Arc of the Covenant
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The Arc of the Covenant


I am an avid crossword fan – especially good at clueless crosswords where regular clues are replaced with a number code. As you do these puzzles on a regular basis you become very observant of the number patterns and you a develop a ‘knowing’ of where to start, and an instant ‘knowing’ when you have taken a wrong tack.
In a recent Lovatt’s crossword book, Issue number 40, there was a short piece on ‘mnemonics’ – which is a memorising method used where lists of items need to be committed to memory. For example: My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas – the first letter of each word being the first letter of a planet, and with this unique sentence you quickly remember the planets in the correct order – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
Musicians remember the notes of the treble clef as ‘every good boy deserves favour’ for EGBDF, and for the bass clef, ‘good boys deserve fruit always.’
Roy G Biv is a well-known mnemonic for the colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, etc.
What ‘jumped out at me’ from those examples was how the knowledge of, for example, planets, musical notes, colours is skilfully hidden amongst the words, and how – once the mnemonics are known – those key words reveal the hidden knowledge.

I believe we come here with a type of mnemonic system imprinted on every cell of the body, and that as we develop Spiritually those memories of Who and What we are, are recalled with the activation of this system. What activates the system? It is a combination of the vibrational level of the body as the chakra system comes into higher activation, plus the sum total of your life experiences, and knowledge gained along the way. The more diversified the knowledge, the more ‘clues’ you are being given – so here is the importance of an open mind and heart, and being willing to learn from every source that presents itself to you.

I believe that the Bible holds all the answers – not when it is read in a literal sense – but when it is read from a sense of searching out the clues and finding the hidden truths that the many, many words conceal. As I have previously explained, the Bible vibrates on three different levels – the human level, where the literal reading will give the answer you require. The Spiritual level – where you will recognize the hidden symbolic meaning, and finally the Divine Level - which gives you the highest understanding of the whole story, not just isolated quotes, which can be misleading.

Through experience we have found that Spirit do not ‘hand it to you on a plate’. They give you the prompts, or clues, and then YOU must do the groundwork – we have been given the intelligence and reasoning and intuitive powers, so in other words, USE them!

I was recently given a project by Spirit to read Exodus, chapter 40 and to take particular note of the Tent that Moses built to house the Arc of the Covenant, also 1 Kings, chapter 6 describing the Temple that Solomon built to later give the Arc a permanent home.

Great detail is given of layout, dimensions, furnishings, etc – and hidden amongst them I realized that, again, just as in the Book of Revelations, they are describing parts of the human brain!
So out came the anatomy books, previous study notes of the brain and its function, and I began to put it together. It led me to the specific site in our brains that is the Holy of Holies, and to realise what the Covenant Box IS.
First clue was the outer covering of the Tent – it had 3 layers; Solomon’s Temple had a 3 -storied annex on the sides and back; and the brain has 3 protective coverings.
The statement, ‘The temple wall on each floor was thinner than on the floor below so that the rooms could rest on the wall without having the beams built into it’ gave me the clue that we were looking at the cranial bones here, for all the cranial bones lock into each other, supported by the sphenoid bone on the cranial floor.

The descriptions of the curtains in the Tent: ‘fine linen woven in blue, purple and red, embroidered with figures of winged creatures’ led me directly to the pituitary gland because there is a photograph in ‘Behold Man’ by Lennert Nilsson in those exact colour tones , of the pituitary suspended in the saddle-shaped bone, the sella turcica – part of the sphenoid bone at the very base of the skull. In both the descriptions of the Tent and the Temple the Holy of Holies that housed the Arc was built at the rear of the structures.

Exodus describes that the altar in the Holy of Holies has square proportions – as does the dorsum sellae in the sphenoid bone configuration.
(from Grays Anatomy) – ‘there is a cube-like bone in the brain in the formation of the sphenoid which lies in a central position between the ethmoid and occipital bones’ The sphenoid is called the keystone of the cranial floor, for it locks everything into place – that takes us back to our Level 2, Lesson 13 where we describe the temple with the keystone on the floor, the Initiate (ourself), and the Kundalini Initiation, which involves the transformation of the human to the Divine.


