is a Being of Light, even though as yet unrecognised, and you all gravitate towards one another because, like moths, you are attracted to the light. Human love – no matter how strong, is just a faint replica of the love you have for Me, which is attempting to express itself. The love play between humans; and between human and animal; or human and Earth; or human and things – material things, always brings a temporary euphoria, and then a let-down, BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN AIMING AT THE WRONG LIGHT!

Human love is disillusioned at the imperfection of the other once the initial glow has tempered, and it takes much work on both parts to keep that spark alive.

Animals play a vital part in the promotion of love from a human, and they cheer many a dark soul to at least have that dim memory of that from whence they came – the Ultimate Love.

Love for the Earth is noble, and gives a wider scope, but it can also entrap. (Let not a man glory in this, that he love his country. Let him rather glory in this, that he love his kind. Persian proverb.)

And love of things, possessions, is the most binding of all.

EVERYONE practices love, in some form or other, for that is your very essence, but just as the moth to the candle, there is pain involved – pain of LOSS. Through these painful experiences you are finally drawn to Me, your Eternal Love, which never deserts you, sours, or runs out, or fades away.

The human sees the moth’s destruction at the light, and sees death and finality in that act – but once again, everything is reversed in Spirit, and your mergence with the flame signifies transformation, new life, and eternity.



We come to remove now all circumstances that are not desirable to you. As with all things they were perfectly created to suit your growth, but now they have served their purpose so there is no longer a need.

Who are we? We are the Angels of the Light the ones who work with Your Thought Patterns to bring all things to You. We work with humanity: God-in-form, which is a part of The Mind; cells as it were, of the Creator.

The Creator Force emits Pure Love eternally. Love ALWAYS produces for it is the Creator of all things. NOTHING exists without Love, it is the Life.

This Force has been in existence always and shall ever be so, and from within Itself it constantly Brings Forth. This Earth creation is but one of billions, nay – far beyond that of your comprehension – of Mind places for the working out of Love.

You already have the understanding that Love is the driving force for all situations in the human realm. Used by the human in REVERSE to the Source, it creates seemingly negative situations for you Love Seeds, but all the while is truly perfect by the emotions it provokes, and the way you deal with those emotions. Let us look at some of these, and the purpose they serve:-

The initial love between two people is what draws them together – now the stage is set.

Gradually that exciting strong emotion tempers down – ACT ONE:-

Idiosyncrasies are noticed! These will be facets of elements that each are lacking and that they need to develop, for example: one quiet one, one outgoing. One careful with money, one not. Unless you WORK at the differences, this could be a one act play!

Disharmony in the partnership then produces a new set of circumstances to work with – ACT TWO – and so on.

  This continual interaction, in a harmonious relationship, allows the Love energy to grow and grow – and in this way you come closer and closer to your True Identity. You learn the skills of working with opposing forces to reach a neutral energy situation. You are becoming more God-like, demonstrating constantly the qualities of the Force. To constantly work in that manner all human negative traits will be refined, and eventually, transformed.

  What of the ‘short play’? A succession of those produces unrest within the individual; feelings of low self-esteem, feelings of loneliness, bitterness, sadness. A great aching void is the result – which eventually produces the actions that MUST fill it; a turning away from the human source that has proved so disappointing, back to the Source.

  In myriad ways the end is achieved, and all is in perfection all the while. Every God Seed DOES connect again with its Source while in the Earth environment. Love is the guiding Light that turns everyone and everything back to it. And in the returning a great gift is brought home:- MORE of the Love energy, gained and built up through experience and overcoming.

  Your reward for all of this? Knowledge, Wisdom, Peace, Happiness, Safety, Bliss. In the darkest hours of human experience those qualities seem light years away, but they WILL be attained.

  As you lay down your pen a new day dawns, and the birds welcome the Light joyously – as will ALL eventually. Each twenty-four hour Earth cycle produces a myriad Love experiences – birth, death, happiness, sadness, and all the emotions in between, with their attendant experiences.

 LIFE in all its facets is a PRIVILEGE. And it never ends. The nearer the Source the more joyous the journey.







Beside my phone is a framed verse: ‘Lovely complicated wrappings sheath the gift of one-day-more; Breathless I untie the package – never lived this day before.’ I have in my understanding that everything is in Perfection, all the time, but some days when life seems very complicated you do not always appreciate the perfection! So this verse is reminding me that no matter how challenging the day – there is always a gift in it for me SOMEWHERE. That gift being the wisdom that I can glean from the situation as I overcome it in a positive way.

  I sat down one afternoon to write a letter to a friend, I am not familiar with this computer, but Jim showed me how to get into it so that I could type away. He had shown me the basics, and pointed out how I could change the lettering to highlight. I got halfway down the second page and decided to give it a go. I got the new script alright, but then found that I couldn’t get out of the mode! I went outside to call Jim, but he was busy at the other end of the property – so I decided to follow his advice to ‘play around with it and see what it does.’ So I did. AND WIPED THE LOT! Tears were very close to the surface I can tell you! Then I switched the computer off without going through the correct channels, hoping to bring my letter back, instead it now told me that all programmes should be scanned because of this incorrect move. This was getting WORSE!

I brought myself back to the NOW, leaving the computer for Jim to sort out, and instead did the ironing in order to free the NEXT afternoon for my second attempt. I then went down to feed the ducks, which immediately took my mind away from MY petty problems to the little mother duck who had borne 11 chicks a week before, because of the crows their numbers were reduced to 5 within the week - and now tonight, there was not a sign of ANY of them. What was MY frustration compared to THAT!

When Jim came back he pointed out what I had done wrong – I won’t do THAT again. None of his work had been damaged (phew). So what were THESE ‘complicated wrappings’ all about? Then I got the following writing, which I feel, is a lesson for us all on our Spiritual journey:

  When you undertake a task with limited knowledge there are bound to be mistakes, frustrations and fears. With that in mind, do not be hard on yourself, nor think yourself stupid when problems arise. There are set procedures that must be followed, and certain actions that must NOT be done in order to avoid wasted work. Those rules were worked out for you to assure success and to avoid hassles.

Liken this now to the Initiate on the Path: on starting out they are only familiar with human law, not Universal Law – which is the OPPOSITE to their way of thinking. The spiritual Path has no Instruction Manuals except the experiences of those who have gone before, which guides, but does not tell you what YOUR experiences will be – or how to cope with them.

