Aliens. Mind or Reality?
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Aliens. Mind or Reality?


In the early days of our Spiritual development I was browsing through the library that I ‘inherited’ from the PDA and came across Whitley Strieber’s ‘COMMUNION’ He was one of the first to write about alien abduction experiences, and I had never read anything about that before. I only got as far as the second chapter – it scared me silly! I put the book away, KNOWING that I could not put those kind of fears into my head while I tentatively explored this new pathway.

That was about ten years ago – and there has been lots of learning in between. Over the last couple of months we have had more and more contact with people who are currently experiencing contact with aliens – usually in a frightening way. WHAT is it? WHO are they? I now know that the way to overcome fear is to face it. And educate yourself. So it was time to pick up ‘Communion’ again, ask for Spirit’s help, and get some understanding.

What a delight to find that now there was not a trace of fear, due to what we have learned over the years. It is yet another of the ‘mysterious ways’.

I was told to put this piece together to help others; both for the people who are experiencing these visitations, and for those mediums, counsellors and therapists who are also grappling with this mystery. So this is what we gleaned from the book.

After Whitley’s first abduction he could not remember anything about it except that the next morning; the only thing being that he felt ‘a distinct sense of unease and a very improbable but intense memory of seeing a barn owl staring at me through the window sometime during the night.’

I got an instant response to those words, and knew to turn to the Shaman beliefs to understand what this represented:

OWL – deception.  Owl medicine is symbolically associated with clairvoyance, astral projection, and magic, both black and white. Traditionally owl sits in the East, the place of illumination. Since time immemorial humanity has been afraid of the night, the dark, and the unseen – waiting fearfully for the first crack of morning light.

Owl can see that which others cannot, which is the essence of true wisdom. Where others are deceived, Owl sees and know what is there.

If Owl appears you are being asked to use your powers of keen, silent observation to intuit some life situation. Owl can bring you messages in the night through dreams or meditations. Pay attention to the signals and omens. The truth always brings further enlightenment.

In the contrary: Owl’s message is to befriend the darkness inside yourself. 

He continues , ‘Later I discovered that memories of animals in strange places are a common block to the abduction experience: A young woman arrived back at a picnic in the woods in France with a story of seeing a beautiful deer. But she had blood on her blouse, and a strange straight scar that could not be explained. Ten years passed before she remembered the experience, and then only because a similar one triggered it off.

DEER – gentleness.  You are courting your fear by fighting the internal demons of negative ideas. You may not be able to love yourself enough to feel your fears and let them go. Love is the key. Be willing to find things to love about yourself and others, and your demons will melt away. Your fears cannot exist in the same place that love and gentleness abide.

‘Another man came away from his experience thinking only that he had seen a bunch of rabbits hopping around outside his car.’

RABBIT – fear.  Rabbit medicine people are so afraid of tragedy, illness, disaster, and ‘being taken’  that they call those fears to them to teach them lessons. The keynote here is: what you resist will persist! What you fear most you will become.

Take a hint from Rabbit. Burrow into a safe space to nurture yourself and release your fears until it is time to move into the pasture, clear of prowlers who want a piece of your juicy energy.

‘I did not know that the owl was a screen memory that concealed a traumatic experience. As described by Freud, the screen memory is a method that the mind uses to shield itself from things too upsetting to recall.’ Now that is looking at this in a human, logical way – but when you are aware that we are a Spirit who has come to this earth to overcome negativity, spread Love and Light, and find the God within – those animal totems can be viewed in a very POSITIVE way. Not a screen; but  an aid, lending us those energies needed to overcome our fears, insecurities, lack of self-worth.

As Whitley starts to explore his feelings he touches on many Truths, even though not recognising them: ‘I had a feeling of being separated from myself, as if either I was unreal, or the world around me was unreal.’

This man was a writer, and had previously written horror novels. He began to ‘upgrade’ his writings – more about humanity, history, etc. He had also been, for three years, working on books about nuclear war and environmental collapse. (FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real!) But when he went into depression after his abduction he wrote a small piece called ‘Pain’ –‘ as an expression of the emotional state that overlay the memories I was then suppressing –

It is about a man who encounters an enigmatic woman named Janet who proves to be some sort of superhuman being, perhaps an angel or a demon. She draws this man into a strange experience of capture and incarceration in a tiny, magical cabinet. From the agony that ensues, he gains immense insight and new spiritual strength.

What is most interesting to me about this story is that it continues imagery that is present in my earlier horror novels. The theme is always the same: mankind must face a harsh but enigmatically beautiful force that, as one of his novel characters describes , is “part of the justice of the world.” This force is always hidden between the folds of experience.’

Earlier on the day that I read that part I came across these words written on a recipe leaflet that I jotted down a few weeks before while watching the video ‘Jacob’s Ladder’: THE DEVILS ARE REALLY ANGELS FREEING YOU FROM THE EARTH. LET GO.   How timely to be reminded of that!