In both Exodus and 1 Kings it describes two winged creatures that were placed above the covenant box –   ‘Each had two wings. Two of their outstretched wings touched each other in the middle of the room and the other two wings touched the walls’ – that really confirmed I was looking at the right place in the brain for ‘The sphenoid bone is bat-shaped, and looking at it face on it appears to have two pairs of wings.’ The pituitary is housed within the sphenoid structure and is suspended above the cube-shaped bone – just as the winged creatures are placed over the square altar.





With reference to the many winged creatures featured in the decoration of both the Tent and the Temple – when you see the formations of the cranial bones there are the shapes of the bat (the sphenoid) and the butterfly (the cranial fossai), in the nervous system formations at the base of the brain, and in the ventricle systems. (There will be reference to the Shaman understanding of the bat and the butterfly further on).

So now, with the help of the exquisite detail of Gray’s Anatomy (G.A) and the photographs of Behold Man (B.M), let’s explore the Temple and the Tent as described in the Bible.

The walls of the Temple had (1) openings in them (2) narrower on the outside than on the inside .
(G.A.) (1) Several openings in the lesser wings of the sphenoid transmit the third nerve; the fourth; the three branches of the ophthalmic division of the fifth; and the sixth nerve – plus several other branches. (2) The superior ( higher) surface of each of the lesser wings is smooth, flat, and broader internally than externally

There is great detail about 1. The table in the Tent. 2. The lamp.
1. The table is set in front of the covenant box.
(G.A.) In front of the spine the circumference of the great wings of the sphenoid presents a serrated edge bevelled at the expense of the inner table below.
2. The lampstand had three branches each side. Each of the branches to have three flowers shaped like almond blossoms with buds and petals. The shaft has four decorative flowers the same. One bud below each of the three pairs of branches. Make seven lamps
for the stand. (In 1 Kings the instruction is to make ten branches).  
This is a loose description of the optic nerves of the retina, but who knows what today’s electron microscope would reveal – all I know is that I am being ‘prompted’ that the lamp is the clue for this area.


(G.A.) The lesser wing is connected to the side of the body by two roots. Near its junction with the body, a small tubercle for the attachment of the common tendon of origin of three of the muscles of the eye. Between the two roots is the optic foramen, for the transmission of the optic nerve and ophthalmic artery. So, with two sets of three branches (one set to each eye) plus the ‘shaft’ – the foramen – we have the shape of the lampstand.

Another part of the Temple description is (1). a double door of (2) olive wood at the entrance of The Most Holy , (3) the top of the doorway was a pointed arch.
(G.A.) Behind the optic groove is a small eminence (2) olive-shaped, the olivary process; and still more posteriorly (behind), a deep depression, the pituitary fossa, or sellar turcica, which lodges the pituitary body. It is bounded in front by (1) two small eminences, one on either side, called the middle clinoid processes, which are sometimes connected by a spiculum of bone to the anterior (front) clinoid processes, and behind by a square-shaped plate of bone, the dorsum sella. These processes deepen the pituitary fossa, and serve for the attachment of prolongations from the (3) tentorium cerebelli.
The tentorium of the cerebellum is the tent-like portion of the dura mater, the outermost of the three membranous connective tissue coverings of the brain, which forms a protective partition between the cerebellum and the occipital lobes of the cerebrum. It also lines the inside of the skull. The membranes below the dura mater are the arachnoid and the pia mater.
The arachnoid, its outer portion, is separated from the pia mater at numerous places called subarachnoid spaces, which contain cerebrospinal fluid.
(B.M.) A photograph of the tentorium ‘is a view into the rear of the skull, (remember, the Most Holy Place was built in the rear of the Tent/Temple) where the two hemispheres of the cerebellum are located in their protective tent. The tip of the tentorium reaches up into the falx cerebri. Its side walls are beside the occipital lobe.


NOTE: We are also learning that the middle layer of the brain coverings, called the arachnoid web (because it resembles a spider web) is our direct contact with, what Kryon calls, the Cosmic Lattice – a similar energy structure around the earth. This can only be tuned into when you reach a certain level of vibration, which involves the activation of several higher chakra centres.