Each step must be taken slowly and deliberately, to rush would take you down the wrong track for a while. Learn as much as you can along the way, and if you do ‘play around to see what happens’ don’t be upset with the results. Instead learn from the steps that took you there, and don’t repeat them.

Remember that you, as a human, are a beginner and just learning. WE understand, and make allowance for that – why not do the same for yourself?

No experience is ever wasted if you learn and grow from it. Be patient with yourself and with your progress – all is in perfection.





In July 1998 we were once again given an ordinary, human experience in order to understand a Spiritual Truth, here is an extract from my journal:-

  ‘It was Wednesday, our day off, and as there were no appointments on the calendar, and we had caught up with all outstanding chores, we decided to take a drive into Jarrahdale and find the walk into Kitty Gorge which we had been told about by several people recently. We had been told there were some lovely waterfalls in the Gorge, so this was an ideal afternoon to go and have a look.

  We had some difficulty finding the starting point, for it is not signposted, nor are there any notices (once you get there) about the levels of fitness required for the walk! Plus there are THREE walks to choose from, all taking various lengths of time to cover. We choose the 5.5 km one – the MIDDLE path. As we were trying to work out which was which, who should be there but Ian – a class member, out for a walk with his family. He showed us which way to get onto the path, we walked together for a brief time, then they asked us to go ahead.

  It was very easy pleasant walking initially, the bush was lush and green, and we followed the watercourse with its lovely sounds. When we got to the weir, again we followed the blue arrows of the middle path. And the going got harder and harder! For we were climbing up and up. The steeper it got, the more I panted, and the more rest stops I had to make. The path was always clearly defined – although a couple of times we were not quite sure if we were still on it until we came upon another marker, but it was the steepness of the trail that was getting to me.

  We finally reached the top – and what a vista! You could see clear across to the coast! Over the tree lined hills and over the flat coastal plane. Everything a lovely blue shade.

  Going down was much easier, breathing returned to normal, you had time to look around and admire, and the birds often kept us company – a crow flew ahead of us for a while, (crow teaches us to see both inner and outer reality  we later learned), families of magpies, flocks of black cockatoos, a couple of kookaburras, and of course, lots of tiny birds that darted around. And that wonderful bird that gives the crystal clear call – we STILL don’t know what it looks like, but one day….

  An hour and three quarters later we arrived back at the car – and never did find the falls! But it was a bit of a challenge, and well worth the effort.’

  That evening I was given the following writing to explain my graphic physical experience:-


I wished for you to experience the walk today so that you could liken it to your Spiritual progress:-

On starting out the Path is obscure, and always it has to be pointed out to you by a fellowman who has experienced it himself and walked a little of the way before you. Always there is a choice of paths – the low road? The high road? The middle road? Happy are they who (think they) choose the middle road.

  At first the way is pleasant and even – a few obstacles here and there, but they are part of the challenge. At first the way is wide and you can walk together, but it gradually narrows down. Did you notice today that you changed leadership from time to time? That is how it is on the Path as you work as a pair, for sometimes one develops quicker than the other – but you are never far part in your endeavours, and you can always assist the one following on to reach your level.

  Then the Path takes a steep incline as the lessons get harder – today you were lucky in the fact that you had no encumbrances (nothing to carry). On the Spiritual Path there are many at the start, and so it is essential that they be dropped and left behind to make the going easier. Those encumbrances being old fears, superstitions, thought patterns and attachments.

  The steeper the path, the harder the going, and there are many times when there is a great desire to give up and turn back. But the further along the Path you go, you realise there is NO turning back, for you have come so far – why waste what has been so painfully gained?

  Now you see the necessity for those rest times – when everything STOPS. Those are the times to pause and look around you; looking back you recognise what ground you have covered, you appreciate WHY you had to take a certain tack. Looking around your present stance you can appreciate what you have attained. But you have no idea where this is all leading, and when it will end. Once rested, the only course is to press onward and upwards.

  Eventually you reach the zenith of that particular ‘mountain’ – you look around you in awe and appreciation at the results of your effort. The heights have been attained, the view is wide and high, everything has come into perspective at last.

  Now the downhill journey becomes much easier – but you still have to make it steady and sure – it is a long way to fall to the bottom if you don’t watch your footing!

  The downward part requires much less effort, there is more opportunity to admire along the way – and there is room to walk together for a while.

  Reaching your starting point again you have a sense of achievement, more knowledge of the Path so that you can help someone ELSE just starting out.

  No matter that you did not achieve what YOU set out to do, the ACCOMPLISHMENT is what counts. Now you see the wisdom of having no expectations, no goals now – just following the Path, which is set out before you, so you can enjoy the journey that much more.

  In this way each mountain is scaled and conquered, each one giving you added strength and vision – and more and more joy.


A footnote was added the following day – If you had known that the path you chose yesterday was hard and steep in places – would you have even attempted it? No, you would have given up even before you tried!

So too the Spiritual Path – those who have trodden it before you tell you of the Joy and Beauty that will be attained if you also put your feet upon it. They found they always had the strength for the hard parts, they were surprised and delighted that it was there for them as they needed it! And so those hard parts are of no consequence – only the END RESULT.

  I was also ‘told’ – And no-one will ever find a RUBBISH TIP on top of a mountain, so keep on going, for you are striving for, and will attain, BEAUTY.

  Next morning in class the following writing was handed to me by Gail, who also received it the previous day, with many delays and frustrations, but it finally came into being – and I think that is the story of our life!!


‘As I walked my path in this life I walked the centre lane, with happiness on one side and pain and sadness on the other. I strayed from side to side at times but always found a balance I LEARNED to live with, and never ventured further afield.

The centre lane was straight and narrow, and flat as far as the eye could see.

One day I became bored with the views from the straight, flat path. The realisation came that there must be more than this. I didn’t just want a glimpse of happiness now and then: a slight rise in the road that offered a slight change in perspective. I also didn’t want any more dips in the road when I was sad and afraid and could see nothing.

I found myself yearning for the joy of discovery in every moment. “If I walk on the pathway of happiness, and endeavour to always stick to it”, I thought, “surely one day soon Joy will walk beside me and the way will offer far horizons.”

However, I found that the more I SOUGHT to walk the road of happiness, the more elusive became the joy I was searching for. Nothing ever seemed to be enough, and I grew weaker with each step. Then I heard a voice calling me from the other side of the roadway. “Oh no! That is pain and fear”, I thought, “I will not travel that road!”