Whitley had been reading and studying all avenues of religion and theosophical views – ‘for half of my life I have been engaged in a rigorous and detailed search for a finer state of consciousness. Now I thought my mind was turning against me, that my years of eager study of everything from Zen to quantum physics had led me into some strange and tragic byway of the soul.’

He turned to therapy and hypnotism to try to get to the bottom of these intense feelings of depression and unrest, and it was during hypnosis that the memories began to surface. He described strange things happening – and then instantly forgetting them at the time, and acting as if nothing strange had taken place. I could associate with that, having had three separate incidents which involved seeing a wall rise up and out – as I sat in bed having a cup of tea, and with Jim sitting right beside me – yet saying nothing. Then in the kitchen one day at the sink, seeing it suddenly ‘liquefy’, with the sensation that I was merging and blending into it physically. That was startling, and it made me jump back in reaction. Moments later Jim walked into the room, and again, I ‘forgot’ to tell him. It was only in a meditation session a couple of days later that a lady said that during the meditation Spirit had given her a message for me: ‘Don’t forget to tell Jim.’ That then prompted the two memories. A third time I saw the front of a building moving as in a water image while Jim filled up with petrol. It was several hours later that the memory suddenly came back due to something he said.

‘Why had I not thought of or discussed these events before? The answer is straight forward: I had tucked the whole episode into the catalogue of open questions and forgotten it. In retrospect the only reason I can advance for having done this is that I did not want to face just how strange the events were. But when I thought them over, they began to seem distinctly eerie, even frightening.’

Whitley was just setting out on his   journey, but our understanding was that my happenings were caused by a movement of the Assemblage point, enabling me to experience another dimensional existence. AND WE WERE TOLD THAT THESE ALIEN ABDUCTIONS ARE EXPERIENCED IN THE SAME WAY: a movement of the A. point into an area within our own energy bubble which is not normally accessed – IN ORDER TO EXPERIENCE AND LEARN.

In his first hypnotic session he remembers seeing the little hooded figure in the corner of his bedroom for the first time. It whooshes towards him, stands at the side of his bed, and places a ‘ruler with a silver tip’ onto his third eye. He then watches scenes of the world dissolving in an explosion of fire and smoke. Then a green, peaceful park where his son sits blank-eyed. (his fears of a holocaust and the death of his family). Then watching his father die and being full of regret at not knowing him enough. He saw his mother looking coldly on. In actual fact he was NOT physically there at his father’s death, and it’s not the way his mother described it. Then he rationalises that this alien was drawing out his worst fears with these visions. BUT HYPNOSIS CAN ALSO HAVE THIS SAME EFFECT – BRINGING OUT THE FEARS, RATHER THAN THE TRUTH SOMETIMES.   Under hypnosis our ‘memories’ are influenced by both the Dimensional God and the Omniscient God, it is a practice that produces DUAL results, and is therefore not ‘set in concrete’. It can be helpful – but also very misleading and destructive.

One of the questions he asks himself after the second hypnosis session was: ‘ Were human beings what we seemed to be?  ( yes) Or did we have another purpose in another world? (yes) Perhaps our life here on earth was a mere drift of shadow, incidental to our real truth, Maybe this was quite literally a stage, and we were blind actors’ (yes)

He starts to ponder on what these ‘visitors’ are: ‘ Could they be from here? (yes – a dimension in the energy bubble) Like fairies – only instead of prettiness, wings, wands and magic spells, it was now brain probes and flying discs, abduction and grey creatures with staring eyes. Surely no change had taken place in the human psyche extreme enough to account for such a radical change in the appearance of the fairy. I thought perhaps the visitors were somehow trying to hide themselves in our folk lore.

Was it from our own dead? Having their own breakthrough in technology and learning to break through the limits of their bourne (existence). (no)

Was it from our own unconscious mind? (yes) Taking actual physical form and coming forth to haunt us. Maybe belief creates its own reality (yes) It could be that the gods of the past were strong because the beliefs of their followers actually DID give them life, and maybe that was happening again. (yes) We were creating post-industrial gods in place of the glorious beings of the past. Instead of Apollo riding his fiery chariot across the sky or the goddess of night spreading her cloak of stars, we had created little steel-grey gods with the souls of pirates and craft no more beautiful inside than the bilges of battleships.

Was it a visit from another dimension, or from another time? (from within our own astral field)

Was it a species of hive insect that had become intelligent on some other planet? (no)

Is it something intelligent? Maybe man is not the lesser creature, but the more advanced one? (not MAN, as such, but the Divine part of ourselves that is the Intelligence) In some sense, their emergence into human consciousness seemed to me to represent life – or the universe itself – engaged in some deep act of creation.’

He mentions that a smell of sulphur is common in all the reports of abduction – this is a sure indication that it is psychic in origin – from our own energy field.