The entrance room to Solomon’s Temple we linked to the midbrain: (G.A). The constricted portion of the brain which connects the pons varolii with the inter-brain and hemispheres and hence it is frequently called isthmus cerebri. It is developed from the third ventrical, the cavity of which becomes the aqueduct of Sylvius – which told us the position of the ‘wash basin between the Tent and the altar filled with water’.   (Exodus).

In 1 Kings, For the entrance to the main room a (rectangular) doorframe of olive wood. There were double folding doors for the temple posts made of fir.
(G.A). One of the main regions in the posterior portion of the midbrain is called the tectum (roof) and contains four rounded elevations, (the double doors) the corpora quadrigemina. The two superior (higher) elevations (mounds) serve as reflex centres for movements of the eyes, head and neck in response to visual and other stimuli.
The two inferior (lower) elevations are reflex centres for movements of the head and trunk in response to auditory stimuli.

Exodus describes a second altar for sacrifices situated in the main Tent, all covered in gold, and the photograph in  ‘Behold Man’ that features the corpora quadrigemina, which lie before the pineal, is in gold tones! The pineal is cone-shaped, hence the clue of doors made from fir.


(B.M). The pineal protrudes from the dorsal midline of the third ventricle (the washbasin!). It secretes melatonin and is an endocrine gland. It contributes to setting the timing of the body’s biological clock.
In National Geographic’s ‘Mysteries of the Mind’ (M.M) we read: Seventeenth century philosopher Rene Descartes observed that the brain collapses and rapidly deteriorates after dissection. Descartes proposed that in the living brain the ventricles served as a receptacle for a fluid that he felt was the unit of nervous transmission. He called this fluid the ‘animal spirits’ and believed that the brain distributed it through the nerves that extend throughout the body. Within those nerves, he reasoned, tiny ‘valvules’, controlled the inflow of animal spirits. For example, moving one’s hand near a hot fireplace would stimulate skin receptors to
pull on special filaments that opened the valvule in the ventricles. This action released the animal spirits into the nerves, which, in turn, activated the muscles to move the hand away from the fire.
This so-called reflex theory explained involuntary actions such as automatic withdrawal from a flame. In contrast, voluntary or ‘willed’ behaviour – such as deciding to light the fire in the first place – demanded the additional participation of what he called the ‘rational soul’ – what we would now call the mind.
To Descartes the body was a machine, an automaton that took orders from the soul or mind. But how were these orders delivered? And where were they processed and ultimately carried out? Descartes suggested that the interaction of the mind and brain took place within the pineal gland, a small central structure suspended close to the ventricles and thus surrounded by the reservoir of animal spirits.
Today, some 400 years later, the pineal has been demoted from ‘the seat of the soul’ to an organ that secretes melatonin , a chemical associated with darkness and the induction of sleep: an important regulator of sleep and wakefulness.

Spirit gave me a writing to further clarify this:

The Spiritual activation of the pineal brings the body out of its unaware ‘sleep’ to aware ‘wakefulness’. It activates a new chemical that sweeps through the body systems awakening new life therein and bringing the physicality to a new Divine level of health. The brain also springs into new levels of activation – which also affects the whole body – bringing it to a much higher, finer level of vibration, giving it new, different abilities. As the terminology shows – you are made anew and the body comes into its full potential.

Exodus 40:9 Then dedicate the Tent and all its equipment by anointing it with the sacred oil and it will be holy. Next, dedicate the altar and all its equipment by anointing it, and it will be completely holy. Also dedicate the washbasin and its base in the same way.

What can that mean?

Gopi Krishna claims that ‘with the awakening of Kundalini an amazing activity commences in the whole nervous system, from the crown of the head to the toes. The body is now transformed into a miniature laboratory, working at high speed day and night. The nerves, whose existence is never felt by the normal consciousness, are now forced by some invisible power to a new type of activity, which either immediately or gradually becomes perceptible to the subject.
Through all their innumerable endings THEY BEGIN TO EXTRACT A NECTAR-LIKE ESSENCE from the surrounding tissues, which, travelling in two distinct forms, one as radiation, and the other as a subtle essence – streams into the spinal cord.
He also states that ‘when the kundalini connects with the pineal it reverses the aging process’.