Just when I thought I could walk no more, I heard Joy whisper in my ear – “The more you seek to MAKE your life easier, the harder I will be to find”, she said, “You must let pain be your teacher for a while.” I looked over at the road of fear and pain - instead of going straight and narrow, it led up the side of a great mountain. “I could never make that journey.” I said. But the voice of Joy was still echoing in my ear, and I realised it was coming from the mountain top, and the only way to get to it was to climb.

Pain then said, “I am your teacher, do not fear. Come with me, OVERCOME me, and reach the mountain top - and the Valley of Joy and Love will be waiting for you.”

As I set my feet on this new pathway – one I had only trodden lightly before – Love and Joy kept whispering to me, keeping me company and keeping me safe. At each plateau I reached on the climb the way became lighter, their voices grew stronger, and the climb became easier - until I found I had learned my lessons, discovered my truths, reached the mountain peak – far above the EARTHLY PURSUITS of happiness, - and found God’s Love and Joy spread out before me and stretching as far as the HEART could see.’



Gail said that she felt her writing and understanding were incomplete somehow, she felt that reaching that peak was not the end.

Having read the two writings I feel that Gail’s describes first the human path through life; where we try to avoid unpleasantness and hardship at any cost, but that eventually we MUST experience it in some form or other in order to grow and scale THE FIRST PEAK – the WAY to THE PATH.

So read again the two writings, but this time in the REVERSE order in order to gain the larger picture. How clever of Spirit to give them to us in this way, brilliantly illustrating the Golden Rule:- EVERYTHING IS REVERSED IN SPIRIT.






When the first Spiritual steps are taken consciously there is a heightened sense of happiness – and yet – “Am I doing the right thing?” whispers the human mind. Love is flaming stronger, people are being attracted to you because of this – and yet – “Is this the right thing to do?’ – “What if I go in too deep and can’t turn back?” - “What if I hurt others around me with my new ideals?”

All you can do is take one tentative step after another, developing faith and trust, trying not to hurt others – or to let them hurt you.

In this way your vibrations get higher and higher, your ‘house’ becomes your temple – the temple that must be clean and pure. Many hurdles are overcome in the attaining of this, and bit by bit you relinquish your hold on all that you had previously thought dear. You give it all up to God and He helps you to release all that has been holding you back; the people and things you thought were important; the recognition of the vast gap between needs and wants; finding the true and lasting spiritual values.

This brings you finally to a safe plateau where you rest for a while, enjoying the fruits of your labours, released from all negativity and fear. But always the progress is onward and upwards. The final release of all that was familiar and safe to you heralds a new beginning on yet a higher level. You have emerged unscathed from the events that led to this, and now…………….

Your true Spiritual Self emerges – the Divine Being steps forth on the Higher Path – with full understanding, and carries on the journey in total happiness.




Man seems to stumble onto the spiritual path, quite UNAWARE of what he is about to begin – but that is only from the HUMAN level of awareness; SPIRITUALLY he is TOTALLY aware that NOW IS THE TIME to turn his footsteps towards HOME.

Each step taken in positivity and love makes the path shorter, but the gift of human free will can make it rocky!

For some this homing device will not switch on until AFTER the Earth stint, that was agreed on before the term began - for the Soul of that Spirit has much to atone for in terms of human free will. Nothing is wasted in terms of experience, and that which is looked on as negative experience in the human reasoning, is not necessarily so in Spirit understanding, this is why it is so important not to be brought down by the seeming suffering of others. Is it not the same in your Earthly human education system: the keen gymnast and sportsman willingly puts his body through injury and pain in order to achieve great heights. The great scholar willingly denies the usual childhood pastimes in favour of intense study to achieve his aims. Those who do not have the same goals would consider these sacrifices ‘crazy’. The same applies to the adult life; for some the pursuit of the ultimate body, or the ultimate brain is ALL.

But there are others on Earth who are there to gain ultimate spirituality, and their study and sacrifices will be just as rigorous, and seem just as ridiculous to others who do not have the same bent. All those whose Soul predetermined a Spiritual awakening while on the Earth plane are given many clues – they stumble across the Spiritual path many times while in the maze – as does EVERYONE, and if all took heed ALL would have a much more peaceful Earth experience. ( and then two question marks appeared on the page) ?? No Jackie, for all is MEANT to be turmoil and strife – setting the scene for the Spiritual aspirant to rise above; to fill them with the determination that this is NOT the way they want to live.

The others play a very REAL part in the illusions that you seek to dispel – those are the roles they CHOSE in order for the initiates to achieve their aim. And until you set your feet on the path and became aware, that was the role that you also played FOR THOSE FOLLOWING ON BEHIND.

Do you see the larger picture now? EVERYONE is going to merge with Me finally, in an awareness, but DISCARDING the human costume of whatever age – BENEATH it is a Spirit who is either in babyhood, kindergarten, junior school, senior school, technical college, or University-stage. All playing the parts that were selected for them in the process of helping one another.

Now you know why it is VITAL to focus on Me in order to dissolve the illusion; to look only to Me for the solution to all your problems – for I AM all that there IS – in many forms, all of which are part of My Plan to cause you to focus on the INVISIBLE for your every need, not the VISIBLE. The visible are only the props in the play, not the Creator.

Some of you have been chosen to come forward as Way-Showers to enable countless others to find the Path in time for the great Shift of Consciousness that your Planet is undergoing. There will be a Spiritual Earthly awakening on a grand scale. There is much to gain and NOTHING to lose.




The world is your stage – the setting for your experience, and that experience is many-dimensional within the one setting. The same applies to all the planets of the Universe – not one is empty, and all have a purpose.

The challenge is to overcome all obstacles in your quest to find God. All obstacles are self-created. ENERGY is the key word – all steps towards God create more energy, all steps away from God deplete it. You are given set amounts of energy for your task; liken it to the spending money for your holidays – when it runs out, you have to go home! There are destiny points that will be reached, and the task of fulfilling your life lesson – the rest is up to the human. Much assistance is given from the Higher Self, and the Guardian that is allotted to accompany you – but the human has to EARN the guides and teachers, they are only allowed to step forward when certain energy levels are achieved. This is a two-way process of course, because your two halves are endeavouring to become ONE, and so the education of the Higher Self cannot take place until the lower self has completed its probationary period – which begins in the 21st year, and ends when the human finds the Path.