He was attracted to the ‘female’ being who interacted with him, ‘she was undeniably appealing to me. In some sense I thought I might love this being – almost as much as I might my own anima.’……. As we have learned: within each human body on this planet there are one of three types of being – Earth, Star or Light Beings.  The human body is only one half of who we REALLY are, and our other half is our Higher Self, and always of the opposite sex. Here he experiences his ‘other half’ – indicating that he is a Star Being.

Looking into the creature’s eyes filled him with a deep longing – ‘and then a deep suspicion.’ (here was his human fear self coming in).

He had got the impression that she was old. ‘Not just aged, like an elderly person, but really old. She was tiny and frail, but her voice, when it replied “I am old” seemed to be booming out from the depths of a cave. When she said they were going to operate on him, he said , “You have no right”   Her reply “We do have a right.” ‘Maybe their right came from a different direction than one might think. If they were a part of us, it might be that we granted them the right they assert.’ (yes )  He began to see that her purpose seemed to be to reveal his deepest fears.

As the hypnosis sessions went on it was revealed that he had been experiencing these visitor experiences even when he was a child. After a particularly harrowing experience when he was 12 – where he was violently sick all night, but, mysteriously, perfectly well next morning when they got home from a train journey with his father, he remembers seeing a wolf by the train track, and later, in a clearing – yet he was ‘out to it’ for most of the night.

WOLF – teacher. Wolf is the pathfinder, the forerunner of new ideas, who returns to the clan to teach and share medicine. In the Great Star Nation, Wolf is represented by the Dog Star, Sirius (his connection) , which legend tells us was the original home of our teachers in ancient time. (so do you see his role now, and the reason why he had to have these experiences – he was going to be the first one to bring a POSITIVE message to mankind about them.)

The moon is Wolf’s power ally – the symbol for psychic energy, or the unconscious that holds the secret of knowledge and wisdom.

Wolf medicine empowers the teacher within us all to come forth and aid the children of Earth in understanding the Great Mystery and life. You may be asked to share your knowledge by writing or lecturing on information that will help others better understand their uniqueness or path. (he was told by the alien female – ‘You are the chosen one.’)

Wolf is always urging you to seek the teachers or pathfinders that will show you the way to new life experiences. To live is to grow, and growing comes through accepting all life forms as your teachers.

Once he brought all the hidden memories out his compulsive behaviours stopped, and now, ‘I have never been happier or as well. A great pressure has been relieved, and that pressure has been with me always.”

NOSE PROBES . He and his son experienced a nose probe being inserted up the left nostril, yet his wife had it done to her right nostril. He later observed that he and his son were left handed, and his wife right handed. He thinks that they are probing the temporal lobe, which promotes memory.

I have also experienced this, it was to enable me to have past-life recall of the work done in the ancient pyramids, and is to do with the activation of the pineal.

He had wondered about the visitors being bug-like because they seemed to fit certain categories, and also because of the way they moved:   ‘stiff and insect-like. I have seen them from close range, and if I was seeing real beings, then what was most striking about them was that they appeared to be moving to a sort of choreography – as if every action on the part of each independent being were decided elsewhere and then transmitted to the individual. (yes, projected mind holograms)

In one of his ponderings: ‘What if my unconscious got mad at me and started throwing off things that were really scary, even dangerous? We don’t know a thing about conjuring and magic. We’ve dismissed it all, we who love science too much. It could be that very real physical entities can emerge out of the unconscious. (Yes – as proven to me in a conversation with a Born Again Christian who experienced, the night after he had ‘his demons cast out’, vomiting up a green demon. Then another, then another – and finally biting it’s tale off. “And when I did I tasted the same taste that I used to get in my mouth when I voice-channelled, and I realised that I had been taking the devil into myself each time I did it.” Later I queried Spirit on these ‘green demons’, and was told “THEY WERE AS REAL TO HIM AS YOU ARE TO EACH OTHER.”!!!)    That was certainly one of the hypotheses suggested by what had already happened. I worried that I might not be in control of this conjuring ability at all. I’d already conjured up something awfully disturbing. What if there were even more disturbing things waiting in the pantheon of the subconscious?

That was on the one hand. On the other hand, maybe I could make this thing become a real, solid being. Frightening, but also fascinating.’

He was asked to describe the creature to an artist, it was simple for him to do so because he could mentally bring it up anytime. And when the artist asked for specific description of body parts, the mental being would obligingly present them – even to turning around for him to see the side and back view, and closing its eyes, ‘the lids of which came down and up at the same time, to close just below the middle of the eyeball.

Beyond the face, I was able to see the figure’s back, the sides of its head, its arms and hands, its feet, torso, abdomen – every part of its body. Under close scrutiny its surface was smooth but did not seem to have a layer of fat under the skin, which was stretched tight over the  bones. The structure of the knee and elbow joints reminded me of the knees of grasshoppers and crickets. The hands were very long and tapered when in repose, with three fingers and an opposing thumb. When pressed down, the hands became flat, suggesting that they were more pliable than our hands. On the fingers were short, dark nails of a more claw-like appearance than ours.