One last interesting fact about the midbrain – it is the only part of the foetal brain that does not alter in the formation of the baby, and it is the oldest and most primitive region of the brain in evolutionary terms. We have learned that the original cell from which our body is fashioned is held there waiting to take on its higher role once WE start to develop Spiritually.
The midbrain works with the rest of the brain stem as a relay station for pain signals coming from the body to the brain. SO NOW WE REALIZE THAT THIS IS THE ENTRANCE TO THE TEMPLE  (the cranial area) thus making the pituitary our Covenant Box placed in the area of the Holy of Holies (the sphenoid bone) at the rear of the Temple.

Why connect the pituitary with the Covenant Box?

An article by Glenn Krawczyk called, ‘Love – Coherent Energy for our Reality Engine’ gave me the clue:

We all know the major role the heart plays in keeping our body functioning, but few of us realise that the heart also secretes a powerful peptide hormone (ANF) which affects various regions of the brain including the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland, which plays a critical role in the release of growth hormones to the body and the control of metabolic function.
In esoteric traditions, the pituitary gland also enjoys special spiritual significance: “That which is termed the pituitary is the Seventh Seal, it is Holy and Divine. It passes within Itself that which is termed a hormone structure that, through desire, opens Itself and lets the hormones flow through the brain and the mouth of the pineal, which is the Sixth Seal, the door to the Seventh. In the flowing of these hormones, it activates another part of that which is termed the divine receiver, the brain, to allocate itself to accept a higher thought frequency called unlimitedness. The higher thought emerges upon the brain and, in the specified area, through the door of that which is termed the divine Seventh, and fills the entire brain cavity with a different electrical frequency circuit.”’
(M.M) Anatomically linked to the hypothalamus; the pituitary and its function remained mysterious for many centuries. Structurally, the pituitary is connected to the hypothalamus by blood and nerve pathways. Recall that in Level 3 we talk about the Antakarana and how the Sutratma is the life thread and it uses the bloodstream as its distributing agent. The Consciousness cord uses the nervous system.
The acorn-sized pituitary, a two-lobed gland at the base of the brain is multitalented. It generates hormones that stimulate the activity of other endocrine glands.
It produces a growth hormone, somatotropin, which provokes the cells of the body to multiply. It also increases the rate at which we metabolise carbohydrates.
It makes the hormone that encourages production of melanin – the chemical that gives skin colour
It produces the hormone that maintains milk in nursing mothers, and also oxytocin for uterine contractions in labour.
It also produces an antidiuretic hormone that influences fluids in the body, plus a few others for moderating the blood.

The acorn is associated, esoterically, with the Tree of Jupiter, which is about

New beginnings.
Broad horizons
Higher education.

So when the Seventh Seal is broken – or the curtain in the Tent is rended – to access the Covenant Box these new qualities come into play, affecting the whole body. It is interesting to note in Ex 26:33 it says ‘the curtain will separate the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place’, but the King James version refers to the curtain as a veil.

The Covenant Box held two tablets on which were inscribed the Ten Commandments – the pituitary is a two-lobed structure and secretes ten hormones.




I referred earlier to the Shamanic interpretation of the Bat and the Butterfly. Let’s bring out the Medicine Cards and see what they say:

BUTTERFLY – Transformation:
To use Butterfly medicine, you must astutely observe your position in the cycle of self-transformation. Like Butterfly, you are always at a certain station in your life activities. The egg stage – the beginning of all things. The stage at which an idea is born, but has not yet become a reality. Larva stage – the point at which you decide to create the idea in the physical world. Cocoon stage – going within and developing the project or idea. The final stage of transformation is the leaving of the chrysalis and birth. This last step involves sharing the colours and joy of your creation with the world.

There will be many of these cycles in your transformative process until the ULTIMATE one, which involves a new role for the pituitary gland.