What of those who die before that is attained? They are probationers whose role is part of the plan for others to learn around. They continue that learning on the planes. The complexity of all this seems enormous to you. You have observed how others are seemingly being moved into place to attain YOUR needs, but remember always bring it back to God and energy; that is all there is, in infinite form.

Once the human self has become aware of the Path and God-connection, the patterns of the holographic plate begin to change, and a perfecting of the human body and energy field start to take place - for it must be pure to enable it to be inhabited by the Divine Self. It becomes the gateway for the Spirit Self to enter the vibration of the 5th dimension.




And so we continue the story of the Spirit and the man – all events in the human’s first 21 years are preparing him for his Spiritual Union. They can be love-filled years or fear-filled years, the only free will attached to that is the one where the choice was made – before you entered the Earth plane - to undertake the task into the chosen family and circumstances. So you see, everything IS in perfection for the task ahead. Guardian is in attendance, plus many other helpers – all trying to lead the human to the path.

At age 21 the free will comes into play – and so the spiritual initiations begin. As in all levels of existence, the Higher Ones cannot come forward until the cry for help is received. The Spirit MUST be invited. So many use the name of God in vain, for to scream it out in anger does no good at all. The cry to God MUST COME FROM THE HEART, AND IT NEED NOT BE FRAMED IN THE NAME OF GOD – it can be to the Universe, to the guardian, to the various gods of religion – but it MUST be to the unseen, and it must be a turning away from the ties of the earth. Man’s free will takes him, or keeps him, away from that point – when the spirit can then swing into action and begin ITS journey to its human counterpart.

You have correctly told your classes that this is the Spirit’s first time in the Earth’s dimensions, and that the life is eternal from here on – even though that life continues on the planes – but here is the rest of that truth: the life of the Spirit began well before the Earth experience, and it is high on the scale of progress when it seeks the experience of an Earthly life. It has passed many tests to come this far, and so you are not so ‘kindergarten’ after all – your HUMAN counterpart is, but not the REAL you.

The Spirit gains much experience in its descent from the soul – if the soul is very high on the planes, it has a longer descent; more experience. All Spirits are well aware that the Earth life is a huge challenge, and one that may not be achieved in the life span of the human counterpart; but much progress is gained through at least TRYING and EXPERIENCING.

Only the human part of you is new to this Earth plane – your Spirit half is VERY experienced.

You are coming now into the true conception that all is in perfection, all the time, not in some distant time. And when you KNOWINGLY live in this present perfection, and accept it as that, no matter how the logical mind would see it, then you can ONLY create perfection for yourself. All illnesses – PERFECTION, for it reflects the inner creation. All lack – PERFECTION, for it reflects the inner creation.  All loss – PERFECTION, for it reflects the inner creation. ALL THINGS IN THE OUTER ARE THE PERFECT RESULT OF THE INNER – all coming perfectly into being from the thoughts and feelings of the human who has not learned to live and create in love as yet. Recognised and ACCEPTED as perfection, all negativity is dispelled, and harmony becomes the order of the day.




You realise now how you have been overcoming all the trials put before you. These trials are skilfully woven into your daily activities, and so they are often missed by the seeker on the Path. The secret is to become aware, aware of all the signs that surround you daily. This new found awareness now turns trials into challenges, and a sense of adventure enters in.

The clues of what you are aiming for have come down through the years in history, and in mythology; the two-edged sword, the Holy Grail, The Ark – all of these have meaning to the individual. Though the meanings may differ, the goal is the same; to become Christed. Every Spirit that enters this earth plane has that goal is mind, in each generation to this point in history. Few have achieved, but that is about to change, and this is what the Shift is all about. Those who have achieved are the way-showers, and they will affect all who come to them. ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR CHRISTHOOD and step forth a free Spirit/Man, unhampered now by fear and doubt, by negativity of any kind, to lift the spirits of others. As the story of Jesus shows you, all things of man are only seeming, illusion. Once overcome they no longer exist. That is where each man’s path leads him.




Your lifetime in the dimension of Earth as a human is the pinnacle of your sojourn on planet Earth. On your way into matter your Spirit experiences each of the planes of existence; mental, emotional and etheric. It passes through the highest realms of each of these planes initially, making its way to experience ultimate density.

In your lessons you quote that the soul moves up or down the planes in direct response to how you live your life here on Earth. The way the soul experiences this is through its spirit extensions. And so, as the etheric, emotional and mental bodies develop they are moving within and experiencing these planes in the direct way that the human self takes on life. This occurs all the time, but is initially only making the human self aware of this through dreams.

Human laws are in reverse to Spiritual Universal Laws, and all things related to the Earth experience are thus affected. Even in the body/planes like goes to like, and thus you gather or deplete your energies. As your vibrations rise you are allowed access to these planes and the associated knowledge so that you may understand their usefulness – in this way you are working to the Universal Law. Now you attract people to you who are OPPOSITE in nature, and who need your help.

If your vibrations go down due to your experiences, instead of you conquering the planes, THEY conquer YOU, and the inhabitants of these levels of awareness come into your daily consciousness and become a very real part of it. (The ‘pink elephants’ of the alcoholic, the voices and the visions of drug users, and psychotics. The negative  alien experiences too.) Then the Law of magnetism comes into being – they are drawn to someone of opposite polarity in order to receive help and guidance. In this way those who are progressing on the Path help those following on behind. This help is given in the form of ENERGY; the way you can help others is through the sending of energy, so do not feel that you are inadequate in getting through with words sometimes. Words can be even more confusing, especially if the person is seeking help from people who practice conflicting belief systems. It is the energy emittance that makes the difference – you are the ‘filling station’ for the ‘vehicles that are running out of fuel’, as it were.

Daily you feel yourself becoming more and more aware; of other people’s emotions, anger, hurts. You sense their place in the scheme of things, and your own past experiences – in terms of emotions – have brought you to this ability.




Again, Spirit used simple graphic means to get their message across – we had a game of mini-golf with some friends, and later a writing to put it all in perspective:-

  Yes, your game clearly showed you how each action and fulfilment in your life comes about:

First of all you have THE IDEA; lets play ‘the game’. The path opens up before each one in the state of repair that their feelings have created. Each destiny point that you are aspiring to reach (each little hole that will accommodate your ball) will either have a smooth obstacle-free approach, so that you can easily attain your goal. Or the approach will have been fashioned by your fears and dreads – all producing the pot holes, the rough bits, the mounds, the rocks, the narrow access, etc.