Overall, this did not appear to me to be a highly developed body, but rather a very simple one. There was a general lack of complexity that suggested few bones and not much flesh. (an elaborate mind- ‘stick-man’.) I did not know how to explain this image. If it was not created by the powerful effects of Don’s asking me to visualise the creature, then perhaps it was some sort of sophisticated holographic projection. (you got it!) It might be possible to maintain an image in the mind if one knew how to stimulate the optic centre in the right way. (yes)

When his wife, Anne, was hypnotised she didn’t know anything about these visitations that her husband had experienced – only that he was extremely emotional and going through periods of fear and depression. As they questioned her regarding specific dates when phenomena had occurred in their house, ‘it was obvious that somehow her memory of it had been effectively blocked, and she only remembered a distorted version of it all.’

And yet she described Whitley screaming and a woman’s voice comforting him – and as far as he was concerned that happened when he had been taken away to a small round room.

She was asked the question, “In all of this, can you tell how Anne relates to all this?”

“I know my role, and its rather a tiresome role but born with a certain personality, you can’t fight it. I’m the one who’s not informed, except through Whitley. I’m the one who responds emotionally, I know if it feels right. Whitley doesn’t have any talent for that at all. Sometimes he can’t feel the most obvious things.”

“Do you feel your roles have been chosen? Did you choose these roles?”

“I feel they’re inevitable roles.”

“Because of the people you are?”

“Yes. I also feel that they’re roles not only because of who you are but who you’re with, and therefore you play certain parts; according to who you’re dealing with.”

‘There is so little final knowledge of this phenomenon that it is impossible to do more than speculate about its actual nature. But speculation need not be random; it can be careful and directed.

The visitors could be:

. from another planet or planets (not the ones that Whitley was experiencing. There are space brothers, but they do not approach us with fear tactics . They have an entirely different role in the scheme of things)

. from earth, but so different from us that we have not hitherto understood that they were even real (yes)

. from another aspect of space-time, in effect another dimension (yes)

. from this dimension in space but not in time. (yes) Some form of time travel may not be impossible, only unlikely and probably very energy-intensive. For example, if we could convert a human being into some sort of energetic medium – say light or radio waves – then place a reconverter 100,000 light years from earth, a person could step through a door here, feel as if he had come out the other side instantaneously, then step back and find that he was 200,000 years in the future. A cumbersome time machine, but it would work. We cannot assume that time travel is out of the question. (correct)

. from within us. (yes) I keep returning to this hypothesis because I find it so endlessly interesting and at its core so compelling. I suppose the idea that the gods we create would turn out to be real because we created them has a certain ironic appeal to a modern intellectual.

. a side effect of a natural phenomena. We know so little about how magnetism and extra-low frequencies of all kinds affect the human organism. (this whole phenomena is according to how low our vibrations are;  due to fear, insecurity, self-image) Perhaps there are natural electromagnetic anomalies that trip a certain hullinatory wire in the mind, causing many different people to have experiences so similar as to seem to be the result of encounters with the same physical phenomenon. (yes)

. an aspect of the human species. We have a very ancient tradition of afterlife. The respect with which Neanderthals buried their dead in the Middle East more than thirty thousand years ago suggests that this belief may actually predate our own species. Maybe we do have an afterlife, but not quite in the way that traditions suggest. Maybe you and I are larvae, and the ‘visitors’ are human beings in mature form. Certainly, we are consuming our planet’s resources with at least the avidity of caterpillars on a shrub. (good observation, but not related)

Maybe the ancient and revered concept of human spiritual transformation relates to the emergence of the adult from the larva. (close! The emergence of the Divine Being from the energy egg)

In our society ‘transformation’ has a bad name, having been associated with various meditation fads and instant success groups. But real transformation has nothing to do with gaining a better life in this world; deliverance does not involve trying to use Buddhist chanting techniques to acquire a new Mercedes, nor is salvation a side effect of Fundamentalist healing services. Transformation for a Zen monk, a Moslem Sufi, a Catholic, or a Jehovah’s Witness is the same: It is a matter of delivering oneself into the possession of God. (correct) Master Eckhart puts it very well when he says, “We must become as clear as glass through which God can shine.” But this involves giving up the ‘self’, which feels just like dying.


There are two incidents from the past that he quotes – which immediately made me think of ‘The Sea of Emotion’ in which we all struggle until we remember Who we are:

1. In the little town of Merkel, Texas, on April 26, 1897, a group of people going home from church at night allegedly saw a heavy object dragging along the ground. They followed it until it bounced across a railroad track and caught on one of the rails. It was an anchor, tied to a rope. When they looked up, they saw an ‘airship’ with lighted windows and a headlight on the front brighter than the light of a locomotive. Ten minutes passed, and soon a man was seen coming down the rope. He was  small, and wearing a blue sailor suit. When he saw the people he cut the rope and the ship sailed off into the night, leaving the anchor behind.