BAT – Rebirth:
Bat embraces the idea of shamanistic death. The ritual death of the healer is steeped in secrets and highly involved initiation rites. Shamanic death is the symbolic death of the initiate to the old ways of life and personal identity. This could entail brutal tests of physical strength and psychic ability, and having every emotional ‘button’ pushed hard.
All of this is designed to make you face and overcome every negative emotion and fear in order to ultimately achieve the state of no fear thus attaining inner peace.
Hanging upside down is a symbol for learning to transpose your former self into a newborn being. This is also the position that babies assume when they enter the world through the womb of woman.
It is also the position that the pituitary gland assumes hanging from the base of the brain, another gland vital for your personal and body transformation.
Understanding the symbology now, you can really see where this is all leading!

Exodus 40:34 – Then the cloud covered the Tent and the dazzling light of the Lord’s presence filled it.
During all their wanderings they could see the cloud of the Lord’s presence over the Tent during the day and a fire burning above it during the night.

The Funk and Wagnel dictionary defines:

CLOUD – something that darkens, obscures, dims, confuses.
FIRE – is always attended with light as well as heat.
COMBUSTION – slow process involving substance and element that builds to light.

So the true function of the Covenant Box is concealed from us until we are of the right vibration – and that can only be achieved when we (the substance) interact and work with the element (Spirit) to build our own Light potential – thus releasing ‘the dazzling light of the Lord’s presence’ from within ourselves to take us to a higher level of awareness and existence.

The stones of Solomon’s Temple were prepared at the quarry ‘so that there was no noise made by hammers, axes, or any other iron tools as the Temple was being built.’ Just as our foundation stones are forged quietly through awareness and self-transformation as the INNER Temple is built. Solomon’s Temple took seven years to build – and that is the length of time that it takes, even today, for the human body to undergo the Kundalini Initiation.

How does the dictionary define COVENANT?

1. An agreement entered into by two or more persons or parties; a compact (contract). 2. God’s promise of blessing to be fulfilled on the performance of a condition, as of obedience.
CONTRACT – to arrange or settle by agreement, enter up with reciprocal (mutual)   obligations.
RECIPROCAL – Done or given by each of two to the other. 2. So related, as two concepts, that if the first determines the second, then the second determines the first.
In other words, if you realize God, He’ll realize you – and vice versa.


Having put all that together I was finally led, through a reference in a Bishop Spong book, to read a section of Hebrews; there was my proof that the Scriptures hold the clues, but the Spiritual is always hidden until WE start to seek.

(Good News Bible) 8:1 He serves as High Priest in the Most Holy Place, that is, in the real tent, which was put up by the Lord, not man.

9:8 The way into the Most Holy Place has not yet been opened as long as the outer Tent still stands. (In other words, all human negative traits must be removed before we can access our Holy of Holies)

9:11 It is not a man-made tent, that is, not a part of this created world.

12:18 You have not come as the people of Israel came, to what you can feel, to Mt. Sinai with its blazing fire, the darkness, the gloom, the storm, the blast of a trumpet and the sound of a voice.

(Note: The King James Version reads: Ye are not come unto the mount that might be touched, and that burned with fire, not unto blackness, and darkness, and tempest.)

12:22-24: Instead, you have come to Mt. Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem with its thousands of angels. You have come to the joyful gathering of God’s first-born sons, whose names are written in heaven, and to the spirits of good people made perfect. You have come to Jesus who arranged the new covenant and to the sprinkled blood, which promises much better things than does the blood of Abel.

When you think that the Bible was written well before x-rays and photography within the body – and that we ‘just happened’ to have the medical books in those precise colour tones to help me to piece it together. In addition, the benefit of all the work of all the doctors and surgeons who have put the information together for the layman so that now we ALL can look into the secrets of the body……….I LOVE it!

I believe that the Spiritual activation of the pineal and pituitary glands is the key to each man, with his perfected body, to create his own New Jerusalem, his own heaven on earth. For the more of the spiritual that we recognise and the less of the material that we are deceived by, the more joyful life can become as we recognise and realize the very PERFECTION of it all.


Seek and ye shall find.

Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.