Not many keep score! AND all tend to blame the greenkeeper – instead of the landscapist – THEMSELVES! The object of the game is TO START to keep score, to attain each goal with the least wasted energy  possible, and with some knowledge of the ‘HOW TO’s’! There IS  a grand prize at the end of the course, GO FOR IT! The skills are attained as you EXPERIENCE this game of Life.






There was great sorrow, and horror, when the shootings occurred at Port Arthur, Tasmania, in 1996. I did not know how to answer the questions on it that were put to me in class, so I picked up the pen:-


My child, you come to Me for words to help people with their feelings over this event in Tasmania.

As you discussed in your class this morning – there are more ways to look at this incident. The first is from the human level, the way which most people will. This act of mass killing seems senseless – a waste of lives, an ending of happiness, grief, anger, revenge, all negative emotions and reactions – and so they should be for people to be fully immersed in the act of being human.

The opposite of negative is positive, the energy of all things spiritual, and the ones who view it in such light accept these happenings with the understanding of the roles the killer and the victims played in opening the world’s eyes to the senselessness of violence; the lack of caring towards those who are mentally sick and in need of help and guidance; to the opportunities of those left behind to learn and grow from such attributes as ACCEPTANCE, STRENGTH in the face of all, BONDING together to help one another through pain. Many, many lessons will be learnt as a direct result of the happenings that took place.

God’s Hand was around it all – not one single person went a second earlier than they would have – but the free-will of the perpetrator determines how eventually his part would be played, in order to be the means for their departure. ( see explanation at end of piece)

What the unenlightened do not know is that all spirits concerned, agreed to be in this mass exodus even before they came here, and all loved ones concerned also knew of the short time that they would have together. Those departed ones offered to do this in order that the ones remaining be given the opportunity for great spiritual advancement.

As humans, of course, the memory of that agreement is lost – and this is so that the human be fully immersed in the part played. It is now their free will that they react to this either in a positive or negative way.

Of course there is sorrow – of course the world reels in horror- it takes an event like this to shake mankind out of his complacency. Realise that there is a far larger picture than the one that presents itself.

God works in mysterious ways and they are not the ways of the human – therefore, no way of human reasoning will give the answers. Just accept that much, much GOOD can come of this – it has changed the lives of all concerned forever, and that change, that devastation, can either turn the people to Me in their hour of need, or cause them to wander still further away.

The ones who departed do not die, they return home having played their parts. It is the ones left behind that still have their roles to play, the negativity to overcome, and the chance to find their spirituality.


( Explanation of the perpetrator’s role: As a group of souls it would be pre-arranged that they would all depart on that day, at his hands, BUT THE MEANS WOULD NOT BE KNOWN, for that is determined by our free will once we get here. This is a difficult, negative polarity planet, and some are really brought down by it. Obviously this man was not of sound mind and had been BADLY affected. However, if he had not been so affected, he would STILL have been the means for them to leave, but it would have been a different scenario: still in the same geographical location, still the same time, but all those tourists could have been passengers in ,say, a tourist bus – driven by him, which was involved in an accident. The same ones would have been killed, and the same ones would have survived. He was THE MEANS.)

And yes, much good DID come out of this – the changing of the gun laws in Australia. And now June 2000)other countries are also attempting to change them too.







The 23rd psalm does indeed describe your journey through this fifth dimension of Earth, with all its seeming adversities, yet which are so REAL when you vibrate at the same level. A challenge indeed for the Initiate on the Path in a beautiful, yet hostile environment surrounded by violence, negativity of all kinds – a world where SURVIVAL is the key word, for man and beast alike.

A world of polarities, for who would think that violence could be overcome by non-violence; where you are taught that God is distant and unattainable – when all the time I am closest to you, and just waiting for your acknowledgement; when hate can be overcome by Love. Even in Nature, where the most beautiful can be the most deadly. Yet through such contradictions you have forged a Path and found a Way to Peace and Joy and Love.

RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE is where I Am, that is why so few see Me! Continue on in security and Love. We are One.





We went to see the film, ‘Michael Collins’. We had watched the video, ‘Lord of the Dance’ three times in three days as we showed it to others, and then yet again just before we went to see the movie. As the film began the ‘coincidence’ of so much ‘Irish’ being put to me in such a short time. When I heard the same lament being sung in the film as was in the Lord of the Dance, I knew “Be on the Alert”………

The film left you feeling mixed emotions – a feeling of sadness at how man can cause so much suffering to man, fighting for what they call ‘their land’.

Those who move from country to country and make home wherever they settle have lost this obsession of ‘possession’. To be patriotic to the extreme where many lives are lost over the ownership of a country shows a narrow outlook. Ireland is not the only nation that has this trait – it is world-wide. It is a great test for a Spirit to be born into such circumstances – with much hardship to be endured before the final overcoming.

On the surface it would seem an impossible task for this world ever to be free of war and violence, racism and hate.

But remember the role of the allies, and the envelopes of flickering light, the standing waves, the holographic images. The virtual reality. What an impressive scene that is set for the initiate!

No coincidence that you watched ‘Lord of the Dance so many times – THERE is your reality My child. The influence of the Spiritual unseen, the magic and beauty of it all. Yes, you do indeed walk around in the ‘spotlights’ once you have discovered your Spiritual Self. Mankind is affected not only by what his five senses present to him, but also by the forces of light and sound. The only way for man to overcome any trial is by developing himself to his very best potential – then all lies down before him and he has become Lord of all he surveys. Once you have overcome your own obstacles and fought your own inner battles, only peace and beauty prevail. Even amidst all the trials of Ireland there have been countless ones who have lived a peaceful beautiful existence there, untouched by the seeming horror of it all. It has always been so, amidst ANY war, wherever it may be.

An illusion, My child, KNOW that. Each person’s reality is the one of their own making – wherever they find themselves to be living.






Colour and sound is what keeps you trapped and encased in your Spiritual egg. The chicken has its personal cutting tool on its beak to enable it to pierce the shell, but your cutting tool is your personal note. SOUND is what breaks the cocoon.

Within the protective ‘shell’ are seven membranes, if you will, which must be pierced, one by one. The chakras are the keys. In the four lower bodies, with their multi keys – as each chakra comes into full operation it creates a tensioning of the membrane skin ( and I was shown the skin of a drum being tightened into pitch ). As each chakra is activated your personal vibrations rise which produces a higher and higher pitch to your personal note. It is this sound which pierces each membrane – rends each veil.