2. One Sunday in the borough of Cloere in Ireland the parishioners of the Church of St. Kinarius heard a noise on the roof. They went outside and saw an anchor embedded in the eaves. The anchor line rose up into the sky where there floated a ship on the air. A man leaped overboard and ‘swam’ down to the anchor. After an altercation with the parishioners, he cut the rope and managed to return to the ship, which sailed away. The anchor remained in the church, but has since been lost, since this incident took place not in 1879, but around A.D. 1211. (this was explained to us as being people from another dimension ‘seeing’ through their Higher Selves – and connecting with the witnesses’ Higher Selves. The anchors were apports, which eventually dissolved. CLUES – ‘there’s more to life than we know!”

He also describes the story of ‘ St. Anthony of Alexandria A.D. 300 who met a manikin with hooded snout, horned forehead and extremities like goat’s feet. They had a brief exchange and then the Saint pounded his cane on the ground and announced, “Woe to thee Alexandria, who instead of God worshippest monsters.”   (this is what this is all about – a distraction, shifting the focus to FEAR instead of to GOD.)

He talks about mankind’s belief in the gods of mythology, the stories of fairies, elves, sylphs, pixies – that have come down through folk lore for centuries – ‘The most interesting thing about all this material, the most important, haunting thing, is that in the past half-century it has slowly stripped itself of all the illusion, the armies in the sky (Middle Ages, France), the fairies, the incubi, the glorious creatures of old, and come down to what it really is: a difficult experience, terribly enigmatic, the very existence of which implies that we very well may be something different from what we believe ourselves to be, on this earth for reasons that may not yet be known to us, the understanding of which will be an immense challenge. (correct)

  In his Epilogue he quotes: ‘A striking fact of the colloquy was the general expectation of catastrophe, a possibility that I also fear. Throughout the literature of abduction, there is a frequent message of apocalypse.

  As we have learned – all influence of the Dimensional God is FEAR. And of the Omniscient God is LOVE. This type of ‘visitor’ connection is a very useful tool for the Dimensional God – which we can either succumb to OR use in order to transform ourselves, by eliminating fear.


  In the second book, ‘Transformation’ it begins with this statement:

‘I think I have gone as far as possible to demonstrate the reality of the visitors. If they represent some sort of essentially non-physical form that we do not yet understand, then physical proof may never come. This does not mean that they should be ignored. They are already having a staggering but largely hidden impact on our society, and their presence should be taken with the utmost seriousness.

I do not think that we are dealing with something as straightforward as the arrival of a scientific team from another planet that is here to study us. Neither are we dealing with hallucinations. This is a subtle, complex group of phenomena, causing experience at the very limits of perception and understanding. It suggests to me that there may be quite a real world that exists between thing and thought, (correct) moving easily from one to the other – emerging one moment as a full-scale physical reality and slipping the next into the shadows.

The visitors have caused me to slough off my old view of the world like the dismal skin that it was (apt term for someone who does not realise that this whole earth experience is all about the Snake Initiation) and seek a completely new vision of this magnificent, mysterious, and fiercely alive universe.

Because it is so stressful, an encounter with the visitors can either be destructive or it can be used as a golden door (I Am the door – Jesus) to inner understanding. But it has a dark side too. People who cannot make use of their encounters are often shattered. At its best the experience shocks minds to openness. It creates in its victims a hunger to develop and enrich their spirits.

The difficulty of the visitor experience does not make it a certain evil. The most critical development of the mind comes from the most intense effort.  Fear confuses us and holds us back. It is our primary obstacle. Successful confrontation with it is the breakthrough that leads to understanding

I had done everything possible to fend off the visitors – installed a burglar alarm and movement-sensitive lights, told the scientific community, appealed to the church.

Half a dozen solidly educated scientists and medical people had offered me professional support. Because of their work I could be certain that I suffered from no known disease or deformity. And their counsel had been brilliant, supportive, and useful: Learn to live at a high level of uncertainty. Keep the question open.

I also took the visitor experience to the Church, to a priest whose heart is full of love.

I know that there are priests who would have thrown me out of their rectories, and priests who would have proclaimed me the victim of demons. But I did not meet such priests. The priest I talked to said, “ No matter what they are, they can only increase the glory of God”

Whitley woke one night and was prompted to go and check on his little boy. He was missing. He panicked, searched the house – nothing. Then went outside, thinking the boy may have made for his tent in the woods. Above Whitley a huge black shape, and hovering above the bushes – three small squat shapes; the visitors. They advised him to go back to bed. The disk disappeared into the distance, and he was devastated for he knew that they had taken his son. He went back to bed in absolute fear – yet fell instantly asleep.