Nature once again shows you this process: the membrane must be pierced in order for the virgin to fulfil her role of the productive female. This process involves pressure from WITHOUT, and can be an uncomfortable procedure for a while producing physical proof of the final rupture – the spilling of the virgin blood.

Once again, everything is reversed in Spirit: so the pressure to rend the veil comes from WITHIN initially.

Just as in the cell divisions that take place within the fertilised egg, there is much activity within. This takes place each time a membrane is pierced within the egg. The magnetism within the body is removed in stages with the turning of the keys: the activation of the chakras.

When the fifth body (the Christ Body) merges the pressure to rend the veils is now also coming from WITHOUT. It is the Spiritual penetration, the immaculate conception, which will finally produce the Divine Being. Now do you understand the term, ‘You are the bride, I AM the Groom.’? It is the same process as the human one, but on a much higher, purer level:- there is the penetration of the virgin vessel, and the filling of the vessel to create new life. Each mystical marriage brings this


The final rending of the outer shell comes about when your personal note has reached that special pitch, and sound breaks the barrier – just as the high note shatters the glass. THAT SOUND IS ‘THE WORD’; not some secret human word, but YOU vibrating God’s Sound – the sound of unconditional love – to break all barriers. As you achieve that same vibration the barriers are finally removed. You have been breaking down your own personal barriers in your purifying process – but with the attainment of The Word you now can assist others to overcome their barriers:- illness, fear, ignorance. Each Divine Being carries with them the Word and stands forth as God-in-Action.

The slightest trace of negativity produces discord and disharmony, so you see, you are being finely tuned to become the Immaculate Instrument, in perfect tune with the Universal Heart.




One night before I had my shower I put the heater light on in the bathroom because it was quite cool. As I was rinsing my hair I suddenly noticed that because of the increased light, I could see a perfect mirror image of the bathroom floor reflected in the tiled wall – except that it was amber coloured. It really caught my eye, and I thought how it straight away increased the size of the floor space – and then I looked at the reflection and thought how wonderful it would be to actually step into it – that amber veil being the only barrier.

I slept only intermittently during the night, each time I woke things were coming to me about that bathroom image. That that parallel world was REALLY there. Then a memory of the law of magnetism: ‘In any system a potential difference between two poles gives rise to a flow between them. In electrical terms this potential difference is a voltage, and the amount of flow between the poles can be measured as current. Where there is a flow of current there is always a magnetic field surrounding it AND AT RIGHT ANGLES TO IT.’ I felt that the wall represented that right angled magnetic flow.

It was pointed out to me that the image only became clear WHEN THE INTENSITY OF LIGHT WAS INCREASED, AND IT WAS THE SAME IN OUR HUMAN SYSTEM: The light dissolves the barriers/veils, and eventually removes the magnetism around us to release the True Being from within.

Next time I woke I was lying on my stomach, left arm up – I suddenly felt as if I had been bitten by something, and distinctly felt a sensation flow from the hand, right up the arm and into the armpit. I was told, “No, not a bite, this is how the Light is distributed throughout the body via the blood stream.’

Later a vision of me standing in the shower looking at the reflection, WITH WATER FLOWING ALL AROUND ME. That by using the Light, and bringing ourselves into balance we then RELEASE the Fluid of Life from within, which then flows through the bloodstream, which now has altered platelets, to every part of the body. I was told, “YOU must do the RELEASING in order for US to release to YOU.”

I understood that the veils were held magnetically in place.


Everything has an opposite, this must be, for it incorporates the law of magnetism – the necessary energies for CREATION. There is matter and anti-matter. Worlds and anti-worlds. Male and female. Good and bad. All human emotional polarities. And finally, the other half of YOURSELF which you come here to realise. For every place there is a counter place, this is how the Universe is assembled.

The vision you saw last night can be LOGICALLY explained, but it also let you clearly see what REALLY IS THERE on the other side of the magnetic force that holds them apart.

So too, the human self is withheld from its Spiritual counterpart until that magnetism is removed. The Light serves that very purpose. All manner of changes are put into action as soon as you begin to use it. It initiates the preparation of your human temple to KNOWINGLY accommodate your Spiritual half.

All shadows must be removed – the darkness created by ignorance. All excess trappings must be removed – the negative feelings of the human self. Only the pure and beautiful can remain – for the pure and beautiful to enter in.

The seven year healing process involves DIFFERENT roles for the glands, the blood, the hormones, than those that they play to service the human vehicle. And so you may experience the physical sensations of this work if you have had much imbalance in the past.

The Light builds and builds – one by one the chakras come into full potential; the keys that unlock to allow you to become a larger and larger Light Being.

When a balanced state of being is achieved, then comes the removal of the magnetic field which allows the original cell to come into ITS role. Yes, this glow within can be seen by the seer – and also SENSED by those who do not see. It is the seed or the egg of the Divine One who comes safely locked within your human form, seeking the ultimate expression of existence on your Earth plane. It cannot come in any other manner. The beauty of this is that both female AND male forms have the ability to experience this immaculate conception within themselves. Now BOTH can experience the joys and trials of conception, growth, labour and fulfilment in producing the Perfect Godchild. Each human frame that has the spirit within contains this potential act, if, and when, they find their connection with The Force. The human body is the egg, the spiritual force from without – the ‘sperm’. The Earth is the womb. Parenthood can be a burden or a joy – but THIS Child is conceived and nurtured in pure Love, and in Joy and Love will it be fostered by the host.





The pattern for the human body is 46 chromosomes. Everything has a geometric design and a numerical formula. Life on other planets has different blueprints.

Whenever a new life begins there has to be a halving in order for the new whole to fit the Earthly pattern, hence the sperm has one half, the female egg the other half, and combined they set the blueprint for another perfect human body to come into being.

When you wish to become the Divine human there is a new blueprint – a different formula, in order for your human body to become Whole and Divine.

Just as the human bodies have to RELEASE in order for a new life to begin, so the Initiate must release in order to create the Divine Life. Instead of a PHYSICAL release it is an emotional release, preparing the vessel for New Life.

The human birth process shows you exactly what happens on the Spiritual level – it is the same pattern carried out on the invisible planes – the planes of the mind.