Next morning all was normal, he woke in fear, but then heard his son come up the stairs, as he normally did, to join them in bed. The boy seemed to be extra bright and lively, and so Whitley put it all down to a nightmare – he must have dreamt it. But later that day the boy suddenly said, “REALITY IS GOD’S DREAM” And later,   “THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND IS LIKE THE UNIVERSE OUT BEYOND THE QUASARS. IT’S A PLACE WE WANT TO GO TO FIND OUT WHAT’S THERE.”

The boy felt he had dreamed of floating in the woods and a huge eye looking down at him. And Whitley left it at that – “Like so many of us, he had chosen to protect himself from the reality of the visitors by calling them a dream. So be it.

Inside, I wanted to cry. And yet, and yet---his thoughts were so beautiful, and hearing them from the lips of a child was one of the most ineffable experiences I have ever had.

Reality is God’s dream. And what lies beyond the quasars, what indeed? I stood with my little boy, and it was as if I could feel the old earth rolling toward night. Our woods, our sky, were dropping their disguise of light. The first stars were steady, hard points. I wondered what it was like at this moment beyond the quasars. What is there? What is really there?

Perhaps that far place is actually close to the depths of mind? Maybe at its innermost and outermost borders, the universe meets. (yes) The message of the visitors, then, expressed through the mind of a little boy, is that all is unified by a common mystery. Who are we? What is this vast production of sky? Where along the deep paths of mind and night will we finally encounter the truth?

He describes being taken to a Golden City and the description is very similar to a place that I too was shown; made up of many square and oblong shaped buildings with flat roofs, the whole place brilliantly lit. I was told, “This is God.” Since then I have seen an ad that takes you into the inner workings of a computer – with the same visual effect, only without the light.

After he was shown the Golden City he tried to capture it again in his visions – for it gave him a feeling of great peace – but he never saw it again.

“At night I would go to sleep remembering the golden city, and in the morning wake up feeling as if something beautiful had been taken from me, and that would make me angry.

I did not want this anger. I had seen other people who had become involved in the visitor experience consumed by anger, and not only at the visitors. They were also filled with rage at society’s contempt for their plight and indifference to their suffering.

It struck me as a hopeless trap. What possible use could be made of an experience if one allowed it to invoke only rage?

He woke one night to find himself walking down a corridor with two blue beings, one either side of him holding a finger to guide him along. It was totally real. He was taken to a room full of white, translucent beings who were very precise. They wore outdated military uniforms. He was asked to explain why the British Empire had collapsed. He found to his surprise, that he had an enormous amount of information at his fingertips and proceeded to spout forth. He had found himself dressed in a white paper gown that stood out all around him as if electrically charged.

He realised, as he spouted forth - and couldn’t stop, that his theory was founded in assumption of racial superiority. As he spoke he went from feeling a huge sense of cleverness and ego, to an embarrassed, bumbling idiot. And the response from the roomful of beings was that,  first of all, of praise – although seeming to be sarcastic in nature, to a total cold indifference. He said had it not been for his paper gown he would have crawled out of the room in absolute shame. ‘My ‘empire’ fantasies were worse than a joke, they represented dangerously weak thinking.’

On the way back down the corridor with the two ugly blue beings, they stopped and  opened one of the drawers, banks of which lined the corridor. Inside were stacks of bodies like their own, all encased in what looked like cellophane. ‘The oddest thing was the way that the drawers were opened with a prideful flourish. I was being shown something the two of them clearly thought was wonderful.

It was not until much later that I came to understand that they were beginning the long process of freeing me from the fear of death. I think that they must normally exist in some other state of being and that they use bodies to enter our reality as we use scuba gear to penetrate the depths of the sea.

I suspect that we, also, are like this, but that we have somehow lost touch with our fundamental reality and become almost glued to the physical.’ (that was the message that they were really conveying to him)

He felt that the first piece of information that they had given him through this experience was that he could ‘now abandon his wasteful and ridiculous line of speculation about the fall of the British Empire.

The second directed me for the first time toward a new idea, one that has proved to be of critical importance to the whole future of my work with the visitors.

In a very real and astonishing way they may have freed themselves from bondage to their bodies, and the rule of death.

And so could we. (yes)

If there was a chance that going deeper into my relationship with the visitors would also take me closer to understanding this, then there was no question about what I would do.

No matter the danger, no matter the fear that something might be working with infinite care and cunning to entice me, to steal me away from my own life, I would go.’


‘What was going on? What did it mean?

I twisted and turned on the hook of ignorance. One day I would be full of courage and eagerness, and the next quivering in fear again. Because I was in such turmoil, I could never pause in that magic spot between the darkness and the light, the razor’s edge of balance that would have brought me to terms with my experience.’


His wife made an important observation: She began talking of the subjective nature of the experience, and how it appears to flow from an objective reality, but is changed by the filter of our perceptions.

(SUBJECTIVE: Relating to, or conditioned by, mental states or the ego: proceeding from or taking place within the thinking subject.