It requires two opposing forces:- male and female, or positive and negative energy, to create the foetus. As two opposing energies, used in balance, create a third force, then the third force is in the foetus. In this way a new life begins. That third force is the Intelligence which directs the formation of the cells from that first fertilised cell, and so the human baby forms. It has nothing to do but GROW – it is fed, it is protected within its own little world, and yet this world is part of a larger existence (the mother). At first the activities of the cells are rapid as this perfect being forms. Once formed it too has freedom to move around, to sleep, to wake. But as the baby grows and grows the freedom of movement becomes less and less. All of this takes place in the darkness – and yet it is never COMPLETELY dark, sometimes a glimmering of light filters through – and there are SOUNDS all the while.


In the final stages of growth the baby is completely restricted in its movements, there is no more room in its environment, and so it has reached a completely passive state in readiness for the next stage of development into a new and totally different existence. When the time is right – and all of that was fixed beforehand – the larger body goes through the process of moving the smaller body. No effort is required of the baby except to endure the physical processes involved, there is no CONSCIOUS will on behalf of the baby. It simply WAITS and is MOVED, and all is provided for it.


As the baby detaches from the body of the mother it is deposited into a larger ‘body’ – the Earth. Here its task is to GROW, it is fed, it is protected. Around the person, though unseen, its own little world, still with its own umbilical cord; the energy bubble – for this is a Child of the Universe, come to live in an alien environment of negative energy. Memory of that fact is erased for a while in order to fulfil the task in hand.


And so the human child grows and grows – learning and experiencing until the time comes when the adult steps forth from the sheltering family to experience FREEDOM. But IS it freedom? Where is the protection now? The adult must protect himself, and all those of his own family as yet more are created. At first it is a challenge, but it gets harder and harder – a real struggle for survival in a hostile world of materialism and competition. Where is that glimmer of Light? The muffled voices to let you know you are not alone?


At last the Universal Child starts to be recognised, the human begins to SEEK the Light, to HEAR the Voices, and takes up the task anew – the task of GROWTH. At first activity is rapid – there is much work to be done, and life takes on a sense of challenge instead of a sense of existence. Finally, the stage of maximum growth within the personal world – the energy egg – has been reached. There is no more room, it is time to leave it. Again, the stage of complete passiveness has been attained, a WAITING, a KNOWING, that you of yourself can do nothing while you await the birth into the next totally different existence. Once again you are nurtured and protected, and when the right time comes you will be expelled into a larger body – with the KNOWLEDGE now of WHO you are and how you have NEVER been alone, that you will ALWAYS be looked after.

Your task is simply to GROW.





There is an increase in past life memories in order to help mankind clear their present emotional blocks. Past life memory is only released in order to help a present impasse. Because of the energies currently bombarding the earth there is an acceleration towards the Shift in Consciousness. Man’s body is his barometer. It gives out warning signals when there is unrest within. When the signals are not heeded by the unaware the state of the body will deteriorate, attracting illness and accidents. These are designed to make the human stop his heedless headlong rush through life. When the body is incapacitated the mind is then given full sway. First thoughts will be of fear; then anger; then acceptance, and with that acceptance a turning within. In this way man reconnects with his Spiritual Source.

The inner contact sparks off a new type of learning, a working on the self to remove all negative traits. In this way man can reach Divinity. This is, of necessity, a slow steady process, each step must be thoroughly carried out – just as in an operation to remove cancer; if any trace is left the whole process begins again. Hence the three levels of Initiation to ensure that only the Pure remains. By the time man reaches the third level he will be involved in Service and so he will have completed his Personal Task and be using his experiences gained, in the overcoming, to carry out his World Task. Finally the divine man takes on his third task, that of lifting all those on his own soul line to the God Vibration.

Some may already have a complete Soul line and so their task turns to Humanity. As each man reveals the Christ so he uplifts the whole of humanity. The life of Jesus the Christed one shows you every step, and the crucifixion symbolises your personal sacrifice for the benefit of many others.

So now understand that there are also three levels of Crucifixion; the first being symbolic of dying to your old way in order to clear the self. The second dying to your old way of living and the aims and goals that the ego held, in order to help your brothers. And the third bringing you to your Universal Task. This seems to be a life of great sacrifice in which the self cannot benefit, but realise that this works for the whole, and so as others also achieve this YOU benefit from THEM. The energies involved attract to you great inner peace and huge Spiritual rewards, which eventually filter through to the earth plane to provide all that you need to carry out your task in Perfect Joy. Then you become One with Nature, secure in the trust that God provides in all seasons.



It takes EXPERIENCE to understand these messages, and this experience comes in everyday events, which until you become Spiritually aware, could otherwise pass unnoticed. Our old piano was restored to its former beauty when it was French polished, and as I watched the slow steady process it gave me an ‘overview’ of my own transformation:-


THE PIANO. June 1998.


Here was an instrument showing the wear and tear of its life, badly out of tune, battered and scratched, lack-lustre.

How to fix it? First dismantle it piece by piece – take it apart and bring it back to its basic structure.

Then the restoration begins, but what a process! If this piano could feel, what pain would be involved! Caustic substance, much scouring and stripping, then much friction. But the restorer knows this is a necessary process to remove all blemishes and scars. Of necessity it is a slow, steady process – one that cannot be rushed, for there are no shortcuts to perfection.

Piece by piece it is restored and rebuilt, till it stands there – a thing of beauty – lovingly brought back to its former perfection. Now not a trace of all that it has been through in its life.

The case has been restored and now must come the tuning to complete the process.

Liken this now to your own Spiritual progress – everything is reversed in Spirit, so the tuning had to take place FIRST. That is the role of the chakras. As you are becoming finely tuned and in harmony with your Maker He Lovingly restores the instrument. A painful, gradual process – but the end result is PERFECTION.







The hour is late and you are tired and tense, but when you lifted your thoughts to Me, AND MADE THE CONNECTION, a sense of peace and relaxation flooded your consciousness, and eased your entire being. It is this deep desire for the Divine Unity that drives humanity ever onwards. Because of this deep need for Oneness, several charismatic people will arise within the political arena, they will be voted into power rapidly in a brief and violent period, but their methods will quickly be shown to be unsatisfactory because – once again, all will be focusing in the wrong direction – AWAY FROM ME.

Charismatic religious leaders will also influence masses of people. Seemingly their call will be to follow God, but it is the deeper egotistical message behind it to follow the little me; the leader - which will bring failure once again.

All of this turmoil has to happen in order for humanity to finally realise that harmony will only come about when all focus on the Invisible One – their True Leader.

UNDERSTANDING what is taking place lifts you away from any feelings of fear and helplessness in a world of chaos-seeming. REMEMBER THE ROLE OF THE ALLIES AND YOUR FELLOW LIGHT WORKERS and all will be well. All are aspiring to achieve the Divine Unity, but it is not an EASY process.

Your training prepares you for any circumstance, and complete fluidity. Look how calmly you approach the unknown, KNOWING at a deep level that all will be well, and that I will provide. You are safe, always safe, in My Hands.

Those who do not have such a raised awareness will be unsettled and deeply affected by these world changes. Make allowance for that fact and work through it. On the individual level you see the effect on your son as his life is about to change direction (he was about to leave home for the first time, buy his own home, and get married – COMMITMENT, RESPONSIBILITY) ; he WANTS the change, but his emotions are deeply affected causing his frustrations and fears to be readily stirred. This is but one man – NATIONWIDE in these WORLD changes there will be great waves and much turmoil until the desired focus brings about the Great Peace.






The time for forced formal education is coming to an end. Earth’s education system is crumbling, for you are in the time of change. Initially there will be complaints from those who cannot see the logic of this, but reason will prevail. There will be separation between those who find happiness in following their heart, and those who try to stick rigidly to the old way, and their paths will separate. Of necessity life will be viewed from a higher perspective in order to enjoy this freedom. The fixed in mind will find this distressing.



This was the interpretation of a series of dreams given to us both from 6.1.97 to 5.3.97. I feel it is for EVERY Light Worker:-


Every love song that was ever written is intended for God, but mankind’s perception keeps his love limited by focusing on the visible, instead of the Invisible. Once the Initiate learns of the Invisible, develops the trust, and focuses the Love, his journey becomes more rapid. This heralds a new stage in his journey and he begins it devoid of emotional baggage and human needs. Now he has a new set of rules; he goes with the Spiritual flow, and is no longer influenced by earthly laws. His actions are not logical in human terms, but they lead to great joy and happiness – without hurting anyone.

No longer are you affected by fear, for you are able to view each situation from a higher perspective. You understand now that violence cannot be cancelled out by violence: the energy of Love cancels all negativity; using it, all obstacles are removed.

Those who focus on money and material things can only go so far along the Path. Your means, support and protection all come from the Invisible, God is your only focus – His Love is your supply.

Your dreams now become a part of your reality and you come into the awareness that your Higher Self works with the Higher Selves of others in that time, giving you greater clarity in your earthly dealings with them.

You will now recognise that Initiates are at different levels of development, with higher knowledge and understanding your Love bridges the gap and helps them on their way. Because of your work in assisting your fellows, you also are assisted – by Friends in High Places.

Negativity no longer impedes your joy, you achieve the Trinity; the Love, Protection and Authority of God. Wherever you go your joy will touch others, lifting their lives. You teach them to use the Light, to communicate, you show them that their fears are harmless, you lift their spirits and show them new ways of progress – fun ways.

You will encounter opposition at times, but Love dissolves all of that, and it will be but a temporary challenge. Accept all actions, from the smallest to the largest; from the unusual to the norm, as the spiritual Gifts that they are intended to be.

Together now you bring humour and enlightenment to others – to all who seek. Show them your True Selves and this they can trust. You all must walk among those that are working in the dark, but you can now step over the gap between you, knowing that it is God’s Will that they experience life in this manner. What comes first – the chicken or the egg? What comes first – God’s Will or man’s will? It is all one. You realise now that all actions from your past bore the fruits of your present, making others aware of this opens the door to THEIR freedom.

Yes, those negative thoughts and actions hurt, but when you dissolve them you awaken from the illusion into the reality. At this stage of your development you will experience going in and out of this illusion/Reality, till in the end there is no more illusion, only reality. And in that state you can do what you want; achieve all your aims; negate all negativity; heal all with your Love. Now the lower self does what the Higher Self has been doing all along.

Now you have a mission and many eyes are watching. You MUST live what you teach; the best teaching is by example. Living the life you will meet with many from your past and they will be both in human form and Spiritual Form. Language is no barrier, for you use the Universal Language of Love.

In this school of Life, where you volunteered to be a teacher, all students are led to you. Even now the ones in the future are being prepared. Your task is to serve in Joy; to supervise; to organise; to serve. There is no time limit to this service, and your task is to fill the eager seekers with the Water of Life. I Am the Headmaster, you know of My Presence – that is enough.

You have had to wait a long time before the meaning of this dream could come through – that wait represents your time of spiritual darkness - when you are under the misconception that you can only be helped by human guides; that there is only there what the human eyes see; that you are in peril. Come into the knowledge that you have invisible guides – who will never threaten or coerce you; that there is much more than the human eye can behold; that all seeming perils are but the means to turn you to the Light - then you have received the Trinity (in the dream it was represented as three bundles of wood). It is laid at your feet to light your path, but you must do the lighting! Hence this Fire Initiation that you have undertaken. All those I send to you in this school of Life are undergoing the same initiation, and you will recognise the ones who are still in the Spiritual darkness. Just as you were given the Light, now pass it on to them.

Each person I send to you is part of a team, a very strong team, for your souls have worked together many times. It has been part of your learning process to listen to and accept the ways of others, even though they are not your ways; to be respectful of the other, and to let them have their say. This beautiful harmony creates great strength and upliftment, and united in this you are no longer upset ( or threatened) by the actions ( and belief systems) of others. It gives you detachment from events and people in order for you to experience joy without emotion. How contradictory that statement appears to be! But recognise a great Truth here: Joy is pure - emotion is clouded.

This great coming together of old souls, this rekindling of the flame, is about to disrupt mankind’s very being. The tide has begun, the stirrings are happening. You have always been told to look to Nature for your clues about yourself, and now your mind remembers ‘The ring of Fire’ – the line of volcanoes dotted around the earth, some dormant – but still active. Were they all to ignite at once, what an upheaval! You Bearers of Light will have the same effect; all coming into activity, all in various stages of development, all with the One Aim – to uplift, to purify, and cleanse.

As your dream showed you, this culmination of energy is not to destroy, is not to strike the hearts of mankind with terror and devastation, rather it is to demonstrate what the Power of One does. There will be no devastation of the earth sent from God – the storms and tempests have always been created by man. Know this will be a Love Storm on a grand scale, the predicted disasters came from prophets with human understanding who had tapped into a psychic source. Mankind will be lifted by those from the Divine Source, they need no supplies to be stored up, no earthly possessions, no vast sum of money to pay their way into the New Jerusalem. They will be led in by the Way Showers.

18th June 2000.