OBJECTIVE signifies the relating of mental states to an object, that is, to something outside the perceiving mind which is recognised as having an existence OUTSIDE that mind.

They are BOTH concerned with the object perceived, but represent different approaches to it.)

‘Our ability to see and understand is literally distorted by the expectations that our culture imposes on us. More than that, the visitors appeared to her to be using our distorted perceptions as a vehicle through which they could transmit messages of importance to the inner growth of the individual participant. (correct)

I knew that something was being done to me and my boy – but what? I had to know! I couldn’t live in ignorance like this.

I thought to myself, “At least this can’t get any worse.” Then came a visit to Boulder, Colorado, and an experience of shocking power. It left me feeling that the whole human family, not only Whitley and Anne and Andrew, was embarked upon a journey in a frail vessel in rough waters in the dead of night, and the wind was beginning to rise.’ (see how our terminology is telling us what is really happening, and again relating to that Sea of Emotion)

‘CONTACT WITH THE VISITORS IS ALMOST UNIVERSALLY ASSOCIATED WITH CATASTROPHIC PREDICTIONS. PEOPLE ARE TOLD OF IMPENDING WARS, OF EARTHQUAKES, OF METEORS DIRECTED TOWARD THE EARTH, OF POLAR SHIFTS AND THE COMING OF NEW AGES OF ICE OR HEAT. I MYSELF HAD BEEN SHOWN GRAPHIC DEPICTIONS OF THE DEATH OF THE ATMOSPHERE, NOT TO MENTION THE ENTIRE PLANET SIMPLY EXPLODING.’ (It is not only the visitors that do this, it also happens in early psychic contact – and whatever the source of this message claims to be, the ORIGINATING source is the Dimensional God; sowing the seeds of fear and hopelessness – which it is his job to do; the role he plays, approved of by the Creator. Seemingly negative, it plays a very positive part in the scheme of things – for when we manage to step away from that fear and hopelessness, we are now very strong; and so the Dimensional God has done his job well.)

‘Whenever a fundamental change of mind takes place – and I think that is happening now – there is a great increase in catastrophic fear. The world of ancient Rome was filled with portents at the end. As people became exposed to the revolutionary ideas of Christianity, they began to feel that the end of their social order was near. This translated into fear that the world was physically coming to an end. Early Christians, like some modern UFO cultists expected the end of the world momentarily. The Roman world did end, but it was not destroyed by a natural catastrophe. What overthrew Rome was a catastrophe of the mind.

It is possible that many of our catastrophic fears are related to one of two levels of deep change that we already sense on an instinctive level. The first level is the reality of the visitors themselves. The appearance of a non-human intelligence would potentially be even more devastating to established world views than Christianity was to Rome. The second level is the message that the visitors could be bringing. Thus there really is very little possibility that ‘nothing’ is happening. Something is – something great. And one of the ways the human mind has of announcing this is with an array of warnings about disasters in the physical world. (correct)

He then goes on to talk about the various visions and predictions he was given – one that came true was the catastrophe of Chernobyl. The others predicted for the mid-90’s (the book was published ’88) definitely didn’t

We, too, were given those warnings of doom and gloom in the early stages – and we now understand that they came from the Dimensional God influence, mixed in with truths to make it more plausible. He has it in his statement about the fundamental change of mind taking place – THE SHIFT. And I feel the main role of aliens and all things associated, gives us the opportunity, once again, to ‘sink or swim’. Handle it with fear – or ‘no fear’; which is a level of love.

‘MEMORY is a strange and poorly understood phenomenon. The mind seems to load conscious memories on top of one another. As they get older, some of them sink deep into the formative matter of self and others disappear altogether. During certain types of brain surgery, incredibly vivid memories from a person’s distant past can be evoked, implying that at some level the whole of life is captured as if in amber.

The memory can play spectacular tricks. I once read of a woman who under hypnosis related vividly detailed past-life memories which were eventually traced to an obscure historical novel. This novel had been in her aunt’s library when she was a child. She had done no more than page through it years before the hypnosis – and somehow captured its contents at a powerfully absorptive unconscious level of memory.

The mind is also good at covering traumatic or incomprehensible memories with amnesia. Victims of rape and abuse must often be hypnotised to enable their minds to release memories too fearful for them to address voluntarily. Sometimes, when a traumatic event is repeated memory is of such a long duration that amnesia will not cover it adequately, the mind will resort to imposing a false ‘memory’ over the real one. This is what I have called a screen memory. It is a familiar problem to those who investigate cases of child abuse.

(Yet we have had people in our classes who suffered child sexual abuse who WANT to forget it – and say they never can. And I remember frightening , traumatic times with my father’s violence going back as far as when I was two years old. Who would have experienced more horrors than the Jews in the concentration camps? Have they ‘forgotten’ any of that? They, too, CANNOT forget. So again we are faced with the information that hypnotic memories are not always the truth, rather their fears of what might have happened, that surface in that way.)

Whitley began to realise that the role of the visitors in his life was   ‘to make me grow. Stressing me so much that my mind is evolving. Rats – there were tests of rats in the ‘70’s. Stress tests. Rats were stressed with electrocution. Day after day they were made to suffer for long periods of time. They grew stronger, their brains got larger, they became better rats. Who is in control? Obviously them. But no, that isn’t true at all. Who walked out into the night? I did. Who wants them to come back? I do. And that is the truth.

Maybe they are the best friends I could ever have. Friends with the courage to be hard on me in order to help me grow. But they are so terrifying. They come across as very negative. But the whole universe exists because of friction between negative and positive. Atomic friction causes the heat and light of the stars. Positive and negative forces battle perpetually. This is simple, physical reality. Does that make negative forces evil? No, ESSENTIAL!

Words of Jesus, from Matthew: “But I say to you. Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you…..” Oh Jesus, you knew, didn’t you? You knew how to work with a force like this.

Suddenly I was no longer the victim. Armed with good questions, I was a partner in my experience, and possibly the master (correct) Now I knew I loved them, wanted them, needed them, chose them; and called them.’ (the same thing happens on the Spiritual Path; you work through the fear and superstition, hope that you are NOT bringing down the wrath of God upon you – and you put out the request, “I WANT to speak to you – even though I AM so scared,”)

‘I was responsible for the visitor experience becoming a part of my life. I was not being randomly oppressed by them. (once we take responsibility – it all turns around.)

I saw us on our little blue planet hanging in the dark, and suddenly I felt loved and cherished by something huge and warm and incredibly terrible.(???there’s that HUMAN influence again))

‘The small grey beings that I encountered carried a tremendous load of negativity. A friend who encountered them in a bookstore when the first book came out commented, “I was brought up on a farm. I know what it is to look into the eyes of a mad dog. I have had to kill rabid dogs and foxes. That mad-dog look was there” But like so many things about the visitors, there is more to all this than meets the eye. It may be that we are also encountering our own secret savagery when we face them. (correct)

I think that the most terrible thing I have ever seen was my face reflected in the eyes of a visitor. I looked like a mad dog.

To the degree that I learned to use their fearsome onslaught as a means of gaining insight into my own fears, I acquired an effective coping tool: The more frightening they got, the stronger I became.

As our relationship developed, the visitors began to tune it very carefully, leading me step by step through my fears. They always seemed ready with the hardest challenge I could manage. They never sought to destroy me with an assault beyond my strength. Thus they can hardly be called evil. Based on the actual outcome of what they did to me, they must be counted the ALLIES of our growth.

I have emerged from my experience a thousand times stronger than I had ever been before it. I am not at all afraid, not even of death. Rather it has become another rich potential in my life, a challenge to be met with a peaceful heart and an interested mind.

The visitors have said “We recycle souls.” And – of the earth – that “this is a school.” It may be exactly that – a place where souls are growing and evolving toward some form that we can scarcely begin to imagine. I can conceive that the fate of souls may be one of the great universal questions. It may be that we have emerged as a means of at once creating and answering this question. (correct)

Throughout our history we have rejected the negative and sought the positive. There is another way, I feel, that involves balancing between the two. It is up to us to forge in the deepest heart of mankind the place of reconciliation. We must learn to walk the razor’s edge between fear and ecstasy – in other words, to begin finally to seek the full flowering and potential of our humanity. (correct)

I have learned much about the value and sense of communion with the visitors. The whole point of it seems to me to involve strengthening the soul. Certainly this has been central to my relationship with them.

They made me face death, face them, face my weaknesses and my buried terrors. At the same time, they kept demonstrating to me that I was more than a body.

In order to transform the visitors experience into something that is useful to us, we must, each of us, face the fact that they evoke fear – and realise that we possess a peace within ourselves that cannot be assailed even by the most powerful negative force.’


Channelled message:

You ask where and what is mind? You are mind, projected out as a human body to experience your capabilities and to remember, and reconnect with, your Source.

All three types of beings on this planet are here for the same task.

You, as Mind, are capable of great things. You have huge potential – but you cannot access this potential until you eliminate FEAR.

The way to overcome fear is to FACE it – head on. When you do it produces amazing results. Just like your immunisation system – a little dose of the disease makes your body FIGHT the disease – and then IMMUNITY. Conquering fear is the one and only hurdle, once surmounted the way is clear.

Each person that overcomes must help others to do so, that is the law.

The battlefields involved in this process will take many forms – each one tailor-made for the individual. You have not experienced the visitors, but you see many similarities comparing your own growth to that of the author.

You all agreed to these challenges before you came here, knowing that the earth plane provides a fertile ground for growth.

You are not alone here in your trials, for your invisible helpers work in close proximity with you.

ALL that happens, no matter how negative seeming, is geared for your highest good. Once human fear is conquered there is the clarity of how PERFECT it all is.